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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.


Start the new game and name your character, then enjoy the introductory scene. Each game scene will have multiple answers, but these won't affect the main storyline of the game, so feel free to choose your preferred answers each time. Enter the church to start other scenes and the first dungeon that will serve as a tutorial. Enter the next room and attack the monster twice and move on. Follow the classmating tutorial doing your dirty duty, then face a new fight with a team of star children to help you. After saving the game, you can proceed to the first chapter.

Chapter 1

Go to the academy and select the option to continue the story and watch a scene before the entrance to the maze. Continue into the next room to start a tutorial battle, follow the next corridor and open the yellow chests. Continue into the next story and face yet another tutorial battle. Follow the next corridor and leave the area through a blue portal. You will find yourself back in the academy, you can already select the option to continue in the story, but it is the case to build the party of star children, to build a group. You will have to raise the "BP" and to do this you will have to meet with the heroines of the game, select your three favorites and watch their respective scenes. The choices made during these scenes will affect the mood of the girls, you can always improve it by continuing to meet them. After meeting the three heroines, you can rest in the dormitory to recover hearts and have the chance to make more appointments. Follow this process until your "BP" rises to 300, then visit the church. Once there, perform a classmate with one of the three heroines. The class of star children will not matter as they will be used to raise the level of the city. Now that you have six children, you can create two different groups. Follow the procedure described above until you create a third group. Now do nine gunfighters with Ellie. Now that you have eighteen star children, including Ellie's nine gunfighters, go back to the dorm and save your game. Arrange the nine gunslingers into the three main groups by changing the initial three children. Select the heroine from the "edit team" menu and select Ellie. Its fire element will be very useful to resist the attacks of the second boss you will face. Now with your nice team of gunslingers, you won't need anything else. Select the "independence" option from the team menu and let everyone go. You will raise the level of the city and you will get some fruits that you can use to increase the stats or sell for 5000g. Go to the shop, all our characters are of the fire element and weak to water, so facing an enemy of this element will never prove to be a right choice. Fortunately, gunslingers can change their attack element by equipping different weapons. Purchase six Ether Guns and equip two of your groups to change their element to earth. Buy a Twin Sword ++ and a Trial Battlesuit for the main character and to equip immediately, also buy two escape pods to escape the dungeons when you are in trouble. We are almost ready for the first maze, but first increase your BP by meeting the heroines again. BPs can be used with Mecunite which will be really useful in the toughest battles.

The labyrinth of lust

Each floor of each maze will be remarkably similar to each other. Your goal is to find the blue portal and change floors, the last of these will warn you that there are several enemies, so go out and save your game. Should the main character be knocked out during a fight, you can return to the Fort City and lose 20% of your splendor, then re-enter the maze from whichever floor you have already visited. You will notice some very faint blue monsters in the first room, you can eliminate them easily and directly to gain experience and money, but you will not be able to do the same with the purple, red and gold enemies. On the second floor you will have to fight a boss.

Attack with the "barrage" ability a few times to quickly emerge victorious from the battle, then you will exit the maze and be able to watch the scene before returning to the city. Go back to the maze and continue from the second floor until you reach the fourth, exiting it you will be given the warning of an evil presence nearby, so don't advance yet. Equip the best armor you have found and heal your party, finally save your game. The fight with the boss himself will not be too difficult if you continue to use the "barrage" ability of your gunslingers.

Chapter 2

Return to the city, you will notice that some new buildings have appeared. Visit the laboratory and accept the mission "Vile Nectar" which was the one for the boss you just beat and then you can finish immediately to receive your fair reward. The most useful missions are the ones that will provide you with new weapons and armor for the heroines as it will be the only way to upgrade them. Raise your BP to three hundred if you have spent it and go through history. Enter the Gorge labyrinth which will have the same linear structure as the other labyrinths. On the fourth floor you will start a cutscene then return to Fort City. Go back to the maze and continue until you reach the end of the sixth floor, heal and save then exit the portal. Make sure you have ten potions with you and challenge the boss when you feel ready. At this point in the game, the main character will be at level six and the gunslingers will be at level eight. The boss in question will use the same attack every turn, a tornado that will strike in every direction, will do a lot of harm to your group and will knock out the components easily, fortunately it will do notably little harm to the main character thanks to the fire element of Ellie that guarantees wind resistance. Use the potions with the main character and keep attacking the opponent until you emerge victorious from the fight. There will be only one possible threat during the battle, if you stay in front of the enemy when only the main character and the heroine are alive, the opponent will use a different ability instead of the tornado, to avoid such attack, never respond on the front . It is also possible to heal the group of star children and use the Mecunite to do a lot of damage quickly. If you have any problems, go back to the shop and buy stronger armor for each of your characters and use Ellie who will make you resistant to every attack from the opponent. Enjoy the cutscene and choose a heroine who will not count towards the plot and will have no other effect.

Chapter 3

In the shop you will find new weapons and armor and in the laboratory some new missions. Go to this last place and select the mission "Proud Master" which you can deliver immediately, as it requires killing the boss you just eliminated. Also accept the "Rotund Fellow" mission as you will do it in the next dungeon. Get to the dorm and equip the improved weapons for Ellie, then head to the academy to progress through the game story. The "Rotund Fellow" mission calls for the elimination of five Sagittas, these particular enemies can rarely be encountered in the top floor of the dungeon, they give a lot of experience if eliminated. Unfortunately the Sagittas will not regenerate every two minutes like normal enemies, so after checking the floor, you will have to go in and out of it to make them reappear. You can use the analysis skill of the main character to identify them easily, they are fluffy balls with wings. A battle with the Sagittas will maximize the level of the gunslingers, so it's time to change with more powerful star children but, first, you will have to raise the level of some heroines. Meet up with Serine and execute a classmate just once, place her in the main group and equip her with the upgraded weapons from the lab. Reach the labyrinth of the gorge and go up to the sixth level to collide with some Sagittas. After defeating five enemies, you can turn in the "Rotund Fellow" mission and get the Stardust Armor to equip on the main character. With Serina at the fourteenth level you will be able to create the hunter class in half the normal time. Perform a classmate with her until you have three hunters of level twenty-six or more. Change a gunslinger to a hunter in each group, then try to create Grapples and Thieves. Narika and Fuuko have the right stats for this, switch your heroine to Narika and take out other Sagittas, then create three grapplers and switch them to one gunslinger per group. Follow the same process with Fuuko and make three thieves to change with as many gunslingers. At this point in the game, each group of star children will have hunters from Serina, grapplers from Narika, and thieves from Fuuko. The way the elements work and, if they are of the same level, the team element will always be that of the leader, so select a hunter as the leader of the first group, a grappler for the second and a thief in the third. This is how your party will work now, hunters will get "Rear Crescent" at level twenty six, grapplers will learn "Silent Killing" at level eighteen, if the same group has both skills they can use "Killing Field", a skill capable to cause truly considerable damage. Reinsert Serina in the group, as her attack is of undoubted use, go back to the shop and buy the best paraphernalia. Release all the unused star children in the dorm, you will raise the Fort City level to fifteen and the store level to two.

Serina's "Great Meteor" ability will always cause significant damage. Enter the blue portal on the fourth floor to start the fight with a mini boss and take him out using the "Great Meteor" ability. The real final boss is after the eighth floor, heal yourself and save your game before facing him by going through the portal. Use the "Snail Wind" skills to emerge victorious from the battle as early as the second round.

Chapter 4

Proceed through the game story to meet up with Feene. In the laboratory, accept the mission "Golden Idol" for another upgrade of the weapons of the heroine. At this point you can attempt a three-way match if you have raised the affection of two heroines to at least four bars. The threesome will create more powerful star children, however, don't forget the classic classmate to advance in the personal stories of the heroines. Our star children will be powerful enough to allow us to face the labyrinth of Laziness. At the end of the fifth floor you will collide with a mini boss, the abilities "Grand Meteor" and "Snail Wind" will defeat him remarkably quickly. Heal and save at the end of the XNUMXth floor before facing the boss. Belphegor (the main opponent of the maze) is of the twilight element, so he will resist all your elemental attacks (but will be weak in the light if you possess that element). Attack his weak point with the main character's physical attacks and the "Snail Wind" ability, then heal if necessary, as the enemy attacks will be slow enough to allow you to recover all the energy lost during the battle up to that point. moment. Be sure to heal yourself even shortly before inflicting the coup de grace, as once you defeat this boss, you will start a cutscene after which you will be faced with a new fight. The next enemy will die quite quickly, but will cause massive damage, defeat him with the main character attacking from behind and using the "Snail Wind" ability.

Chapter 5

Return to the city and go to the lab to get the "Unholy Scientis" and "Fast and Round" missions. Turn in the first to get more powerful weapons for your heroines. For the second mission, you will have to deal with new enemies called Mabusagittas who are in the next labyrinth, reach the academy and progress through the story. The purple chest in the Wrath Lab may contain a powerful enemy, always be careful. Closed and normal chests will always be safe. You will clash with a mini boss on the sixth floor, easily win by using "Grand Meteor" and "Killing Field", killing first the insect and then the eyes. The twelfth floor is the last and it is here that you can meet the Mabusagittas, once you have solved the "Fast and Round" mission, return to the laboratory to deliver it. Before going to the final boss fight of the maze, equip better armor, go to the shop and buy any items needed to upgrade you and your star children. Return to the XNUMXth floor of the maze, save and heal yourself outside the blue portal, then challenge the boss. Satanael can take out your entire party very quickly if his attacks are executed in sequence, if that happens, reload the game and start the fight from the beginning. For the rest, use "Gran Meteor" and "Killing Field" as usual. Focus on the main opponent first, then on the minor enemies. If you have any problems in this battle, exit and reach the thirtieth level by defeating the Sagittas on the top floor.

Chapter 6

At the laboratory you will be able to accept and turn in the "Furious Lord" mission. Reach the academy and progress through the game story to receive better weapons for your heroines and a second special ability for each of them. Equip your best gear and go to the labyrinth of Envy. You will clash with a mini boss on the fifth floor, the skills "Burn Meteor" and "Killing Field" will soon make you victorious in this battle. Heal and save before entering the portal on the fifteenth floor, so make sure you have reached at least level thirty five by defeating the enemies in the area. The damage of the Leviathan will not be so high that you cannot easily heal yourself with a "Multi-Potion" or a "Master Heal", to defeat him use the usual "Killing Field" ability. After clearing the entire labyrinth, you can choose a heroine for the baptism ritual, as usual the choice will have no effect and you can only choose the one with the highest affection.

Chapter 7

Accept and turn in the "Jealous Fiend" mission at the lab to receive a free "Sealing Blade", then progress through the game story. This is a great time to meet up with the heroines, make a lot of star children and free them to raise the level of the city, and if you stop getting plot scenes with a certain heroine, do a classmate with her individually. When Serina, Feene and Torri have four full bars, you can create your new team by having a three-way match. The new group will be composed like the previous one, three hunters, three grapprelrs and three thieves. Perform a threesome at the church by choosing Serina first, then Feene to get each class with the twilight element, go to the dormitory and create the group with the newborn star children. Make two groups that do not have the twilight element using Serina and Towers. Release the other star children (even those of the old group). Equip newcomers with the best you have. I recommend that you keep meeting every heroine until she asks you about the Star Conception Festival. Try to raise the level of the city up to fifty, always following the method of creating and releasing the star children, in this way the shop will reach the maximum level and you can buy the best items, including detailed maps of the mazes. Level up the new star children to XNUMXth by entering the labyrinth of Envy and defeating numerous Mabusagittas using Serina's "Burn Meteor".

The main character will reach forty-fourth by learning the "Bonding Drive" skill and Serina will learn "Earth" by reaching the same level. Head to the Pride Labyrinth. If you bought the maps from the store, you can use one for each floor and locate the exit easily. On the eighth and fourteenth floors you will have to clash with mini bosses, which you can defeat using the usual "Killing Field" and heal yourself often. Once you reach the twentieth floor, exit and return to the city to visit the shop and buy fifteen "Potion EX" and "Chatter Herbs", ten "Multi-Potions", then a "Curseproof Scarves" to equip immediately on the main character and Serina. . Heal yourself, save your game and go to the twentieth floor of the Pride maze. The boss you will face is non-elemental type, so it will be weak to each of our groups except the twilight one, attack it with the "Killing Field" until it is finally eliminated. Once the battle is over you will be healed and thrown into another fight, the enemy in question will not suffer much damage from your attacks, but will be slow enough to allow you to use all the heals you need. Once this second fight is over, you will also have to face a third before which you will not be healed, so make sure you have full energy, before inflicting the final blow to the second boss. The new opponent will use the same attack every turn and on all sides with a big chance of causing you to be in seal status. He will defeat your star children easily, but not the main character; you will then be able to use "Potion EX" after a few turns while continuing to attack. Use the "Bonding Drive" and "Chatter Herbs" to heal the seal state. Forget the knocked out star children and continue to attack the opponent with normal attacks.

Chapter 8

Stock up on healing items at the shop, then go to the lab to get the "Round and Agile" mission. Return to the Pride Labyrinth and defeat five Errasagittas, return to the laboratory to deliver the completed mission and receive a "Meteor Suit" to equip on the main character. Enter Pandora's labyrinth which is made up of twenty-five floors, take your time to complete it and return to the city if necessary. You will face several mini bosses on floors six, twelve and eighteen, use "Burn Meteor" and "Killing Field" to defeat them easily. Once you reach the XNUMXth and last floor, exit the maze. Reach the laboratory and get the mission "The Roundest", go to the maze "Trecherous Halls where you have to do two things, find a" Starlight Edge "from the sealed room on the fourth floor and equip it on the main character, then defeat ten Errasagittas on the fifth floor. Return to the lab to collect and deliver the mission and get the "Nova Suit". Immediately equip the new armor and "Starlight Edge" on the main character. Purchase forty "Multi-Potions", twenty "Bond Shards" and the best weapons and armor for your star children. Return to the XNUMXth floor of Pandora's maze, heal and save out of the blue portal, then face the boss. Both enemies will be non-elemental types, attack with fire, wind, earth and water. your BP and face the Twilight Mother last, as the other two enemies do a lot of damage, but die quickly if you use "Killing Field" . The next boss will not be very easy, the first thing to do is to heal himself after each of his attacks, so attack and move away to avoid the twilight shots, but don't let the charged attack hit your group. Keep moving around the big enemy, attack with the "Killing Field" and heal yourself with the "Multi-Potions" and "Bond Shards". If surrounded on three sides, the boss will use a powerful spell, try to keep the main character on the enemy back and avoid being attacked by keeping the star children on the front side. Take out the "Dusk Bits" using the main character's ability "Bonding Drive", continue the battle until you are victorious, just remember to have lots of healing items.

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