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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Toad Road

The initial section is in the lower right area, while Bowser's portal is in the upper left. The path proceeds up and down periodically. However, it is a suitable path for initiation into the game, so serious complications are almost completely absent.

Spaces 1-15
Almost all spaces in this range are green in color; there are only two areas that contain three mini-stars and another small part of the trail with three mini-ztar. In practice, you will have to limit yourself to using the dice and praying that everything is fine. In case this is not the case, roll it a second, third, fourth or fifth time, until you reach the desired result.

The first crossroads
The first crossroads is located around the 15th space; this will allow the group captain to choose between a completely direct path, visible in front of you, and a more complex path but with potentially greater benefits. In case you land in front of the mini-ztar, we recommend the direct route. In case you manage to land in a better space, we recommend the alternative route.

Spaces 20-40
In this area the spaces become more interesting. First of all, you will have to proceed along the 5 mini-stars and therefore reach some spaces used for mini-games. Taking advantage of one of these spaces you will be sent to the Toad House, keep that in mind in case that is something you want to do. We also recommend that you try to land on the "Lucky" space, which allows you to reach the climbing plant: it will allow you to quickly proceed along the subsequent play areas, arriving at the bridge.

The bridge
After the first fortress you will find yourself facing a bridge that was raised by Bowser's underlings. In the event that the roll of the four dice gives a result at least equal to 16, you can pass. If not, you will fall into the ravine. There is no sure way to get the result, but remember that the captain can also get a 10, so it is easier to reach the goal by using it.

Spaces 40-60
After the bridge, you will find yourself in a mini-ztar or mini-star area. In case you are in the first, try to get away as fast as possible. In case you are in the second, recover as many stars as possible. Pay attention to the area immediately after the joining of the two paths: it is a Bowser space, to be avoided at all costs. You will then gain access to a captain event. This event occurs shortly after the convergence of the two paths. The vehicle will be transported to the center by a cannon, with the aim of reaching the central space, consisting of ten mini-stars. The captain will have to choose the order in which the dice are rolled. In general, we recommend choosing the person who is first in the rankings - this will make it more difficult for them to actually reach the center. Later, you will have to vary your choice according to proximity: as long as the captain is within five spaces, the others will have to shoot; afterwards, he will have to pull.

The second crossroads
The second fork is much wider than the first. It turns out to be completely circular; both paths are similar, associated with high risk but high reward potential. In general, if you plan to land in front of a group of mini-ztar, make sure the subject immediately after you is hit. If not, choose the alternative path.

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Bob-omb Factory

Spaces 1-30
The first section of the game will see you proceed along several curves; you will also have to retrieve all the mini-stars in the area. There is also a great "variety" of spaces: blue, green, mini-games, event-spaces. The last spaces are the most interesting, as they cause the conveyor belts to rotate at the same time. In general, the goal will be to try to get as many mini-stars as possible by landing on the best event spaces, preferably using dice starting at 4 and reaching 6: using dice with higher numbers, you may encounter some problems.
After about 30 spaces, you will have to deal with the mini-boss of the Bob-omb factory: we recommend that you try to be the captain when reaching this section, so as to obtain the maximum amount of stars following its completion.

Spaces 31-55
Unfortunately, you will be immediately assigned an unwanted companion: a bomb. These bombs are associated with a timer, when the timer reaches zero, the bomb will explode and the captain will lose half of his mini-stars. Generally speaking, this section turns out to be slightly more dangerous than the previous one, given the largest amount of mini-zstar deposits. The complication will be specifically concentrated along the bottom, given the large amount of bomb depots, parts of mini-ztar, and areas of complex handling. The conveyor belt, positioned in the initial areas, will determine the path along which you will find yourself proceeding; remember that the direction of the tape changes after each turn, so try to get accurate timing in order to reach the elevated path, less densely populated by enemies.
After this event, you will trigger the captain event; remember - in the previous moments - to recover the ten mini stars. During the event, which will see all the players placed on their own platforms, then moved by the captain to be able to reach the opposite side of the game area, we recommend placing yourself (as captains) on the second platform. The third and fourth place people must be placed on the first and third platforms. The person in second place will have to place himself on the far right area, thus minimizing his chances of earning additional mini-stars. After the conversation with the green turtle, you will move on to the next area.

Spaces 56-75
We give you only one real piece of advice: the section is made up of a huge amount of spaces of different genres. In general, you will have to aim for a defensive approach, making sure that the captain's action is not affected by the unwanted encounter with this kind of space. However, there are two areas where we recommend being more aggressive: one in the middle, where you will notice ten mini-stars; another three-fourths of the section, there will also be a dozen stars.

Boo's Horror Castle

It is a rather long game platform, players will be easily confused by the unfolding of the game, due to both the length and the tortuosity of the path. Inside the castle there are several Boos, more or less everywhere. In general, they tend to come out of the paintings that are periodically "passed" by the vehicle, then begin to chase the vehicle itself until either they manage to capture it, or the vehicle exits the reference section. In the event that the vehicle is captured, the captain will lose half of the mini-stars accumulated up to that point. Boos move three spaces each turn, so you'll be able to escape fairly easily if you have enough effective dice. In general, the amount of mini-stars required to achieve victory should be around 40.

Spaces 1-45
You will be associated with three Boos as you proceed along the way: one after 12 spaces, one after 20 spaces, another after 30 spaces. As mentioned before, the various Boos will continue to chase you until you release all your mini-stars. You should be able to overcome the first two unscathed, given their relative slowness; it will instead be more complex to be able to avoid the third: it turns out to be remarkably fast, so you will have to prepare to lose at least once half of the accumulated mini-stars. Once you have reached the inside of the game area, you will have to pay attention to the fully lit room that you will find about halfway through the game section: this room will offer you protection from the Boos, they cannot chase you inside. In general, it can serve as a pause to plan more accurately the use of mini-stars.

Spaces 46-85
After traveling five spaces, you will be awarded another Boo. We recommend avoiding immediate panic - you will find a lighted room right after that, which will provide you with protection from the Boo's attacks. This room, however, contains some mini-ztar along with various types of spaces related to mini-games and the like. When the two paths have completed their convergence, you can recover a fair amount of mini-stars. Soon after (that is, after another five spaces) another Boo will start chasing you, unfortunately - run up to locate the five mini-stars, remembering that this time you can keep them with some confidence, as soon after you can locate a lighted room. The two paths will join again, you will be able to notice a conglomerate of five mini-stars nearby that you can give to your opponents. Shortly after, you will also be able to locate a very similar space but built on the "reverse" of the previous one: do not activate it! You would be thrown directly at a Boo, losing all your mini-stars.
Once outside, take the blue path. You will then find another group of ten mini-stars: don't waste too much time trying to recover them all, we recommend instead to project yourself towards the blue spaces visible in the final area. Once outside, the Boos will stop chasing. After a while you will be introduced to the Captain's event. This event takes place inside one of the towers of the castle. You will be assigned a mouse: take some of your mini-stars and try to run to its lair. You will have to try to capture him using your normal die, while he can only roll a die ranging from 1 to 3. He will start the adventure starting from 5 spaces in front of you, the tower is about 20 spaces long, so capturing him will be complex: it is difficult to match the number of your dice with the spaces towards which the mouse tends to move.
In general, assuming you are the captain for such an event, you should try to assign your teammates / competitors their own rolls of the dice, so that their chances of hitting the mouse are not particularly high.

Spaces 90-110
In this section, luck will tend to count much more than "skill" in completing the mini-games. You will find yourself moving in a circle around the play area for (on average) two rotations, sometimes even three. During the initial phase you will be assigned a Boo (stalker type). Afterward, you'll need to recover five mini-ztar. Immediately after the mini-ztar, you will reach a crossroads that allows you either to proceed to a lighted room, or to continue upwards. We recommend continuing upwards: even if the illuminated room is able to provide you with greater safety, it will be more convenient to choose the alternative option to recover the greatest number of mini-stars in the shortest amount of time possible.
After joining the two paths, you will find yourself in front of another Boo. Even later you will reach the final battle, but to be able to enter the cursed tower you must necessarily roll a six, and deal with Bowser's underlings. Since such a consecutiveness of events is unlikely to occur, you will be forced to proceed a second time around the circuit. This time you will have to reach a score of 4, much more human: you should therefore be able to do it.

Blooper Beach

The level includes a large amount of detours, which determine the amount of stars needed to complete this zone. Along the game area you will find various dolphins and seals, able to provide (dolphins) and remove (seals) of the mini-stars. Both the mammal and the fish will move after each turn; you will have to be able to catch the dolphin to get additional mini-stars, escape from the seal instead to avoid losing any. The dolphins move two spaces each turn, while the seals move forward four spaces each turn.

Spaces 1-20
These first 20 spaces are quite "good" for the purposes of the game economy: the spaces capable of causing you damage are in fact few and relatively scattered throughout the entire game area, so you should be able to avoid the worst. The mini-stars are distributed in small groups of three, they are also spaced in a more or less equivalent way, so you should not encounter problems in retrieving them during the first section.
At the crossroads, you will find yourself having to choose between two equally negative routes: the elevated path contains several mini-stars but is dotted with rather nefarious areas; the lower path may be slightly better, given the presence of only one group of mini-ztar.

Spaces 21-25
It is a kind of interlude that takes you to the next section; do not forget, however, to interact without delay with the two small groups of stars that you will find along the way. You will shortly reach a crossroads. The two paths are largely similar, but - randomly - you will notice within them only one specific type of space for each path: we therefore recommend visiting both, and then choosing the space that best suits you and / or which you consider to be better.
Finally, you will reach the captain event. All the characters will be inside an underwater platform, with ten mini-stars attached. Everyone must try to reach the surface, while the rivals will be positioned along a slope that proceeds upwards, considered as a "negative" zone. When / if a rival manages to reach this space, they will lose five of their mini-stars. In general, playing the part of the captain, you will have to try to select the die that creates the most potential damage to your rival. In general, by reaching a "roll" of at least 4 with the die, you will be able to reach the stars.

Spaces 35-50
These spaces contain a huge amount of mini-stars. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you try to be the "captain" as you pass this kind of space: only in this way will you be able to decide more or less independently which dice to roll, and therefore how likely you are to get to the "right" space. You will soon reach the Blooper statue, a rather complex area for all present: you will be forcibly thrown into a vortex, together with your vehicle - and all present will have to try to get through this play area unscathed. Unfortunately, the vortex will be heavily "populated" by mini-ztar - each time you hit one, you'll lose three mini-stars. We recommend using dice blocks frequently, to try to get out of this situation as quickly as possible.
You will shortly reach the third fork. The bottom path contains three parts of mini-stars and mini-ztar, the top path contains ten mini-ztar or mini-stars. In general, we recommend that you take a brief look at both paths, then choosing the one that contains the most mini-stars on mini-ztar. Also remember that, by walking the second path, you will have access to a captain event - such a choice was made to fill the otherwise great disparity between the two ways of playing.
The event (in case you choose the path associated with it) is exactly identical to the previous one, with one exception: there will be many more mini-stars to catch, but also many more "negative" spaces. We therefore recommend choosing it specifically when / if you are in a particularly precarious situation, i.e. having nothing to lose.

Spaces 70-80
These last ten spaces are usually quite lenient. Your real goal must be to reach one of the "Lucky Spaces": in this way you can reach the Star Island. Upon arriving at Star Island, the captain will immediately collect three mini-stars, then the other players will begin to proceed around the island. In this area you can earn a large amount of stars. Landing again on a "Lucky" type space will allow you to return to the main path (it is easier to achieve this by using "slow" type dice, so we highly recommend it).
When the two paths rejoin, you will have to face the final "boss" - so try to be the captain in those moments, so as to go and earn the maximum amount of points possible.

Magma Mines

This type of board turns out to be quite interesting due to a specific detail: you will not move horizontally, but vertically. As you progressively approach the end, the volcano will awaken, so you will have to have some luck in rolling the dice: you will need to run faster than the lava, whose level will increase by two levels for each turn. Also, the lava will move faster when / if you reach a space marked with a "+" symbol. When / if the lava manages to touch you, you will lose half of the accumulated stars - in general, 50 mini-stars should be enough to make it to the end of this zone.

Spaces 1-10
These are rather neutral spaces, it is unlikely that there are real problems in your progress. Particular attention should be paid to the three areas associated with the three mini-stars, which are potentially very useful. Try to roll the right die to get them, these mini stars - although apparently useless - could instead be necessary for a good continuation.
You will then reach the first crossroads. You can choose whether to proceed in one direction or the other, in both cases around a lava pool. Both sides are essentially similar: in both cases you will face a captain event and in both cases you will overcome the same type of spaces. Contrary to the usual, in this instance it will not be the captain who decides the path to proceed, but a democratic decision-making process: therefore, the majority will prevail. For this reason, we recommend choosing the path that (in your opinion) creates the greatest problems for your enemy, or puts you in a position of clear advantage.
In both cases you will then go to face a captain event. All four captains will proceed along a route associated with the use of a mine cart. Along the path, you can find mini-stars, their quantity increases as the path progresses, as well as the risk of losing them all suddenly. If you are the captain, we advise you to risk more the more your "position" in the standings is precarious.

Spaces 25-35
You can immediately recover a significant amount of mini-stars after the convergence of the two paths. Your overall goal should be to be a captain before reaching the 10-star zone, and by doing so you will get a substantial bonus.

Spaces 36-45
From this point on, the magma will begin to rise two spaces per turn. If he manages to "catch" you while you are the captain, you will lose half of your mini-stars. Apart from this fact, the section has no specific peculiarities. You will shortly reach the second fork of the path. Both "options" are full of gaps that cause magma to rise, which can cause serious problems for your mini-star collection. From the point of view of the content of mini-stars, the trails are quite similar, so we recommend choosing one ... at random.

Spaces 50-65
This area too can be described as an interlude for the continuation, which consists of the third crossroads. Also in this case pay attention to the blocks that cause the magma to rise, even if unfortunately the choices are always subordinated to your ability to get the numbers of the "right" dice.
You will therefore arrive at the third crossroads. Here, your choice will have to be essentially subordinated to the distance in points between you and your opponents: along a path, you have a greater quantity of mini-stars connected also to a greater quantity of mini-ztar; vice versa for the alternative route. If you are in the smell of defeat, it will be good to choose the least safe way; if, on the other hand, you are firmly in first place, we recommend the quieter route.

Spaces 65-90
This is an area located in an "elevated" way with respect to the ground: the lava should therefore no longer create problems for you, and you can concentrate on recovering as many stars as possible.

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Bowser Station

This is the most complex and threatening board of all, but also capable of offering significant rewards to those who are able to take full advantage of it: both winning and losing mini-stars will be very simple.
Rather than - as usual - be divided by spaces, the game board will be divided / combined / used following a logic connected to the events-captain. The first event, which will take place inside the "Heart Star" colony, does not allow for a particularly satisfying reward: each character will get a block-die with three types of "heart" inscribed: a red heart, a blue and a green. The captain will have to roll the die three times, making sure that the hearts go to match those of his opponent. For each person who matches what turns out for the captain, the captain himself will go to get two mini-stars, as well as the opponent with the corresponding points.
You will then move on to the second peculiar event: you will have to play bingo together with your opponent. The bingo table is made up of a 3x3 square, each square is numbered from 1 to 9. Each player will have to roll a die, from 1 to 10, until someone gets the bingo. Whoever gets bingo also gets the nine associated mini-stars. The captain will decide the order of turns. A general advice: the captain must not roll the dice until at least one bingo has been formed. In practice, you will have to wait for the number of bingoes to exceed 1.
You will eventually reach the third event. Inside the "Speed ​​Star" colony, you will see four routes all leading to a collection of ten mini-stars. Despite being the longest route, we strongly recommend proceeding along the path formed by 12 spaces: it is in fact associated with two small areas of 3 mini-stars. The captain will therefore have to decide which way each player will have to proceed. Generally speaking, the captain should choose the lowest and longest route for himself, instead leaving the elevated and shortest route to his most direct opponent (i.e., in this case, the second in command).

DK's Jungle Ruins

This is a very different board than the previous ones you play: contrary to the usual linear path, the Jungle Ruins will put you in front of a circular path. Before you can enter the boss battle, you will have to walk through the game area twice, always in a circle. Mini-stars will be replaced by bananas, while mini-ztar will be replaced by Z-banana. You will also find a greater amount of bananas per space than the mini-stars.
The play area contains three spaces called "DK". This kind of space turns out to be very beneficial for a person who will be able to land on it: donkey kong will in fact rotate the play area and you will therefore be able to see the bananas spinning above you. You can then press the A button repeatedly to jump up and reach the spinning bananas.
Once in the middle of the circular route, you will be interrupted by a peculiar event associated with the captain, as is now usual. This kind of event sees the captain interact with four barrels, each of which contains a different amount of bananas. During the first event, the barrels will contain one / ten / wind / thirty bananas. In the second event, -5/10/20/30. The captain will have to divide the barrels between himself and his opponents; this can only be done after the barrels have been properly mixed.
Generally speaking, the captain should focus on the barrel he wanted, rather than examining the barrels he didn't want. However, there will be a variety of distractions that could be problematic. In any case, the path is characterized by a certain ease in earning a fair amount of objects, so you can get a favorable result without too many problems.

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