Gotham Knights - Guide to solving all the puzzles

    Gotham Knights - Guide to solving all the puzzles

    Gotham Knights contiene un total of 15 puzzles. In order to progress in the story you will have to solve them all. In this guide you will be explained how to solve every single puzzle proposed in the game published by Warner Bros Games.

    In order to solve the Gotham Knights puzzles you will have to "simply" understand what are the various clues to join. To understand which ones are the clues just press Square (su PlayStation) o X (on Xbox) and then confirm with Triangle or Y. If the selected clues are correct, you will see green and the puzzle will be automatically solved. If instead you see a red line, it means there is something wrong.

    Case 1

    Secret code of the hidden door

    In the very first case of Gotham Knights you will have to figure out how to open a hidden door. Obviously, there will be a secret code to find. To understand how to do it, you just need to know that the code has 3 digits and you will have to put them on the microwave.

    First of all go to the crime scene and then use the scanner (down arrow). In the right corner of the room, near the traces of blood, you will notice a mechanism. From here you will have to follow the cable, which will take you to the table on the left of the room. Now the puzzle begins.

    To get the secret code, just highlight the Sticky Note on the left side and the microwave on the right by pressing Square or X. At this point you will see a line connecting the two objects. To confirm the selection press Triangle or Y. At this point you will see that the code is 127.

    Gotham Knights - Guide to solving all the puzzles

    Puzzles in the autopsy room

    Shortly after finding the secret code you will find yourself in an autopise room with a body. Interact and perform the same procedure first start the puzzle. To solve it, just connect the Blood Glucometer to the Blood Vial with the green tip.

    Case 2

    Find and destroy the three bedbugs

    To find bedbugs you will have to use the scanner, always pressing the down arrow. The first is located at the bottom of the torso. All you need to do is interact with it to destroy it. The second bug is near the lamp, on the Penguin's desk. The last is located under the portrait of the villain.

    How to find the mechanism

    To activate the mechanism that you will need to progress in the history of Gotham Knights you will have to follow a series of steps. Scan the torso and press the button you find below. At this point you have to reach the corridor in the center of the area, immediately after passing the library. Then go further to find some stairs, so as to reach the corridor. At the end of the stairs turn and you will see the white cable that will lead to a book. Interact with each other after scanning the book. Go back to the lamp in the very first room of the Powers Club. Interact and you will activate a ladder leading down. Here you will find a new puzzle.

    Shadow of the statue

    The goal of this puzzle is to make the table block the light from the lamp. To do this you have to make sure that the bird statue is facing right. If you haven't interacted with the table follow these steps, but first you'll have to go back to the main menu and reload the game in order to reset the puzzle.

    Claws: 1 click
    Spout: 2 clicks
    Ala 1: 3 click
    Wing 2: 3 clicks (sometimes 4 to start the cutscene)

    Gotham Knights - Guide to solving all the puzzles

    Escape the tunnel

    As soon as the first wall of fire goes out, run forward. In the next section there will be 3 blades that rotate, you will have to do some zigzags to avoid them. Immediately after there will be two fires on the left and one blade on the right. Wait for the fires to go out to pass through. From here you will have the first checkpoint.

    You will now have 3 rotating fires in front of you moving towards you. At some point they will go out and you will have to run before they come back. At this point there will be two blades rotating in the center, go to the center before they return.

    In this area there will be a fire and a blade in the center that swap positions. When they are both aligned in the center you can go either left or right.

    From this checkpoint you will have 2 rotating blades and a fire in front of you. Wait until they go back while you are on the side. As soon as everything lines up in the center you can pass on the right. Soon after you will see thorns spinning towards you, but at some point they will go up, so cross as soon as you see them rise.

    Now the grand finale: a blade and 2 fires that turn on and off. As you can imagine, this is a matter of timing. Have patience and you will be able to solve everything. When the blade goes to the right and the fire goes out, go left and run while keeping close to the wall. If you are fast enough you will reach the hole from which you have to exit, in order to finish Gotham Knights' most dangerous puzzle.

    Case 3


    This puzzle will be inside the Owl Nest. To start it you will have to interact on the map that you will find on the table. To solve this you will have to connect the sword icon with the sword card, which are exactly opposite.

    How to perform the extraction

    To solve this puzzle you will need to scan 3 samples. The first is on the wall with many holes. Then the second is on the stairs, on the table to the left. The third and last one is on the table to the right. Now enter the laboratory and interact with the work table to start the real puzzle. The two clues to connect are the orange tube and the core sample 10588-COS, so you have solved everything.

    Case 4

    The platforms

    At a certain point in the Gotham Knights adventure you will find yourself in front of a puzzle with platforms on which you will have to climb in order. To solve it you will have to go to the intersection. So you have to start at the bottom right, then at the top left. Then lower left and then upper right. Resolved!

    Gotham Knights - Guide to solving all the puzzles

    Run away from the room

    There are 4 pressure platforms in the room. To reach two you will have to use the grappling hook, while the other two are on the ground. You will have to stay on it and wait for the owl's head to turn in your direction, then go to the next one before the puzzle resets.

    First of all, start at the grapple point at the end of the room, then go to the nearest platform. The third will be near the entrance and the last above, you will have to use the grapple to reach the platform.

    Case 6

    Sudoku solution

    Gotham Knights also has a small puzzle that recalls the game of sudoku. In case you don't know how it works: Symbols don't have to appear twice in the same column or row. You can only work diagonally. Also, you can only flip the symbols with a white background.

    How to open the closed gate

    Above the door to open is a console, use the grappling hook to reach it. Activate the console on the left and head for the lasers. Move the tank near the door to open. Drop down and use the console to do in so that the lasers hit the tank. Go back and activate the lasers so that the tank explodes and the door opens.

    Case 7

    Laboratory of Solarium

    In this Gotham Knights puzzle you will have to join the serious pink (the second from the left) and the generic marker of the M group (the second from the right).

    Line up the frequencies

    During the adventure you will find yourself in a room with four switches, each of these will have the correct frequency. The goal will be to understand the activation order. From the entrance to the room you will have to activate the one at the top right, then the one next to it. Immediately after you will have to activate the one in the upper left and then the last one left.

    Gotham Knights - Guide to solving all the puzzles

    Case FR01

    After defeating enemies in Gotham Knights, you'll find yourself in a room with a console. Scan and you will see items highlighted in orange, interact to open the vault, but know that you will have to defeat other enemies. Once done you will have to scan the frozen scientist.

    At this point you will have to take the notepad to the left of the body. Inside the vault, on the left, you will see a torn left blueprint. Then go to the opposite side and interact with the dictaphone on the table. Once done you can go up the stairs and interact with the numeric keypad.

    And here's the solution to all the riddles of Gotham Knights.

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