Is there a way to see who has seen your Facebook profile?

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Is there a way to see who has seen your Facebook profile ?. There are tons of browser extensions, applications, and websites that claim they can know which of your Facebook friends have recently visited your profile and how long they spent there. Unfortunately none of these extensions or applications do what they say.

You won't get what you want by installing one of these extensions. At best, they just don't work, and at worst they are malware , stealing your information.

It's a natural instinct to wonder who's visited your Facebook profile, but you shouldn't never install anything, or provide personal data or login credentials to any service to do so.

Is there a way to see who has seen your Facebook profile?

What if I already have an extension or app installed?

If you've already installed a Facebook app browser extension that lets you see who's seen your profile, delete it now.

You should also change your Facebook password and take other steps to protect your account such as adding login notifications.

The InitialChatFriendsList method is false

There are many websites out there that claim to know how to see who has visited your Facebook profile, and they encourage you to install insecure browser extensions. Some, however, also suggest another method that you can do yourself in any browser. They tell you to view the Facebook page source and then search for “InitialChatFriendsList”. Apparently the number strings that follow it are the user IDs of people who have recently visited your Profile.

The numbers are actually user IDs, but they are not the people who have checked your profile. User IDs correspond to the people who appear in the Chat sidebar on the right of Facebook.

They are just the people you interacted with most recently or most often.


To date, it is not possible to know who has visited your Facebook profile and therefore we recommend that you do not install extensions or programs that offer you to do so. As already mentioned if you have installed one of these programs or extensions uninstall it and take precautions by changing your Facebook account password.

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