How to Report Fake News on Facebook: Trust Score

How to Report Fake News on Facebook: Trust Score

How to Report Fake News on Facebook: Trust Score. Facebook gives its users a hidden "trust score" is not received so well. Facebook's official line is that the score is mostly given to users who report posts as fake news.

If you correctly report that a piece of news is false, your score will increase and your reports will carry more weight in the future. If you're wrong or trolling, your score goes down.

Facebook user trust score: here's how it works

Each user score goes between zero and one scoring may be limited to users reporting fake news. 

If you're wondering where exactly the button is "report", you can find it in the upper right corner of a post by clicking on the three dots.

In the list you will see the option "Provide feedback on this post“, Which allows you to tell Facebook whatever you think is wrong about the post.

Selecting the option "False News”And clicking“ Submit ”, the post will be registered on Facebook and you will be presented with a set of options, such as unfollowing the person who posted the fake news, sending them messages or even discarding them.

After the report is submitted, it can be reviewed by an algorithm and / or a human fact-checker (this part of the process is also not 100% clear). Either way, if Facebook agrees that what you reported was fake news, you will earn a benefit in your score. If not, your score decreases.

What does my Facebook score mean?

Unless you enjoy earning invisible internet points or feeling like the champion against the fake news battle on Facebook, your score has no effect on you as a user. It seems that no matter how many fake reports you make, your account will remain open without repercussions. Conversely, no matter how many correct reports you make, you will probably never even get a thank you note.

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