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With the release of Anthem on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, gamers were faced with a very complicated choice: which Javelin to use first? Today we will briefly explain what are the strengths and weaknesses of the four available, Guardian, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm.


The most popular option for players is the Guardian, as it is the most versatile and balanced Javelin of the four: in addition to excellent firepower, it has good defensive skills and a fairly simple movement system to master.


Already widely seen in the trailers, the Colossus is the ideal choice for lovers of destruction: it is in fact the only Javelin capable of using heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and flamethrowers, essential for inflicting heavy damage in the area.


As you can already see from the preview, the Interceptor is the most agile Javelin among the four: by learning to exploit its speed, you can inflict huge damage with its blades and immediately escape, so as to avoid the fury of the enemies.


The Storm is by far the most complex Javelin to use, as it has very little life and is difficult to maneuver. If used properly, however, incredible damage can be inflicted thanks to the powerful area attacks, also useful for freezing and stunning enemies.

Obviously, choosing one Javelin instead of another will not affect you forever, as you will unlock the second at level 12, the third at 20 and the fourth at 28, so as to have them all available. For less skilled players, we recommend choosing the Guardian or Colossus to start with, and setting aside the other two Javels at least at the beginning. To those who have already tried the beta and above all are willing to be reborn several times, we suggest you try playing with the Interceptor or the Storm, as complicated to use as they are satisfying in battle once understood.

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