Hitman 3 - Dubai Challenges Guide

Hitman 3 - Dubai Challenges Guide

After proposing you the complete guide to Dubai missions and activities di Hitman 3, we now offer you the opportunity to track down all challenges in the same location, in the title developed by IO Interactive and released last January 20 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Windows PC and Google Stadia (here our review).

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Hitman 3, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by IO Interactive. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Hitman 3 - Dubai - Mission: Top of the World (83 total challenges)

The following guide shows you how complete all challenges in Hitman 3, in the location of Company formation in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The mission is called “On Top of the World” and contains a total of 83 challenges. Reach the mastery level 20 in Dubai will unlock the stairmaster trophy. It will be necessary to complete about 85% of the challenges to reach that level, then it will not be mandatory to complete them all. Challenges are only available during online sessions. Completing challenges will increase your mastery level in this location, which can grant new gear and checkpoints. The equipment unlocked in Dubai can then be used in any other subsequent mission. We advise you to make a manual saving before any particularly important event within the missions, to gain valuable time and not repeat entire game sessions before reaching the key points of the events.

Assassination (15):

  • The pianist: Equip the Fiber Rope and approach a target from behind to eliminate it with it
  • Multifaceted assassin: finish "The Pianist", "Someone Will Get Hurt", "By the Hair," Direct Hit "," Odorless, colorless "
  • Odorless, colorless: automatic from the challenge "Choose a poison"
  • For the hair: You must administer emetic poison to one of your targets (put it in a drink or use ICA Pen Syringe) Victims will get sick and go to the bathroom to vomit. Approach from behind and drown them in the toilet
  • Direct hit: shoot one of the targets in the head with any weapon
  • Someone will get hurt: automatic when performing the "Vertical Approach" challenge
  • Choose a poison: First you will need lethal poison. The boy from whom the disguise can be obtained in the first phase of the “Predatory Bird” mission will drop a lethal poison (Floor 01 Garden Area, Assassin in black suit with green shirt). Alternatively, obtain lethal poison from mastery level 10 in Berlin and equip it. Now go to the penthouse, floor 04. The chef will be in the kitchen on this floor. Throw a coin (some are on the kitchen counter) into the room behind the chef to lure him. Take him out and take his disguise. Now interact with the dish on the kitchen counter to prepare the food, add the lethal poison, press the bell on the kitchen counter to signal that the food is ready. Now just wait for Ingram to come and eat it. Only works with lethal poison
  • Vertical approach: Complete the "(In) Security" storyline. Eventually Stuyvesant pushes his bodyguard away and stands near the edge of the roof, pushing him from behind
  • Angry little bird: First you need to unlock the explosive golf ball by reaching mastery level 10 in Dubai. This can be placed on the panoramic terrace next to the golf course on the 04th floor of the penthouse. When Ingram hits the golf ball, it will explode
  • Black Gold Eye: Complete the Predatory Bird storyline. Eventually you will have a private meeting with Carl Ingram in his room. He will send everyone in the room away except his bodyguard. When he is in front of the table in the first room, you can push him from behind onto the small gold statue of the oil rig on his desk. It will be enough to knock out his bodyguard after the murder. This requires exact timing because Carl will move to the second room later, staying in front of the desk with the oil rig for only a few seconds. Doing a manual save before attempting this is highly recommended
  • Impact art: Complete the “Fall of the Giants” storyline. Eventually both targets will be in the same room with a chandelier above their heads. Throw them out (don't kill them yet). Then drag their bodies under the chandelier. Shoot the rope of the chandelier to make it fall on the unconscious bodies
  • Fall at a high altitude: take the evacuation key from the safe in the security room on floor 03 (safe code: 6927). Then use the Evacuation card on the wall panels in the Attic Floor 04 and Floor 05. This will trigger an escape sequence of your targets. They will meet first at the heliport. They will then return to the penthouse to put on their skydiving suits and jump off the roof. After they jump down, shoot their parachutes. Follow them until they jump down, take out the guards too. You can grab their assault rifles to easily shoot the parachutes in midair.
  • Two in one: Complete the mission "The Fall of the Giants". Eventually both targets will be in the same room. Line them up for a double headshot when they are together in front of the TV
  • A steep assignment: When the mission starts, run to the top of the penthouse (floor 05) very quickly (use the penthouse guard disguise). Ingram tends to walk around the balcony and occasionally leans against the railing. Push it from behind
  • Icaro: As soon as the level starts, head directly to the art gallery on floor 02. On the world map there is a corridor to the right of the art gallery. This is the corridor where you need to go. There is a panel that says this “Override Safe Zone” message. To use it you must first get a crowbar (located on the roof on floor 02). Then use the crowbar to pry open a fuse box (one is on floor 02 in the corridor between the art gallery and the roof, or alternatively in the control room on floor 03). Now go up the ladder behind the "sun", to the left of the panel that needs the fuse. On that scale you can put the fuse in a fuse box. Go back down and you can now interact with the “Ignore Safe Zone” box. Wait for Stuyvesant to arrive at the art gallery and when he is close to it, ignore the safe area. You should do all these steps right away, as soon as the mission begins, otherwise it may end up on other paths and not go to the art gallery for a long time.

Exploration (22):

  • Explore Dubai: Take a look at our guide dedicated to the hidden areas of Hitman 3
  • Pleasant Breeze: use your camera to open all 6 windows on the first floor: 1. window on the default starting path where you land in your skydiving suit. 2. windows on floor 00 in the maintenance room (personal area). Climb out of those two windows and climb the outside of the building to the third floor to scan the third window above (as is the case during the “Fall of the Giants” mission). The last 2 windows are on floor 01, an art installation in the backtage
  • Rotor Man: Find the pilot on floor 03, heliport
  • Shortcut - Staircase Terrace Attic (here we have reported all the shortcuts of Dubai from Hitman 3)
  • Wet Worker: automatically from the "Predatory Bird" mission
  • Heat the Rotors: requires you to find the helicopter key. Go to the heliport on floor 03. At the central front of the heliport there is a staircase that goes down. Slide down that ladder and on the catwalk at the bottom of the ladder is the key (Floor 02, where the knife throwing targets are)
  • Shortcut - Ladder to the ventilation area (here we have reported all the shortcuts of Dubai from Hitman 3)
  • Elite perfume: Find the penthouse guards on floor 03. Defeat one of them and take his disguise
  • At the stove: Dress up as a chef, located on the 04th floor of the penthouse. You can throw a coin into the room behind him to lure him away from the guards, then take him out silently
  • Toothpick: Collect the scimitar located in the study, floor 04 of the attic. Alternatively, it can also be dropped by the sheikh
  • Catering Cameriere- Find the event staff members on floor 00 around the meeting room. Defeat one and take their disguise
  • Shortcut - Atrium waiting room door (here we have reported all the shortcuts of Dubai from Hitman 3)
  • Make it or brake it: After killing both targets, walk to the edge of the roof and jump off (the exits will be marked)
  • From top to bottom: Follow the storyline of "The Fall of the Giants" to find a console on the 03 floor that will allow you to open the elevators of the entire building. After defeating both targets, escape through the elevator on the 03 floor below the attic
  • Pocket Empire: the miniature model of the skyscraper is in the living room of the attic, floor 04. Go there to the end of the mission "The Fall of the Giants"
  • Shortcut - Ladder to the Eliscalo (here we have reported all the shortcuts of Dubai from Hitman 3)
  • On the ground floor, please: Follow the storyline of "The Fall of the Giants" to find a console on the 03 floor that will allow you to open the elevators of the entire building. After defeating both targets, escape through the elevator to floor -01, Atrium
  • Key to the Scepter: get the key to the attic.
  • Service exit: follow the storyline of The Fall of the Giants to find a console on floor 03 that will allow you to open the elevators of the entire building. After defeating both targets, escape through the elevator to the staff area on floor 02
  • Escape in the clouds: Get the helicopter keys from the “Heat the Rotors” challenge and escape via the helicopter (floor 03 heliport).
  • Only in case of emergencies: You will find the evacuation key in the security room on floor 03 in a safe (safe code: 6927).
  • Chameleon: Find all 11 disguises in the level:
    - Security of the event (personal area floor 00, guys in white clothes with blue hats)
    - Event staff (staff area floor 00, people with gold vests)
    - Kitchen staff (Personal area floor 00)
    - Maintenance staff (Floor 03 Maintenance area, also in the kitchen changing rooms, workers in blue clothes)
    - Assassin (in the garden with black suit and green shirt)
    - Artist staff (control room floor 03)
    - Penthouse Guard (floors 03, 04, 05)
    - Penthouse Staff (floors 03, 04, 05)
    - Famous Chef (Attic Floor 04)
    - Ingram's Bodyguard (the two bodyguards walking with Ingram on the top floor 04, 05)
    - Pilot (Floor 03, Heliport)

Achievements (16):

  • In overalls: find the skydiving suit on floor -01, Atrium. Interact with the coat rack where you originally entered the building for the first time. Then use any exit (after both targets are dead)
  • Precious moments: take a photo of Marcus Stuyvesant's reunion with his daughter
  • History Mission - "(In) Security": Complete the storyline of Hitman 3's "(In) Security" mission
  • All out: See Assassination in “Fall at High Altitude”, this will happen automatically during the mission
  • Computer Ninja: go to floor 03, server room. Instead of interacting with the server and pulling the server racks, you will have to go to the corridor behind the server room where you will find two blue-clad workers. Take them out and they'll drop a key card. Go back to the server room and a platform will lift off the ground. Use the magnetic key and one of the 4 servers will change the screen from green text to yellow text. Pull the rack from the server with the yellow text on the screen (in each game the right rack is chosen randomly)
  • cashing: Right at the beginning of the level, use a crowbar to lever the safety deposit boxes on the -01 Atrium floor, in the reception area. One of those boxes contains a gold bar. Equip it and head straight to the center of the atrium where the Sheikh gives a speech. Throw the gold bar at his head to knock him out. Better do it now, otherwise it will start moving and can be difficult to track down (you can find the crowbar on the 02 floor roof behind the art gallery)
  • Night creature: take a picture of the sheikh as he sleeps.
  • History Mission - “Predatory Bird”: Complete Hitman 3's “Predatory Bird” mission
  • Disturbing the Peace: disturbs Carl Ingram while on the dictaphone.
  • History Mission - "The Fall of the Giants": Complete the mission "The Fall of the Giants"
  • Flying monkeys: take the evacuation key from the safe in the security room on floor 03 (safe code: 6927). Then use the Evacuation card on the wall panels in the Attic Floor 04 and Floor 05. This will trigger an escape sequence of your targets which will gather at the helipad first. They will then return to the penthouse to put on their skydiving suits and head to the starting point on the roof. You have to put banana peels on the floor to slide them (do it right where they jump). You can find a banana in the same security room on floor 03 where you get the evacuation key. Another banana is in the staff meeting room on floor 00. With the banana equipped, hold L1 + R1 (PlayStation) / LB + RB (Xbox) and press Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox) to place the peels. on the floor (do not throw them). Do a manual save before placing the banana peels so you can reload in case of error
  • Special tastes: serve Marcus Stuyvesant his drink at the art gallery bar.
  • Leap into the void: Follow the storyline of “The Fall of the Giants” to find a console on floor 03 that will allow you to open the elevators of the entire building (Atrium Floor -01, Floor 02 Staff Corridor, Floor 03 Penthouse). Knock out an enemy and drag his body to the elevator shaft to knock him down
  • The waltz of Asmodeus (1): Complete all levels in this Escalation Contract
  • The waltz of Asmodeus (2): Simply start the escalation contract for the first time

Targets (2):

  • Eliminate Carl Ingram: automatic, on killing your main target
  • Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant: automatic, on killing your main target

The Classics (14):

The following procedure shows how to perform Silent Assassin, Suit Only + Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Sniper Assassin + The Classics, in Hitman 3 at the Dubai location. The procedure is also valid for the Sniper Assassin challenge. To get Silent Assassin, Suit Only you can't kill anyone but your targets, you don't have to be detected and do everything in your basic clothing without disguising yourself. It is the most difficult challenge in each level. In the game options under Gameplay, HUD activates “Silent Assassin HUD”. This will show two green guns at the bottom left of the screen to confirm that the stealth has not been interrupted (if the guns turn red you have failed and need to reload the previous save). For "Sniper Assassin" you have to kill your targets with a sniper rifle.


  • Starting position: atrium
  • Stolen item: Attic ventilation, choose a sniper rifle (unlocked by mastery levels) - alternatively, you can equip the ICA briefcase
  • MK III
  • Equipment: Coin
  • Dress: designer dress 47
  • Hidden Weapon: It doesn't matter, no firearms will be used
  • Gear 2: MK III Pick
  • Other prerequisites: The passage to the ventilation area should already be open (check all Dubai shortcuts here)


1 pass: Go up the stairs in the hall, turn left and find a keyboard at the end of the path. Enter code 4706 to enter the staff corridor. Overcome the minion on the phone. Throw a coin in the corridor to the right of the two guards to distract them, then sneak through the door to their left (Maintenance Room).

2 pass: use the camera to open windows (frame them with the camera). Wait for the two people to leave the room, exit the window and climb along the ledge to the far right. Then go up to the building and enter through the window. You will now be on floor 03.

Step 3: Eliminate the single Guard (black clothes, red hat) in non-lethal hand-to-hand combat from behind. He will turn left with his back to you, use this opportunity to choke him (non-lethal). Put his body in the closet in the maintenance room (ignore the worker in that room, he won't notice anything).

4 pass: in the same place where you took down the guard there is a door, go through it. There will be two workers (dressed in blue) in that corridor. If the woman is talking on the phone, you can sneak past and choke the man (non-lethal). He will leave a key card, take it. Put her body of him in the closet. If the woman is not on the phone, you need to suffocate her too and hide her in the closet.

5 pass: from the same corridor, enter the server room door. Use the key card on the platform next to the central screen. This will turn the screen text of one of the four server racks from green to yellow. The one with the text on the yellow screen is the correct one (it is random in every game). Do not pull the wrong one as this would trigger the alarm!

6 pass: After pulling out the rack, interact with the console. Choose option 01: rearrange the meeting and option 02: open the elevator doors. The first makes both of your targets meet in the attic so that they get trapped in the same room together. The 2nd opens the elevators for your escape, which makes escape a little easier and quicker.

7 pass: go to the end of the 3rd floor corridor and exit to the heliport. Go down to the end of the helipad and take the shortcut to the ventilation area (you must have unlocked it in a previous mission)

8 pass: Under the first small staircase in the ventilation area will be the contraband box with your sniper rifle! Take it. If you forgot to assign it before the mission you have to start over, or alternatively you can equip the ICA MK III briefcase in the equipment and insert the sniper rifle and take it with you from the beginning.

9 pass- Go through the second door on the back of the ventilation area (not through the first door where the item box was). Immediately turn left and go up to the balcony (you can interact with some scalable parts on the side of the wall). Go through the first door on the left. This is where the lock pick in your gear comes in handy! You can now enter the guest room.

10 pass: exit the guest room. Now wait for both of your targets to gather in the living room.

11 pass: at this point it is necessary to perform a manual saving. Now comes the tricky part: After the guards clear out the living room, we recommend that you go downstairs. There will be a lot of guards, but if you get close to the wall and hold Circle (PlayStation) or 'B' (Xbox) you can pop out through the flowerpot behind a guard (where the fire alarm is on the wall). You have to hold the button down. Sometimes the guards may notice you, so it takes a bit of luck as well. If you stick close enough to the wall it will be fine.

12 pass: enters the living room. Now press the switch on the back of the counter. This will block the entire room. Nobody outside will hear anything. He waits for the two targets to stand up, takes out the sniper rifle, aligns the aim with their heads, executes a double shot to the head. This is required for the “Sniper Assassin” challenge.

13 pass: Keep both bodies in the box on the left. Interact with the panel behind the counter again to unlock the room.

14 pass: suffocates the only guard in the corridor leading to the 3rd floor. Put his body in the second storage box in the room (the one on the right). Now go out in front of the server room. Reach the unlocked elevator at the end of the 3rd floor. Mission complete.

If you've done everything correctly, you'll have earned all the classic challenges at once: Silent Assassin, Suit Only + Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Sniper Assassin + The Classics for 20.000 XP (4 Mastery Levels).

Escalation Track 1 (6):


Escalation Track 2 (11):


With that, our guide dedicated to the hidden challenges of Hitman 3 in the Dubai location ends. Before saying goodbye, we invite you to take a look at our guide dedicated to all codes and combinations present in the new chapter of the IO Interactive series.

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