Tennis World Tour 2: let's see the complete trophy list together!

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Let's find out together, with our short article, the complete trophy list of Tennis World Tour 2, title of Big Ant Studios and Nacon recently included in Sony's Instant Game Collection for Plus subscribers 

Let's face it: the world of video games dedicated to tennis is very unfortunate. Not only can the exponents of slightly larger companies be counted on the fingers of one hand, but often these are still not exactly excellent games, especially from a technical and graphic point of view. This was the case of the Tennis World Tour, which despite the initial premises disappointed virtually anyone from every point of view. Big Ant Studios and Nacon tried again in 2020 with Tennis World Tour 2, enjoying some success both among the public and among the ranks of specialized critics. The title was announced as part of the free PlayStation Plus games for August 2021, so we decided to brush up on the minds of trophy hunters with this article. 

Before starting 

The complete trophy list of Tennis World Tour 2 consists of 31 total statuettes, of which 16 in bronze, 8 in silver, 6 in gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. As always, in this type of articles, we remind you that, although the descriptions of the trophies are the official ones released by the developers, they may still contain some spoiler concerning the game (however difficult, in this specific case). We therefore advise against reading for all those who do not want to receive any kind of preview on Tennis World Tour 2. That said, let's get started! 

The bronze trophies - Tennis World Tour 2: let's see the complete trophy list together!

Below you will find the bronze trophies of Tennis World Tour 2: 

  • Game over: Complete a match;
  • At slow motion: Use the replay system;
  • Nice purchase: Purchase your first item of equipment;
  • Shot: Perform 15 winning strokes in one set;
  • Skill pays: Open your first skill card booster pack;
  • Fifty!: Complete 5 objectives;
  • Double the fun: Complete a doubles match;
  • A star was born!: Create a new player and use him in Career mode;
  • May the force be with you: Make your opponent make more than 20 unforced errors in a match;
  • Off the net: Do not send any service to the network for an entire match;
  • Triumphal Network: Win an online match;
  • Red card!: Activate a trading skill card in progress and win the point;
  • All-round: Win a match on any type of surface;
  • Fly you dance?: Win 25 points with volleys in a single match;
  • Exhibitionist: Win an exhibition match in Career mode;
  • Pentaset: Win a 5 set match.

The silver trophies - Tennis World Tour 2: let's see the complete trophy list together!

Let's continue with the silver trophies: 

  • Meticulous: Win 200 points as a female tennis player;
  • Racket Man: Successfully defend 25 break points as a male tennis player;
  • Hunting for stars: Win a 5-star tournament in Career mode;
  • Play your cards right: Build a collection of over 100 skill cards;
  • It's all my stuff!: Purchase all equipment;
  • You're almost there: Enter the top 100 in Career mode;
  • School's out: Achieve 100% progress in the Tennis Academy;
  • Promotion: Get promoted in online leagues.

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy - Tennis World Tour 2: let's see the complete trophy list together!

Let's see the gold trophies together: 

  • From stable to five stars: Win all 5-star tournaments in a single year in Career mode;
  • Millionaire: Earn a total of 50.000 coins in Career mode;
  • I am the greatest: Become the no. 1 in the world in Career mode;
  • Circumnavigatore: Travel 40.075 km or 24.901 miles in Career mode;
  • I'm going to the max: Achieve the highest overall skill value for your player in Career mode;
  • Tournament guru: Win a custom tournament on maximum difficulty.

Finally, let's find out together the title of the Tennis World Tour 2 Platinum Trophy: 

  • Trophetist: Collect all trophies.

Have fun! 

Our article dedicated to the complete Tennis World Tour 2 trophy list ends here. What do you think of the game? Will you take advantage of the PlayStation Plus to try it out? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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