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One of the most challenging trophies you will find during the platinum rush of Demon's Souls Remake it is certainly "King of Rings", or the inevitable trophy that asks to find all the rings in the game.

Unlike many other things in the game this trophy was complicated compared to the original as they were added four rings.

However, do not expect anything overly complicated, normally going forward in the game you will find that you have found most of the rings, for the others small precautions will be enough that we will see in this guide.

  • Boletaria Castle
  • Stonefang tunnel
  • Latria Tower
  • Crypt of Storms
  • Valley of Corruption
  • Nexus
  • Extras

Boletaria Castle

  • Sticky Ring: easily obtainable when you open the first shortcut in the Boletaria Castle.
  • Ring of the Eternal Warrior: Obtained by defeating the Old King Doran in the first area of ​​Boletaria Castle. I remind you that in order to find the old King you will need the Mausoleum key, final prize of the quest of Ostrava.
  • Flame resistance ring: Obtainable in the clearing with the two dragons, recommended to go there in soul form as you will most likely die from their flames, or defeat them first.
  • Ring of great strength: Obtainable in the usual clearing where you will find the flame resistance ring. Alternatively you can get it from Bjorr, as he will drop one when he dies.
  • Ring of Herculean Force: In the first area of ​​the Boletaria Castle you will find a balcony with two chains, break them to make the bodies tied to them fall. One of the two will be wearing a hair ornament, exchangeable with Thomas al Nexus to get this ring.
  • Thief's Ring: Obtained in the platform where you will find Ostrava for the first time, alternatively on a body in the second area of ​​the Valley of Corruption.
  • Magic nature ring: Obtainable in the place where you will save Yuria the witch.
  • Ring of the cursed: You will find it in the usual place ofmagic nature ring.

Stonefang tunnel

  • Poison Resistance Ring: You will find it at the bottom of the empty lava tank in the first area of ​​the tunnel.
  • Pestilence Resistance Ring: Found in one of the scaffolding in the second area of ​​the tunnel (the ones where you have to jump to go down).
  • Master's ring: Obtained in the rubble of the area where you will challenge the Dragon God.

Latria Tower

  • Smart Rat Ring: Obtainable in the Prison of Hope (first area of ​​the Tower of Latria) after deactivating the trap shoot arrows.
  • Easy Magic Ring: You will find it in the Prison of Hope, in the hall with four iron virgins.
  • Stupid Rat Ring: Obtainable by saving Lord Rydell in the first area of ​​the Torre di Latria. The key to open his cell will be obtained in the second area, so don't worry if you can't save him right away.
  • Ring of avarice: Purchasable from fallen noble that you will find in the Prison of Hope.
  • Fragrant ring: You will find it in the swamp at the end of the Latria Tower.
  • Soaked ring: Like the ring above, only in this case you will need the world trend Pure Black.

Crypt of Storms

  • Ring of regeneration: Obtainable by following the path with the crystal lizard before getting to the boss Referee.
  • Grave Defiler's Ring: You will find it on a wooden platform just before the skeleton armed with a double katana, immediately before the Referee bossfight.
  • Bleeding Resistance Ring: You will get this ring by taking it on behalf of Patches after saving Saint Urban in the second area of ​​the Crypt of the Storms.
  • Ronin ring: Obtainable in the area with the explosive flying orbs, just before the bossfight of the Old Hero.
  • Ring of Lognevity: Obtained by exchanging one pure bladestone with Sparkly the crow. You can find pure bladestone by farming black skeletons in the first area of ​​the Crypt of Storms.
  • Ring of irregular scales: Obtained by exchanging one gold coin with Sparkly the crow. You can find the gold coins by farming the fat officers at Boletaria Castle.

Valley of Corruption

  • Complex Magic Ring: You will find it on a wooden structure near the first wall of fog.
  • Cat ring: Obtained in the second area before the wall of fog, protected by a ghost.
  • Devout Prayer Ring: Obtainable in three ways: by finishing the quest for Selen Vinland with trend Pure White, killing Saint Urban or by swapping the Moonlight Sword with Sparkly the Raven.
  • Sincere Prayer Ring: Obtained very simply by activating the Archstone after defeating Astraea.


  • Friend Ring: You can get it simply by talking to the Monumental having the trendy character Pure White.
  • Enemy ring: Obtainable by speaking with Mephistopheles with a trendy character Pure Black.


  • Ring of providence: you can find it at the beginning of the game, in the character creation menu as a starting gift. It is currently the only known method of obtaining it, so you should get it if you are aiming for the trophy.
  • Platinum Guide

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