Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

As we have said several times within our guides, Bloodborne is now a cult title for PS4 era gamers and soulslike lovers, and its DLC too The old hunters has had a tremendous success, so much so that it has been defined - by us and not only - one of the best DLC ever. This includes many hours of play and a truly satisfying level of challenge, as well as a technical, artistic and lore care that reaches very high peaks. Between new weapons to find and new bosses to defeat, you will have to deal with good and bad even with different secondary missions, as happened in the main plot (here the guide to all the secondary missions and the NPCs of Bloodborne). In this guide, we will help you complete the secondary missions of the NPCs of the DLC The old hunters in Bloodborne.

ATTENTION: continuing to read you will run into some SPOILERS related to the plot of Bloodborne and that of the DLC The Old Hunters. Consequently, we invite you to read the weapons guide only if you know the story and / or if you have already finished it.

Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

Access The Old Hunters DLC and when to do it

Let's start from the base: access the DLC. To do this it will be necessary first of all to have defeated the Vicar Amelia in the main story. Once done, head back into the Hunter's dream: on the stairs leading to the workshop (where you received the initial weapons, so to speak) you will find a servant who hands you an object, or theBloodshot Eye. This object will be there "key" to access the DLC. Go to the Cathedral Ward lantern, exit the door on the left and let the monster grab you with its long arms (if the monster is invisible, walk along the railing on the right side of the square), so as to be teleported to theNightmare of the Hunter. The tombstone of the Hunter's Nightmare, to return without going through the monster again, is found near the side entrance to the workshop within the Hunter's Dream.

ATTENTION: given the difficulty of the challenge and the strength of the enemies present, it is advisable to face the entire DLC only after having almost completed the main run in full (just after defeating the Nurse of Mergo, but BEFORE you face Gherman).

Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

The secondary missions of the NPCs and how to do them

Within The Old Hunters, there will only be 4 NPCs with which it will be possible to interact, but all of them will have an important role both in the story, both in obtaining weapons, and in the actions to be performed in general. These are Simon, brador, yamaura e Saint Adeline.

Simon's side mission

You will meet Simon in the Hunter's Nightmare. After exploring the first area and aver reached the river of blood, from this go up to the right of the bridge and enter the door. At the end of the corridor you will find Simon, and next to him the door that will act as shortcut for the flashlight of the Hunter's Nightmare. Talk to Simon and answer his question by saying that nightmares fascinate you. By making him progress in the quest, if instead you answer that nightmares do not interest you, he will remain in that location until you change your answer.

Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

After this step, you will meet him again in the arena where you fought against Ludwig the Damned, next to a pile of corpses. This is after also killing Ludwig's head.

You will then meet him later, after getting on the elevator, in front of the entrance to the Research Building. On this occasion I will tell you that you will have to kill Lady Maria (to trigger the appearance of her it may be necessary to recharge the area after you have activated the stairs.

The last time you meet him is al Fishermen's Village: after the first part of the village, you will find a lonely lighthouse cap on the left where you can enter and where there is one Lantern, and where there is also a room with un lift which will act as a shortcut but which you will activate later. You will meet him lying down and dying, and when he dies he will drop his weapon (Simon's sharp bow) and above all the Brador's cell key.

During the questline you can decide to attack it and make it hostile, but you will not proceed in its questline. If you kill him this way you will only get his weapon, and you will find the key on the ground in the lighthouse hut in the Fishing Village.

Yamamura's secondary mission

This is not really one of the side missions by Bloodborne The Old Hunters, and maybe you don't really need a guide, but this character can come in handy for fighting some bosses. yamaura he is an Old Hunter. You can find him locked up in one of the cells in the prison under the church where the Laboratory is located. To open his cell you will need to find the respective one key in the Research Building on the third floor, searching a body. Alternatively, you could succeed in killing it even beyond the door using the Slicer-beasts transformed.

Yamamura has gone mad, and any damage will instantly kill him and put an end to his suffering. If you kill him you will get his set.

You can evoke Yamamura to help you in the fight against the Living Failures, if you have the Impurity rune equipped. If you haven't already fought it in the main story, you can also summon it against the Beast Paarl and the Reborn.

The secondary mission of Santa Adelina

It is located at ground floor of the Research Building, however, to access his room you will have to explore the upper floors and descend via an elevator, then being able to unlock a shortcut. She is the woman tied to the chair who has the giant covered head (like the other patients). The first thing to do with her is clearly to talk to her, who will ask you right away if you can bring her some Brain Fluid.

Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

Step 1: collect the Brain Fluid by exploring the building, killing the non-hostile giant heads you will find.

Step 2: give Adelina a Fluid, and there you are another will ask. Recharge the zone and give her a second Fluid. After you do, he will give you the key to the balcony. Recharge the zone again (but you may need more than one) and talking to her, he will offer you his blood.

Step 3: after used the balcony key and having recharged the area one or more times as in the previous step, you will find Adeline in her chair, but as a creature without a body like the ones you got the Fluid from. He will ask you for a Fluid for the third time. This time, however, there are no other creatures that can drop it (they do it only once) and you will have to take the Fluid by Adelina herself. In this state he cannot die completely. Take the Fluid and recharge the area, give it to her, and she will have a revelation. You will get a rune, and will die permanently in the process.

ATTENTION: If you kill her before she becomes disembodied, you may not get the rune.

Brador's secondary mission

The ultimate Bloodborne the Old Hunters side quest guide is about brador: this is certainly the most interesting character in the DLC along with Simon, and by far the one who will influence your adventure the most. Brador can be met in the prigioni immediately after the arena where you fought against Ludwig the Damned. His cell is located at the bottom of a long staircase running down. You can talk to him through the door but you won't get anything done and he'll make fun of you.

Bloodborne - Guide to all The Old Hunters DLC side missions and NPCs

This character, despite being locked up, is in possession of a bell through which it will evoke shadows and they will invade you while you will be in the second zone of the Fishermen's Village (and not only). Before that happens though, you will have already reached the lighthouse hut in the Village and you will have collected the key to his cell, and you can then choose what to do:

Choice 1: you can continue on your way, explore the village and kill the shadows in the 4 points where you will be invaded. Each shadow will drop a piece of its set on you. Once this is done, you can go back to the prisons and face Brador face to face to get his weapon, the Phlebotomist.

Choice 2: just picked up the key, you can go back to the prisons and deal with it first to proceed with the exploration, thus avoiding that you are invaded by the shadows. Killing Brador will give you the sandfly, and to get the 4 pieces of his armor set you will have to go to the points on the map where his shadows would have spawned. You will simply find them on the ground.

The 4 points where the shadows will spawn are:

  1. Exactly in front of the staircase that takes you to Brador's cell.
  2. On the plank bridge between the roofs, immediately on the left, once you proceed towards the only viable road in the Fishermen's Village starting from lighthouse lantern.
  3. From the second meeting, proceed to the next bridge. You will be on top of a new hut, and the next encounter will be inside. Go down to the ground floor, after you have collected the items and try to exit the third spectrum will spawn.
  4. in underground caves, after the area with ammonite enemies. Follow the path on the left towards a dead end where there are some enemies and an object. Brador will appear behind you when you are halfway there.

However, this video can help you with your search.

For side missions of Bloodborne The Old Hunters that's all, but we propose again the guide to the secondary missions of the base game.

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