The Solution of X-Men Destiny


The solution is based on the US version of the game, so there may be differences in the Spanish version.


Choose your character. After the cutscene you can choose between one of three powers. When you are in control, use the analog sticks to move forward, you will soon encounter a group of enemies dressed in red; the game will tell you how to attack so you can take them out. The yellow orbs give you XP. There are a couple more enemies ahead, use the dodge function to avoid the attacks, then take them out. On the wall at the bottom of the stairs is some Propaganda that you can destroy; the game will highlight them for you. Jump over the nearby obstacle and fight the enemies, at the end you should see a small container with some green. Destroy it for health, there is also a dossier here. In the next area, there are several Purifiers to battle, including a new type with a stun stick; these guys will blow up and make a landing attack, but it will be slow so you can dodge to avoid it. When you have eliminated them all, you will be able to talk to Iceman about different subjects. Take on the next small group and you'll run into two short cutscenes, then you can talk to Toad. Now you will have to jump on some ledges and follow him to the next area, where you will find some enemies. Go to the green marker on the crater, jump and attack by hitting the ground, go ahead and face the enemy. If you go left into the empty cell, you will be transported to an arena challenge; Completing the challenge will reward you with an X-Gene. When you return to the sewer area, go to the other side to meet Emma Frost. In the next room you will face a group of enemies and, after killing them all, you will talk to Emma Frost, then exit to finish the mission.


Kill the two Purifiers and use the nearby ledges to climb up. After the cutscene, go to the next roof and face the enemies, then go talk to Pyro, who will offer you a brotherhood mission, which is actually an arena challenge. If you decide to do it, you will have two minutes to defeat the enemies and then destroy the gate that holds the mutants hostage, it's quite simple. Anyway, when you can, go ahead and talk to Nightcrawler and Mystique. Now you can choose whether to help Nightcrawler or Pyro. If you choose to help Nightcrawler, you simply have to leap from zone to zone fighting waves of enemies; if you choose to help Pyro, you will have to climb up to the roof and blow him up, then you will have to destroy some gas valves while various enemies show up. Either way, when you've finished your chosen mission, go ahead and free the mutants behind the gate, then talk to Forge, then keep the hordes of Purifiers at bay while Forge attempts to open the container. The two nearby turrets are on your side, and even if they fire very slowly, they might help you. When you have cleared the area, go up on the ledges near the roof and take out the two enemies, then go down and you will find many more Purifiers. When you have eliminated them, destroy the indicated tower and then talk to Luis Reyes. Now go into the hole that the tower has created and you will find some enemies to kill and mutants to free on the right side of the tower, while on the left side there will be many more opponents. When all of them are down, talk to Cyclops and Quicksilver. You can choose one of them as a companion, and you will get an appropriate X-Gene in return. You can even talk to Pixie if you want. Open the gate and fight the horde of enemies on the other side, then go upstairs and climb the ledges when you reach the dead end. On the roof you will have to fight Cameron Hodge, but first you will have to choose between two power upgrades; you can activate the update in combat by holding the right trigger and pressing "X", but this will slightly reduce your M-meter, which is the blue bar below the green health bar. Hodge does not have many attacks, most of the time he will fire rockets at you, and every time he flies off the screen, four targets will converge on your position, so dodge quickly, because he will come back slamming to the ground. Finally, when he reloads his shield, he will float and steal your M-meter, so damage him quickly. Keep dodging and hitting, and soon you will have defeated him.


Accept Nightcrawler's mission and move on, then talk to Mystique if you want, and she will offer you a challenge mission, although you won't be able to take it if you're too X-Men friendly. Go ahead and destroy the enemies, then go down below where you will find many other enemies to face, including two with guns. Watch out for the ones with the laser sights and dodge them. Check the area for health and M bar, then head upstairs. Now you have to chase a Courier, but don't worry, he can't escape. However, after taking out his allies, both you and him will be attacked by the Purifiers, so you'll need to make sure he doesn't die here. Follow him to the rooftops and keep protecting him, then he will jump down, among some Purifiers and allies. Northstar will come to help too, so get rid of them quickly and move on. You and the Courier will enter an area where you need to protect him from some enemies, including various attackers. No matter what you do, the last enemy will kill the Courier. After the cutscene, you can talk to Toad about a fellowship mission, or you can just leave the area. Continue until you reach the building, approach the waypoint and soon you will face Gambit, a rather basic boss. He makes simple attacks and will sometimes throw cards at you, all his moves have a charge period, so you can just roll out of the way. After defeating him, you can talk to him in his club, so leave him. Before you go down the stairs, go up the ones to your left if you need health and M gauge. Head to the final waypoint and crash to the ground to break into a new area. At the fork, turn right for an arena challenge, or turn left to exit. To leave, go up the pipes and go over the fence, then you will find some stairs and ledges to climb that both lead to the same spot: a roof full of enemies. Make a clean sweep and continue, you will find other enemies before you get to the warehouse. Once inside, land on the grate and clear the place, then use the controls. Now you will have to defend a truck from the hordes of Purifiers, and soon you will have to choose another power. Once you've done that, get ready to take on the flamethrower troops, which do more damage than normal and suck your health faster, until you take their heads off. Fortunately, Gambit will be there to help and distract them. Once you've cleared the room, use the controls again, then break the grate after talking to Gambit to finish the mission.


After the cutscene, there will be a group of enemies to deal with, then hit the gate controls to your right, there will be more ahead to destroy, and deal with the enemies in the next room. There is a post here, among the enemies, that will continuously suck your M-bar until you destroy it, then enter next door and fight the U-Man. The great U-Men aren't that hard to take down, even at their full health, however they can do some damage by slamming their fists to the ground. When you see them start charging, move, dodge or jump into the air and execute your slam attack. After defeating him, clear the next room, then move on, when you enter the room with the barrels of explosives, you will be trapped with a Flamethrower Purifier. Kill it and continue, when you come out in a large area, you will have to deal with a Purifier Stalker, it is a bipedal mech armed with machine guns. If you get too close, he will stomp on the ground and release shockwaves that will cover a large area, so you'll have to jump to avoid them. Sometimes, he will only repeatedly punch, which you can avoid by rolling out of reach. You need to hit one of his legs enough to get him to fall, so there will be a spot on his back that will become vulnerable, so hit him to damage him and keep going until he's destroyed. Destroy the next set of controls and talk to Surge, you can accept his mission which is also an arena challenge. After that, go ahead and face the next group of enemies which includes a flamethrower soldier and another post that sucks your M-bar. Then you will have to use the ledges to get to the next waypoint. Safety electric fields will appear here and there on the ledges as you move across them. After talking to Colossus, follow him and deal with another group of enemies, which this time will include two flamethrower soldiers. After more jumps on the ledges, talk to Quicksilver, then you can choose to fight him or Colossus in an arena challenge. The challenge requires you to take on 100 enemies in 5 minutes, which isn't too difficult, but there's no health around so be careful. You will be dealing with at least two flamethrower dudes and a Prime Enforcer, for which the use of Cameron Hodge's suit is essential. After completing the challenge, there will be another wave of enemies to face in the main structure, which will also include two flamethrower dudes and a Prime Enforcer. Follow the path and your three allies will be trapped, so go back up the ramp and follow the enemy through the open door along the fence. When you get to the top floor, you will have to face some enemies and finally some variations of smaller U-Men. These will fly in place and shoot blue energy bolts at you, so hit them when they are in the air to prevent them from firing. When you have cleared the area, enter the newly opened door, destroy the controls and break through the grate. Soon you will face the boss John Sublime, who has mutated into ... something. In the first part, he will throw stones at you and wave his arms, just dodge and keep hitting him. After the cutscene, keep hitting him until he starts to heal from the thing in the ceiling. At this point, make your way up to one of the four generators in the room and press "A", then keep hitting it and frying it with the generators until they are all gone. After that, he'll inject himself with something mysterious, and he'll become huge; he'll slam his hands on the ground, so skip the shockwaves. Eventually one of his hands will freeze, so climb up the ledges on the central device and jump onto the platform, start hitting Sublime in the face until he moves to the other side, then quickly jump down, as the device will power up. Now you have to dodge the blows of both hands and the beam that he will throw down. After a while his hand will still get stuck on the ground, so repeat. In the third part he will start hitting the walls causing stuff to fall, also, every time you take his health away, he will add more hits to his routine.


After talking to Cyclops, slam into the ground. You will meet Wolverine, follow him until you reach a room that will begin to fill with enemies, if you manage to kill more than him, you will get an achievement / trophy. Go ahead and Wolverine will leave, so deal with the enemies on the platform, then drop off it and down there you will find several Purifiers. Take them out and destroy the computer terminal, then use the ledges to return to the platform and enter the door. You will find other enemies to fight. Once back in the main room, use the ledge to cross the ravine and face the enemies on the other side, further on you will find another ravine and some ledges to climb on, if you fall down, you will land on a platform with an X-Gene, that you may have seen before. Go ahead and face the enemies at the waypoint, then use the ledges to get to the next area, where you'll have to destroy another terminal to make the lines safe to cross. Eliminate enemies and static Prime Enforcers, which basically act as rudimentary turrets. When the terminal is destroyed, go back to the ledges and continue along the lines and pipes paying attention to the Prime Enforcers turrets along the path that you cannot destroy. Once you reach the next platform, face the enemies and continue, make your way back to the main central platform and use the ledges to move around. You will end up fighting a Stalker, then destroy the computer terminal and go up, keep making your way until you reach the boss. You'll still have to face Cameron Hodge, who has upgraded her suit, but fortunately still relies on easily dodging rockets and Slam attacks; this time, however, he will be able to call for reinforcements and sometimes fire a beam of energy. When his health bar is at one quarter, you will be asked to choose whether to accept his surrender or continue fighting; in both cases you will be forced to keep fighting, so the choice is purely to earn points in a particular faction. Destroy Hodge to complete the mission.


Right after the boss fight, you can talk to Nightcrawler. Choose the X-Men or the Brotherhood to increase your faction gauge in the appropriate direction. After the conversation you will be thrown into the center of a small group of enemies, take them out and drop down. In each level there are various enemies to fight and an M-bar sucking device. When you reach the laser door, use the pipes to pass over it and use the next set of pipes to go up to the roof, where you can blow up the ventilation cover and go down into the building. After making your third power choice, you can fight a Stalker, then talk to Forge and then to Caliban. When the door opens, go inside and deal with the enemies, there will also be a guy who looks like a miniature version of John Sublime, but he won't be too hard to take out, and Northstar will come to help too. When they are all defeated, you can talk to Northstar for a challenge if you are the good guys. After that, take out the mini-Sublimes later, here you will be helped by Juggernaut, so talk to him after that, if you are a bad boy you can get a challenge from him. Continuing you will meet Wolverine; now you will have to clash with him. He's fast and does decent damage, but his attacks need to recharge, like everyone else in the game. Also, he is able to slowly regenerate his health, so defeat him quickly, then use the ledges to get to the next area. You will now be fighting an infantry with mutant powers, although their attacks are still quite simple. As you climb higher, you will also find mini-Sublimes and a small U-Men, so take them all out and jump onto the crane, use the controls to move it, then climb to the top of it and move onto the next one. As you reach the controls of the next one, a couple of enemies will appear, so be careful not to fall down during the fight. Keep doing this until you reach solid ground, then smash it to get to the lower level of the building. Head outside and you will soon collide with various mutant troops and a Stalker. After the cutscene you will fight with Magneto and the Juggernaut. You can't damage them, so work to destroy the metal prison around Cyclops. Juggernaut will charge you and Magneto will throw cars at you, but they are both easily avoidable. If you can, try to avoid Juggernaut's charge by making him hit the floating bridge. It will take a few seconds for Magneto to put him back into play. When Cyclops is released, you will all fall into a building. Now you can face Juggernaut, he performs battering ram attacks and some surprising moves including one where he hits the ground. When he does the battering ram attack, he will fall to the ground after hitting the wall, and this will be your chance to cause him great damage, but make sure you walk away as soon as he gets up, as he will immediately execute the ground blow. When you have defeated him, you will find yourself in a street. Head to Magneto and dodge the rubble he will throw at you. You will now have to destroy Cyclops' prison again while dodging Magneto's energy shots. When Cyclops is free, he will shoot Magneto while keeping him busy. Go against Magneto with everything you have, after a while he will push you back, and you will have to repeat the whole cycle. When Magneto is defeated, you will be asked to choose between the X-Men and the Brotherhood.


After talking to your faction leader, go to the waypoint. Your partner will be mind controlled by three speakers in the corners of the next area, so destroy them all to end the fight and move on. When you go down, get ready to take on the enemies, Northstar or Pyro will also be there to help you, but a Prime Enforcer will also arrive. When you have cleared all the enemies, you will have to destroy four more speakers while avoiding the hits of your ally. After talking to the people at the waypoint, you will be asked to accept another power, you will not have to make a choice here, but the ability you will receive is powerful, so do not hesitate to use it on the groups of enemies that you will now face. This group will also include two Prime Enforcers. When they are down, talk to Forge and stock up on health and M gauge. A Stalker will burst through the door, but will be controlled by Forge, so go through the hole. The Stalker will destroy everything you want, keep going until you have to get off. You will find several enemies that will then join two Prime Enforcers and three of your allies. When you have eliminated them, make your way up to the tower. Enemies will likely spawn in this area, which is good for getting a lot of XP, but make sure you don't run out of health. In the vicinity of the tower you will face various enemies, then climb to the top of the tower and talk to Reyes to complete the mission.


You will be stuck in this area fighting hordes of enemies and a Stalker for about a minute, then, when you have defeated them all, go through the portal and fight the other enemies until the next portal opens. Climb up the building as Sentinel shoots you from above. Once at the top, be prepared to jump when the game tells you to, as Sentinel will crash into the building, then fly in front of you and execute a series of attacks. Sometimes, he'll beat his fists to the ground, and when he does, quickly try to hit him; other times he will just shoot a beam from his hands, or drop three bombs on the scaffolding which will blow up after a few seconds, but will do so one at a time, so try to stay on the left side and dodge accordingly. Finally, he likes to approach the building and open his chest, this will be your first opportunity to take a few hits, but beware, after a few seconds a huge beam will come out of his chest and you certainly don't want to be there in the middle! When about a quarter of its health is gone, it will start firing at you remotely guided missiles; when another piece of his health is gone, he will also start firing lasers from his eyes; as his health starts to run out, he will start dropping more bombs and energy bursts will become more frequent. However, as long as you manage to dodge, you'll be fine; if you die, you will start from the roof in full health, so you won't have any major problems. Once you've defeated Sentinel, you'll finally have to face Reyes. It has a few tricks, but it works a lot like any other Prime Enforcer boss you've faced before. He likes to blow away the rays of Cyclops, especially after entering one of Pixie's portals, so be prepared for that. Plus, it will occasionally summon enemies that you simply need to ignore if you don't need health. Then he will appeal to the specific mutant ability, Psylocke seems to be among his favorites, and when he uses his powers, a bunch of his ghost versions will appear around you and start hitting, so stay on the move. It will also use Avalanche's powers to disturb the ground ahead, damaging you if you get too close. The last other power he can use was Magma, if he uses it he will run towards you and cause you great damage with melee attacks and ground hits. Fortunately, also due to the enemies he constantly summons, running out of health shouldn't be too much of a problem. Defeat him to complete the game!

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Exit date: 30 September 2011

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