Fall Guys for free on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch: a first look at the Level Editor

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Michele Galluzzi

May 18, 2022, 17:40 pm

After the sparkling event of the Great Announcement that was the background to the reveal of Fall Guys free for all from Season 1 Free for All, Mediatonic reappears on social networks to show theLevels Editor which will presumably see the light only after the free to play transformation of the party game has taken place.

The new creative tool created by those Mediatonic rascals does not yet have a name and, for this reason, the guys of the English software house turn to all fans to ask them nicely "if you were in the place of our Manager of the Appointment of Things, what would you call this function?".

L'Levels Editor (or Map Builder, or 'Creative Thing' ... well, you get it!) will offer all Fall Guys fans the opportunity to create their own custom maps, drawing on a plethora of objects and logic components to design crazy obstacle courses, team competitions and other devilry to spoil the candy party in search of Crowns.

As pointed out by the same team at Mediatonic, the Fall Guys level editor is still under construction, so it is likely that the launch of this important creative tool could take place in the weeks or months following the free to play transformation of Ultimate Knockout, scheduled for 21nd June. In case you missed it, here you will find an in-depth analysis on the resolution and framerate of Fall Guys on PS5, Switch and Xbox.

How interesting is it?

If you were the official Naming Things Manager, what would you call this mode?

It's still under construction, we just wanted to show you what we're working on as we knew you'd be excited! pic.twitter.com/fSFWaYuoEE

— Fall Guys - Free For All - JUNE 21st 👑 (@FallGuysGame) May 17, 2022 guida

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