Fall Guys goes free for everyone and comes out on PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X / S

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Judit Llordés

In the media frame of the Great Announcement of Fall Guys, the guys from Mediatonic do not betray the expectations of fans of competition candy and set the release date of the party game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox console.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout cross-platform landing is scheduled for Tuesday 21 June, at the same time as the launch of the Season 1 Free for All that, as the name suggests, will sanction the definitive transformation of Fall Guys into a free-to-play video game, complete with cross-play and shared progress.

The English software house takes the opportunity offered by the Great Announcement event to confirm that all players of the current version of Fall Guys on PC and PlayStation 4 will receive the Legacy Pack Free Falling, a rich additional package that will include items for the customization of your character and the benefits offered by the new Season Pass. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive additional incentives to try their hand at the Fall Guys challenges: from 21 June to the end of September, all subscribers to the Microsoft service will be able to download monthly content packs.

The event organized by Mediatonic also opened a small but significant window on the future of Fall Guys by showing the gameplay of the Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 versions. But that's not all.

From the anticipations shared by Klobrille, during Season 1 Free for All we should see the launch of an important feature: theLevels Editor! The tool in question will allow all enthusiasts to create their own customized maps, from obstacle courses to team competitions for "crown seekers".

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