Facebook code generator: what it is and how it works

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Facebook allows you to activate two-factor authentication for your profile and thus increase security regarding access to your Facebook account.

Now if you have set this additional function, you know that to access your Facebook account on a new device, once you have entered your login data, you will be sent an SMS on the number you set to verify authentication.

But if this SMS does not arrive or your smartphone has no network range and you still need to log in to your Facebook account, how can you receive this code?

That's precisely what the code generator on the Facebook mobile app is for.

Facebook code generator: how it works

All you have to do to get the code if you don't receive the SMS is to open the Facebook app on your mobile device linked to your account.

Now select the three horizontal lines at the top right to open the Facebook app menu.

Scroll and expand the entry Settings and privacy.

Here you will find the option Code generator.

A window will open with the verification code that you can use to log into your Facebook account. This lasts 60 seconds, then it will be changed back to automatic.

Enter it therefore when you are prompted during access on the new device, and you will be able to log in even if the SMS does not arrive or you do not have a network field to receive it.

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