Fall Guys: 'Dave' update introduces cross-play between PC and PS4

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Judit Llordés

As we have already reported on our pages, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has been updated in the last few hours to welcome the new update Dave. The developers have released some more details about the changes made with this latest patch.

As specified in a series of tweets published by MediaTonic, Fall Guys users can now have fun with some new unreleased game modes introduced in Season 4.5. These include The Slimescraper and Button Bashers: the former is described as a sequel to Slimb Climb, while the latter allows you to take part in 1v1 duels against other players. In addition, 55 new variations have been added over the previous 12 rounds.

The other important novelty is represented by theintroduction of cross-play between PC and console users. PS4 and PC players can now be paired in the same public lobbies and can also join in custom matches. However, it's not possible to create a cross-platform party yet, but MediaTonic is working on that too.

Finally, present the inevitable huge list of bug fixes, along with other improvements to latency issues, with a visual indicator that will now show the quality of the connection. By releasing the patch in question, it seems that the folks at MediaTonic have forgotten to remove references to the Fall Guys source code, thus increasing the risk of exposure to cheater activity.

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