The Mario & Luigi Walkthrough: Dream Team Bros.

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.


Point to the rock on the left to answer Blockhard's first question by retrieving coins. At the second question you will have to point to the rock on the right. Proceed to the castle to the south. Examine the block, then turn east. At the exit, talk to Blockhard again. Proceed to the right, talking to Peach, who will be there waiting for you. Press the attack buttons to quickly push back the enemy in the area. After the battle, talk to Peach. You will now have to face a second battle, to be completed in a completely similar way to the previous one. Once this is done, project yourself upward, landing on the Grumba's head. Then deviate to the right, quickly reaching the first objective. Nearby, talk to Peach again. You will therefore be invited to a new "game". You will have to alternately press A and B to make Mario and Luigi jump, so as to activate the coin multiplier. You will have 25 seconds to complete everything. Once this is done, you will automatically go to the next level.

Castle of the Pillows

Keep talking from inside the castle, thus completing the keystroke keystroke in the 3DS. Then examine the playing area, especially its left side, then the shop on the right. Then return to the entrance, completing the visit to the area and proceeding to the next corridor. After the next conversation, talk to the man visible to the left of the platform. You will therefore find yourself on a mobile platform. You will have to jump, following the trajectory of the "coin" visible above. Talk to the spirit now. He will send three Grumbals to meet you, defeat them quickly and then immediately save the game. Proceed to the left, leaving the area. Talk to the Lodergeist again. Complete the next Parkour path, then veer left to look at the nearby block. Then have Luigi press the green blocks (with the B key), the red ones Mario (A key). The door on the left will open. Proceed further, dropping down one floor. Hit the two Grumba on the head, thus projecting yourself towards the upper level. After turning left, continue left again, jumping up to Mario's block.
Drop down, then throw yourself up again (one story), reaching the block located slightly "out". Then jump in the opposite direction of the protruding block, noting the opening of the door on the left. You will then come to a round platform. Move circularly around it, thus jumping on the various "rods" that make up the cross close to you. When you reach the next small round platforms, follow them following the indications indirectly provided by Peach's cry. You will reach a large room.
After the short cutscene, proceed to the altar, picking up the square object and placing a corresponding round object in its place. Observe the scene, then go in search of the exit. First get rid of the four Spirits in the area quickly. A kind of bridge will therefore be created in the lower part of the playing area. Follow it to exit, reaching the opposite side. Jump on the next two Grumba, then go up the ladder that proceeds upwards. Once the next fight is complete, proceed beyond the door to a new room with a loading area. Continue to the next room, reaching the meeting room, where you will be greeted by Blockhard. So examine the surroundings of the princess's bed, trying to proceed south. Observe the next cutscene.

Peach's Dream

Use the analog stick to figure out the direction in which to proceed, then press the A button to move forward. Then deviate to the right, reaching a small cloud, where the dream will begin. Use the moving platform to reach the door. Talk to Blockhard, then follow him forward. Turn to the first door on the right, going down one floor more. Pick up the block, then proceed to the next room consisting of three different doors. Enter the central.
Talk to Luigi, then go with him through the door on the right, reaching a save area. Keep going further, meeting Peach. Project yourself towards the "adhesive" block, thus observing the intermission scene, as well as a brief subsequent fight. After that, briefly withdraw the fifty coins, then proceed through the door on the left, locating the Blockhard Boutique. Given your renewed monetary availability, you can freely make purchases here. Then exit the room, proceeding to the right. Drop down and battle the subjects in the area, then jump to the platforms above. Collect the nearby coins, then swerve to the right. Continue to the next blocks, arriving at a moving platform, which leads you to a red Mario block. Leave this platform, projecting towards the Luigi block, retrieving the super mushroom. Drop down again, fighting again. Then exit to the right.
You will now have to face a prolonged fight. First repel "standard" attacks during the first round. Arrived the second round, without delay dodge the various small "Mario" that will be thrown towards you: they cannot in any way be pushed back towards the enemy.
Then project yourself forward again to escape the enemy attacks. At the next round, the opponent will disappear into the ground, taking Peach with him. Continue to the next room, to observe the cutscene. Proceed south after the conversation. When you reach the next room, go up the stairs to get to the upper floor, locating Pennhenne. Go through the door, heading north. Climb the ladder again, thus passing the umpteenth door, reaching the entrance of the castle of Kissen. You can then proceed to the equipment shop.
Once outside, continue further south to the mushroom park. Cross the bridge and find yourself inside a dungeon. Cross the bridge to the north, starting the battle with the Talantula. Jump to her head initially, hitting her with speed. So follow the path towards the second Talantula, to be eliminated in the same way as the first. Go past the block with the question mark, as well as the bridge to the north. Locate the new pillow right in front of the door. Blast Mario on it right away. So look at the next cutscene.
Left, dropping yourself down, then trying to carefully dodge the fireballs thrown by the enemy, preferably using regular jumps. However, he will not prove to be a particularly powerful opponent. After the battle, continue to the right. After the very short battle, go back to the left. Listen to the words about Luigi, then exit the room by turning left this time.
You will then immediately start a battle. Press the R keys and the B key alternately, so as to "connect" Luigi. In doing so, you will create a platform that will allow Mario to throw himself upwards. So let go of Luigi, by pressing the R and B keys in sequence. Retrieve the coins, then proceed to the left, also taking the coins at the top. Then go down to the bottom, where the next battle will begin. So leave the room.
In the next area, head to the platform above, grab the coins from the block, then use the next platform as an elevator to proceed forward. Interact with the block in the form of a question mark, then quickly go to interact with the pillow and "save" it.

The Castle of the Pillows

Proceed beyond the door, then pushing back the Tarantula in the area. Retrieve the nearby block, then reject yet another tarantula, then swerve to the left. Jump on the pillow. You will now have to locate all four nightmare "fragments" in order to free the pillow. First move to the left, talking to Luigi. Move the blocks towards the front of the screen so that you can use them as a support to project yourself upwards. Then exit the game area, locating the subsequent nightmares. Make use of Luigi's skills again, so as to move the blocks forward, creating yet another "way" towards the upper area, where you can find the last necessary items. You can also interact with the second pillow.
Talk to Traumbert, then to the "pillow" you recently saved. Therefore, project yourself towards the area at the top left. You will locate a block, whose color changes every time you look at it. Go further down, where you will have to fight against two simple tarantulas. Once the challenge is complete, proceed south again. At the intersection, initially deviate to the right, locating two blocks and interacting with them. Use the spring to propel yourself to the left, repelling yet another group of tarantulas. Low, right, up to yet another pillow to be released. Take advantage of the mobile platform to move upwards. At the top, turn right. When you get to the next room, push the two enemies back, then swerve to the right again. Eliminate the opponent in the area, then watch Luigi's transformation.
Go down to the lower floor, then moving to the left. When you are near Luigision, make it go forward, so that you free the way. Proceed south, reaching the mushroom park. Talk to the pillow, which will help you get onto the raised area. Swerve to the platform on the left, hitting the blocks in the area.
Then proceed to the right, reaching the pipe. Before entering, look at the back area to locate the block from which to extract a good amount of coins. So enter the tube, and continue further south.

Mushroom Park

At the intersection, proceed south. Talk to the park chief. Then proceed to the right, talking to the visitor in the area. Then continue to the left, interacting with the nearby subject. There you can enter the world of dreams.
Run to the right, jumping along the rocks, arriving near a nightmare emitter. So continue towards the mushroom park. Retrieve the hammer at the top. Destroy the rocks on the left, then move right and along the left-center area nearby. Left again, moving along the stones. Interact with the question blocks immediately behind. Then go down, moving along the following screens.
So hit the question block. Go back to the previous area, then use the hammer on the switch to make the area to the left and right of the fountain "bloom". Proceed along the platforms to the right, reaching the nth rock, and interacting with the nearby mushroom, then with the block in the shape of a question mark. So go back to the fountain, walking along the flowers. Jump to the upper "floor", then right along the previous screens, interacting with yet another question mark. Go back to the left, heading towards Toad, then swerve south and head to the viewpoint, then drop down near the nearby platforms. So move to the left, finding the second pillow.
Press the R key, so as to start the hammer, smashing the nearby stone. You will free the second of the five prisoners.
Back in the park, proceed to the left, reaching two blocks after the path composed of stones. Right from the start you will spot a Toad being "taken" by some enemies. During the battle, you will be taught to use the hammer for the purpose of hitting enemies. The peculiarity of the hammer is given by the additional difficulty caused by the particular timing, rather different from a simple "jump" on the head of the enemies. You will have to practically "accumulate" the energy of the hammer, until it begins to smoke; at that point, you can release the energy and go to cause considerable damage to your opponents. It will also be necessary to wait for the opponent to "move" towards you, before hitting him with the hammer, so that the impact force is maximized. Finally, you will get the first attack fragment. Once this is done, proceed to the left and go down under the bar, recovering the nearby mushroom. Hit it once, then dash to the next block for the second attack fragment. Then hit the mushroom twice to open the passage forward. Recover yet another attack fragment. Continue beyond the left corner, taking yet another attack fragment (number 4). Then exit the game area, using the area to the south.
Get rid of the nearby Nickerling, then throw yourself forward again towards the mushrooms on the right, hitting them at least once with the hammer. Recover yet another attack fragment that will result. Exit this area by jumping to the high altitude area on the right. Talk to the Toad in front of you. You will then get information on two new attacks.
Now go back to the left, reaching the previous area. Cross the bridge, then head back south to reach the mushrooms again. Then project yourself back to the mushroom at the top. Hit him twice making him "go down", so as to recover the sixth fragment. Go back again, still towards the mushroom, hitting it three times. You will reach another mushroom, hit this too and recover the seventh attack fragment. Then continue to the right, locating the block of coins and using the mushroom. After landing, proceed to the left, then climbing up and projecting forward beyond the eighth fragment. So go back to the previous group of mushrooms; jump up starting from the blue one, located further down. Hit it with a hammer, then jump up to yet another red mushroom up. Hit it hard making it "stick" to the ground, so that the red mushroom on the right automatically creates a platform, which allows you to reach the ninth attack fragment. Then go back to the right, so you can reach the tenth and last fragment. Get rid of the Panzer using standard attacks. So, free the area from all the "minor" enemies who have started to populate it at this moment, using the mushrooms at the top as a foothold. Then exit to the right, then north, reaching the parking administrator.
Your objective will now be to help the park administrator who has been thrown into a fountain. Proceed immediately to the spring, just below the park. You'll have to deal with the Reversiene here right away. When she projects horizontally towards you, you can avoid the attack by throwing yourself up and then hit her with your hammer. Instead, when she will project upward with her backside, we recommend jumping directly towards her and hitting her during the jump!
You can therefore go down to the west, thus arriving at a wall with a spring associated with it, which you can hit and break with a hammer blow. Then proceed to the right, reaching a machine that "pumps" the water inside the park. You will now need to maximize the pressure of the machine itself. Hit the kind of "head" in the area with the hammer, making sure that all three notices turn red. Once this is done, the level will be considered completed.
Simply follow Blöckle to the right to the park administration headquarters.

Boss: Groboter
Pay particular attention to the "charge" attack that will be made by that opponent, which is particularly harmful to your characters. You can try to deflect it by using your useful hammer. Also pay attention to the water bombs, which will normally be thrown to your sides. Also pay attention to 3-D, in this case necessary: ​​one of the "charge" attacks launched by your enemy can only be avoided by lateral movement in 3 dimensions. As for your strategy to beat the enemy, it must be mainly defensive: wait for the attack first, dodge it, then try to hit the opponent with a quick hammer blow. You will finally get a new pillow.
Follow the rabbits to the right. Collect the first attack fragment just below the save block. Continue to the right again, pushing the opponent back into the area, preferably using the hammer. Two blocks with question marks will therefore be placed "forward"; Proceeding slightly to the right, you can take the second attack fragment from the forest park.
Right again, walk along the platforms, continue right again reaching the block with the question mark and the associated third attack fragment. Then "exit" from the screen to the right, locating the fourth fragment. Then move the platform "connected" to the mast to the opposite side, and then exit to the right.
Right again, up to the blocks. Locate the nearby statue, project forward beyond it to exit the screen. Follow the blue pipe to the right, knocking back the opponents. Your goal will therefore be the growth of neighboring flowers. Right, entering the following screen. Collect the attack fragments, then move towards the pipe. You will notice how the "connection" is broken here. Since you can't do much, go ahead and pick up the two attack fragments in the immediate surroundings. Then exit the play area using the raised green pipe. You will come to an area with an associated save block. Exit to the right, making Luigi continue to the right again. Press the touchscreen, then continue to the left, retrieving the ninth attack fragment from the nearby platform. Project yourself to the block with the question mark, then have Luigi walk towards the back area, so that the ladder moves in the opposite direction. Proceed to the right, also taking the tenth attack fragment nearby.
Run to the right, grabbing the super mushroom. Use the big Luigi to cause the thruster to move, causing the water to move which will cause the flowers to grow. The flowers will then begin to grow. Then use the green tube to return to the first "tree" of the great Luigi. Project Mario towards the flower platform, then forward and right again, towards the following screen. Now jump to the question mark block, climbing up the stairs to the right, to the small green platform. Go up two floors, thus jumping for the umpteenth time on the block in the shape of an exclamation point. Left, forward, then use the super-syrup near the "exclamation" block. Go back and pass the clouds, then left. So go up to the Luigi block. Push back the enemies, then continue to the left. Once you have driven off two more enemies, you will get to the rabbits. Let yourself be carried through the clouds, thus freeing the dreamer. It will open a portal to your dreams. Proceed initially to the upper right area, obtaining a screen to the right. Always forward to the right, following the "tracks" of the coins upwards. Right, exiting the painting. Swerve to the left until Luigi's face appears. Project it towards the illuminated area. Proceed to the blue strudel on the right, where Peach's voice is coming from. When you fall into the next room, collect the coins, then continue to the next strudel.
So run to the right, where you will find Antasma and Peach. However, you will have to face Bowser.

Boss: Bowser
Start the battle by projecting yourself upward. Unfortunately, you will immediately notice how the hammer does not work particularly effectively. So start paying attention to Bowser's attacks right away. The first will be the "creation" of some fire pits, beyond which you can simply jump. After passing the third, go down to the bottom of the screen. You will be followed by Bowser. Proceed up, then dodge Bowser's blows and jump over the fire. So hold down the hammer button to hit Bowser repeatedly. When the ghosts begin to move around Bowser himself, we recommend that you focus your attention on them, relative to the main enemy - this is the only way to come back and hit him shortly.
Bowser's most powerful attack (the one to which you will have to pay the most attention) corresponds to the instant in which he turns into a kind of "ball". So you will have to quickly run in the opposite direction, trying to jump over the flames that he will throw towards you. When Bowser returns to his "standard" mode, you can go back to hitting him with the hammer.

Desert of Dreams

After the save area, proceed to the right. Jump on the stone to retrieve the various coins. Use your hammers on the screen to the right. In the upper left area, you can pick up the first attack fragment. Retrieve the Luigiblock from the nearby platform, then continue to the right to the next screen. You will get two new orders. Locate the question mark blocks visible in the center of the room. Then go out to the south.
So help the workers in the center of the play area. You will get information on two new "actions" at your disposal - one is smashing Mario to the ground with the hammer, which allows Mario to actually move underground. The other action sees you create a small Mario, which can then pass through the various holes in the area.
Now locate the pink grid in the upper left, above the sand. Create a Mario-land in the area, then proceed downwards. Hit the cactus on the right, throwing yourself to the left, hitting the block shaped like a question mark. So take advantage of the dunes below, so as to go back. Once you reach the area just above the stone area, create a "small" Mario here, thus projecting yourself towards the second block. So go back to the borer. Follow the instructions to make yourself project towards the center of the earth. You will then exit the hole on the opposite side, obtaining a heart-shaped bean. You can then proceed and enter the world of dreams.
Run to the left, getting rid of the opponent in the area. At the platform, take Mario's block. Then project to the left, continuing towards the blue button. You will be able to see the two brothers that project themselves away from the "mass" that makes up the monster, moving upwards. Then deviate to the left, reaching an area where you will find another Luigisions. Right, follow the on-screen instructions to avoid falling.
Then exit the current screen, then move to the left, and read the indication. Press the first button, then climb up again. Right, enter the corner, making your way to the button. Repeat the entire procedure to the left, thus clearing the way to the emitter of nightmares, thus being able to free the pillow as well. So make your way to the area characterized by a series of undulating "dunes".
At the top of the dune, you can project yourself to the next screen. Talk to it and get information on the possible use of the statues. Begin by immediately proceeding south, where a huge machine awaits you, the drill. Before we begin, we recommend that you take the third attack fragment on the right. Slightly further south, we also recommend taking the bean sticking out of the earth. A subsequent one will be located on the exact opposite side.
So position yourself on the "flat" part of the excavator. On the left side, have Mario move the red button. Luigi will have to move the green to the right instead. The way to the south will therefore be free. The final boss will therefore arrive on the scene. You will have to help him inside the construction area, again using the drill. You will also get new directions to pulverize the six rocks using the drill. Once this is done, free the pillow from under the nearby rock, making Luigi use it.
Drop to the left, using the item associated with Luigi. So hook your "finger" to Luigi's nose, thus causing a long movement of the object, which will allow you to project Mario forward, until the next screen. So using Luigi's objects, you can continue to the second floor. Use the other available objects in the area to retrieve the coins on the left. Then go back to the right, so as to leave the area through the area in the upper right.
Collect the seventh fragment immediately to the left. Then proceed progressively upwards, exiting to the left from the playing area. You will immediately notice the first bean. Take it, then locate the very close eighth fragment, visible on the card. So jump along the nearby platforms until you find the heart, which will allow you to access the world of dreams. Run to the left, sending Luigi towards the Luigision. Then go back to the right, moving the nearby platforms, so that you go to position immediately below the first of the three emitters of nightmares. Then go back to the left. Drop the nearby platforms, but not completely, since the opponent immediately below you is of considerable size and it will be good to jump over his head to be able to defeat him quickly. So tell Luigi to move the next platform too, then destroying the next one very close to you, so as to get to the nth (second, actually) emitter of nightmares. Therefore, project yourself towards the fifth block, taking the nearby coins. Now tell Luigi again to move everything possible, but make him proceed at least up to the seventh block. You will thus reach the last emitter of nightmares, freeing your ally.
Proceed up to the intersection. Then deviate to the right, until you reach a question mark. So go back to the intersection, moving north. Dig for the bean. Then move the platform next to you so that it faces right. Get hit with the hammer by Luigi, and then go down. Move the drill forward to reach the next screen on the right. Pick up the huge bean from the ground, then continue to the right again, moving the ground platform thanks to Mario. Then move forward again, always using the drill to pulverize the remaining stones. Then move north, arriving at the next area. Use the tracks to destroy the various stones. Collect all the beans (bottom left, top left, center-right, top right). So keep going forward.
First go down to the left, pushing back the opponents. Avoid using the hammer to try to "push back" the huge digging machine - it won't do any good. Jump onto the platforms to the top instead, recovering the nightmare emitter (the second one). So move left to find the third subject. Talk to the person in the area to get the tires. Move south, then move east and north. When you reach this new area, break all the rocks and - when you get to the bridge - try to go back, stopping just before the nearby bend. Collect the ninth attack fragment from the upper left corner. Drop along the rocks, grabbing a bean. So locate the other beans directly north, and then project east.

When you get back to this area, stop near the official "stop" on the right, and move the switch in such a way as to allow you to proceed to the right. So hit both nearby rocks, and then go back with the help of the green switch. To the left of the stop, quickly project yourself upwards and then return to the previous screen where you can interact with a bean. Continuing back, above the stop, you will notice a block with a question mark. Take advantage of it, then return to the world of dreams. Here, too, you'll have to interact with three nightmare emitters. Initially move to the right, locating the first one. Then move to the right side of the game area, completing the next two battles, until you reach the block with the question mark. Here, you can get rid of the two digging machines, then deviate to the right and take the last emitter, also freeing the last subject in the area.
Start following the monster. Then complete the key sequence that will appear on the screen, reaching the end of the path. So take the pillow from the monster's surroundings, and place Luigi on the same pillow, thus returning to the world of dreams.
Use the Luigision to throw Mario on the opposite side of the barbed wire. So let yourself be carried away by the next excavator. When you reach the next area, go down and then deviate to the right. Pay attention to the crystals, which you will have to dodge. Also pay attention to the emitter of dreams that will quickly arrive on the scene. Then exit to the left. Clear the dune on the lower level, then use the platform lift to proceed up. Go through the next moving platforms, recovering the coins. Go downstairs, proceeding to the left. Examine the Nightmare Emitter to free your ally. So continue on, quickly clearing your way between the various sand dunes.
Exit the area by proceeding to the top left. Before interacting with the "exclamation" block, go down and grab the next bean. Take the mushroom sauce. Throw yourself towards the question mark, hitting it will cause an elevator to appear. You can proceed north, thus taking the ladder in the sand. So jump to the next screen.

Boss: Grimdorn
The opponent is gifted with the ability to make some particularly powerful blows. In general, however, it will not be difficult for you to counter them, as there are specific "patterns" that you will have to follow to be successful. When eg. you will see him projecting into the air, you will have to hold down the A and B keys. He will therefore try to project himself towards you with his drill. So use the hammer quickly, as soon as Grimdorn is "down" sufficiently. Another possible attack that you will suffer will see the opponent move the various brothers "sideways". You will therefore have to try to hit it exactly when it approaches you from one of the two sides.

Use the left exit to reach the room where you will find the pillow. You will now have to return to the dream world to free the pillow itself. Once in the area, run to the left to face two consecutive battles, not forgetting to pulverize the Mario block in the center.
Then re-enter the screen, proceeding to the altar to the north. Locate the fault to his left. Talk to Traumbert, and then "project" yourself into the dream. Proceed to the platforms on the right, pushing the opponent back, recovering the first attack fragment on the left. Still right, use the drill holes to reach the exit in the next room, recovering the soul of the stone. Then continue to the room on the left.
So move up, grabbing the attack fragment. So leave this play area, and continue to the area where the lowest drill ends its run; from here, go back to the area to the right to get the shard. Go down to the lower floor, exiting the screen. Take advantage of Luigi's tower to proceed to the right. Then walk along the row of small platforms, still to the right. Interact with the red and blue buttons. Continue upwards, causing Luigi's tower to fall, retrieving the pants. Then go back along the way you came from, then continue towards the crystal and use it as a "ladder" to reach the green pipe.
Once on the opposite side of the pipe, use Luigi's tower again to pulverize your opponents. Continue to the left, using the next platforms to get up, examining yet another button. Then go back to the crystal, up to the wall, entering the small hole on the right. Then move towards the exit on the left side. After talking to the stone again, proceed up to the left again, taking attack fragment number six. Continue to the left to get to seven and eight (for the latter you will have to use the mobile platform that will appear on your left).
So you too go out to the left. You will get a new attack, which allows you to use Luigi's tower to pulverize the large granite towers. Go downstairs. Right. Here, too, take advantage of the new capabilities of the towers to move forward.
Go up duque to the right, arriving at the next area. Then continue to the top right exit, moving to the next pipe. Once in the boss area, we recommend that you examine the new equipment available. So save your game by projecting to the left and continuing into the hole. On the opposite side, move forward using the tower, until you are interrupted by a conversation.

Boss: The Dreamstone Robots
Now press the L key for a few seconds. Then move the 3DS as if it were a book, taking the pen in your hand. To complete the battle successfully, it will be enough to follow the suggestions of the Dreamstone.

After yet another dialogue, return to the previous room, activating the save area. Project yourself into the tube on the left. Hit the blue switch, then continue to the right and use the Strudel to leave the area. Proceed to the top of the pajamas (north). When you reach the last screen, you can access the new game area.

World of Beds

Take the first fagliolo at the top. So let yourself fall from the highest part of the raised area, thus proceeding between the two columns (one blue and one green). Therefore, give Mario some hammering to make him shrink, obtaining some coins. Left, to the next area. Left again, finding a question mark. Then proceed south.
Once in the city, pass the information booth and move to the right. Then take the attack fragment. Left, locate the bean immersed in the ground. Continue to the third house on the left, using the external stairs to proceed upwards. At the roof, talk to the Toad. Right, take the second attack fragment. Take the next one as well, then exit west. So again to the left, reaching an intersection to the north. Here you can easily complete the riddle: hit Mario with the hammer, making him project towards the lowest section of the earth. So, place yourself under the cross-shaped plate. So position yourself in such a way as to tilt the field to the left. A platform will approach you from the north, and you can proceed to the lower field. Move everything to the right, then down again. To the right again, then to the top. In the new area, move the square platform up, then the cross-shaped platform down. The riddle will then be considered solved. Jump to the first pillow, to reach the dream world.
Exit the first room to the left. In the next area, you'll have to destroy four nightmare emitters. Proceed all the way to the left, retrieving the gloves from the square with the question mark. Then proceed forward. You will return to the real world. Jump to the roof, recovering the fourth attack fragment. Then enter the next agency, examining the meter. After the conversation with the subjects of the agency, you will need to proceed to the south tower. You will now have to find Muskolone, Muskolini's brother. First, enter the shop to the north, obtaining information on Kylie Koopa. So, combine the following photos. Go upstairs, you will find the fifth attack fragment.
Exit the house, heading south. Starting from the park, continue south. Jump to the upper left area, fending off the crabs. Left, using the hammer to smash the rocks, retrieving the pillow.
Now, left, repelling the first enemy. Once this is done, continue all the way to the right, hitting the nightmare emitter. Left, you will find the second emitter. Back, drop down near the corner between the two nearby platforms, where you will find the last nightmare emitter.
Right, locate the two rocks, retrieving the nearby attack fragment. Continue to the stage, signing up for the Trickathlon - so try "as you please" to recover as many points as possible. Proceed to the right, pushing back the monsters in the area. Talk to the researcher, getting the keys to the door. So get "hammered" by Luigi until you reach the underground area. Approach the next platform from the top. It will be completely squeezed down.
Repeat the whole process starting from the left side. In doing so, you will cause the nearby door to open. Before you go, take the block on the left, then exit along the open door to the north. Use the hammer to shrink Mario. You will then get the seventh attack fragment. Continue to the right again to free the subject in the area.
The first nightmare separator is located on the platform directly "above" you. Jump to get it smoothly. Immediately on the left you will find another one, but you will need a Luigison to get it. So initially project to the left, jumping on the last platform to take the second separator. Continue to the moving blocks in the center, pressing louis' nose. You will therefore have to reach the last divider to finally be able to free the third and last of your colleagues.
Cross the bridge to the south, then turn right. Jump to the Toad, then continue along the rooftops of the beach. Collect the XNUMXth attack fragment, right in the center. Get hit by Luigi, then proceed towards the opening in the center of the roof. Here you can learn a new move (the hello cannon). Left, until you reach the Toad calling you. After talking to him, hit him with the hammer.
Now right, then south, then right, then go down towards the cross. Now go up, then right, then up again, then right again. Left, thus moving the blue rock upwards to complete the riddle. The door will then open, and you will locate Muskolone.
Proceed along the pipe. Run to the right, reaching the "travel agency" of the dream area. Talk to the worker in the area, swerve to the right, examining the block with the question mark. Accept Muskolone's challenge.
After the brief explanation, jump up and then swerve to the screen on the right. You will then get information on the new Luigision object. Kill all the enemies along the path to the left, returning to the central area. Jump to the block in the shape of a question mark, then project yourself over the barrier, entering along the next two pipes. Now go inside the orange tube. Use the Luigision to jump from the block of coins, thus entering the green tube, projecting yourself upwards. Jump to the red pipe and collect the red coins. The downward passage will then automatically open. Examine the Muskulini. So jump also on the next red block, thus entering the next room. Go up the nearby ladder. Examine the block on the right. Exit to the left, reaching the boss.

Boss: Grinshart
The battle must be completed in a total of three rounds. You will also have to eliminate all his "friends" who will populate the game area. When the boss himself shows up towards the front area, you will then have to pay attention to his quick appearing from the area on the right - dodge the blow, and also try to always remain slightly elevated, to avoid contact with the giant crab that will arrive soon. in Zone.
As for your attacks, we mainly recommend using dream-type attacks, more specifically the "sphere" -shaped attacks. Another effective combination sees you use the attack corresponding to a "lightning". Once the battle is complete, you will get the useful item.
Left, go through the orange tube, then the green. Drop to the right, thus also going along the yellow pipe. Right again, enter the Luigision, then go back to the left. So exit the screen by going left, hitting the block in the shape of a question mark. When you reach the next area, you will find an exclamation point, to be hit too, causing the appearance of a timer: within a few seconds you will have to project yourself to the left, hit a second exclamation block, causing the opening of a barrier to the left. Repeat the same operation in the next area, reaching Dreistmut.

Boss: Boldness
The "rules" of this battle will prove to be quite particular: it is only allowed to use counter attacks, and it is not allowed to use "order" effects and / or healing items. In general, the opponent will follow a rather clear attack pattern: when his "levers" are positioned near the back area, he will repeatedly try to run towards you in a horizontal "line", then hitting you at speed. By jumping upwards, you can land again and hit the enemy's head without any problems. Repeat this attack pattern until the opponent's demise.
Proceed along the yellow pipe, then the green, entering the corridor to the left, and therefore using the exit always on the left. So use the tower-shaped Luigison to interact with the green switch. Proceed to the side of the platform, making it slightly "slide", so that the next barrier (above) will open. You can thus proceed without problems within it. Coins will appear in over quantity, which you can withdraw without major problems.
So go to the left, interacting also with the block in the shape of a question mark visible at the top. When you reach the next screen, you will find a Luigision. "Join" the tower, then use the spring at the bottom, so as to reach a green tube. On the opposite side, hit the exclamation block, causing the barrier to fall. Go along the blue tube. Proceed down, then continue to the next screen.
Move the square to the right, thus jumping up. Drop down as soon as you reach the "vicinity" of the nearby hole. Run to the left, drop the nearby tower, then drop both Mario and Luigi into the nearby hole. They will automatically interact with the exclamation block below. Exit to the right, activating the opening. Get rid of the enemies in the next area by reaching Faustsorg.

Boss: Faustsorg
The opponent will project towards you normally using attacks based on "jump", or using quick pairs of spheres. Your goal will be, in general, to be able to repel these pairs of spheres as best you can. Pay attention to the moments when you will see a hammer appear on the screen: the opponent will throw it upwards, then quickly throw it towards you and hit you. You will have to use your own hammer to repel the opponent's blows.
Go through the blue tube to the right, then the green, then the white until you reach your previous goal. Then run to the right, until you reach the next Muskulini. Take advantage of the Luigision, then move to the blue table. A bomb will fall on you from above - dodge it quickly by moving to either side. So quickly hit the bomb, throwing it towards the nearby wall, thus clearing the way. Exit the area to the right.

Bossk: Motzwolk
This is one of the simplest bosses you will face in the entire game. In general, you will need to focus on a strongly offensive strategy. It will allow you to continuously interrupt the enemy during his attack attempts, so that you can quickly complete the battle, without him being able to do anything to you. You will eventually get a medal. Proceed along the white tube, then the green, then follow the green colored men to the right, reaching the travel agency. You will have to deal with Muskolone for the umpteenth time.

Boss: Muscle
He will use a combination of attacks based directly on his "arms". The only real exception is an attack that will see him jump quickly towards you starting from an area at the back - when you see him attempt this shot, you will have to try to speed towards either side. Another shot that you will have to pay close attention to are the "bullets" that Muskolone will quickly shoot at you. We strongly recommend that you use the hammer to reject such "bullets" at the sender. This should end the battle very quickly. Run to the left, entering the green tube, thus leaving the world of dreams thanks to the strudel. Make your way to the top, traveling north first, then examining the pillows.

The Top of the Pajamas

You will now find yourself in front of the top, however, noticing how the entrance is completely closed. Knock to the right so Mario can move the button with the hammer. A staircase will then be created, and you can proceed inside. But take a super syrup near the block in the shape of a question mark. Left, also interact with the mystery cartoon. So right, talking to Muskulini and Muskulone. Follow the brothers north. At the next screen, follow them to the right, pushing the opponent back into the area. Continue to the right again, thus reaching the gondola. Jump on it, then alternately pressing the B and A keys, to throw the gondola upwards.
Proceed slightly to the right again, reaching the Muskolone brothers, who will proceed north. Then destroy the nearby rocks, locating the first cushion. Proceed upwards, then turning left to go through the tunnel. Get the first attack fragment from the top. Go further beyond the brothers. Pick up the second pillow near the rocks. At the next screen, project yourself to the right, then use the nearby gondola to get to the top. Left, trying to get new information from the two Muskoloni brothers. Proceed completely to the left, then down, taking the second attack fragment. Back in the open air, drop down and swerve to the left, exiting the screen and interacting with the huge nearby pajamas. Run to the right, climbing to the nearby small platform, getting rid of the nearby enemy (preferably with the hammer), reaching Mario's block. Then exit the screen by proceeding to the right. Interact with the nightmare emitter below, then drop to the right, hitting the Luigision. Try pressing the R key to change the shapes available to you. So also try to use the kind of "tornado" that will be made available to you in the next area. So use the Luigison to proceed.

At the area just before the end of the room, reactivate the "standard" shape, then jump up to interact with the three nightmare emitters, thus releasing the large pillow. Run to the left, where the two Muskul brothers first disappeared. Drop under the bridge, then proceed north, hitting the Luigiblock. Continuing forward, quickly resort to the tornado, then jump to the right, then north. So left, going to re-meet his brother Muskul. Before proceeding further, turn left and walk through the area just below the bridge, locating the bean hidden there. Interact with it, then take the third attack fragment visible above. Then swerve to the left, exiting the screen and examining the two blocks with the associated question mark.
Proceed to the left, interacting with both Mario and Luigi's blocks. In this way the light will still project forward. You will then locate a block, near which the light will stop. So run to the left, quickly hitting the block and thus freeing the 19th pillow.
Talk to the pillow you freed, letting yourself be carried up to take the fourth attack fragment. Also take the block on the right, then go down again, so as to go in search of the Muscolone brothers again. Then quickly jump upwards using the air current to proceed. Almost reached the final area, deviate to the right, reaching the top. Then go out to the north, locating the Muscolone brothers at the top. Right, examine the question mark block. Left, take the bean. Left again, so take the fifth attack fragment slightly on the left, then continue to proceed towards the top, using the "turbine" to project yourself upwards. So, let yourself fall down and then repeat the whole process again, arriving near the next pillow.
Run to the left, using the Luigision, then use the nearby "tornado" to quickly proceed to the right. Examine the nightmare emitter in the area, releasing the third pillow. Proceed north using the "tornadoes" in the area, reaching the two "beans" and the block shaped like a question mark. So go back to the foot of the mountain, and proceed towards its top. Then swerve to the left, locating the camera block. Talk to the Muscolone on the right, then project yourself forward, then interact with the nearby red fan. Then exit the screen in question, using the exit at the bottom right. At the next screen, project yourself towards the huge pillow to quickly release it. Run to the right, then being stopped by a kind of stone. Jump to the exclamation block in the center of the room. Interact with all five blocks in the area before time runs out (you will have 15 seconds in all). So proceed further forward, hitting the blocks in the following order: 5-4-3-2-1, thus opening your way easily. Then hit the emitter of dreams, so as to free the second huge pillow.

Top of the Pajamas - The Descent

The huge pillows will open the next door for you, and you can proceed along with the muscle brothers. They will instruct you about a new "technique", a kind of tornado that allows you to easily pierce the walls. You will therefore find yourself in a corridor full of lava. Use the "new" technique to proceed to the north exit. Proceed towards the gray stone, associated with a happy face, then deviate to the right and reach the block in the shape of a question mark. Then go back to the left, recovering the nearby sixth attack fragment. Go upstairs, taking the pillows, then projecting yourself into the world of dreams.
Left, to the next area. Use the ball-shaped Luigision to get carried away by the current, reaching the emitter of nightmares. At the end of the path, you can retrieve the fifth pillow. Let yourself be projected forward from the pillow you have released, so as to interact with the block in the shape of a question mark. Go back down, reaching the blue arrow completely covered by snow. Proceed to the right of the source, taking the fault. Drink from the spring. After the dream, follow the Muscolone brothers north. Save your game, enter the hole, then right. Jump over the lava, talking to the brothers. Right, bottom, right. Jump up, grabbing the seventh attack fragment. Swerve south, reaching two beans. Left, hit the red button using the hammer. Cross the bridge to the left. Project yourself up, then interact with the exclamation point, then swerve to the left and use the digger.
Destroyed the ice fragments, go left again, past the statue of Muskul. Use the digger again to get past the ice. Left again, watch out for the wind. Examine the area to the south, passing the lava, recovering the eighth attack fragment. Then go down to the left, then place the Luigi block above you. Right, move north past the lava. Right, hit the red button using the hammer. Cross the bridge on the right. Jump to the block, making the platform look like an elevator. Right, remove the last pieces of ice, then take the bean. So locate the two huge pillows near the nearby plain.
Proceed to the left, freeing yourself from Magmirr and Frostirre. Then proceed towards the Luigiblock, then exiting to the right. Stop by the ice sculpture before you get to the nightmare emitter. Locate the exclamation point near the central area. You will therefore have to jump on the following blocks, using the 5-4-3-2-1 sequence. Once this is done, interact with the emitter of nightmares using the hammer. You will return to the "real" world. Proceed to the huge pillow in the area. Right, use the Luigision, then exit the tower and proceed to the next room on the right. Destroy the next three emitters of nightmares, using Luigi's tower as an aid, also freeing the fourth pillow.
Access to the summit will now be completely free; proceed north, locating the legendary Mammoth.

Boss: Mammotz
First of all, immediately pay attention to the large snowball that will be released by the Mammotz, which you can quickly hit with the hammer in order to send it back to the sender. You will therefore have to quickly press the keys that will be indicated on the screen to avoid being crushed by the Mammotz. Similar considerations apply to the opponent's attempts to throw you towards the rocks on the back: we recommend hitting quickly the stone that will be thrown towards you. So, when the area just above the enemy's hands starts flashing yellow, throw yourself into his arms and hit him repeatedly. As for probably the most effective attacks, we do not recommend using the hammer, instead going to prefer a quick jump towards the enemy's head. So move north, approaching the dream stone. Talk to the Muskolone, then climb up the mountain to the right, then let the turbine carry you to the top. Examine the play area, then project yourself to the next "dream" area.
Run to the right, then climb up along the platforms, stopping to the right again, recovering the first attack fragment. Continuing forward, you will find a new Luigision. Enter it, then press the red button. Therefore, project yourself towards the question mark on the left. Continuing to the right again, hit the question mark block, making the platform "rise" so that you can proceed to the right. So take the second attack fragment. So go down again, using the controls to freeze the water and thus always open a passage that allows you to proceed to the right.
In the next room, move the ice block from right to left, then throw yourself forward with the Luigision, using the block to get to the platform above. You will then get the third attack fragment. Continue to the next block again, quickly pressing the blue button, causing a platform to descend. Move the block to the left so you can get the fourth attack fragment. Then exit the play area.
Then jump to the right, climbing up the platforms, recovering the fifth attack fragment. Now right, reopening the dream portal. Use the Luigisions to reach the opposite side of the crater, then continue upwards. You will reach the fourth warehouse. Here you can pick up the sixth attack fragment from the top, then exit the play area to the left. Now proceed towards the exit, continuing to the right. Jump forward, grabbing the seventh fragment above. Return to the previous screen by moving Luigi towards the inside of the corresponding object. Place Mario on the right side of the moving platform. Proceed to the next platform, go up to the top, examine the platform below, noting how - when both platforms are up - the surroundings will freeze. You can then throw forward from the spring-shaped block, then continue left to grab the eighth attack fragment, and jump onto the block to throw yourself up.
Then continue to the left, and then go to drink near the fountain. Jump to the top once you reach the sign and grab the ninth fragment. Continue to the left, taking the tenth. So use the hammer to free yourself the way forward. So jump up to avoid the area just behind you. Then deviate to the left, then repositioning the square in such a way as to allow you to continue straight ahead. Then go down to the lower floor, then right along the only accessible passage. Then leave the room, again to the right. Interact with the two blocks in the area, then go back and leave the room to the left.
Now move the block first to the left, then upwards, thus reaching a blue button, as well as a block in the shape of a question mark. Then move the block all the way to the right. Hit the black question mark block visible on the opposite side. Then freeze the surroundings again, moving the block to the left, interacting with it again and then using it as a support for a further jump. Then move to the white block, using the nearby platforms to continue to the upper left.
So use the Lugision in the next room, so you can project yourself to the opposite side. Pay attention to the snow, which could obscure your view - in that case, you will have to use the "windbreaker" to clear the way (unfortunately, this will often happen as you proceed upwards). Enter the pipe on the right, also going through this screen, and saving the game just before your entry into the next area.

The True Top

Move to the right so Luigi can take the item for the Luigision. Instead, position yourself near the orange container, then creating a small tornado. You will now have to pay close attention to the speakers positioned one above the other, locating their "weak point": it corresponds to the round and rough area marked by a cross. Hit it repeatedly, causing a volcano to appear, which will be associated with a boss at the end of the level.

Boss: The Top
Also in this case, in general, you will only have to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen and try to get a certain "feeling" about the right timing with which to execute your shots. However, pay attention to the "bars" of lava that will gradually rise from under the volcano: you will have to try to hit them with the hammer to push them back towards the sender basement. However, your general strategy should be to "send back" the spheres that are thrown at you.

After the battle, the portal will reopen to return to the "real" world.

After the conversation, project yourself towards the pipe block, causing several "high velocity" pipes to appear along the entire island. Move left, behind the previous area where Luigi slept, to locate two beans. Then enter the hole on the left, locating the pipe that leads to the castle. Quickly run down the ladder, then project yourself to the painting in the lower right.

The Sleep Beach

Reaching the entrance, you will have to make Mario smaller with the hammer, so that he can go and interact with the question block. So exit the room, to the south. At the next screen, proceed further to avoid the men in the area. Left then, arriving at the large stone wall. Inside, a fagliolo. Use your ability to create a "vortex" to get to the block on the right. Then deviate south, west, across the bridge.
Then continue towards the shop on the right, also recovering the pants inside. Then proceed north, talking to Blockhilde. So, proceed to the dream area, thus being able to enter the dream world itself. Take the attack fragment on the right, then go along the beach, and go left again. Hit Mario with the hammer, making him as small as possible. Go to the blue platform. Left, press the red button. Take advantage of the "new" bridge to continue to the left again. Once in the next area, locate the exclamation block and interact with it, causing the platform to activate. Then project yourself to the left, interacting also with the question block. Also cross the next bridge, finally reaching the dream area.
Immediately take the first attack fragment visible on the right. Then go past Peach, reaching the following screen. Climb to the top of the mound, locating the object in the sand and interacting with it. Your goal will now be to deliver three dream eggs in order to expand the dream as a whole. To do this, you will first have to go back to the beach to go and locate the Sisters of Seoul.
Exit to the east. Climb onto the blue platform, then continue up, projecting onto the stone on the left. Now go back to the previous platform, waiting for it to be halfway up. So use the drill to break the wall on the right. Quickly hit the porous rocks on the left, then locate the two beans on the right. Climb on the blue platform, proceed forward and let yourself be carried up by the orange platform, towards the area at the top right. You can pick up the second attack fragment here. Continue to the left, taking a fragment of rock, beyond which you will have to quickly project yourself. So jump over the nearby blue platform, then deviate to the left, along the rock wall. Locate the blocks below by interacting with them. So, also interact with the red button. So get out of the dream zone. Quickly run to the next room, entering the green pipe. So use the Luigision to change the position of the nails in the area. So locate the last one, completely to the left, and move it all the way up. So use it as a substitute for the ladder to get to the next area. Talk to Seebine, then get out of the dream world.
Run to the left, interact with the first pillow, also taking the third attack fragment that you will easily find in the area. Continue to the left, entering the dream world, freeing the pillow.
Run to the left, fighting Lakitu and his army. We recommend using your "dream" attacks to maximize the damage dealt. So, to locate the first nightmare emitter, you will need to exit this area by proceeding to the area at the top right. Go back to the previous area, then enter the upper left exit, reaching the second dream emitter. The last one can be found in the immediately underground area, by going down one screen, and then proceeding to the left beyond the only available exit. Use the hammer, then proceed to the screen on the left. Use the pipe again, then proceed to the platform at the top left. Go up one level, taking the attack fragment from the "hole" in the rocks. Climb further, destroying the rocks again. Make Mario smaller, then proceed into the hole. Go back to Luigi, using the nearby pipe, entering the rocks on the right, arriving at the opposite side. Stop near these rocks, then move further to the right, arriving at the next screen, there you can project yourself up and take the fifth attack fragment.
Run to the left, along the rocks. Examine the moss, then continue south, press the red button, move to the bridge that leads north, across the stream. Proceed along the area between the two nearby rocks, taking the beans. Then cross the nearby bridge. Continue to the left, locating the next bean. Jump over the rocks to the left, use the blue platform, then climb right again. Activate the block with the exclamation mark, then the blue platform. Continue beyond the wall on the right. Interact with the red button, then head north, smashing the nearby stone and grabbing the attack fragments. Then go back to the center, and continue upwards, locating an iridescent block and a bean. Hit the rocks, then head back to the dream area.
Exit to the left from the first area. Go downstairs, locating Luigi's block. Proceed to the exclamation point above, then continue forward and talk to Seebastian. Collect the dream egg, then enter the pipe on the left, returning to the portal. Proceed to the area to the right, always continuing forward as long as it continues to be possible. So go up to the mountain species above, taking the seventh attack fragment. Return to the previous area, entering the south pipe. In the next area, exit west, left. At the northeast corner, you can take the eighth attack fragment. Talk to the Muskolone, then proceed to make a quick hunt during the next "round". Hit Mario so that he is placed underground, then recover the various coins in the following areas, then continue beyond the bridge and take the ninth attack fragment. You will reach the dream area, interact with the egg there.

Proceed along the mattresses, always making Mario go forward. Exit the area, using the pipe at the top. At the next area, reposition the nearby object so that the arrow points to the Luigision on the right. So let yourself fall down, interacting with the block in the shape of an exclamation point, continuing towards the blue tube. Then reposition the nearby object again, continuing to the next tube, finally recovering the third egg.
Go back to Seemuel, running to the right, hitting the two stones with the hammer, so that you can continue forward and recover the tenth attack fragment. Now exit the area, to the right. Make the attacks that will be indicated on the screen. Once near the egg, jump up to "increase" the size of the dream world. So continue towards the back. Run to the left, thus taking advantage of the Luigision, so you can use the nearby tube without problems. Jump along the piranha plants in the next area, then change the position of the room so that you have the left pipe exactly under your feet, so you can use it to get out of this area.
Then place the umbrella in the next area, making sure that Luigi repositions the gravitational force in such a way as to be "projected" towards the second attack fragment. To continue towards the third, you will have to reposition the gravitational "force" to make you project downwards, arriving at a new block, and slightly to the left you can take the third attack fragment. So let yourself fall down starting from the umbrella, thus jumping towards the stone, and leaving for the umpteenth time. Run to the right, you will find yourself exactly in front of the fourth attack fragment. Enter the pipe on the right, taking the fifth attack fragment in the area exactly to the right. So interact with the block in the shape of a question mark, then exit to the left. You will now have to solve a kind of "riddle" based on gravitational force. The symbols in the area must be placed next to each other, only in this way you can proceed further. Using the Luigision, you will have to move the force to the left, then up, then to the right, then again up, left, down, right, down. Then enter the "new" tube, visible in the area below.
Make your way to the left, getting a second "zoom" of the dream world. At the next area, try to shift gravity to the left, dropping yourself towards the sixth attack fragment. Drop it down, then left, climbing up the wall. Move gravity to the right, then jump under the question mark block. So let yourself fall along the right wall of the playing area, going to retrieve the second stone in the shape of an exclamation point. Then drop down to the blue pipe below, reaching the new play area. Enter the green pipe, dropping to the lower left room, where you can take the seventh attack fragment. Return to the previous area. Move gravity to the nearby corner, reaching the block on the left. Move the force of attraction to the right, entering the next tube.
Move the force of gravity down, run towards the center, then move the force of gravity towards the cover. So position yourself under the green tube, and move it downwards. Proceed forward, using Luigision's floating tornado, so that you can proceed to the left. Collect all the coins in the area, then - when you reach the next area, move the force of gravity near the blanket, positioning yourself to the right of the tube and repositioning gravity in a "standard" way. You will find yourself exactly behind the eighth attack fragment. Proceed to the right, then relocate the gravity on the "cover", then deviate to the left. You can jump to the pipe. Follow it; In the next room, you can shift the force of gravity upwards, then run to the lower right area, taking the ninth attack fragment.
Jump to the next screen, shifting gravity to the right, jumping to the question block above you. A blue tube will then open. Run to the nearby cover, shift gravity to the left, climb to the elevated area, and interact with the next question block, repositioning the gravity area to the right. Try again to interact with the block, thus recovering the tenth attack fragment in the lower right area, obtaining the possibility to exploit a new type of attack - the fever of the dream. You will have to start from your tutorial "menu", then exit the room to the left. When you reach the next area, interact with the last "egg".
Exit to the right to leave the first game area, but remember to save. Grab the Luigision, then quickly jump up, locating the area where a kind of "screwdriver" is stuck into the earth. It prevents you from proceeding. Now, swerve to the nearest screen, then go down. Continue to the right, collecting the coins in the area. Then project yourself upwards again, entering the tube on the right. In the next area, you'll have to deal with gravity again. Move it initially, as usual, over the nearby cover. So run to the right, fighting against the piranha plants. Run forward again, reaching the block shaped like a question mark. Move slightly to the right, moving gravity along the "covered" area, then moving further to the right, where you will have to eliminate one last piranha plant.
You will then have to solve another gravity-based riddle. You will first have to move gravity up, then right, down, left, up, right, down. The tube will therefore be completely free from interference, and you will be able to interact with Peach.

Boss: Bowser's Elite Guards
Here you will necessarily have to use the attacks in the shape of a "sphere" - this is the only way you can eliminate all three opponents. In each round you will have to try to hit everyone present, with one exception: when it is necessary to heal yourself, or when Guydo will go to load his "cannon". In this case you will have to make a "jump" attack starting from the cannon, so as to be able to hit the enemy with certainty.

Swerve right along the pink pipe, then hit the nearby question mark block, and proceed along the blue pipe until you reach the exit. Talk to Blockhilde. So, go back to the pillow castle, inserting yourself in the pipe to the left of the lilac house.

The Castle of the Pillows

Once at the castle, proceed towards the meeting room, meeting Schlummermehr. After the conversation, let yourself be projected into the "world of dreams", in search of Pennhenne. Proceed to the pink globe of light, walking through it in its entirety. You will therefore find yourself in front of the Pennhennen monument. Proceed to the right, pressing the blue switch with the hammer, then continuing to the screen on the right. Get rid of the Zonrblock in the area. Continue to the right, so that Luigi goes to interact with the Luigision in the area. Roll to the right, reaching the wall, then continuing towards Sackgasse. Let yourself be taught the right "technique" in the area, so project yourself along the cable car, turning to the right, then letting yourself fall into the nearby hole. So use the "hook" to help you proceed, recovering the coins in the area. Quickly run to the left by pressing the blue button. So exit this game area, to the left. Go up one floor further, then quickly deviate to the left, positioning yourself near the Lugision. Take advantage of the formations similar to a "sphere", so you can connect to the hook and retrieve the coins, and then exit to the left.
Once in the next room, run downstairs, then approach the next Luigision (on the left). Jump on the following blocks, eventually arriving at the Luigision itself, obtaining a new ability - the "ball hammer". Go back to the right, pulverizing all the blocks in the area, making your way to the elevated platform and taking the next cable car. Smash the nearby blocks, press the blue button, thus returning to the Pennhennen monument. Take the introduction to the Ultibett, then proceed to the left, reaching the flash of golden light, from which you can reach a kind of "plain of dreams".
Get rid of the simple enemy, then get out of the dream and proceed along the nearby pipe that runs along the castle, arriving at the foot of the top.

The Five Fragments

Begin to proceed starting from the north, until you reach the star visible on the map, where the first Muscolone brother is located. You will therefore have to go in search of the treasure. You move forward one screen, getting information on a new technique - kind of a quick jump. You can use it right away to successfully follow the brothers upwards. Then take the two beans from the right. Follow the brothers along the next bridge, arriving at a ladder, along which you will have to quickly proceed using the sphere, so as to reach the rocks above. Then deviate to the right, along the next tube.
Then proceed east, to the right. Make your way forward using the drill, arriving at the area on the far right. So take advantage of the help of the Prall-Ball to get to the nearby bridge, which you will have to walk to the left. So take the bean from the earth. Return to the previous screen, continuing north. You will reach a door. Use the Prall-Ball to proceed forward. You will therefore have to solve what appears to be a "puzzle" based on a sequence of jumps, but in reality you can safely proceed forward randomly, since you have no real time limits. So take the attack fragments from the Muskolone brothers, thus making you also teach a new move.
Follow the Musclemen beyond the door. Continue to the north part of the room. You will therefore locate a Prall-Ball on the right, use it to project yourself upwards starting from the left side, reaching the area of ​​the top. You will therefore have to project yourself forward into the world of dreams, forcibly.
Run to the left, reaching an exclamation mark-shaped block, activating it. You will now have 30 seconds to get to the next stone, visible above you. You can then project yourself to the upper floor, and continue along the frozen area. Making your way into the next room, you can pick up the Lugision and go down to the ground floor, thus interacting with the hammer. Back in the real world, you will have to proceed further to go in search of the next fragments of can.
Proceed along the nearby pipes to get to the next entrance, continuing to the next screen to the northeast. Go through a subsequent screen, taking the coins. Right again, trying to interact with the nearby block. So project yourself forward after the conversation. Go down further, taking the bean. Right, continue north, then enter the pipe and right again, up to Luigi. Roll over and continue to the left. Go upstairs, hitting the nightmare emitter with the hammer.
Run to the right again. Take the bean to the north. Right, jump up and enter the blue pipe. Press the B key, walking along the green tube and continuing further forward. Pick up the bean from the ground. Jump east, grabbing the last pillow. Enter the world of dreams, take the tube and climb up to Luigi. Run to the left, smashing the nightmare emitter. Go back and exit the room to the right. After the conversation with Traumbert, project yourself to the right, then quickly press B to return to the dream world. Move the "pull" force towards the cover so you can proceed beyond the next tube.
Then shift the force of gravity down, thus running along the pipe to the right. Go past the red block. Once in the next room, go through the rocks and move gravity to the left, reaching the portal.
Proceed north from the castle entrance. Enter right, reaching the combat arena. Get rid of Groboter X, then proceed south. Continue to the mushroom forest. First deviate to the left, crossing the bridges to the north and recovering the objects in the area. Head back south along the blocks. Jump to the photo block, then swerve to the left, picking up the bean. Left, arriving at the world of dreams and continuing to the left. Hit the four nightmare emitters. Return to the previous screen. Enter the green tube, going down to the cellar.
Talk to Blockhart. Continue south, then east, retrieve the bean at the top right. Break the stone on the right, then enter the umpteenth pipe that will appear. Right, jump up and hit the right area again with the hammer. Follow the platforms to the left again. Left, reaching Luigi. Jump up, then enter to the left, thus arriving at the crystal of nightmares. So free the last of the five cushions in the park. Proceed to the container to the south, making yourself project towards the cannon on the left.
Still north, thus using the sphere to continue upwards, talking to the park worker, thus being able to cross the bridge without problems. So pulverize the stones on the ground floor. Make Mario smaller, then clean up the bottom area well. Continue south, still using the cannons. Climb further, throw left and smash the rocks. Project yourself forward again, waiting for the tube in the center to turn to the left. Then project yourself towards the "corner" tube at the top right. North again, moving left, arriving at the next rock. South, coming to the far south corner, picking up the super mushroom and continuing north, breaking the stone to get to the block.
South, talk to the "woman" block in the house east of the beach. You will get a piece of stone. Run all the way to the west, reaching a mechanism made up of stone gears. Wait for Bert to say the keyword. So interact with the question block on the right. Enter the next game area, hitting the various stones in the area.
Quickly shrink Mario, exiting the room to the left. Go back now. When you get to the next room, use the sphere that proceeds along the area to the north, reaching the pillow. You will thus reach the world of dreams. Move to the right, pulverizing the nightmare emitter. Exit to the southwest. Proceed upwards obliquely. Proceed inside the hole. Continue right along one screen, entering the hole that allows you to proceed forward. Arrived near the airport. Ignore the Goombas, eliminating the flying subjects instead.

Video - Presentation Trailer

The New Bowser Castle

Activate the nearby pillow, so as to proceed towards the world of dreams. In the next room, use the nearby object for Luigi so as to project yourself upwards, freeing the pillow. Proceed along the pipe, arriving at the park administration, recovering the nearby attack fragments. Enter Bowser's Castle. After dodging the special attack, quickly proceed to the right and flip the nearby switch. Continue to the next room, then go up to the exit near the portal at the top right.
Climb on the main platform, get rid of the enemies, and then get to the first attack fragment, near the new Bowser castle. Pass the Lilac platforms, taking the exit on the left. Go down to the Lilac platform below. Follow the elevated platforms, even passing one on the lava. After a few lilac platforms, you will reach the second attack fragment. Run to the right, using the moving platforms, to the third attack fragment. Project to the left, passing the exit on the left, taking the fourth attack fragment. Take the pipe to the right, running after Kamek again, exiting towards the area at the top left. Enter the green tube on the right. Drop down, interacting with the Luigisions type object. Use it to move to the pipe on the right. Enter, then continue to the upper right area, interacting with the red block.
A pipe will open on the right, enter. Swim through the maze, getting directions from Traumbert to a new ability, which allows you to destroy surrounding walls (by pressing A). Then continue to the upper left area, and enter the pipe on the right.
Use the Luigi again to move towards the next opening, along the nearby wall, interacting with the exclamation block. Go down the next pipe, right, go up the wall, then left. You will now have to deal with Kamek.

Bossk: Kamek
In general, responding to Kamek's shots will be pretty simple: when Kamek "joins" his clones in a single row, you can project yourself to the bottom or top of the screen. When it begins to "throw" the fire, move to either side instead. At the end, jump forward to get past the last bullet. Make some dream attacks to clear all clones - the only "real" clone will then become visible, so you have to quickly jump towards it to damage it. So go back to the "normal" world.

Proceed north, then east. Enter the back area, locating a hole along the north wall. Hit Mario, to make him small. Proceed inside the first exit. Pick up the items inside. Re-enter the hole, then right, so when you are "stuck" turn south. Get the fifth attack fragment. Go back, then north. Hit the block, then jump into the elevator with Bowser's face. Left, take the two beans, then upstairs.

New Bowser Castle - First Floor

Save, proceed to the next screen, to the north. Take the sixth attack fragment, then interact with the question block. Right, north. Roll towards the bombs, then along the bridge to the left. So immediately north, then use the platforms on the left and right to start moving forward. North, watch the cutscene, then turn left. Locate a sand field at the bottom right and find two beans. Jump to the nearby Kamek block, then grab the seventh attack fragment. Exit north. You will reach a corridor with a "dream" area, recover the eighth attack fragment here, then locate the red switch at the top. Hit it with the new hammer to activate it. Exit to the top, entering the world of dreams. Run to the screen on the right. Interact with the question block at its end. Climb along the "trail" of lava, using the neighbors Luigi, to propel yourself upwards. Then exit to the right, entering the door. Run to the right, encountering Peach, who unfortunately will quickly transform into Kamek.

Boss: Kamek 2
The first half of this fight will be completely similar to that of the previous fight, you will have to "eliminate" the fake Kamek with your skills, until there is only one left, and interact directly and only with it. Kamek will therefore summon an army of skeletons. We recommend jumping on their heads to take them out in series, then throwing the remaining bones at your enemy. By repeating this process, you will go on to achieve victory. After the battle, you can take advantage of the ultra-syrup while interacting with the question block. Then continue through the door, interacting with the green pipe.

Back at the castle, proceed to the left, then north, recovering the ninth attack fragment. Return to the dream area, then proceed north. Run through the bombs. North, go along the tracks. Drop down to the screen to the south, then move further south, taking the XNUMXth attack fragment.
Go back north, to the area where the bombs "roll". Continue all the way north, zigzagging through the bombs. Go through three exits to the north, then move to the upper left road. Activate the question mark block on the right.
Zigzag to the right, then exit to the right, retrieving two beans. Return to the previous area, entering the central area. Then continue along the dream area again. You will then locate three fans below. However, exit the play area to the right, down to the platform, and jump along the tornadoes "above" the lava. Jump again on the consecutive platforms, to the left.
You will find blocks in the shape of a question mark. Hit the first and second switches from the right, then the fourth, then the sixth. Then continue to the left. Climb to the upper right area, hitting the block. Go back to the fans. Hit the rightmost switch first, setting off a bomb on the left. Then hit the switch on the left. Exit the game area, to the left. Take advantage of the Luigi-block, thus returning to the fans. First interact with the left button, then with the central one, making all the bombs explode, thus being able to proceed. Go back to the corridor, press the switch to the right, thus opening the door to the dream area. Left from the exit, then using the back door. Use the wind to get carried away to the lower floor. Left, so take advantage of the wind again to carry you forward. Continue up to the left, arriving for the third time in the vicinity of Kamek.

Boss: Kamek 3
There will be four different Kameks here, all with different abilities. The green and white Kameks are the "poorest" - we recommend starting immediately with white, taking advantage of the dream attacks immediately. So quickly switch to green. You will then have to switch to red: pay attention to his "run-up", which always anticipates his every attack - as soon as you see him move forward, you will have to move sideways to dodge the blow.
As for the last Kamek, he will first project himself towards the block where you are currently, then moving quickly upwards and also hitting you with the same speed, transforming himself into a kind of "bullet" that moves towards you. You will therefore have to jump to avoid this blow, and then continue with dream-type attacks while the enemy will be stunned by the impact with the ground. Then enter the pipe on the left to return to the world of the living.

South, then exit using the upper left area. Continue along the next screen, picking up the two beans. Return to the previous area, moving north, and then straight north again. Climb on the green pipe, interact with the switch on the opposite side, reaching the shortcut, and then continue north again.

New Bowser Castle - Second Floor

Proceed to the exit at the bottom right, using the drill to get to the next Bowser statues. Use the central platform to proceed south, still using the drill to get past the statues. Collect the two beans, then use the nearby sphere to jump over the next block. Proceed to the top right exit, then west, north, grab the bean. South, exit to the west, then open your way using the "sphere" mode, reaching the south area.
Start exploiting Luigi right away, walking through the next blocks. Continue up, hitting the various stones and finally jumping to the last block, thus arriving at the exit. Finally, you will reach the "source" of fire. Let yourself fall down, arriving near the Luigi. Go down the pipe at the bottom right, going through the portal. Continue north, arriving at the dream area. Then run to the left, taking the drill and using it to proceed to the right. Continue along the green pipe, which leads to the fire, which you will need to reset at speed. Then continue along the next pipe, immediately under the fire, arriving at Luigi. Project yourself upwards, to return to the world of the "living".
There will still be a "fire" missing on the way to Anthasma. Proceed through the lower left exit, arriving at a fiery statue. Continue south, using the tornado here as well to first get to Luigi on the left, then take the small platforms to the right. You will come to the exit, at the bottom right. Interact with the two beans, then return to the previous area.
Enter the upper left, then move along the serpentines, then south, taking the bean in the sand. Return to the main corridor by pressing the key to the south of the door, then projecting yourself towards the dream area. Go through the green pipe on the left, interacting with the Luigison that regulates gravity, then with the red button. Retrieve the red coins, then activating the exclamation block, which regulates the opening of the next door. Take the green pipe to the left. You will find yourself near the "source" of the fire. Use Luigi's "sphere" as a hammer, then enter the green tube at the bottom left, returning to the world of the living.

New Bowser Castle - Third Floor

The path to Antasma will now be free of obstacles. Then proceed along the central corridor, continuing north. Save near the exit, then reach Bowser.
Run to the left, then to the green pipe, so as to project yourself to the next area. Climb to the top right, retrieving Luigi's clone. At the next area, go down to the right, run right again to the huge sphere. Destroy it thanks to Luigi. Right. Use the Luigision again to throw yourself up to the right, reaching the door. Use the tornado to free your view by jumping across the platforms now visible. So take advantage of Luigi's "chain", projecting yourself along the following platforms passing the flames. Exit the room to the left, hitting the question mark. Go through the phantom door, then use the Luigision to throw yourself up. Dodge the cannon shot. Jump forward again, proceeding to the exit that leads you to Bowser.

Boss: Bowser
In general, the hallmark of this battle is Bowser's remarkable ability to "take away" life points for each attack. Your goal should therefore be to bargain as often as possible. In general, when Bowser is at one end of the bridge, you will need to attack quickly with your hammer. When, on the other hand, Bowser will be positioned near a grid, you will have to prefer a defensive approach.

Boss: Antasma
In this battle, we highly recommend using the attack called "Hammer of Dreams", an attack capable of inflicting the greatest number of damage per shot to the enemy. When the whole game is "modified" in 3 dimensions, proceed to the back area and try to reposition yourself in the center of the ring, so as to "stabilize" your skills.

Boss: Bowser-Dream
Quickly jump on Bowser's elevator. So save the game, then locating Peach inside his cage. Exit, reaching Bowser. We recommend starting to hit him from the head, then passing the arm. However, the main problem will manifest itself in the instant in which Bowser will go to position himself on the "back" of the play area. In these cases, it will regenerate a certain amount of HP for each turn. You will therefore have to try to quickly eliminate the opponents that will appear in the front area, so that Bowser is forced to reposition himself forward. Generally speaking, this is a simple but long and tedious battle, so don't worry if you think you need too much time to destroy Bowser - it's normal.

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Video Solution - Castle of the Pillows

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