How do you report a page on Facebook?

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If you want to report a Facebook page because in your opinion it is not suitable for safety reasons, publishes inappropriate content, instigates violence or otherwise, you can send feedback to Facebook which will consider your request and examine the page.

But let's see how to report a page to Facebook.

Report a page on Facebook

  • Go to the Page you want to report and click the three dots under the Page cover image.
  • Select Find assistance or report the Page.
  • Click on the option that best describes how this Page violates posting on Facebook in your opinion.
  • Depending on your feedback, you may need to add the reason or house that prompted you to submit the page to Facebook. For others, the Feedback will be forwarded immediately and the Facebook systems themselves will evaluate.

If you are unable to access the Page because administrators have blocked you, ask a friend to do so.

But what are the guiding aspects that involve a correct report of a page to Facebook. What shouldn't a Facebook page contain? You can consult him explaining this.

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