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The solution is based on the US version for PC, so there may be differences in the Spanish version and / or other platforms.


Marty McFly: a high school student who has had a number of adventures while traveling through time. When the game begins, it will be in 1931 on the day of the exhibition.
Emmett Brown: is the younger version of Doc and is excited for his next demonstration at the show.
Doc Brown: good friend of Marty, who built a time machine from a car. When the game begins, it's a 1986 alternate Doc who marries Edna Strickland. This Doc is not as cute as the regular one.
Arthur McFly: Marty's grandfather is somewhat shy and is in charge of the exhibition.
Trixie Trotter: a singer who dates Arthur McFly and is fond of Marty.
Edna Stickland: a somewhat arrogant woman who hates alcohol, believes that the end justifies the means, so she has no qualms about taking violent and immoral actions to get what she wants.
Danny Parker: a local police officer, known for capturing Kid Tannen. He likes Marty, but he doesn't like having to follow Edna's orders at all.
Hostile dude: an angry person who collided with Marty in the second episode. Sells seaweed sweets.
Jacques Doubtful: a famous underwater explorer working on the exhibit.
Cueball: one of Kid Tannen's former employees working on the show.
Judge Erhardt Brown: Emmett Brown's stern father, will try to stop Emmett's demonstration at the show.
William McFly: Arthur McFly's father, he is very protective of his family, but he is also quite friendly.
Beauregard Tannen: the Tannen who built Hill Valley Saloon in 1870.
Kid Tannen: the villain of the second episode appears during some final scenes of this game.
Einstein: Doc's dog, appears in the final scenes of the game.
George McFly: Marty's father, appears in the final scenes of the game.
Beef Teeth: Kid Tannen's son, appears in the final scenes of the game.
Marty from the future: three different versions of the Marty of the future will appear in the final scenes of the game.


At any point in the game you can press the space bar to pause. You can also press "ESC" to adjust game settings, stop playing, or save and load games. The game has an autosave feature.
The game will ask you if you want automatic objectives. At the top left of the screen is the objectives button, you can click on it to find out what Marty's current objective is; if you select "automatic goals" instead, the goal will be automatically displayed on the screen when Marty gets a new one. You can change the menu settings at any time during the game. You can also skip a line of dialogue with the right click.


Our hero Marty wakes up inside Emmett's laboratory. The latter is ready to begin his scientific career with the large demonstration at the Hill Valley Exposition. Marty will help Emmett with the proof because he is a friend of his and because, if the proof fails, Emmett would not be able to grow up to be the mad scientist we all know and love. Emmett needs one thing to demonstrate his flying machine: the static accumulator. Marty will pick it up and head to the exhibit.
Marty will race at the 1986 show from the alternative Doc. Talk to him, using the conversation option of your choice. As the conversation progresses, the alternate Doc will declare that science is the root of all problems in his life, and think it would be better for everyone if Emmett's demonstration at the exhibit proved a failure. So now it looks like Marty has to help Emmett with the demonstration, despite Doc's interference.
Doc will try to steal the part of the flying machine that Marty owns, but will fail. Marty will now have to chase the flying static accumulator. Walk left and click on it or walk towards it. Follow it left again, then towards the school. The part will float up, out of range, so click on the lamppost to climb it and then click on it to grab it. Marty will be thrown around the part for a while, then the scene ends.
After this, Marty will enter the exhibit, which looks quite exciting, and Emmett's demonstration will be in the corner, so head to this area to meet Detective Parker and Edna Strickland. Edna thinks Marty is a secret agent named Yakov Smirnoff, and orders Officer Parker to have Emmett's demonstration suspended. Oh no! Parker tells Marty (privately) that he thinks Edna is crazy, but that she has to do what she tells him to do. Unless Marty can find a way to destroy Edna's credibility in the eyes of the police captain, Parker will have to follow her orders.
So your first goal will be: find a way to discredit Edna, so that Parker isn't forced to follow her orders and Emmett's booth can be reopened. Examine the flowers at the police station, and Parker will reveal that they are actually a recording device. Marty wants to take one, but every time he tries to, he gets caught. There are flowers inside the glass room, but Marty doesn't have any tickets. Talk to Trixie Trotter and ask her about the attractions, then the tickets to enter them, which she will give you. Use them to enter the Furniture of the Future exhibit and grab the flowers.
Go back to the police area and use the flowers you got from the glass room on the flower recording device, so Marty will swap them between them. Then go to the phone booth near Trixie and use the flowers on the phone, so you will record everything that is said by the person using it. Go back to the furniture exhibit of the future and use the green button on the control panel to use the phone, then call the exhibit phone (which is the phone booth of the future). Say you are Carl Sagan (aka Doc in this timeline) and ask to speak to Edna Strickland, then talk to her about her dark secret, and she will confess to you that she is the arsonist of Speakeasy.
Go back to the phone booth and grab the tape recorder with Edna's confession. Use Danny Parker's tape recorder, when he listens to the tape he will decide that Edna deserves to be questioned at the police station about her criminal activities. Edna runs and Danny chases her, and together they leave the exhibit, so Marty decides that the police barricades in front of Emmett's booth can now be lifted.


Now that Edna has been discredited, Emmett's booth has reopened; this is great news, but where is Emmett? Go to the lighting under the sea cabin and talk to Emmett's diver, he saw him in the glass house exhibit, with Doc. Uh Oh ....
Go to the glass house exhibit, use a ticket to go through the turnstile. It is a maze, and of course Doc and Emmett are in the center, where it is more difficult to reach them. Pull the handle on the green wall near Marty, go through the opening and pull the handle on the indigo wall. Go down the stairs and pull the handle on the red wall, then go upstairs and push the green wall lock again. Go down the stairs and follow the path. Pull the yellow wall open and then pull the green wall. Marty will see Doc give Emmett a fluid that causes him to fall unconscious and then see him drag his body away.
From inside the room where Marty is, push the red wall to the side, then leave this area, push the indigo wall and you will find yourself in the area where Doc and Emmett are. Go to Jacques, the famous explorer of the sea, who saw Emmett the first time, who perhaps saw him again this time. As soon as Marty talks to him, he will notice that Doc is inside the wetsuit, pretending to be Jacques, then he will attack him trying to tear off his mask to expose him. A crowd quickly appears, so Marty is forced to stop. Ask Doc where Emmett is, and he will indirectly tell you that he is inside the bathysphere.
Click on the turnstile. Marty will try to use the ticket to enter, but Doc won't accept the ticket, so go to Arthur McFly to tell him about this situation. Arthur will accompany Marty, and then Doc will be forced to let him enter the bathysphere. When Marty climbs the stairs, however, Doc insists that the check is over. Click on the bathysphere sleeve, Marty will step on it, thus cutting off the oxygen to the bathysphere. Since Emmett is inside, he could die from lack of oxygen. Stay in place for a while and Doc will finally let you in. Raise the bathysphere so that Marty can take Emmett out. Doc will put on his wetsuit and run out of the show.


Now that Emmett has been released, he'll be ready to show his demonstration! Unfortunately just before the demonstration begins, Emmett's father, Judge Brown, appears shouting "OBJECTION!". The Judge asks to stop the exhibition immediately. Talk to him, and Marty will reveal that Emmett is on the platform. The Judge will approach.
Talk to Emmett and tell him that he "got to give you a good try!", And he will insist that his father doesn't want to listen. Talk to the Judge and tell him Emmett says he doesn't want to listen. This time he will commit to listening, so go back to Emmett to tell him this. Emmett and the Judge will scream at each other for a while, and that doesn't solve the situation, so talk to the Judge again and this time talk about everything, exhausting all topics of conversation. Eventually he will remember what he was like when he arrived in America, despite his father being troubled by the whole matter.
Talk to Emmett about his mother, but he disagrees because he thinks he looks more like his father, finally ask him what he just said and he and his father will make amends. Emmett's demonstration kicks off. Marty looks out of a window and sees Edna with old Doc, she pushes him aside hard, and that's not good ... Marty runs out, just in time to see a car chase between Parker and Edna, the latter aboard the DeLorean. Marty talks to old Doc, who now realizes that perhaps trying to change Edna is a hopeless task.
Old Doc's existence will begin to fade as Marty selects young Doc's time line. Edna will be thrown into the vicinity of the time machine and old Doc will save Marty by pushing him off the road. While Doc is lying on the ground, he will ask to see the 1986 newspaper, where there is a story in which Doc Brown receives the key to the city, and he will be happy to know that this timeline has changed for the better, then his existence. it vanishes completely. Young Emmett will come out to talk to Marty, and it appears that during the demonstration he crashed his flying car. Ask him what will happen next and he will be excited to keep experimenting.
Emmett will notice that Marty is very upset, and ask him what's wrong, and Marty will give him a 1986 newspaper clipping and promise not to read it until he gets the key to the city. Emmett promises and then leaves. Shortly after, the old Doc from the newly formed timeline appears, who has returned from 1931 to investigate, who has just received the key to the city and is therefore going to read the newspaper clipping. Doc and Marty will talk for a while, then William McFly (Arthur's father) appears upset because Arthur has just married Trixie Trotter!
Marty is upset because if Arthur has married the wrong woman, he will cease to exist! Officer Danny Parker will reappear, surprised to see the DeLorean here, who had suddenly disappeared while chasing Edna. This is definitely bad news, because if Edna was sent to the past, she will most likely ruin the timeline. And when our heroes realize this ....


Everything disappears, except Marty, Doc and the DeLorean. This probably means that the Edna who went into the past did something to prevent Hill Valley from becoming a city. William McFly will appear to talk to our heroes, so talk to him about everything and he will tell you that Hill Valley disappeared before he was born. The only person living around here is the scary Mary Pickford, who utters horrible screams very similar to Edna Stickland ...
Marty and Doc go to see Mary, try to pass the front door and Marty will click the time. The woman will lean out of the window and scream at them. Yes, this is old Edna and she is acting just like in the first episode: It 'About Time. Click the time again. Choose the answers you want, no matter what you say, she will declare that she never thinks about the past. Click the time again. Tell her "we spent a day together". Marty and Doc recall that today is October 13, 1931: the day of the exhibition. Tell Edna you brought something for her, because other topics of conversation lead to dead ends.
Edna wants to know what Marty brought her. Select Doc, Edna doesn't recognize him at first, so tell her it's Emmett Brown, and she'll now recognize him as her boyfriend and leave his home. Edna will have vivid flashbacks of the exhibition, to the point of thinking they are happening right now. Tell Doc to call Edna "Snookums", which is the nickname Emmett gave her, and this helps maintain the illusion. Edna's memory reaches the point where she heads to Detective Parker, who stops. Use the recording device on Edna, to stimulate her memory, and she will remember being chased by Parker and stealing the DeLorean.
Click the time again. The loud noise and flashing lights will remind Edna that the DeLorean is back in the past. She returned to the time when her grandfather, Marshall James Stickland, was still alive. Edna tries to remember her grandfather by looking at a cactus, but it doesn't work, you have to make him look more like Grandpa Strickland. Go into the shed and grab the broom, then go left and grab Edna's hat from above the stop sign. Use the broom and the hat on the cactus, Edna will look at it again and think it's her grandfather, then talk to him and tell him she likes the old west version of Hill Valley. That is until Tannen shows up. Beauregard Tannen is about to build something Edna just won't like.
Go left, and to the left of the stop sign is a sign for a saloon. Edna hates places where they serve alcohol, so that's probably what she was talking about. Use the saloon sign on the shed door. Edna decides to take action against the saloon, and since she has a record as a Speakeasies arsonist, it's pretty clear she's thinking about setting the saloon on fire as well. Use the clay oven to get a glowing ember, which you will then use on the shed. Edna will recall that the saloon fire spread to all the other buildings in the Hill Valley, the city burned down and this is why Hill Valley no longer exists. Edna will take out the newspaper that tells the story of the town that was burned, then she will pull out a shotgun and prepare to kill Marty and Doc, but William McFly will appear and distract her long enough for the two to escape.


Our heroes go back to 1876 and go to Beauregard Tannen's saloon to stop Edna getting ready to start the fire. Doc will go to the front, while Marty will sneak in from the back. Go left and click on the window, Marty will go inside, pass past Tannen who is sleeping, then hide behind the bar to watch Doc face Edna.
Tannan shows up with a gun and aims at Edna, who holds a burning torch next to the fuel. A stalemate ensues in that if Edna drops the flashlight, Tannen will shoot her, and Tannen doesn't want to shoot her because it would cause her to drop the flashlight. Doc will say that someone (i.e. Marty) has to disarm both of them at the same time. From behind the bar, he will go to the window, he will mess a little with the barrels, which will fall from the platform, except the brine one. Marty will say that the brine is good for putting out torches, so chances are he thinks about using it to put out Edna's. Head to the small area behind the back of the bar where there is a ladder, go up to find yourself at the top of the bar.
Here you will find some sandbags that form a platform which is connected to that of the brine. Use three sandbags on the pallet (i.e. platform), then walk on the pallet. The fourth sandbag will fall on the chandelier above Tannen's head. The brine pallet will go up, while Marty's will go down. There is a bag of sand on the floor, use it on the pallet to make sure the one with the brine stays up, then use the rope attached to the pallet and Marty will pull it, then the brine will roll to the side of the building Edna is in .
The brine barrel will suddenly stop, due to a loose board. Go to the bar, where there are several loose boards, use the loose floor board, and Marty will push it so that the brine continues its path. The trap is now in place, with the brine barrel on Edna and the sandbag on the chandelier. This will land on Tannen and soon after the brine will land on Edna. Doc and Marty will face Tannen, but while they do, Edna escapes in her DeLorean. The two chase her in their DeLorean. Fortunately the alternate Doc has placed three diagnostic modules on Edna's DeLorean, which can be easily connected to Doc's flow synchronization devices.
In other words, he placed three flow devices on Edna's DeLorean modules. Fortunately, Doc has a flying skate for Marty to use. It begins! Go to the front bumper and use the flux to replace the diagnostic light, then you need to synchronize the diagnostics with Doc's DeLorean. To do this, grab the flux emitter and point it at the receiving dish of Doc's DeLorean. Let them connect for approx. eight seconds, and they will connect properly.
Go back to the front bumper and grab the windshield wiper. Edna will skid trying to push Marty away. Go back to the front bumper again and stand in front of the front bumper (these two locations should actually have different names, to avoid confusion). When Edna sees Marty out front, she will head to a nearby fence. Marty will jump onto the car, beating the loose Mr. Fusion. Edna's rearview mirror was damaged by the fence. Use the wiper on the Mr. Fusion to put it back in place. Go to the rear bumper, then to the driver's side, now that the rearview mirror is broken, Marty can go to the front bumper (if you try to do this before the mirror is broken, Edna will talk to Marty). Use the replacement flux on the flux emitter here. Use the emitter and connect it to the receiver plate of Doc's car.
The last emitter is on top of the car, and Marty can't reach it. Edna rolls down the window to talk to Marty. Aha! This could be used to get on the roof and reach the final emitter! Go to the front bumper and talk to Edna. While Marty is attached to the car door, she will open the door, causing Marty to fly onto the roof on the other side of the car. Talk to Edna again and she will roll down the window to talk to Marty. Now that the window has been rolled down, Marty can use the passenger side door, so use it to open the door and Marty will climb onto the roof of the car. Use the replacement flux on the emitter, and use the emitter. When you connect it to Doc's receiver dish, the job is done and Marty can return to Doc's DeLorean. Doc and Marty return to 1931, taking Edna's DeLorean with them. Taken by surprise, Edna crashes her car into the police station, and is promptly arrested by Officer Parker, while Kid Tannen watches in amusement.
Edna's DeLorean is erased from the timeline, which is convenient for our heroes Doc and Marty. The latter is still concerned that Arthur McFly married the wrong woman, after all, Arthur is supposed to marry a woman named Sylvia Miskin, not Trixie Trotter. Choose your favorite conversation topic when talking about Arty and Trixie. It appears that Arty married Trixie to solve the problem of her Canadian citizenship (an issue that Edna raised in the fourth episode: Double Visions). It has finally been revealed that Trixie's real name is Sylvia Miskin, and it appears that Arthur eventually married the right woman. Marty approves of the wedding and William McFly appears and approves too. Doc and Marty return to 1986, where everything seems to have returned to normal. Well ... Edna and a few other people have changed a bit, but overall, it looks like things are back to normal. Before the game is over, the future Marty will show up, followed by a second future Marty and ... a third? Uh oh, it looks like Marty and Doc will have more adventures over time! The two will board the DeLorean and fly away.
And so the game ends, and the credits roll. When these are over the "to be continued ..." screen appears, does this mean we haven't just seen Doc and Marty's latest adventure? Only time will tell.

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