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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

100 Flat Meters

As for the controls, you will have to slam the Wii Remote quickly up and down, then press B near the finish line. Try to hold B after "Ready" appears. Only in this way will you be able to get a better boost than that of your opponents. However, in any other case, you simply have to move the Wiimote as fast as possible, then press the A button to perform the special action and reach the end line before the others.

110 Meter Obstacles

As before, you have to move the remote control up and down to run, then press B to jump. Initially, you will have to behave in a similar way as seen for the standard 100 meters. Press B to jump right after hitting the yellow line, resulting in a "Perfect" rating and a higher level of speed. So press A, using the special action, to avoid having to jump over all the obstacles one by one.

4x100 Relay

You will have to slam the remote repeatedly up and down to run, then throw it down to pass the stick to the next player. The method to be able to speed up the passage of the stick more is to wait for the blue circle - which will appear when you are close to the next player - to disappear. The word "Perfect" will then appear on the screen and you will get a speed boost. As soon as you can see the next player, take advantage of the special action by pressing A - this will increase the speed even more when the stick is passed.

Long Jump

You will have to "slam" the remote sideways to start clapping, then "slam" it up and down to run, then press B to jump. First of all, to start the event "well" you need to have the support of the crowd. Move the remote to the left while the part of the Wii Remote touches the left edge of the circle. So, run as fast as you can and then make the jump. Remember to press the B button when your character's foot is about to touch the green line. You will need to practice a little, but having "got" the right timing you can easily make a jump called "special".

Hammer throw

You'll need to throw the remote up to start, then spin it repeatedly to spin the hammer, then press B to throw the hammer. The event in question, unlike the previous ones, is not connected to an initial "boost". To start you will have to move the remote control upwards; then, to throw the hammer, you'll have to start increasing the speed - so spin the remote in tight circles, as fast as you can. You will therefore have to press B as soon as the blue circle touches the hammer. Having done everything perfectly, you will go to see a drawing of your character on the screen, with the hammer far away. When you see it, slam the remote up and down, causing sparks along the front section of the hammer, to increase the potential firing range.

Discus Throw

To begin, move the remote to the right, then three times to the left to increase the power, then move the remote sideways to create a "corner", then shoot the disc. It is not possible to obtain an initial "boost" in any way, so we recommend starting immediately to move the remote control to the right. Then immediately move it to the left as soon as the blue circle disappears. Therefore, quickly turn the remote control to make sure that the angle is identical to what is shown on the screen and keep it in that position for as long as possible. When the blue circle touches the "frisbee", move the remote once more to proceed to throw the disc.

Javelin throw

As for the controls: move the remote up and down to start running, then press B to decide the angle, then quickly move the remote to either side to launch. The event will begin with your run. After a while, you will be explicitly prompted to press B to decide the angle. When the yellow arrow starts flashing, you will know the exact angle. Press B immediately to be able to reach the "perfect" level. So, move the remote down to launch as soon as you reach the pink area.

Video - The Olympic disciplines

Asymmetric parallels

As for the controls, you will have to "slam" both the remote control and the nunchuck, while holding down the Z and B keys; in this way, you will increase your speed as you rotate. Then proceed to release the keys to jump from bar to bar, then press Z and B to grab the bar. Although the controls seem complicated at first, in truth the overall situation is less exasperating. Whenever you are "on top" of the bar, you will have to move the controller sideways to increase your speed. Move it until you see the word "Max Speed" appear on the screen, only in this way you will get the best possible results. Then release to jump to one of the two bars (the direction appears to be chosen randomly by the computer).


As for the controls, you have to quickly move the remote up to jump, quickly slam the remote in both directions to perform tricks. So - when you are near the "low point" of the springboard - move the controller up to jump. During the ascent, repeatedly slam the controller to perform tricks. After the first trick, quickly move the controller as soon as the circle disappears, then quickly perform the rest of the tricks. You can do a maximum of 5 after obtaining a score equal to "perfect" in the jump.

Rhythmic gymnastics

As for the controls, you can quickly move the controller up and down, or turn it repeatedly, or make it "swerve" in one of the two available directions. The event is in all respects similar to the skating of the Winter Olympics. To begin, throw the controller down. As soon as you notice a blue circle, wait for the character's feet to match the central "dot", then quickly move the controller up or down. A similar maneuver should be carried out for the red circles and for the star-shaped symbols.
As for the symbols, you will notice blue circles appear, then you can quickly move the controller as the various circles disappear (one by one). So when it stays on the screen and starts spinning, you also have to turn the controller quickly and following small circles. When he then says "balance the controller", you need to turn it so that it stays in the green area for as long as possible. So, at the end, make it run as fast as possible by completing the event in a definitive way.

Swimming - 100 Meters

As long as it is about swimming, you will have the possibility to use five different styles. Starting with the freestyle, you can use it by repeatedly moving the remote control and nunchuck back and forth. As for the dolphin style, it will be usable by moving the remote control and the nunchuck sideways, repeatedly. Moving on to the butterfly, you can do it by moving the remote control and the nunchuck first upwards, then downwards.
The next, called "Vector", you will have to move the combination of remote control and nunchuck left and right. The same game will always show you clearly the style that is preferred by your character, just before the start of the challenge. The start of the race is similar to what was seen for the 100 meters; however, starting to swim, try to go as fast as possible, until your character's screen turns red (turning red indicates excessive speed). When you reach the opposite side of the pool, quickly move the remote control downwards after the blue circle has "entered" the pink circle. You can then use your special action by pressing A.

Synchronized swimming

The controls for this event are a bit special: you will have to do some real "poses" with the Wii remote. During the unfolding of the event you will notice many different "poses" to be made with the hands that will be listed on the screen. You will therefore have to move the controller down as soon as the circle touches the left side of the bar. Finally, the last thing to do will be to shake very quickly in the finish, to cause the jump to the top. Finally, we do not recommend selecting the third music, which is much more difficult than the others.


As for the controls, you will have to move the controller down repeatedly to row, then make it "vibrate" at the end of the play area. The minigame will reveal itself in its simple entirety - the initial part will be identical to that of the 100 meters, then you will have to quickly move the controller downwards as soon as the yellow circle disappears. Near the end of this process you will have to carry out the final sprint, moving the controller again and again, until the end of the game session.

Equestrian Race

The controls see you move the remote sideways to increase speed, spin it to make turns, then press the "2" button to jump. The initial part of the event is quite similar to what was seen for the 100 meters, however you will have to hold down the "1" key rather than the "B" key. So when you approach an obstacle while controlling your horse, you will need to press "2" to jump over it. The event includes the presence of a large amount of curves, so you will always have to move the remote control in the "right" direction to avoid wasting time, consequently falling off the horse. Only when the speed drops from the maximum, you have to try to "hit" the reins of the horse. However, at the end, you can slam the remote up and down as fast as possible, until the final.


As for the controls, you'll have to shake the controller to hit the flywheel. Your character will jump automatically, so all that is required of you is to hit after the jump. In general, different types of characters will hit the shuttlecock differently: characters focused on power will cause it to zigzag; the "wild" characters will hit it by shooting it first in the air, then quickly downwards. The faster characters will hit it in the air as soon as it stops, to be able to launch a quick counterattack you will have to wait for it to start "shining". The characters focused on the skill will hit it and immediately after it will disappear, to counter everything you will have to send it back to the sender as soon as you see it reappear. The most effective team is usually made up of a strong character and a fast one, as the powerful character is usually also endowed with excellent stamina.

Beach Volleyball

As for the controls, you will have to move the nunchuck quickly to launch the ball in the air, then quickly move the remote control to hit it. To receive the ball you will have to press the A button, then swing the remote control to perform the dunk, throw it upwards to block. The event is in general very similar to badminton: there are two teams made up of each of 2 subjects; when the opponents somehow throw the ball towards your area, press A to throw it towards your teammate and then swing the remote control to perform a dunk. It is also possible (albeit not easy) to block, as you will have to be positioned exactly in front of your teammates to do so.
In general, you will notice three possible levels of charge: white (no charge), blue (a first charge level), red (both full charges). When the charge is high enough, you can perform a special move by pressing the B button after a dunk.


As for the controls, you will initially have to swing the remote sideways to hit the sphere, then move it quickly upwards to perform the service (the "hit" must be made when the remote starts to glow). Whenever you manage to hit the ball, a yellow circle will appear under your character, a circle that indicates the energy accumulation has taken place. Once you have accumulated enough energy, you can use the special: we recommend doing it only when the sphere is proceeding at maximum speed, so as to exploit "double" the power of the special.
The different characters will use different modes of "strikes": the power-focused characters will hit the ball very hard towards your side of the table - you will need excellent hand-eye coordination to counter such a blow. The "all around" characters will hit the ball in such a way as to make it take a parabolic trajectory: this kind of trajectory turns out to be very predictable, so you will have no problem in rejecting it, whatever your current level of skill. Speed ​​characters hit quickly and precisely - we recommend that you only prepare to fend off when the ball is heading towards you, so you know the precise direction. Characters specializing in "skill" will hit the sphere first, and then make it disappear. Wait for it to appear again and then try to hit it right away, as the sphere itself will immediately start bouncing.


You will find yourself using the nunchuck to move, A to pass and intercept, B to kick and tackle, Z to change characters. The event in question involves five players - 4 characters and a goalkeeper. This game is considerably more complicated than the alternatives present: first of all, the different keys behave differently depending on your defensive or offensive positioning. Pressing A during the offensive phase will make a pass, while pressing A during the defensive phase will intercept the ball. Holding A for a long time will make an air pass, while pressing it lightly and briefly will make a ground pass.
By pressing B during an offensive you can instead kick, while during the defensive phase you will make a tackle. Making a slide, albeit partially dangerous (it is in fact possible that you end up doing a foul), allows your character to accumulate energy that can later be used to kick strongly and / or block. By pressing B you will perform a quick dribble; kicking during the "charge" will make a faster and stronger blow. The most recommended method of scoring is to press the A button to make a pass to your teammate, then press B when your teammate receives the ball. It is an absolutely uncomplicated methodology. The team best suited to be able to complete this event is composed of two subjects focused on "power" and two subjects focused on "speed". In this way, you will be able to combine the shooting ability of the former and the dribbling ability of the latter.

Goal Kick

As for the controls, the B button is used for shooting, while "deflecting" the remote control allows you to aim carefully. Generally speaking, you need to aim for the center at first and then press B to kick. There will be five different "objectives": 4 black and one yellow, the latter capable of providing double the points. Your goal will be to try to kick towards the center as much as possible, especially to hit the yellow target, which can give you more points. Although complications appear periodically (e.g. the target will tend to move), always remember that the computer is not able to play this minigame effectively, so very few points will be enough to beat it.


As for the controls, you will have to "throw" your remote forward to stab the opponent, press A to counterattack, hold B to "charge", then use the nunchuck to move. First of all, it is necessary to warn that the "standard" move is not particularly effective, in most cases: the opponents will in fact be able to block almost all attacks while remaining completely still.
A much more effective technique is to "charge" the shots by holding B, then skewer quickly - the initial charge allows you to build up some power, so that your range can increase dramatically. You can also charge the sword until it starts flashing red, then use a special by pressing the A and B keys at the same time. you really need to have perfect timing.


As for the controls, you'll need to swing the remote to begin with, while the "boss" will need to swing the controller up and down; at the same time, whoever is following the leader will have to turn the controller in such a way as to be "aligned"; then press the keys that will appear on the screen to change character.
It is an event in which four characters take part. The subject in the front protects the others indirectly, creating a "trail". Periodically, the "leader" will lose his stamina precisely because he has to work harder to create the wake. To pedal, you'll need to swing your controller as fast as possible. When your HP has dropped considerably, the heart-shaped symbol in your vicinity will turn completely black and you will have to press A to switch positions - at that point, another character will become the leader. When you are at the bottom, always try to follow the blue line that indicates the area of ​​minimum air resistance; in this way, you will gradually build up resistance. In this specific discipline, the best team is undoubtedly made up of four characters with maximum "power", since they usually also have the highest possible level of stamina.

"Dream" Events

These are Olympic events, which however take place within "typical" areas of the Mario and Sonic games.

Long Jump

As for the controls, you will use the arrows to move, then you can repeatedly slam the controller to "fly" while jumping. The game begins with an automatic jump to the clouds made by your character. To move, you will have to press the arrow keys in one of the possible directions, approximately at your convenience. As soon as you land near a cloud, you will start jumping again. By pressing and holding the 2 button, you will hit the ground hard with your character. By making such a move on "standard" clouds, you will slightly increase the width of your jump; performing it on "smiling" clouds, the cloud will break into two parts and will create various problems for both you and your opponents. When / if you go to "hit" the black clouds, you will notice spheres of light shot towards the four cardinal points; these balls will stun the opponents when / if they are hit.
Finally, pay close attention to the "!!!" indication. In the event that this indication appears along the right side of the screen, a huge bullet will appear which will then fly across the screen, horizontally. When / if it hits you, you will not find yourself facing serious problems but we still recommend trying to avoid it by taking advantage of high clouds. If / when the indication "!!!" will appear at the top of the screen, a huge enemy will appear near the top of the screen and will try to crush you by moving downwards - we therefore recommend dodging it by moving sideways.


As for the controls, you can use the arrows on the pad to move, the 2 key to jump, then press the two key twice to hit the ground hard. This is an event based on team play. To change the direction of your raft, all the characters must position themselves towards one of the two sides (for example, to turn right they must all position themselves to the right, vice versa to turn left). However, first of all you will have to try to "bump" against the barrels to retrieve some coins or bob-ombs. Each coin will allow you to get an extra point, so try to get the largest amount possible. At the start, swerve to the right to break the barrels and get the coins. Then left, then right again. So, push back the bob-omb squad that will come down.
At the fork (with barrels on both sides), take one and continue forward. Going down the river, dodge the thwomps and quickly slam your character to the ground to defeat the cheep cheeps. You will then go down a waterfall, destroy the barrels along the way. Another crossroads: we advise you to take a left, there will be a greater quantity of potentially "useful" subjects.
Retrieved another 50 points, also reject the porcupuffers going to meet Goober Blooper. Your objective is to fight it while remaining on top of your raft - the opponent will attack you mainly by throwing his tentacles sideways; if you are hit, you will be thrown off the boat, with consequent damage. You will defeat it by jumping on the tentacles until they are completely crushed. His kill is worth 100 points, which is why we highly recommend completing this specific sub-objective.

Video - Gameplay Trailer

Discus Throw

As for the controls, you will have to use the arrows to move, then hold down the 2 key to accumulate power, release it to use the Boost. The goal of this peculiar event is to direct your character as he moves across the sky above a disc. At the same time you will have to try to take all the rings visible in the area. We strongly recommend that you try to take the "cases" of periodically visible rings: these contain five rings each. The best way to get there is to use Boost to position yourself ahead of your opponents. Particular attention should instead be paid to the pillars, on which you can easily crash, and which must therefore be surgically avoided. However, at the end of the event you will be "sucked" into a tornado and shot into the sky. You will then have to try to position yourself in the center, so as to land near the goal and get as many points as possible. The computer will not make things easy for you, so pay close attention.

Asymmetric parallels

You will have to swing the controller up while you are on a bar to increase the speed, then hold down the 2 key to stay on the bar, release the same key to jump to another bar, then use the keypad with the arrows to "aim" your jump. The start of the event sees you use Omochao to proceed to the bars above. You can press button 2 to drop, so you can grab onto the bars. Unlike the standard version of asymmetrical parallels, this type of event includes two different kinds of bars: pink and green. You can "spin" four times on the green bars, getting one point at a time - these are the most common bars of all. As for the pink bars, you can "spin" eight times and get two points per turn, however their frequency is considerably lower than the standard green bars.
When your bar turns black, you will no longer get any more points for "spinning", so we recommend jumping to another lighted bar to increase your score. However, at the end of the event you will notice a Ferris wheel made up almost exclusively of pink bars: here you can perform a large amount of "combos" by clinging to the chain in succession. When the screen stops running to the right, a platform will appear announcing that there are only 10 seconds left - try to land on this platform to get 10 extra points, so you can finish the event in style.

Obstacle Course

Here you will have to use the pad with the arrows to move, then the 2 key to jump. The event itself is quite simple: you will find yourself running on a spinning disk, and you will have to jump over obstacles. The main problem is the? Shaped switches. The interaction with this kind of spaces can lead to several possible consequences: they can increase the rotation speed of the disk, they can cause the appearance of some turtle shells, but they can also turn you into a star that causes the KO of anyone who goes to touch. . Your goal must be to try to jump over as many obstacles as possible, as you will get 3 points for each obstacle you manage to overcome.


To turn, you will have to move the remote control sideways; to increase the speed, you will have to beat it repeatedly; to jump, you have to press the 2 key. Your goal is to find Yoshi eggs for Toad; however, Kramek will try to stop you. The event always requires the participation of four players. However, as you begin to proceed, you will have to remember that - every time you find an obstacle or miss a jump - you will lose an egg, increasing your time-score by 10 seconds.
However, during the initial phases you will have to limit yourself to carrying out a few maneuvers by moving the remote control to the right or left. By passing over a booster platform you can increase your speed without problems. After a few turns, you will notice a countdown: as soon as you hear the command "Jump", press button 2 to jump off the bridge. So continue to overcome a few curves, noticing traces along the way: avoid interacting with them, these are traces left by anteaters. Kamek will therefore appear in front of you: absolutely dodge the barrels that will be thrown at you, so as not to lose any eggs. After changing the camera angle, position yourself on one of the two "extreme" sides of the game area, in order to easily avoid the burning barrels that will be thrown at you.
Once this is done, you can proceed inside a cave, there Kamek will cause the periodic fall of stalactites from the roof - in the event of an impact, you will lose an egg. However, at the end, a Chomp will chase you and you will have to move the controller to the right or right to make sure that the eggs do not fall from the cart.


As for the controls, you will have to move the controller away from you to proceed forward, then left and / or right to turn, then you will have to press button 2 to jump. In practice, your task comes down to running inside a sphere along a path. Proceed to check it initially as you did with the horse. As you run faster, the sphere will get bigger and bigger (and vice versa). Except for the final part - there you will have to go through a small hole - you will have to try to make the sphere as large as possible. By pressing the "2" key you can in fact jump over obstacles without problems. In total, there are 3 shortcuts along the circuit. The first is positioned immediately after the first jump; you will see 2 yellow rails that proceed parallel, you will have to try to jump on them and then run as fast as possible forward, so as not to fall and consequently lose time.
The second shortcut is located in a hole near the pinball machine, just after the shortcut by rail. The third is shortly after, you will notice another pair of rails to jump on. At the end (or almost), you will be shot up after a loop. At that point, you will have to significantly decrease your speed as you will soon have to go through a small hole. Finally, during the final stage, you will have to shoot yourself ahead of the powered robots and cross the final line accordingly.

Jump with the trampoline

As for the controls, you will have to press keys A, 1 and 2 and at the same time swing the controller in the various directions to perform the tricks. To cause the initial "clap" to begin, you will need to swing the Wiimote down. However, the jump consists of a total of 8 duels. The first duel is between the first and second player, then between the following players, like a tournament. When you touch the trampoline, a series of keys will appear on the screen, in the order you need to press them. The more keys you can press and associated moves you will be able to do, the more your total score at the moment of the jump will be able to increase.

Space Walk

As for the controls, you'll need to turn your remote in one of the available directions to proceed, then press 2 to spin through the air. The event is a bit peculiar: you will be focused on killing Dino Piranha, the first boss of Super Mario Galaxy. The Lumas will create "magic rings", which your team must pass through so that they can then hit Dino Piranha. To move, turn the Wii Remote in the direction you want to go, entering the ring. In some cases, there will only be one large ring in which all four of your characters will have to proceed, then remaining there for a few seconds.
Then the enemy will come: press button 2 repeatedly until your character turns completely red, it is the perfect method to inflict a greater amount of damage. When you have halved Dino Piranha's HP, he will start shooting fireballs at you. You can press the "2" key to deflect the spheres, so that they go and hit your enemy. This way, it will turn around, causing its tail to be exposed. This is a much more effective method than "direct" attacks, as "direct" attacks also expose yourself to enemy hits.


As for the controls, you will have to quickly move the controller in front of you to use the sword, press A to perform a parry, press B to jump and attack, A and B simultaneously to perform a special attack, then use the nunchuck to move . This type of event sees four different players interact, aiming to remain the last to be alive.
A generally effective technique sees you first place yourself in the center, as the outer areas make you considerably more vulnerable. Also try to always throw your opponents over the edge of the platform. Also remember that all special moves can be dodged with a jump and / or parry. Characters who specialize in "power" attacks can hit the ground hard, causing all other characters to shoot upward - and they will consequently be thrown into the ravine. We therefore recommend choosing one of this kind for this type of challenge.

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