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Anthem is the new World Shared Shooter created by BioWare and produced by EA. The game is mainly based on the loot of weapons, materials and coins. The latter, in particular, are used to purchase cosmetic items and creation materials. There are two ways to get them: pay with real money, or complete various activities in the game. Assuming your choice falls on the second option, with this guide we will show you the main methods of earning coins.

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To start, during your games you may come across some public events: these are randomly generated activities and are not very frequent. By participating you can get coins, in any case.

Then there are the Challenges, divided into daily, weekly and monthly. As you can guess, the daily challenges are easy to complete, while the weekly and monthly ones will require more commitment over the long term: the amount of coins earned clearly goes up with the difficulty.

Testing yourself with Fortresses is another great way to earn coins. These are only unlocked after you have completed the main storyline. Four of them have to be faced, so you will need three other players to accompany you. To get better rewards, however, you will have to face them at a higher difficulty level. Fortresses have six levels: if you want to test yourself with the more complex ones, you will first need to equip yourself properly and assemble a team that can communicate, to use the skills in combo.

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Finally, you can get coins through the Alliance System. In addition to receiving experience points for your character, you will also gain experience points for your Alliance. As you level up within an alliance, you will receive coins. Furthermore, every Monday, you will get coins based on the results of the five best players in your alliance, but your level will also matter: if you are the best or if you are at a level similar to theirs, you will get more coins. Basically, the more you play, the more you will earn your friends, and vice versa. It is not necessary to play together, in the same game, it is enough to be part of the same Alliance.

Alliances are created automatically with players who are part of your friends list. In case this doesn't have people playing Anthem, the Alliance will be based on the results of the last players you shared the game with.

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We hope that this guide of ours has been useful to you. Try to create a good Alliance, and you will be able to earn your coins regularly!

Anthem can be purchased at this address.

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