Hitman 3 - Complete guide to Dartmoor missions and activities

Hitman 3 - Complete guide to Dartmoor missions and activities

Here is the complete guide to the missions and activities of Hitman 3 set in the location of dartmoor. The title developed by IO Interactive offers a lot of work to complete for theAgent 47 in its last chapter (here our review).

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Hitman 3, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by IO Interactive. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Stories of the Mission

Hitman 3 - Dartmoor - "Means, motive and occasion"

Follow the private investigator over the wall on the right side and follow him into the manor. Hide in the bushes and climb through the window to the right of the main entrance. Disguise yourself as a private investigator, getting the better of your target when he stops his footsteps in the hallway. You can hide his body in a closet at the end of the hall, keep the doors on the side of the hall closed so that no one sees you drag him. Meet Alexa Carlisle in the Foyer after dressing up as a detective. Follow Mr. Fernsby, the butler. He will lead you upstairs to Zachary's room, the guy who died.

Investigate Zachary's bedroom. Also equip the camera to take pictures of the corpse in the bed and the glasses on the bedside table (to the right of the bed). Ask Mr. Fernsby for more information. When you're done investigating the room, go back to Mr. Fernsby who should be in the downstairs lobby. Interrogate suspects and search for places of interest. How to question them? It is easy to say: you have to question the people around the house, who are all on the ground floor. There are five suspects: Gregory Carlisle, Edward Carlisle, Rebecca Carlisle, Emma Carlisle, Patrick Carlisle.

Hitman 3 - Dartmoor - "Place of Eternal Rest"

Get rid of the birds that nest in the cemetery (on the left side of the map). The trees in this area are inhabited by crows - Ideally, you should take them down with a pistol with a silencer. The nearby gardener might indeed get scared, so knocking him out early might be a good thought as well. Dress up as an Undertaker by wandering around the area near the tomb. Nearby is a crate where another gardener works. Knock him out and hide his body in the chest. Then, lure the Impresario with an object thrown in the right direction and after knocking him out, hide his body as well. Collect his clothes after doing this.

Inform the staff member that you are ready for Alexa Carlisle reporting to the waitress outside the graveyard to get her to call your target. Wait for Alexa Carlisle to arrive. If you want to get a special kill, which unlocks another challenge and is needed for another trophy, follow her around and talk to her. After about a minute and a half of walking she will find herself right in front of the tomb, while the guard conveniently looks away. She kicked it and uses the nearby shovel to fill the pit.

Hitman 3 - Dartmoor - "A day to remember"

Dress up as a photographer (located at the fountain in the garden area behind the manor). Listen to the conversation he has with the maid, then knock him out and get her clothes. It is useful to knock out the guard than to look in the direction of the photographer's table, so that you can knock him out without being spotted and hide him in the nearby chest. The waitress looks away; you just have to check out the nearby gardener before making your move. Alternatively, you can toss a coin behind the bushes to lure him out of the guard's line of sight.

Find the fuse cell. If you haven't already found a fuse cell on your way, you will be notified of the location of one of them it is located inside a fuse box at the beginning of the garden area. To open the fuse box you need a crowbar which you can find behind the greenhouse in the same area. Alternatively, you can find a fuse cell in the outdoor area between the Trophy Room and the Library, located on a chest.

Turn on the camera flash. You need to replace a fuse cell in the nearby box. Take a photo of the staff member. To adjust the camera, you need to take a photo of the maid standing next to the chair. Wait for the staff member to send a message to the Carlisle family. The maid will now inform the family members to go to the garden for the photo shoot. If you want to get a special kill, which unlocks another challenge, you can tamper with the extension behind the chair and the waterline on the left side of the fountain to create a water leak. This will get your lens fried by pressing the shutter button on the camera.

Dartmoor - All shortcuts

There are a total of 2 shortcuts in the Dartmoor location. These will ensure that you earn 1.000 experience points each.

  1. Balcony Stair: On the right side of the balcony in Zachary's room, level 1. You need a crowbar to break the lock.
  2. Maintenance Ladder: Go to Alexa Carlisle's office on level 2, then half-way up the stairs that go around the room. Hang on the ledge in the wall and go up to the open window. Climb the ladder to reach level 3. Again you need to have a crowbar to break the lock.

Dartmoor - The hidden areas

The Dartmoor map boasts a total of 22 hidden areas, find which you can unlock the Master of the Household trophy. We recommend wearing the disguise as a private investigator because in this way you will be allowed to enter almost every room on the map. A master key can be found in the butler's office Fernsby, but you will need a crowbar (behind the greenhouse in the outdoor garden) to enter his office.

Level 0

  1. Cemetery: southern outer part of the map
  2. Garden: western part of the map
  3. Greenhouse: western outer part of the map
  4. Foyer: entrance to the house
  5. Library: going clockwise, the large room on the left
  6. Trophy room: continuing clockwise, the large room at the top left
  7. Living room: continuing clockwise, the large main room in the center of the entire map
  8. Dining room: continuing clockwise, the large room at the top right
  9. Kitchen: continuing clockwise, the room at the bottom right
  10. Staff room: adjacent to the previous room
  11. Mr. Fernsby's Office: Adjacent to the previous room. Locked by default. Requires a master house key

Level 1

  1. Emma and Gregory's room: top left corner. Locked by default
  2. Secret Room (1): Probably the most difficult to enter. He needs the Gregory's Room walking stick, which must be placed in a mysterious grounded switch socket. This is the upper floor of the Library, facing the West corner.
  3. Rebecca's room: bottom right corner
  4. Secret Room (2): can be accessed both from Rebecca's Room (interact with the photo) and from the small office occupied by the lawyer (interact with the book)
  5. Small office: north side of the house
  6. Zachary's room: upper right corner. This room is the first room to investigate if you choose to play as a private investigator
  7. Secret room (3): can be entered from Zachary's room (interact with the book)

Level 2

  1. Alexa Charlisle's Bedroom: Lower part of this floor
  2. Alexa Charlisle's office: top of this floor
  3. Private room: adjacent to the office
  4. Secret Room: can be accessed from the Private Room

Level 3

  1. No hidden areas to discover

Dartmoor - The challenges

If you are interested in concluding all the challenges related to the Dartmoor map, you can follow our Guide to the Challenges by continuing on this link.

Dartmoor – Le escalation

Work in progress

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