Fall Guys free: mandatory microtransactions for rare items? The controversy breaks out

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Just as announced by Mediatonic in recent weeks, the competitive platformer Fall Guys has finally become a free-to-play title. The studio has released information on how the in-game currency will work and other upcoming changes, and players are not exactly happy.

A new premium currency known as Show-Bucks. Of course it will be possible to buy Show-Bucks for real money, but there will also be a small amount available as part of the "free progression path" of the Season Pass. Show-Bucks will be used to purchase the complete Fall Guys Season Pass and some skin bundles. Mediatonic states that "most of the items" purchasable with Show-Bucks will be of uncommon or higher rarity. Additionally, anyone who purchased the title and played it prior to the free-to-play update will get the premium Season Pass at no additional cost.

So let's get to what Fall Guys users are discussing: i changes to Crown and Kudos. Winning a game in Fall Guys is awarded a Crown, a special currency that can be used to purchase costumes and other cosmetic items. After the free-to-play update, however, crowns are no longer a spendable currency. Players will simply advance through the Crown Ranks and unlock new costumes as they progress.

After the update, It is no longer possible to earn Kudos simply by playing. It will therefore be necessary to take part in events, challenges and progress in the new Season Pass. THE Kudos will only unlock costumes and colors of common rarity, as well as nicknames and tags. This means that it is essentially impossible to earn anything above the common rarity without spending real money. Since Kudos can no longer be earned through normal gameplay and also do not convert to Show-Bucks, it turns out It is mandatory to spend money to get the top quality Fall Guys prizes, and this has sparked a far from positive reaction among the game's online community.

We take this opportunity to warn you of the scams that Fall Guys want also available on iOS and Android.

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