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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Atto I - Invisible Friend

Below, the levels included in the first act of the game.


You will begin your adventure in the bedroom of an attic. So interact with the locker next to the vests, in front of you. We also recommend interacting with the phonograph to turn off the music. So interact with the lamp under the window, starting the first cutscene. So, jump out the window and approach Didi. He will place a light in the area to create a shadow towards the clothes visible on the wall. Stand next to the wall, activate shadow mode and go down the clothes line. When you find yourself stuck, jump to the ground, approach the cart full of dust, interacting with it to move it towards the roof where Didi is positioned.

The Shadow World

Follow Didi down the alley, observing the next cutscene. Use the shadows to get to the balcony. Jump to proceed further. Run around the room, recovering a Luminary. Proceed along the room at the top of the alley. Go down the stairs to the street. So locate the Luminary near the balcony. Approach the shadow of the bicycle (on your left), then use it to reach the balcony with the Luminary. Then get off and locate the small café on the side exactly opposite to the bicycle, picking up the note in the area. So, go ahead one street and locate the table on the courtyard just beyond the St. Matthieu hideout, retrieving a newspaper article here.
So continue along the road, until the ghost's notice, observing an interlude scene. Interact with the doors, entering the nearby club. Proceed down the club, talking to Kat. Proceed up, then right, locating the switch next to the bar, needed to turn on the lights.
Next to the bar there will be three lights that you will have to "orient" again. Interact with them, then moving everything to the right, making the shadow of a sax player appear. Move in a circle to the opposite side of the room, repeating the procedure with the next light. You will therefore find a third one, near the balcony on the second floor. Use the shadow mode to get to the balcony.
Then proceed to the area exactly in the center of the balcony, interacting with it to place a Luminary. So aim your light at the nearby piano, thus locating the pianist and starting the music. After that, proceed to the lighted door and move up the flight of stairs. At the end of the flight of stairs, take Johnny Fenris' check for Kat Knight.

The Illusionist

Having taken the above item, proceed outward to reach the illuminated door. Go down the corridor, pass the portal that will be opened by Didi. Move along the road, locating Didi waiting for you with a sign indicating "Caution". Approach her, gaining an additional "Dash" ability which can pulverize objects in the area. Now, move to the opposite side of the street visible next to the gate opened by Didi, locating the neon sign that says "Dirty". Walk to the door on the right for an additional trophy.
So continue to proceed along the next road, arriving at the phonograph. Climb up to activate the shadows on the wall to the right. Climb the shadows, arriving at the Luminary on the balcony. After getting it, jump down under the iron gate, then go up the stairs to the next large room. Interact with the controls on the wall, retrieving the two trophies. So approach the icon representing the phonograph, locating the wooden wall on the left - break it to get a Luminary.
Proceed beyond the wall where Didi is located, following her along the alley. After the cutscene, go inside and watch the skit. So retrieve the poster from the table next to Johnny and Vincenzo's.

The Usual Suspects

Climb on the cart, interacting to move it. Move it forward and to the right, creating a floor that can be used to step onto the balcony. Once you are near the balcony, continue towards the outside, along the walkways. If / when necessary, move in the shadows to cross another walkway. You will then find another Luminary after passing yet another walkway. Return to the bar, arriving at the manager's office. Collect the Luminary on the far right of the manager's office. On the coffee table, you can even make your own a newspaper article.
So interact with the film on the manager's table. Exit the bar, project yourself beyond the wall, reaching the stairs. After the cutscene, use three of your Luminaries to repair the light passing through the boards. To do this, you will have to move along the boards using Didi. At the end of the path, you will have to jump again.
Warning: two trophies will be available in the area - unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve them both during the same "game". The first - My God, it's Full of Stars - will be provided to you when you fall and die. The second, "Now That's Thinking with Shadows", will only be provided if you can overcome the obstacle on the first try. It will therefore be necessary to save before passing the zone, and then proceed.
Having passed the ravine, proceed beyond the bulletin boards, smashing everything you can as you run "on" the bridge. Proceed inside the cinema, going through the main lobby. Interact with all the shadows of the characters, moving them in such a way as to create a "ramp" for your characters, which can then move from left to right. The dancer's stick must be close enough to the ground so that you can jump into it. Then approach the objects, so that you can jump along the heads (of the dancer, the vampire and the woman) to get to the raised balcony.

Moving among the Shadows

To proceed from the balcony to the theater you will need to place yourself next to the wall, near the door. So move towards the shadows, proceeding through the glass and out of the shadow. Go down to the cinema, observing the skits. Return to the cinema, using the shadows to move through the "glass", reaching the projector room. Interact with the projector. Follow Didi to the outside of the cinema.

The problems of the three little ones

First of all, some instructions on how to get an additional Luminary: when you leave the cinema, you will find yourself in a courtyard, also noticing two umbrellas in the area with which you can interact. So interact with the umbrella on the right to close it. So count 5-7 seconds, then interacting with the umbrella on the left. Move to the back wall, moving towards the shadow, jumping to the chair on the right. Wait for the umbrella on the right to come on stage by jumping on it. Move to the left, placing yourself on the shadow next to the umbrella on the left. When the umbrella begins to open, jump on it and let yourself be carried up to the next balcony.
Break the wall at the end of the courtyard, then go back along the bulletin boards. Then go down towards the street, arriving at the Hotel Excelsior. So, before proceeding towards the Excelsior, move to the left and proceed beyond the golden microphone visible in the street; take advantage of Kat's shadow visible on the wall, so as to reach the Luminary visible on the balcony (you will have to jump on Kat's back, enter the shadow, then jump on her head and then on her feet, making you carry yourself to the balcony).
Then continue towards the doors of the Excelsior, entering the hotel and observing the interlude scenes. After the cutscenes, turn around and head back to the front door. Pick up the item from the nearby table. Move to the elevators, interacting with the luggage. Move the trolley to the elevator on the left, thereby moving it to the elevator below. Jump on this elevator, then to the second floor balcony. Enter the next elevator, interacting with its controls to get to the second floor.
Run to the opposite side of the balcony, interacting with the nearby control panel: it is used to lower the candlesticks. Your goal will be to cause the candlestick to drop to the right so that you can jump onto its shadow. Then drop the candlestick on the left, arriving then at its shadow on the right. Jump to the third floor balcony.

Video - The first ten minutes

Place the Candlesticks

Move around the balcony, interacting with the alarm to cause the elevator to descend, bringing it to the ground floor. Then move along the balcony, reaching an open door that leads to a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs, thus opening a path between the first and second floors. We therefore recommend a small detour to retrieve a Luminary - in the lower part of the stairs, on the second floor.
We recommend using the shadow of the candlestick on the right so as to jump to the candlestick above, and retrieve a Luminary in the area.

The problems of the three little ones - second part

Get out of the shadows, jumping to the fifth floor and starting a cutscene. After that, move across the room and project yourself outward. Run outside until you are interrupted by an intermission scene. Enter the shadows, then complete the following game sequence: wait for Kat to lift her foot, jump on it, then let yourself be carried to the table. Jump on the cigarette, then let yourself be carried upwards, thus jumping on Kat's head, arriving at Johnny. Wait for Johnny to raise his arm, jumping on his head. So let yourself be transported to the balcony, where you can get out of the shade. Move beyond the door, down the stairs. Interact with the door, so that Didi can enter and you can observe the cutscene of the first act.

Act II - The Return of the Prodigal

Below, the levels included in the second game act.

Act II - Introduction

First of all, we recommend that you go and retrieve Johnny's photograph on the table behind you, right after the start of the second act. Move over to the phonograph to start the cut scene. After that, move to the corridor and interact with the portrait on the wall to start yet another scene.
So go down the stairs, interact with the card on the table, observing yet another cutscene. So examine the coffee table as you proceed to the front door, you will find there a letter from Kat, read it.
Exit the door, move along the street, reaching the illuminated wall. Enter the shadows, then quickly run through the shadow columns. At the ravine, jump forward and run forward to get to the opposite side of the ravine. Keep going along the road, arriving at the circus tent. Go inside and see what's behind the curtain. Jump over the crates, next to the exit, near the tent.
Your goal in this area will be to repair attractions; their total number is 3 - they are the pirate ship, the puppet shop, and the hot air balloon. You can freely choose the sequence in which to repair everything. Leaving the tent, go down the flight of stairs, then enter "Tortuga's Revenge".

Tortuga's Revenge

Go down the ramp to your left and pick up the crate. Take it up the ramp, then move to the shadows and walk along the shadow to get to the ship. Drop the crate, jump on it. So jump up, then come out of the shadow and grab the edge of the bridge, then pull yourself up. Interact with the switch, thus causing the axis to rise. Drop down, grabbing the crate, then taking it to the bridge. Drop it on the floor switch to open the first three doors blocking the path. Locate the crate on the left as well as the wheelhouse on the right. Enter the wheelhouse, proceeding through the glass. Interact with the helmet, then spin the rudder (press the left stick down). Having released the rudder, it will begin to move clockwise.
So come out of the shadows, also coming out of the wheelhouse. Take the second crate while running, then "reenter" the shadow always remaining on the left side of the shadow of the wheel itself. Allow yourself to be transported to the raised platform. Get out of the shadows, drop the crate on the second switch. Jump down, go back to the left side of the wheel, then re-enter the shadows and let yourself be carried upwards. Jump to the end of the nearby spear, then to the platform along the left side of the ship. Let the wheel carry you to the next platform.
So take the third crate, visible right on the edge, and jump down. Step into the shade and proceed to the helm room, taking the crate with you. Leave it down near the third switch. Didi will then enter the room, jumping forward. You can now retrieve yet another Luminary: Proceed through the door, turn right, grab the Luminary and jump up. Interact with the machine, making it proceed until its destruction. Look to the right, locate the ramp.
You can now locate a third chest on top of the nearby platform; before grabbing it, throw yourself to the "opposite" edge of the play area, then jump forward and grab the Luminary. So go back and take the chest. Take the third one too, so jump down. Then "enter" the control room, taking the chest with you. Drop it on the third switch. Talk to Didi. You can now pick up yet another Luminary: Proceed beyond the nearby door, turn right, then right, grab the Luminary before jumping up.
Interact with the machine, making it proceed until its destruction. Look at the area to the right, locating the ramp. Go up the ramp, picking up the cannonball. Interact with the switch, grab the cannonball and shoot it at the nearby octopus tentacle. Go down the ramp, locating the tentacle moving from top to bottom. Place yourself on the crates, waiting for the shadows of the tentacle to descend. Jump up, then get carried away by the tentacle, so you can reach the walkway on the left.
After reaching the catwalk, cross the rope, thus recovering the Luminary visible below. So let yourself be carried away by the octopus, returning to the catwalk. Get past the cannonball, interacting with the nearby door, opening it. Grab the cannonball, exiting the door. Walk along the shadow of the rope. "Exit" near the next walkway, then continue forward, then "re-enter" into the shadows once you have passed the brick wall. So let the shadow of the cannonball "fall" under the shadow of the clamp. So get out of the shadows, interacting with the switch and firing another shot at the octopus. Then interact with the machine again to proceed.
Bring the cannonball forward along the shadows. When the car stops again, go down the ramp to the left and grab the cannonball. Take it up the ramps until you reach the highest level, along the wall to the left. Move into the shadows as you bring the sphere forward, then leave it near the wall of shadows, near the edge of the platform. Go back to the switch, proceed to the elevation of the wall of shadows, until part of the wall itself is level with the nearby platform. Go back into the shadows and bring the cannonball to the edge, then return to "light" and drop it all on the cannon.
Then go down to the lower floor, placing three Luminaries on the nearby chest, causing the door to open. It will now be possible to retrieve another Luminary: follow Didi as she descends the stairs, then turn around and proceed behind the ramp, locating a hole in the floor. Drop down, hooking onto the Luminary. Jump over the crates, always trying to reach Didi. Enter the next large room, locating another Luminary on the right.
Then head to the switch on the left, waiting for Didi to complete his countdown. Interact with the switch to proceed.

Hero Freed

Starting from the pirate ship, make your way to the right, arriving at the "Chiaroscuro" tent. Locate the film in front of it, interact to activate the shadows on the wall. Jump towards them, eventually arriving at a Luminary near the balcony. Now enter the tent. After the cutscene, jump onto the stage and grab the princess's hat. Head for the shade.


After the cutscenes, run forward jumping over the various ravines. Once you are near the windmill, walk under the rotating vanes. Then jump back, to the left, letting the paddles carry you to the tree on the right. After passing the mill, you will also have to cross the river, jumping along the heads of four crocodiles.
You will then reach three magic mushrooms. Jump on it, continuing to the right, waiting for all three to stop. Then jump back to the rightmost mushroom, then wait five seconds. Now jump to the mushroom in the center, then jump to the root on the right. Wait for it to take you up, then jump up again, then right to the topmost root of all, on the opposite side of the tree. So jump to the top of the tree.

Once near the Ogre, stand to the left of the stump, waiting for the Ogre to start moving. Jump back, so the Ogre bows. Jump to the Ogre, then place yourself next to the tree on the right. Wait for the Ogre to pull out his club. Jump to get to his club, then jump back past the trunk as well, avoiding the falling tree. So jump on the tree to free Fred.


After the cutscenes, run to the right paying attention to the huge cliff. Wait for Didi to suggest using an umbrella, then step out of the shadows and take the umbrella out of the chest. Go back into the shadows, thus floating along the cave, until you are "caught" in a spider's web. So free yourself from the cobweb by repeatedly pressing the jump button. Run to the right, coming to two more cobwebs. Get rid of these too, drop down, turn left to hide under a platform, while a boulder moves beside you.
Right again, while being chased by a giant spider. Run fast forward, always trying to avoid the cobwebs along the way. When / if you get stuck, press the jump button quickly to free yourself.
When you reach the stair-shaped area, run towards its top, then jumping towards the two large cobwebs, from which a boulder "hangs". Break the cobwebs, so that the boulder falls on the spider. Try to keep to the left to avoid the landslide that will come with the boulder. After that, continue to the right, freeing Fred from his web.


Run forward, dodging the boulders that come down from the mountain: as soon as you see the first one, turn around and run back, to the left. Go over the ravine to dodge the boulder. You will arrive near an excessively "wide" ravine, you will not be able to easily overcome it: in this case, we recommend that you place yourself on the small mountain exactly in front of it, waiting for a geyser to project you upwards.
As you continue up the mountain, always pay attention to the geysers - you can always use them to avoid falling rocks. At the dragon's cave, jump over the rocks just below Fred, getting closer to the dragon progressively. As soon as you hear him say his cry, turn around and jump back towards the rocks, dodging his flame. Repeat the procedure three times, thus freeing Fred.

I Cavallini

Leaving Chiaroscuro, proceed to the left and go up the stairs, reaching a carousel. Place two luminaries near the control box to start the carousel. You can also retrieve another Luminary, near the dead end beyond the switch.
So locate the exact point on the wall where the horse's shadows come closest to the ground. "Enter" and jump across the bears, reaching the next section of the roof. Throw yourself forward to the shadow of the pole, then jumping along the horse's shadows, which will carry you forward.

Riding the Cavallini

You can immediately pick up a Luminary, near the area of ​​the roof that you will reach after "walking" the various horses. So get out of the shadows, reaching the roof and jumping to the bulletin board, entering the shadow. Jump along the next horses until you reach the balcony. So stay in the shadows, while Didi "holds" a pole that you have to use to jump forward. You will arrive near the exact opposite side of the roof, at the top of the carousel.
It will now be possible to locate a new Luminary: exactly on top of the roof you will see a lighthouse, interact with this lighthouse to proceed. So jump back to the previous roof, allowing yourself to be carried upwards by stars and comets. So project yourself forward along the shadows, following the comet in a particular way. You will therefore arrive at a platform immediately beyond the bulletin board you passed before. Go over the platform, then go up to the balcony, just above you. You will be able to locate a Luminary in the area, to which it will be possible to jump.
Continue to the opposite side of the balcony, "entering" then in the shade. Go past the shadow of the flag, paying attention to the rotating star. Wait for the star to proceed upward enough so that you can place yourself immediately below it. Quickly run forward, arriving at the next area of ​​the roof. Then jump forward again, then "re-enter" the shadow and move along the next shadows, jumping beyond the rotating star. You will then arrive at the next area of ​​the roof, where a balcony will also be visible: proceed to the right, reaching the top of the roof. Interact with the object on the table, obtaining the Cyclops bottle.
Having taken the bottle, look immediately under the nearby metal stairs. Collect the Luminary from the area. So, starting from the bottle of the Cyclops, proceed upwards along the stairs, then moving along the roof, reaching a balloon "anchored" to a chimney. Interact with the balloon itself to untie it, thus completing the series of repairs you had to carry out. So go back to the circus, so as to complete the second act.

Act III - The Matter of Dreams

Below, the levels included in the third game act.

Act III - Introduction

Follow Didi through the gate, up the stairs. After the cutscene, you will have to follow it towards the clock tower, so as to enter Vincenzo's workshop. Before proceeding to the tower, we recommend stopping to retrieve some Luminaries. You can start from the area where Didi asks for directions, moving along the steps to the left, then proceeding along the road to the left. After the arch, look to the right, locating the Luminary between the tables.
Now, starting from the previous Luminary, move down the street and go up the stairs. Move down to the street and then go up the stairs. You will then find the Luminary. From here, turn around and go back to the clock tower, locating an opening near the wall on the left. Go down the stairs, turn left to retrieve yet another Luminary.
Starting from here again, turn around and go back to the clock tower. Once out of the alley, turn left and walk along the floating gun icon. After the cutscene, proceed to the right, enter the darkness, jump to the shadow of the sign, then onto Kat's head and Johnny's. Project yourself upwards, arriving at the balcony. Exit the shadow, grabbing the nearby edge and pulling yourself up to the Luminary.

Looking away

Then proceed towards Didi, who awaits you near the entrance to the clock tower. After the cutscene, place two Luminaries in the solar machine, activating it. Interact with the machine, spinning it clockwise, until you see a planet with an associated "thorn" near the upper right area.
So run to the left, catching the ball. Take it to the planet, step into the shade and drop the ball towards the base of the spike. Get out of the shadows, running towards the solar machine, before the sphere falls off the spike. Move the planet clockwise, so that the sphere is brought to the balcony on the right.
Go beyond the door on the right, jumping to the destroyed flight of stairs. Take the sphere from the balcony, placing it in the nearby receptacle. Run down to the floor, then right, noticing the presence of a shadow moving up and down. Enter the darkness, placing yourself to the right of the arm, then jumping up as it drops. Run up, then jump on your head, thus reaching the cymbal and then the balcony, then going down the stairs.
Interact with the cart, moving it to the left, thus approaching the large glass temple, so that the shadows of the gears are placed over the stars, while the shadow bars are positioned along the wall to the left. Then jump to the gears, letting you carry yourself forward as you line up with the ravine, near the top gear. Jump along the visible shadows on the wall, then project yourself forward, arriving at the reset zone of the solar machine. Interact with it.

Video - Trailer on Didi

Recovering the Armor

After the cutscene, move to the opposite side of the room, jumping onto the shadow of the glass, near the wall to the right. Wait for the cleaning man to move towards you, then turn around. Jump onto his back, letting yourself be carried to the balcony and going down the stairs.
Interact with the double doors to open a way back (as a back-up strategy, in case things go really bad). Climb up the curved flight of stairs, opening a door to the balcony facing the solar machine. Step into the shadow on the left, then run forward to the front area of ​​the clock. Jump forward, trying to follow Didi. Move around the car, triggering an intermission scene. After observing it carefully, you will return to the road. Left, wait for the fireworks to go off.

A Beautiful Friendship

Exit to the left, then turn right and take the road that leads to the lighthouse. After Didi has "turned on" the lighthouse, enter the shadows to proceed along the right side of the door. Interact with the switch on the left wall, activating the light. Interact with the nearby light, using it on the crate near the platform on the opposite side. Jump to the chest, step into the shadow, drop the shadow chest. Come out of the shadow, go back to the light. Move everything to the left, then letting it fall to the floor after you have passed the various ravines.

Lightweight Shipping

Move the light to the right until it is "stuck" on the glittering orb. So run forward, take the crate, drop it on the switch in the back corner to the left. Go up the ramp, waiting for the moving light to reach you. Enter the light, following it to a platform. Exit the light, grab the chest, then re-enter the light and follow it to the next platform. Exit, drop the crate on the switch on the floor. Jump to the main floor, go up the first and second ramps, then run along the walkways, interacting with the switch.
A ramp will drop into the area. At the top of it, a room with an associated column in the center; a switch will instead be visible in the lower part of the column. After you interact with the switch, right at the base of the column, the shutters will open, and you can proceed along a "dark" path near the wall. It will be necessary to climb the stairs on the left, enter the shadows, then run beyond the shutters before they close. Having passed the last one in the series, jump to the elevated area.
Go up the stairs, locating a column with two "poles" of light coming out of it. Interact with the pole near the stairs. A pair of gears will be "projected" onto the wall. Jump along the crates, moving in and out of the shadows, climbing along the gears. Then exit the lighthouse, proceeding to the left, descending along the platforms, to the absolute lowest level. Grab the crate in front of the doors, taking it to the wall on the opposite side. Go back to the lighthouse, interact with the pole closest to the doors, then exit again to locate a light. Grab the crate, enter the shadow and drop the shadow crate.
Step out of the shadows, interacting with the nearby light. Focus the light on the small sign near the chest. Move the crate first up, then to the left, then to the right, then letting it fall onto the catwalk. Then move the light again, so that it is focused on the sphere to the right.


Jump to the platform on the left, walking up the ramp, retrieving the crate. Place it in the shade, near the rotating wall. Exit and enter the shadows, interacting with the light. Focus the beam, thus moving the crate along the rotating wall. Having passed it, move the crate towards the catwalk below, then move the light too, until the crate "comes out" of the shadows. Once the crate has been brought to safety, focus the light on the sphere in the upper right. Jump to the platform on the left, grab the crate, drop it on the switch next to you, near the top floor of the lighthouse.
Approach the shadows cast on the destroyed wall, then jump out to the wall, and enter the shadow. Now jump to the pipes on the left. Wait for the rotating beam to point down, then jump and throw your way to the stairs. Get out of the shadows, go up the stairs.

The right angle

You will now have to move in a zig-zag along the outer area of ​​the lighthouse. Jump and throw yourself forward, then - once you reach the top - you will automatically cause the wall to fall and you can proceed along the crates, up to the top of the lighthouse. Interact with the switch to "turn on" the light, then move it down, then slightly to the right to focus it on the main area and enjoy the final scene!

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