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The solution is based on the US PC version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish solution and / or for other platforms.

The Races

Below is a brief description and characterization of the races that you can assign to your protagonist.


This is the breed that is generally considered to be "best"; wanting to establish a ranking, starting from 1 to get to 5, where 5 is to be considered as the maximum level. The human can choose any of the available classes; as a special ability, there is the possibility to create "dual" type classes. The only problem with choosing a human character is if you choose to play with a bard, barbarian or sorcerer - in which case, the "progression" of the classes will prove slightly slower. The "Enhanced" version of Baldur's Gate also offers "kits", which make the human class even more powerful and versatile. It will in fact be possible to pass from a "dual" class to a "standard" class by using the kit; it is also possible to use the kits with any other class, unlike what is made possible by the use of any of the other breeds. For example, you have the option of creating a "multiple" class that includes the Kensai and the Magician.


Unfortunately, this is one of the classes that can be considered - on average - worse than all the others. Wanting to establish a ranking from 1 to 5, the vote to be assigned would be 1. The classes that can be "played" by a half-elf are the Paladin, the Monk, the Abjurer, the Illusionist and the Necromancer. As for class combinations, you can access any combination, excluding clerics and thief. Finally, as far as special abilities are concerned, a resistance of 30% against the effects of spells that inflict a "sleep" and "charm" status should be included in the count. The only real reason you might want to choose the half-elf class is related to the potential willingness to become a bard, or to select a specific combination of three or more classes. In all other cases, the special ability called "Infravision" turns out to be completely useless; Furthermore, enemies with abilities capable of putting you to "sleep" are extremely rare, so resistance to them is not particularly useful. The only real advantage compared to humans: the ability to rob people without them noticing, slightly higher.


Wanting to create a ranking, also in this case with values ​​between 1 and 5, the elf can be considered as belonging to level 4. The classes available for an elf are the soldier, the ranger, the cleric, the thief, the sorcerer , the barbarian, the mage, the diviner and the enchanter (the latter can be considered as "special" mages). As for the combinations of two or more classes, you have the fighter-thief, the fighter-mage, the mage-thief, and the triple combination fighter-mage-thief. The special "additions" that characterize it are the addition of a point to the dexterity, the decrease of one point in the constitution, the increase of one point in the ability to use the THAC0 swords, as well as a resistance of 90% against the charm and sleep-like effects; you also have the option of using infravision.
This is a particularly good subject if you are looking for a class capable of striking effectively from a distance, thanks to the added dexterity and THAC0. It is also a breed particularly suited to the rogue class, thanks to both its high potential level of dexterity and its remarkable rogue abilities.

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Again using a ranking of 1 to 5, it can be ranked equal to 2. The available classes are the fighter, the cleric, the thief and the barbarian. As for the combinations of various classes, you have the fighter-wizard and the fighter-cleric. Continuing with the special abilities, there is the addition of a point in the constitution, the decrease of one point in the dexterity, of two in the charisma; there is also a bonus in saving in comparison with the stick and / or stirrup and / or wand; as well as the ability to use infravision. Unfortunately, all these advantages still fail to make it a really "convenient" subject for you: we recommend using it if and only if you are creating a character strongly focused on direct combat skills, so as to obtain the maximum benefits from the high level of "toughness", equal to 19. In addition to providing you with a large amount of additional HP per level, the body health manual will allow you to use the so-called "self-healing", with which you no longer have to worry about the ability to heal the character during the continuation of the game.


Using a ranking of 1 to 5 here too, the gnomes can be categorized at level "3". Among the available classes, you have the fighter, the cleric, the illusionist, the thief, and the barbarian. As for the combinations of classes, you have the fighter-thief, the fighter-cleric, the illusionist-thief, the fighter-illusionist, the cleric-illusionist, the cleric-thief. Among the special abilities, there is an increase of one unit of intelligence, a decrease of one unit of wisdom, as well as a bonus of two in saving against the wand / staff as well as against spells. The gnome is also endowed with the ability to use infravision.
Generally speaking, this is the perfect candidate to associate with the "wizard" class. Unfortunately they are "forced" to be illusionists, which limits the selection of single classes, but this feature gives gnomes a great additional ability to use multiple classes. As for the intelligence bonuses, they allow gnomes not to worry about memorizing a spell; clearly, however, given the presence of a penalty to wisdom, you will never have to create a gnome to be a priest.


Also assigning a score from 1 to 5 here, one could consider the Halfling as a "3". The classes that can be personified by him are the fighter, the cleric, the thief and the barbarian. As for the combinations of different classes, it will only be possible to train the thief-fighter. Moving on to special abilities, there is a one point increase in dexterity, a one point decrease in strength and wisdom, a THAC0 point increase in the use of slings, a two point bonus for the use of saves in place of paralysis and / or poisoning and / or death, as well as the possibility of using infravision.
This is the perfect candidate for joining the rogue class: a rogue does not require particular strength, but instead benefits in a particular way from the high level of dexterity that characterizes halflings, now equal to 19. The halflings also get special treatment as far as thieving abilities are concerned. Finally, although there is the possibility of making them clerics or fighters, we do not recommend creating such a halfling, as you will not gain any "comparative advantage", so to speak.

Half orc

In this case, giving a score from 1 to 5 could be considered as a "3". Among the classes that the half-orc can successfully impersonate are the fighter, the cleric, the thief and the barbarian. Among the combinations of classes, you have the fighter-thief, the fighter-cleric, the cleric-thief. Among the "special" issues, there is an increase in strength equal to 1, an increase in the constitution also equal to 1, a decrease of 2 points of intelligence. This is a breed generally more suited to those who prefer to use a "fighting" class, especially when compared to dwarves. In fact, the half-orcs get both a constitution bonus and a strength bonus.

The main story

Below, the guide to the main storyline.

Prologo - Candlekeep

You will immediately notice the presence of several additional options in character generation. In case you find it necessary to brush up on the "standard" fight commands, we recommend that you speak to the subject dressed in a green robe visible in your immediate steps; he is an instructor, however there will be others present throughout the city (especially located inside the pension, which you will have to visit anyway, sooner or later).
Moving forward from the instructor, you will find a girl dressed in blue named Phylidia. He will ask you to keep an eye on one of his books for him. In any case, these are quests that can be considered as part of your "training": the main motivation that now makes you stay in Candlekeep is to train yourself and get these additional ones to add some experience points to the baggage you have obtained so far, so that you can then face enemies in the "real world" without problems. In case it is important for you to be able to complete all the details of the game, we remind you that it will not be possible to return to the area in a short time - we therefore recommend that you immediately complete all the objectives you consider most important. So continue towards the interior of the pension. Examine the controls that will be visible on the left side of the screen - here you can complete another short tutorial regarding "hot keys" for selecting menus. So talk to the boy visible near the fire (named Firebead), who will ask you to go and locate an "identity scroll" on his behalf. Before proceeding, we remind you that it may be necessary to examine the surroundings to locate the objects you need.
So talk to the pension manager - he will give you the opportunity to buy various items. However, your budget is likely to be too small at the moment; We therefore recommend proceeding inside the room behind him, locating a closed cupboard - then enter the room next to that cupboard, then examine the bookcase to pick up various items. It will therefore also be possible to speak with the nobles present in the area.
So go up the stairs, even there there are objects to be recovered. Then go down, to continue towards the outside (there will be nothing more to do here). Go down to the underground area of ​​the castle, taking the "Identity Scroll" that has been requested. A monk will then send you a message asking you to hurry up in completing your duties. So go and give the parchment back, obtaining a blessing. So you can go find your adoptive father, or Glorion.
Walk the entire ground floor of the castle, reaching the front stairs, where Glorion awaits you. Along the way, we recommend that you stop and talk to a girl named Imoen, she has information that may be useful for the rest of your adventure. By conversing with Glorion, you are going to "truly" begin your mission. It will also be possible to decide to take Imoen with you if you wish.


Since - most likely - you will not have enough experience points to be able to fight successfully inside the forest (densely populated by wolves), we recommend that you proceed towards the "Friendly Arm" pension.
Along the way, you will meet a hermit. Talk to him, then proceed further towards the two travelers. In case you consider it necessary, you can help them with their quest - or you can suggest they join you as you progress towards retirement.
So keep making your way north, arriving at the guesthouse. You will then go to meet a messenger - at the same time you will be ambushed, coming from the north-west. We recommend saving immediately, as it is possible that you will not successfully pass this first fight. Having repelled your assailants, you can examine the corpses in the area, which contain objects that are potentially valuable to you. For example, you can recover a letter from Glorion's body. Having therefore equipped your armor, you can return to the path, thus deviating to the east. At the next screen, you will be greeted by an elderly gentleman. After talking to him, proceed further east to reach the intersection. From here, continue north to reach the guesthouse. Given the possible presence of several enemies along the way, we strongly recommend that you save before proceeding along the woods, perhaps bringing a healing potion with you.
When you reach the pension (it is actually a kind of small castle), talk to the characters inside it to obtain some information, including information regarding the subjects who manage the play area. You will therefore be contacted by a subject with a suspicious gaze; he will always try to kill you, whatever your answers to his questions. Consequently, we recommend that you move as soon as he ambushes you, leaving the guards to take care of him mainly - this will minimize the risk you will be exposed to. Warning: it is possible that it can hit you with the "panic" spell, in which case we advise you to proceed in the opposite direction from the enemy for some time, until the effect has worn off.
In the area, it will also be possible to locate a temple where you can be healed for a certain amount of gold - in case you took a lot of damage in the previous fight, this is an option you should consider. In all other cases, it will be advisable to proceed towards the interior of the pension, looking towards the corner to find the friends of Glorion you need to meet.
They will therefore join your party. Proceed southwards, trying to reach Nashkel - in the area, it will be possible to carry out an investigation to complete some quests. Along the way, you will forcibly go through a town called Beregost. This is an absolutely suitable place to sell the items you have recovered along the previous route, even making some money in the meantime.
Along the east side of the city you can also locate a "wild" wizard who must be rescued by you - at least if you want him to join your party. Going down to the lower section of the city, along its east side, you will find the dwarf forge - where it will be possible to exchange some items with the dwarves themselves. Traveling south-west instead, you will find a pension where you can trade with the bartender (it will however also be possible that one of the patrons tries to fight with you, if this happens we strongly recommend ignoring it). So when you feel ready, proceed quickly to the southwest corner. When you reach High Hedge, take a detour along the path to the southwest. You will find another adventurer here; soon after, there will also be a fortress, within which a powerful wizard is located - you can interact with him to obtain items.
Once this is done, you will have obtained all the "basic tools" to proceed effectively along the storyline of the game. In the rest of the guide, we will deal exclusively with the main quest, where the major differences between the "traditional" Baldur's Gate and this "Enhanced Edition" are concentrated.


You will find yourself in a city plagued by various problems. Immediately proceeding towards the interior of the "central" pension, you will suffer an attack by a bounty hunter. So sell all your superfluous items to accumulate a certain amount of money, then going to trim your arsenal. Proceed therefore towards the house of the mayor; you must therefore go and talk to him. He will tell you about all the problems that are accumulating inside the nearby mines, also asking you to go and investigate the area.
The mines are located southeast of the city. First of all, talk to the foreman, then to the guards, in order to obtain an "official" permit to enter the mines. So talk to the miners to get additional details regarding your work.
So begin to descend towards the inside of the mines. Your first target is located near the fourth floor; however, you will have to defeat some enemies that populate the nearby play area. Always pay attention to the traps near the third level, using a thief to deactivate them. Upon reaching the lower fourth floor, you will be faced with a rather powerful cleric - this is the subject who is causing Nashkel the most trouble.
It will therefore necessarily have to be eliminated. Once this is done, take the sacred symbol from his body. Continuing towards the cleric's room, you will find a chest, containing some letters sent by his boss. Having read them, you will get some information regarding the wide-ranging conspiracy (which you will then have to go to "solve"). So return to Nashkel, to recover your reward from the mayor.

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Bandits & Cloakwood

To start thinking about completing the quest, proceed north to reach Beregost, thus locating the guesthouse near the west section of the city. Proceeding to the second floor, you will find yourself in front of Trazig. You can decide "freely" whether to try to eliminate him, or make him give up. In both cases, the location of the bandits' camp will still be clearly marked. This is the area northeast of your current location.
Venture in that direction, thus being captured by a bandit. He will take you directly to his boss, which is Tazok. This subject will begin to ask you several questions; it is a kind of "survival test" for you. Answer more or less randomly, automatically gaining access to the camp. Take a look at the surroundings, then ask a few questions to those present. Upon entering Tazok's tent, you will be immediately attacked.
Forcefully hit those present, thus going to look for the prisoner named Endar. He will tell you about the problems (and causes) related to the lack of iron, as well as the motivation behind the presence of the bandits. Once inside the tent, you can then find a chest - be careful, it is protected by a trap. It will first be necessary to disarm it, and then go to locate two documents bound for Tazok. Such documents direct you to Cloakwood, there you will find further answers. It will finally be possible to return to your original city. Proceed directly to the "Friendly Army" pension. You will have to go through four zones to reach the Cloakwood Mine (your real destination). Enter the area starting from the southwest corner, immediately fighting the subjects that will attack you. So continue towards the entrance to the mine.
Once inside the mine, locate the miner in the upper right corner of the first level. He will tell you what you need to do in the next few moments. Then go down to the second level, fighting against Hareishan. This fight will allow you to enter the prison. So free the slaves, and talk to the dwarf, who will give you instructions on what to do in the moments that follow.
So keep going down the mine, covering a total of four levels. Therefore, the fight against the wizard named Davaeorn will take place here. We recommend creating a sufficiently varied party, it is essential to be able to annihilate your opponent; Another great addition is the "Dispel" spell. Knocked out the wizard, locate the key and information, taking it from his corpse. So jump on the elevator, making yourself transported to the first floor. Give the key to the miner in the upper left, with whom you spoke earlier. So look at the cutscene.

Return to Candlekeep

After the cutscene, proceed to the interior of the fortress, then head to the library. Go up to the second floor; there you will find a subject who will offer you a prize, in exchange for your attack on an old friend of Glorion. This friend, together with some associates, is located near the third floor - you can freely decide whether to accept the assignment or not, in case of non-acceptance you will not get any reward, but you will not have to attack anyone equivalently. However, proceed to go up to the fifth floor, talking to the only person present. He will tell you to go find Glorion's room - this is the third room, starting from the lower left corner.
So go up to the sixth floor, observing the scene that - ultimately - will take you to the catacombs. Beware of the two Greater Basilisks guarding the exit - to defeat them, it will be essential to use protection from "petrification" spells. When you reach the exit, you will find yourself back in Candlekeep; from here, it will therefore be necessary to return to Baldur's Gate.

The Big Bad

Talk to the people around you to understand what happened during your absence. So locate a spring near the Sundries shop. You will therefore have to be able to penetrate inside the citadel of the Iron Throne to obtain further information. Near the Sundries shop you can also interact with Tamoko; after the cutscene, you will have to continue to the complex named as "Flaming Fist", where you can begin the real final mission. It will first be necessary to eliminate the mercenaries positioned around the Fist complex. The curator of the Duke is on the second floor. Having eliminated him, take the Duke and take him to the great head of the harbor. Enter the nearby citadel of the Iron Throne. Locate the lover of the great enemy, he is on the fifth floor. In this way you will be able to recover both the letters and the real diary of your enemy.
You will therefore have to enter the sewers that run along the basement of the city, to be able to locate the entrance to the real basement. Two assassins will surely be waiting for you in the area. Eliminate them, thus going to locate a letter coming from your target, as well as an invitation that will take you directly to him. Head to the Duke's palace, talking to Bill right away. Show the information available to you to the subjects on the left, obtaining additional information regarding the "conspiracy" underlying all the events of this period. After the aborted fight, we recommend stocking up on healing items, and then proceed onward, being transported to the thieves guild. Pay attention to the traps scattered along the playing area; at the end of the hall, you can talk to Sarevok's past mentor. Once out of this area, you will be attacked by a group of mercenaries. Prepare the protection to be able to deflect the arrows that will come towards you shot by the leader, trying to hit him with maximum precision.
As you continue towards the front area of ​​the temple, Tamoko will rejoin you. You can freely decide whether to kill her or not. In any case, you will eventually be projected towards the temple, where the final challenge will take place - Sarevok and his subordinates will be waiting for you in the area. First of all, pay attention to the many traps around you, especially in the center of the room. The presence of the hordes of enemies makes the combat particularly complex; we recommend using spells capable of hitting a "zone" of the game so as to quickly decrease the amount of HP in possession of the enemies. Also try to keep your party under control at all times, making sure they don't inadvertently place traps in areas patrolled by their mates. However, it is possible that the combat is too complex for your current experience level; in this case, we recommend that you reactivate a previous save, and then go to retrieve more powerful weapons and improve your statistics by accumulating experience points.

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