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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

The roofs

After the introductory sequence of the game, you will control a boy who has just left his house. For this whole level, you will always go to the right (like Super Mario) and you will jump over obstacles and over roofs. Do not worry; after this area the game will allow you to move in both directions. Run to the crates, jump on top of each one, then, reach the roof. Jump from roof to roof, there will be five or six, then also jump on the green tendrils that will act as real ladders for the entire game. Going up high pass the terrace and jump to the flower boxes outside the window. These crates will fall every time you walk over them, so you'll need to stay in constant motion. At the last crate, jump onto the tendrils and climb up to reach the new screen. From here jump down, you will find some strange gold-colored scales, don't try to jump on them. You will notice that there is a man on the ground who will chase you, as soon as he sees you, you will not have too much trouble not getting caught. Climb the tendrils and climb to the next screen. You will find yourself in front of an iron gate against the wall, these objects will also act as ladders, climb up and jump over the crates to the roof, go down and walk the steps, finally jump on the roof. Go ahead and drop to the ground and jump over every piece of bridge, you will again notice the man chasing you, and as before, make sure you don't get caught, however it won't move very fast and you shouldn't have any problems. Go past the power lines and go back to the roof. As you will notice, the power lines will be a constant in the game and, of course, you will absolutely not have to come into contact with them. Jump from roof to roof until you reach the chimneys to pass by climbing higher. Continue on the roofs to meet a chasm to cross by jumping on the platforms being careful not to fall. After the chasm, go down to the ground and pass the green house, then, go up the iron ladder to find yourself on the roofs again, a man will chase you from above. Continue to the right, climb the small roof and advance to the bridge with statues. Each time you pass in front of these monuments, they will turn red and, at the last statue, the bridge will start to close, so be quick, jump and enter the tower.

For the furnace

Once inside, you will notice a signal pointing to the small robots. A new mechanic will be introduced, the electromagnets. Throughout the whole game you will come across red and blue magnets, see them as positive and negative, so if you have two reds, they will move apart and obviously one red and one blue will attract each other. For now these walkers will charge you both red and blue, same thing if you are too close to a magnet of one of the above colors. Skip the first crate to see the first walker along with the first magnetic field. The field will be blue and the walker will also, so when you load it, you will be pushed upwards, this way you will pass three crates. Move to the next screen, jump over the power line and get charged by the walker. Go back to the left and position yourself over the blue field, this way you will reach a secret room with the first spell. Go back downstairs, go right to the next screen. Be careful not to be charged by robots or, the fields will push you against the electricity. In the next screen, you will notice four red blocks, jump on the third red and wait for the red walker to pass under it, in this way the block will jump allowing you to reach the upper level. Climb the tendrils to reach the first of your powers, the Magnetic Glove. This glove is capable of charging the various blocks, so if you need to attract or repel, you can simply punch the block and change the type of charge. Head right to find a small block in front of you, load it red to make it go up, when it is halfway, jump to the right and over the crates, drop onto the small ledge to find another spell. Drop down again, go right to the next screen. You will notice four magnetic rectangles blocking your way. For the first two, charge them blue so they are attracted to the red magnets above them; for the last two, charge them red so that they are attracted to the blue ones. You will reach a large room with a blue field in the center. For now, drop down until you reach the door on the right. In this new screen, load up the big red magnet to attract it to the blue one above, then jump to the right to reach the level above the two magnets and hit the rectangle at the end. Go back to the lower floor and pass the new path, load the small block on the blue floor, while you are above it, this will move it away from the big magnet below allowing you to climb higher. Halfway there, take a red charge from the walker who will push you again. Drop down to reach the magnetic field, go left, right, left and right.

You will find yourself on a magnetic field going to the left and there will be several walkers. Do not interact with any robots and just avoid them as you continue to the right, finally drop down. Once on the lower level, head left to the next screen, where a metal bug will fall. Charge it blue, then go through the magnet as you go left. You will notice some square magnets, a bug, and an uncharged rectangle. Load the red bug and jump over the empty rectangle. Load it red and when the bug passes underneath, the rectangle will be pushed, allowing you to jump to the left and continue to the next area. Enter the magnetic field and charge the magnet below you with blue, you will be repelled upwards, where you will reach another field which will attract you as it is red. Hit the magnet you are on to fly left and reach a new field, this will be blue, hit your magnet and climb to go left to the next screen. Go left past the magnets until you reach the opposite edge, charge the blue magnet, then, go back to the red magnet you just passed. Climb up and drop down. Once you land, a walker will appear from the tube, let it charge blue so you can grab onto the magnet above and cross the chasm. Drop down and avoid the walker in the magnetic field, go right and drop down. Go left drop down and let the walker charge in blue. Again you will be attracted and you can pass the power line below unscathed. Go right to reach the new screen. Pass the rectangular magnet and charge it blue, you will fly to the right and when you see the blue magnet below you prepare to jump to the right to reach the corner of the wall. Pass this space to collect another spell. Go back to the previous screen and drop down, head right to the new screen, continue in the same direction to reach the first Fiery Fernus boss! Fernus is a kind of dinosaur, with two lights on both sides of the mouth, under your feet, a roller will continue to move and, at the end of this, there will be the furnace. Some magnets will come out from the left side, you can charge them blue or red and, often, the boss will create a magnetic field that will suck everything up, your task will be to make him swallow some blue magnets.

Towards the bird

You will find yourself in front of the exit of the furnace on the right. In the new screen, jump up the two levels, you will notice some tendrils above you, go down and continue to the right to find a new item of power, the Blink Boots. These shoes will allow you to teleport for a short distance, allowing you to pass through metal barriers, electricity and even enemies. You can also teleport in mid-air to reach high places. Go to the right edge of the screen, jump to the middle level with the bars and the black monster, go against the bar and teleport to the right, jump to the left and teleport in midair to reach the opposite side. Teleport inside the cage and pass the monster. Jump to the top of the cage, then jump and teleport to the right, cross the bar then jump to the left. Continue left to reach the furnace screen again. Go left and go through the entire gallery to the left, drop down. Grab the walker's charge and use the dragon's magnetic field to launch yourself to the left. Always continue in the same direction, to the abyss with the magnet, let yourself fall and teleport to the left to reach the opposite side. Always continue left to the next screen. Go to the magnetic field and, on your right, you will find another spell. Jump to the top level and head left. Climb to the top up to the walker and grab its charge to launch yourself on the level with the brown gate and electricity, jump and teleport past the electricity, then, reach the level with the new magnetic field. Avoid the walker and go to the far left. Go through the electrical barrier. You will find yourself with electricity on both sides, teleport to the left as soon as you can, use the magnetic field on the left to fly up, once at the top go right to find another field, then, at the top of this teleport to the right to find a spell. Go right and go through all the patterns. Once you reach the screen with all the magnetic fields, electricity and walkers, avoid the enemies and climb up. At the middle level you will notice an electric barrier on the left that you can pass through with your new shoes. You will find yourself in a room with a spell. Teleport over the power line and continue up, then left. Go past the electricity to find a walker and a spell in front of you. Go back to the area with the magnetic field, go up and use the magnetic field to launch yourself up. Once on top of your flight, head right to reach a new screen. Teleport over the barrier and the enemy and continue to the right, pass the small barrier and climb the two tendrils to continue to the right. Drop down and exit to the right to reach a new area. Drop down, go left and teleport to the platform, drop down and teleport to the left for a new spell. Throw yourself on the electricity to start again at the entrance. Go left, take the magnetic field to go up, teleport to the upper level and go left. Continue in the same direction and charge the plant, then go past the electricity. Due to the charge you will automatically go up. Exit to the left and pass the wooden bar, reach the candlestick in the center of the room and pass the next one, then jump and teleport inside the small alcove that contains a spell. Go back down and head left, jump on the button and continue in the same direction through the open door to reach a new screen with a giant magnetic field. Drop all the way down, and charge up to get back up, go right halfway up the hill to see a door to go through. You will find yourself in a room with a magnetic field in the center and three levels. A group of small magnetic squares are found at the lowest level and a larger square at the second. Push the square onto the field, charge it blue by hitting the ground and teleport when you are on the second level. Load up the bigger blue magnet and head back down. Take another small magnetic square, push it on the field, load it blue and climb on it to reach the third level. Charge the big blue magnet and it will be repelled by the one below allowing you to go down the screen to the left where you will find a spell.

In the screen on the right, go up the tendrils and once at the top go through the door. You will reach a banquet room, load the two blue magnets on the floor, then, go up the tendrils on the left. Once at the top, go through the banquet hall to find a spell. Exit the area and go back to the room with the huge magnetic field. Drop to the small platform, then jump and teleport through the door to the right. Wait for the electricity of the magnets to turn red and they move to the right, jump to the middle level and run until you drop down, from here wait for the top magnets to return to their place, immediately jump back to the top level. Skip another level and go up to the lonely platform. Do this quickly so as not to be killed by the electric magnets. Once on the high platform, jump and teleport left over the barrier and pass the walker to find a spell. Go back over the barrier and stand on the platform, continue right until you reach some tendrils on the left, drop down and enter on the right to reach a new screen. You will find yourself in front of a large tree. Head right, take the charge on the plant and continue towards the magnet. You will climb up, then teleport to the middle level with the black stone. Jump to the left on the branch, grab the frame on the upper level to the right. Pass the magnetic field and the flower, take the blue charge and go back to the field, you will be shot up, go left and continue in this direction to return from the tree on a higher branch than the previous one. Jump and teleport to the opposite side of the tree, then make your way to the level frame. Go left up some steps and go down to the magnetic field, grab the charge on the flower. Do not float straight up but slightly to the left to reach a red magnet. Teleport left past the wooden crate, then fly up to the two magnetic fields to reach the top of the area, head left to reach a new screen. Climb left, teleport to the upper right, go up and go right at the junction, continue back up the trees and make your way right to a new branch from which you will have to jump to reach another one. Climb the tendrils to the top, jump to the branch on the right and climb again. Go left over the branch, climb the tendrils and jump to the stone platform. On the second platform, jump to the bottom and teleport to the maximum height you can reach to get to the other platform. Jump over two more platforms to get a spell. On the second platform to the left, jump in the same direction and drop down until you land on a branch, head left to find a new spell. Teleport to the left to reach an area with three magnetic fields, do the same thing you did to reach the top and exit to the left. Go up the diagonal room, go back to the trees. Follow the rising branches and climb the tendrils to the top to face the second boss of the game.

Towards the man

Go left and drop down. Continue left to the new screen. Here you will find the Magnetic Cloack, this new object will allow you to charge yourself making it easier to deal with the various magnets. Charge yourself on the field to the right, move in the same direction past the hole in the ceiling to find a spell. Go back downstairs and use the field again by going left to the adjacent field. Drop down and head right. In the hall, drop down as soon as you can and land on the left. Teleport and charge yourself to be attracted by the red magnets, drop onto the other blocks and jump to the area to the right. Charge yourself to the magnet and reach the spell. Go back to the room with four ways and go down, continue right to reach a new screen. Charge yourself and use both magnets to reach the small alcove above and a spell. Go back down and head left passing a few screens until you reach a small magnetic field, charge up and level up to exit to the left. Go through the room to the door on the opposite side. You will find yourself in a room with a large magnet in the center and electricity on three sides. Charge into the field and wait for the magnet to rotate northwest, change to red to reach the opening on the left. Push the debris into the car, then drop and pass the new area to the left, then, go right and drop again to teleport past the lava. Drop into the lava and teleport to get the next spell. Now you really fall into the lava. Once they're off, go left past the debris and the next screen. Drop down and charge red to get past the lava covered magnet. Aim the hole and take the spell. Drop to the left twice, teleport past the lava to find yourself in a room with a large robot. If you look up you will notice a spell in the upper left, to catch it you will have to load the magnets on the ceiling and teleport over the spell itself. Go to the right side of the area, drop down and teleport to the right side, drop down to the right and follow the tunnel that goes down to the next room. Use the conveyor belt and go up to the platform above. When you reach the platform with the pointed object, teleport to the one on the right past the electricity. Go right and hit the hole to find another spell. Go back to the large magnetic field to notice some iron bugs. Charge the beasts with blue until one walks on the ceiling, charge with red and get past the electricity. Once on the opposite side, drop into the screen on the right, press the button and enter the room.

Try to stay in the center of the area as you go up. Climb the blocks and teleport over the bars to the magnetic field. Hit the magnets on both sides and turn them red, then move to the left side. Swipe the magnet and hit it to turn it blue. Once this is done, drop along the horizontal magnet below and hit it to turn it blue, this way you can reach the right side. Climb the chest and stay under the electricity at the top. Move to the left and go past the bars, drop down to the start. Hit the magnet next to the big one on the field and turn it blue, you can reach the catwalk. Go to the right side, go up and go left to return from the horizontal bar. Teleport and use the magnets on the ceiling to go left. Grab the frame and go up the grate to reach a new screen with a red field. Attach to the magnet and use the walker to slide the magnet to the right side. Use the field to reach the upper right corner, then ride the magnet on the opposite side to find a spell. Drop down and hit the small square magnet on the left to turn it red, jump on the robot's head and it will move. A walker will come out of the head itself and on the left side, when it passes under the magnet above the new tunnel, you will be able to go through the door to the right. In this room there will be a button and two fields. When you jump on the button, the two fields will move, so jump on the mechanism and change to the color of the field to pass. Once on the other side, make sure the blue field is on the right to pass over it to the red one. Teleport to the left past the electricity. Use the new item to reach the magnet on the opposite side, charge it red and return to the one below the electricity on the left. A walker will appear and attract the magnet above you into the lock. Climb up and go left to reach a new scheme. You will meet Oleg, the man who was chasing you at the beginning of the game. To defeat him, knock back his bullets by changing your charge.

Towards the sphere

Oleg will create a hole, drop into it and teleport to the right to reach the candlestick. Go right to find a small alcove containing a spell. Drop down and go left, jump on the button and go through the door to find yourself in the room with the big magnetic field. Go up a level and go through the door on the left, you will find yourself in the room with the wheel, teleport inside and use it to go through the whole area, go up the grate and go left to the room of the candlestick. Change the central magnet in color to be different from the one on the right, then also change the one on the right to move to the right, jump and reach the frame. Climb up to the theater hall with two candlesticks. Go right and go up the vines to reach the hall again, then, pass the room to the right. Go under the top level magnet and charge blue, you will jump the walker who will charge the magnet on the right, do the same thing and jump. When the walker is on the right side of the platform, change the color of the magnet on top to make the robot move forward. Wait for your partner to charge the magnet to the left of the room to go down and go to the right side to reach the next screen. You will notice a wheel behind a wall with electricity. Reach the wheel from the right side, climb the ladder to the next level, charge the magnet above to drop the wheel, teleport into the sphere and charge blue for the ceiling and reach the hall.

Float up avoiding the electricity, once at the top exit the door on the right. Go through the hole and charge blue to be repelled from the field. On the opposite side make the field go up and go right, pass the electricity down and eventually cross the chasm, go left and exit the screen. You will find yourself in a large alchemist room, you will find a spell near the throne. Go back to the magnetic field in the center of the room and take it up to find yourself outside. Go up the stairs on the right side and, once at the top of the tower, you will find the Teslastaff which will allow you to fire powerful bullets. Jump down and go right, use the stick to destroy the objects blocking the entrance and go back inside. Follow the path to reach the third box, Guerickes. Destroy the plates around his eye with the bullets from the staff, then hit the sphere itself.

Towards the grand finale

Go left to reach a room with what looks like a sun in the back. You will find a gate that will ask for 500 spells to be opened. Once you open the gate, pass the simple level to find yourself in front of the final confrontation with the King. He will start attacking you by shooting bullets from the crown, you will have to use the teleporter to get closer. Now the King will use the crown as a sword, jump or teleport to avoid the slashes, once he has made his charge, go to his back side and hit him with the Teslastaff. Once he has trapped you inside the bubble, teleport out of it. Follow this process six times to defeat the King and end the game!

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Exit date: December 5 2014

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