The ClaDun Solution x2


The solution is based on the US version of the game, so there may be differences in the Spanish version.


Basically it is an introduction to this area; all areas are littered with hints and pointers, and will introduce you to some dungeon mechanics that you will need to learn.
Familiarize yourself with the controls. The map is simple, follow the path to the east, you can avoid all the enemies and go for fame, the black rabbit only controls the black bricks leading to the entrance, skip it if it causes you problems.
Do you want to experience the effect of a trap? The linear path will take you to wild boars that destroy walls, switches, mushrooms and almost every trap in the game to make the environment safe. To get fame, equip a blunt weapon and continue south, destroy blocks to go east; the red chest does not regenerate, and this is where you will find out!
Hiyokki is a rare monster. You'll find a boar further north, lure it to destroy buildings or kill it to unlock the path to the exit stairs.
Rachel is a person full of wonders. The signs and Hiyos will tell you about the fame and introduce you to the slow moving of the terrain. There are three exit gates in the area, hit any of them and avoid any combat if you want.


This is where the real game begins; the difficulty curve is low, however completing these levels will help prepare you for the struggles to come.
Defeat the swamp master. Still linear, defeat the boss at the gate to proceed, it will be quite simple.
Continue to defeat the gate guardians. Always in a linear way, so there are no important things to look out for. The symbol on the gate means that there is an enemy controlling it (sometimes even sharing).
Enter the dangerous territories. This is a good map to come back to later, especially with the merchant who has some decent SPs. The lizard on the right controls the gate that leads into the area, here you will have two wild boars that control the exit of the map and many totems. Totem poles are fun, jump and attack to do more damage (even if you won't ignite or freeze), and get decent XP and money. Totems control the room with the red chest.
Defeat the guardian of the fort. This is the first long map, full of grass and level 30 black mushrooms, and you will encounter a new enemy: the child knight. He performs a Spear attack in a burst that only goes forward, and is invulnerable to all damage, in any direction, except from behind. The skeleton will tell you that you are weak, so you will not be able to get to the red chest yet. Go back to level 20 and prove it to him. The boss will be the first of the charmer clown type, the ice lolly master; it has two (actually three) attacks, one is round-the-clock-icing: it creates eight spikes in a circle around you, which will be fired towards the center doing damage as they go on and off the map; his other attack is a barrage of icicles in the center of the map. His weakness? Slip through his bindings, that's all you can do. It will help you return to level 20 when you have more than five attacks to defeat him.


The archers are coming, and if that doesn't make things more difficult, you'll also have to face the first boss of the game.
Defending the goal is a duo of archers. Remember when I said that some gates are shared? Two archers, not a big deal.
A future you can access with a switch. There are multiple switches you will have to hit to finish the map, get used to it, it sucks, but it's not a difficult map.
Entering deep and silent. As the skeleton suggests, discretion, in the style of Metal Gear Solid. It will teach you how enemy AI is on their patrols, so follow them at a decent distance and they won't see you. There are no gates to worry about.
There is a divine tree of darkness. How could it be divine if it is of darkness. It is an RPG. First, this is the boss, there are two different paths that contain red crates, ignore them for now. In front of you is the boss room; if you are using a Warrior, be prepared for the blast; if you use anything else, and even a Warrior, there is a trap that sets a three-square beam of fire that will burn you. Burning yourself is important (like being frozen), because it will make all your attacks elements of fire (freezing in the ice version). The tree is weak to fire. His attacks are simple, he will put a small set of diamond-shaped spikes under you, and shoot at the center of the spikes, plus surround himself with a barrier of spikes; this will be the best time to learn when to attack safely.



This area will introduce you to the skeletons, these enemies have a huge block radius and cannot be killed unless you are a saint or use the light on your weapons, and even then it is not said. To top it all off, you must also face the physical attack of invulnerable ghosts.
Be careful with the water. My favorite enemy, the Lady of the Lake, is not her real name, but it suits her. It is a moving pool of water that has two types of attack. When it approaches, if you are diagonally, it will create a multi-shot water pillar (it can be damaged by fire) in the four squares at its corners; if you are in front of her, she will make a cross instead of the X. What you have to do with her is skirt her, dodge her attacks and hit her. You can't hit it with three chains of sword attacks without getting hit, and this is where you'll learn to use attacks carefully.
Patrol the area. Here you will meet ghosts. The Knights patrol the area as well as some Thieving Cats. Go east to hit a switch, then go back and go north, avoid the knight by ducking into the rabbit room or kill him. The lizard man guards the gate, go west and hit the switch to unlock the path to the exit. The ghost is in this room, if you have taken any damage, don't worry, you will get some red crates; if not, hit the switch and run.
A running cat, a jumping pig. Thieving cats and wild boars, nothing complicated.
The skeletons laugh and resound. Skeletons, you don't have them yet, but you will learn to love them when they corner you, while other things come to kill you. Seriously, they will chase you and you will have a larger block area than their body. You can't jump over them, so if you kill them in a corner, you'll get stuck.


It is apparently an ancient submerged megalopolis.
Beware of dangerous traps. Burning and streamlined traps, Squid and Knights. They won't be a big deal, just scroll through the visible traps and avoid the invisible ones.
What matters is time. Follow the path, the skeleton will tell you how to use your shield correctly, but will only mention one part, where you have to run against the totem beams; just scroll through them. Two Knights will control a gate each, kill one or both. Hit the blue switch, dodge or kill the ghost, then kill the boar to finish the map. Go back and hit the switch again if you want to kill the last of the Totems.
Outside: an illusion, inside: hell. A new enemy: Bunnos, easy to kill, let her attack and hit her from behind. Other than that, stay one square away from her to avoid her whirlwind. The Lady of the Lake controls the gate, it's time to knock it down or charge for victory, the oil sucks, the fire more. The fire dragon will piss you off if you don't have any attacks to use. Baby dragons are easy, they have a charge attack that will pass through or blow on an element, and all hits will heal it to the max if you are burned. The only exception to this rule is an ability, this type of damage does not change.
Go crazy with the distortion. This map is hateful, in every room there is a guardian. Go north through the traps, then follow each teleportation path starting from the left, then right and center. Now go north, north, north, the gate with the red chest, then that teleporter, east, then to the exit.


Anything that takes shape can be broken. If you came with a blunt weapon, you will be happy. Immediately go west to hit the blue switch, then make your way north and exit, or follow the path around.
A sanctuary under the auspices of an idol. Bring the sword and take the teleporter to the right, kill all the guardians by charging them from behind when they attack, then proceed to the exit. The other method is to wait for the totem poles to break through the walls, but it's boring.
A trap hidden in the door. Well, the totems will break the walls, so enter with a blunt weapon without worrying about the switches, and make your way around destroying the Yeti caster after the Sylph, because the Yetis are bulky and the Sylphs heal.
Hello from inside the wall. There is a green baby dragon controlling the gate. Kill the totem poles before they can release all the caged enemies. The next room is the same, there are two squid destroying the walls, they are very annoying enemies, kill them and proceed. In the next room is a Lillith with two bombers, she is annoying too. There are two types, one is the cross that surrounds the character, the shadows from the ground, the other is a larger one. It is easy to kill, if you are using a blunt weapon, break the brick behind her to follow the invisible path to the red crates.



Don't let the enemies catch you. Three dragons control the exit, clouds of gas control the other door; kill them to get out of the north.
Explode, explode, explode and more. Very funny map, but also annoying. The first bomb-layers often drop a bomb, then run towards you at supersonic speed (at least they do in the Trigeons Chaos part), and when you kill them they sometimes drop another bomb. The others are exploding demons, when they die they explode damaging everything around them, including their allies. Kill three and the other two will also die. Eventually you will meet an old friend, a pink tree! Kill him and get the red crates, then go. Lilliths along the way will also be annoying.
Strong in the desert, hard to break down. Run straight down the hall, hit the blue switch, go back and go down to the room with the knights. Run north and kill the two red lizardmen to open the gate to the exit.
Intercept the knight of darkness. Another portal map, but it's not that bad. Take the left path, then right, then right again and you'll find yourself in the boss room with the demon. Demons are annoying, they are immune when their summoning circle is active. They summon enemies close to death, they have low HP and defenses, so they are not that difficult, if you have problems load them up, this will work just fine.


Don't let the enemy moves disorient you. Ice map, bring the state removal with you and proceed slowly, or use basic attacks to pass without repairing the ice elements. A boar is the keeper of the exit.
Laughter on ice, cry on ice. Rushing madly through the area, the Lilliths control the gates, the totems control the crate gate, and the Shinobi controls the exit gate.
Demolish the gods on the snowfield. The enemy will be a Golem, has two attacks at close range, shockwaves. One you can jump over, and one comes in three shots so you have to jump out and go back to him. The ranged attack is a flurry of falling rocks.


Beware of your steps. Bothersome; go straight ahead, there will be a lot of cursed traps in the bushes. Follow the path around, in a room there is the boss, back off slightly and go through the gates to proceed.
Blast through the darkness. The name of this map is correct, don't stop; there are a lot of monster summoning traps. Go straight north and hit the switch, go back, actually it looks like none of the paths lead out, so go back down and head west. After this, you will notice a branch to the right, which leads to a green switch. Hit them all, like the one after the teleport, as you rush south to hit the last two switches and complete the map.
Do not raise the dead. This map is simple, you will make it harder if you get closer to the skeletons.
Corpses without souls. This guy looks familiar to you, he's the secret boss who controls the red crates when you get back to 2-4.


An eye for an eye, an enemy for an enemy. Okay, there's the big knight boss. They are damaged only from behind, but they are not invulnerable from the front; this will introduce you to the elements of warfare. Hit the switch to allow the flow of enemies and thus weaken the great knights, then kill the knights who join them. Hit the switch to continue south and kill the enemies at the final gate. Take the right path to finish the map faster.
The Hundred Years War. Go north, then northwest, there will be the Yeti guarding the door. Head south to kill the Lillith who controls the door to the exit, which also includes a lot of red crates, a Golem, and guardians. Teasing them too much without killing them will take you to Game Over.
Welcome to the torture chamber. Very obvious map. Go west, take the teleporter north (only one), then choose the path. You must hit both of them to fully unlock the final gate (green and blue), the groups in the area control the teleporter exit. The exit gate switch leads to an optional boss and more loot. You can hit this switch with axes and swords with the gate up.
The Mightiest Gladiator. Fun map, you can go in and face the boss immediately, or you can go around and hit the switches while killing the enemies that pour into his room, weakening him and bringing him in one hit. The boss controls the exit and each enemy controls the room with the loot.



What is the right way? The one that ends the map. No literal explanation of this map until the formatted image, sorry. All teleporters lead to another, and I ran through them. Those on the left go right, those on the right go left; you will understand when you are in a large open space with an open gate.
Do not fall into the temptation of wealth. Each path has a switch and a themed trap room. Go west, east, north, then south, and east to follow the path to the exit, which is south after traveling all the way east; simple, isn't it?
I ask the skeleton for suggestions. Well, the skeletons give you hints (which I have listed) which are based on the colored pegs in the center of each room. Take charge or the Shadowrun to leave the knights behind faster.

- Blue 1 down
- Blue 3 down
- Red 3 down
- Red 4 left
- Green 3 down
- Green 2 left
- Green 4 right

What does this mean? If the area has 4 green spots, go to the right teleporter.
Pierrot, Pierrot, why dance? Another particular enemy! It has plasma balls that aren't easy to dodge, but they're not hard to deal with. Color coded switches, nothing complicated.


Don't fear the traps. Don't be afraid of the traps because you can destroy them, it will make your life easier in this area.
To go on is good, to come back is terrifying. I love / hate this map. Take the teleporter to the north and hit the switch, this will force the traps out and destroy all the enemies in the room, so you can effectively ignore everything. It's all linear, so you don't have to worry about both directions. In the final room there is a demon, ignore it to leave or kill it to open the treasure room.
Harken, the clock that strikes death. Bring a shield. The totem opens and closes the doors like a clock, that's all, it's hard to get lost.
Fallen angels die three times. Lucy, you're in trouble. There is a semi-boss, but it won't be a problem to deal with. Because? If you are in range, they will always make an X-shaped shot. Stand in front of her until you understand how she attacks, then move horizontally if she is facing vertically or vice versa. Attack it from behind. Another method is to defend yourself from its slow attacks. She also has a lightning sowing attack and if you are out of range it is very easy to avoid as she is not at all accurate. Three different paths, each leading to the end and to a red chest. Repeat to get more loot, just kill a Lucy with each attempt.


What chases ... Well, this is not a difficult map. Get ready with the remaining swords, a spam charge, or the Shadow Runner if you've unlocked Ninja. As soon as you enter, the skeleton will give you a hint about the Beholder (immortal perhaps?), Which causes a lot of impact damage and will chase you! Aside from that, you won't have much time to kill anything else in this map, it will be quick and short. There is no designated route to go from start to finish, but simply take Southeast, Northeast, East, North and then Northwest. If the Beholder approaches charge him and they will start jumping out of the rabbits, then swipe to safety.
The great release from the prison of the game. I'm just saying I loved this map very much. There are two yellow Beholder patrolling and also a group of guards. If you care about solving puzzles and other useless stuff, there are 4 teleporters in the corners of the room, each containing a clue. But this is pretty boring and not fun, so try to take out some knights. Each knight controls a door, you will need to find the one that controls a room on the lower west side of the prison, which has a blue switch that controls the door to the exit stairs. So start fighting! There are two red crates on the east side and one on the west side.
If you want to survive, you know this ... You have to be careful of one thing, there are traps that summon Beholder all around! Luckily they appear quickly. There are also at least three Mimics, so attach the crates accordingly. The way to complete this dungeon is simple, just follow it linearly, there are quick traps that mark the way to the exit. The semi-boss controls the door leading to the red crates, skip it if you are low on health, run south and you'll complete the map. After this floor there will be a slight exposition of the story. Sheep, lamb and mutton decide to stop being cowards and join you. If you haven't been to Back Alley, this will be your first Ninja, Dragoon and Shaman respectively. Parchmin also reveals some spoilers and some good old copyright infringement.



Practice all the skills you have acquired. Another fun level. It's a very linear path with some boss enemies and Beholder traps. Each room has a specific theme. Kill everything in your path. In the room with the archers you will find 4 blessed traps, so you can ignore the defense and engage in attacks while you cannot die. Then you will have a Beholder behind you with a room full of rabbits requiring immediate death. You will need to get the crates, lay down the different Beholders and dash out for victory.
The world of opposing mirrors. Bring the best ranged attack with you, you'll need it for at least one room, but it'll help with the boss's too. It is a mixed match level. As the title says, the piano is a mirror. There are elements of fire on the west side and ice elements on the east side. Press the switch on one side to progress on the other, it's not very dangerous. However basically you have to run down to the red fly, blue fly, blue lady and sylph switch, red mushroom gate, blue mushroom gate, still clouds of gas, boss. The bosses are two demons, one of fire and one of ice, and they will test your gears and artifacts. Level is not that important in this game, but just overlap the gears for endurance and artifacts for survival appropriately. If you have too much trouble completing this plan, put on the Tri-Geons or the Neo-Geons, whichever you feel best with. This is because in the sky part of the Tri-Geons they are easier, with blessings and all around at the right time. I found it easier to use my unique Widen with two magical sub-circles that create a large structure in the path. With the careful manipulation of HP artifacts I was able to get up to 80 Atk (and you will really need 60 to pass this stage) and two 999 HP shields. With the rest I equipped elemental resistance gears. Red controls the exit stairs, blue controls the red crates.
As our fate dictates. Black monsters, blacks that can't be blacker, stronger, more aggressive. Simple map after passing the first area. Proceed with a ninja in your main slot or wherever it does the most damage against these guys.
The final test. I don't like how it sounds. It's another rigged map, so don't worry. Keep the black support on the surface, as you enter you will face a Beholder. Run down the hall, he'll take a while to catch up (about 30 seconds) and at the end of the hall you'll have to face a Black Knight. It's a bit tricky, with traps running back and forth to your right; charge him up and attack with something big when he turns, or jump around him and perform air strikes to cause some decent damage to his side.


The final guardian. The fires of darkness incinerate everything. Well, this is the fight with the Thirst for Death, he is a damned dragon god. It is a rather simple struggle. Its main attack is to look in one direction and then throw up huge flames. Use the charge, the Shadowrun or swipe past him and then attack or do combo from behind. His other attack is that he explodes in a puff of smoke, releasing various Drakelings. Any AoE will drop them quickly as their HP is pretty low. With the final guardian down, the credits will flow and we will be at the end of the game!

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