Fall Guys will soon be removed from Steam, here is the date

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Mediatonic has announced that Fall Guys will arrive on PS5, Xbox and Switch on June 21st in conjunction with the debut of the Free for All Season which marks the transition to the free to play business model. thus making the game downloadable for free by all.

So far nothing strange, Mediatonic has however communicated that at the same time Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will be removed from Steam, again starting from 21 June, the game will therefore no longer be available on the Valve store and the PC version can be downloaded exclusively from the Epic Games Store. Anyone who purchased the game on Steam will continue to receive all patches and updates, including events and seasons, so rest assured if you have a copy of the game in your Steam library.

This is a strategy similar to the one carried out by Epic Games with Rocket League after the acquisition of Psyonix, the game is no longer available on Steam but only on the Epic Games Store in the PC version and the same will happen shortly for Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, while maintaining the ability to receive all content and technical updates. Fall Guys is preparing to debut on PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch with the aim of expanding the user base and winning over new players.

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