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Unlike the previous chapters, in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla skills are divided into two categories: on the one hand there are i talents, which can be improved by gaining experience, on the other hand ability real, unlockable instead by finding the Books of Knowledge.

In this guide we will focus on all the talents available, with descriptions on the characteristics of each skill and advice on which path to take.

For more information on the game, I refer you to our complete guide:

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  • Road of the Bear
  • Strada del Lupo
  • Strada del Corvo


The talents are divided into passive skills, which lead to benefits in terms of parameters, and active ones, which instead are real moves that can be performed sometimes consuming Adrenalin. They will be unlocked almost at the beginning of the game, after completing a short tutorial at the end of which we will get the first ones skill points. These can also be obtained later, either by completing secondary missions or by leveling up. In the latter case, you will always earn 2 points.

As soon as you have points, they can be used to unlock the skills of one of three possible paths: the road of the Bear (hand-to-hand), the road of the Wolf (remote) and the Strada del Corvo (stealthy). Obviously you will decide which path to take first, based on your style of play, with the possibility of being able to choose the other two as well, continuing with the story.

Road of the Bear

The Bear Road is recommended for those who prefer to throw themselves into action and face enemies head on. The talents obtainable by following this path will allow you to become unstoppable warriors. Here is the list with explanation of each skill of this path:

  • Stomp: When an enemy hits the ground, press R3 / RS to crush it and cause further damage.
  • Double Exchange: When holding two weapons, press R2 + R3 / RT + RS to exchange hands.
  • Perfect Attack: Press R1 / RB a second time while attacking to cause further damage.
  • Parade Attack: When the parades (parry) are successful, these will inflict damage on the opponent.
  • Adrenaline Demon: When one or more slots of Adrenalin are charged, you can have a boost in damage, attack and speed. The more full slots you have, the more upgrades will be.
  • Freccia al Volo: Unload all arrows in one shot by holding R1 / RB and then releasing it. It only takes effect with Light Bows and it will consume Adrenaline.
  • Powerful Warrior: Unleashing a powerful attack on an unsuspecting enemy will alert nearby enemies, but will charge more Adrenaline for each nearby enemy.
  • Quick Shot: Smash objects and push enemies so you can knock them to the ground.
  • Improvement of Adrenaline: +1 to Adrenaline slots.
  • Courage of the Berserker: If your Adrenaline gauge is only partially charged, the enemy's first attack will not lower it.
  • Combo with Light Bow: If using light bows you hit an enemy consecutively, you will cause more damage.
  • Cremation of the Battlefield: Enemies that die from your character's fire will continue to burn, damaging enemies near them.
  • Terror: After a stun move, nearby enemies may get scared.
  • Double Heavy Weapon: Two heavy weapons can be wielded, but your stats will be altered.

Strada del Lupo

The road of the Wolf is recommended for those who prefer remote combat, with almost no hand-to-hand combat. Those who choose to take this path will not have a great defense, but fortunately they will be able to count on very useful talents. Here they are below:

  • Stun with Bow: Press R3 / RS while aiming at a stunned enemy to perform a final attack.
  • Emergency aim: Pressing L2 / LT, you will immediately aim at the enemy who has identified you allowing you to kill him before he raises the alarm.
  • From Arc to Melee: Alternating bow attacks and melee attacks can inflict additional damage.
  • Racing Attack: Press R1 / RB while running to perform a speed attack.
  • Combo with Hunting Bow: Shoot the arrow after just pulling it out to load the next one faster.
  • Reinforced Arrows: The arrows will not break after using them and therefore you can retrieve them from enemy corpses.
  • Stealth Adrenaline: While hiding, you will receive Adrenaline by opening chests or stealing items.
  • Stealth Recon: Automatically detect enemies when crouched or hidden.
  • Battle Lightning: Pressing Triangle / Y, the first ground weapon will be picked up and thrown at the first enemy in sight.
  • Shot Loaded: Shoot two arrows and charge the shot with the Hunting Bow.
  • Grit: When your health is critical, you can heal yourself by inflicting melee attacks.
  • Last Chance: When your combat health is critical, time will slow down.
  • Improvement of Adrenaline: +1 to Adrenaline slots.

Strada del Corvo

The path of the Corvo is recommended for those who, wanting to act in the shadows (to serve the light, -cit), strike enemies silently without being detected. As for the Strada del Lupo, also in this case the defense will not be high, but you will have talents able to make you avoid enemy attacks more easily. Here they are in more detail:

  • Back Attack:. Attacking an enemy from behind will cause more damage and stun.
  • Clean Death: Dodging an attack at the last second will empower you, making enemies slower.
  • Guided Arrow: Mastery with the Hunting Bow will allow you to guide arrows by pressing R1 / RB.
  • Advanced Killing: You can kill high-level enemies with a QTE (Quick Time Event).
  • Combo with Predator's Bow: Consecutive headshots with the Predator's Bow do more damage.
  • Against Dodging: Dodge an enemy runic attack just before being hit to get directly behind him.
  • Explosive corpses: You can place a trap on an enemy corpse by pressing R3 / RS, so as to hit those who investigate it with an explosion.
  • Miasma: Enemies that die from poison will release a toxic cloud, infecting other enemies.
  • Improvement of Adrenaline: +1 to Adrenaline slots.
  • Chain Kills: After a stealth kill, you can throw an ax at another nearby enemy, killing them instantly.
  • Trick of the Assassin: After a parry, press immediately Triangle / Y to throw a smoke bomb and disappear.
  • Auto-Loot: Automatically searches for objects on the body of the killed enemy.
  • On the edge of the abyss: Eivor automatically performs a somersault when landing from a deep jump, reducing the damage taken.
  • Referral to the sender: Return an arrow to the sender by pressing L1 / LB just before being hit.

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