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In this guide of ours, we want to explore with you the complete list of objectives of The Medium, the first next-gen exclusive from Microsoft available for a few days 

The Medium left us a little dumbfounded. Although it is actually an artistically interesting title, just as the ability to manage the double game setting is equally interesting, the Bloober Team title shows its side on pretty much everything else. Starting from a tedious, monotonous and full of creative flashes gameplay, to rather flat stealth phases and a rather meager longevity, The Medium finds its justification in its presence within the Game Pass starting from launch. However, we have talked to you in more detail about the title in our review, which you can find clicking here. We explain point by point the reasons why, in our opinion, The Medium promised much more than what it ultimately brought to the screen. In this article, instead, we analyze the most playful part of Bloober Team's production: let's talk about the objectives. 

Before starting

The Medium's objective list is made up of 39 total achievements, which you can get quite simply over the course of the 10 hours it will take you to complete the title, if you pay particular attention. This is because most achievements must be earned within a single run. Each objective can be linked to the various collectibles present in the title, to plot sections or, in rare cases, to some secret in particular. In this guide, we will outline the objectives in order of score rather than type. We therefore recommend that you do not continue reading this article, if you do not want any kind of spoilers on The Medium. The guide is for now in English, we will update it with the objectives in Spanish as soon as possible! That said, let's get started! 

Achievements of 10 points - The Medium: here is the complete list of objectives! 

Below you will find the first objectives of 10 points each: 

  • A Dangerous Method: Find a note from a troubled man – 10
  • Caught the Scent: Find an Echo of a mysterious caller – 10
  • From Niwa with Love: Find a postcard from the groundkeeper – 10
  • Guiding Light: Find a page from a mentor’s diary – 10
  • I Know the Pieces Fit: Reconstruct a Memory Shard – 10
  • Inner Investigator: Inspect 25 objects in a single playthrough – 10
  • Left Behind: Find an Echo – 10

Achievements of 20 points - The Medium: here is the complete list of objectives! 

Below, however, you will find the objectives of The Medium from 20 points: 

  • Spirit Walking: Spend 10 minutes outside your body – 20
  • Conduit: Use Spirit Blast to create electricity – 20
  • Famished Feline: Feed the cat in Jack’s apartment – 20
  • Medium Rare: Burn through the moths using Spirit Shield – 20
  • The last goodbye: Send Jack’s spirit away – 20
  • Welcome to Niwa: Reach the hotel – 20
  • The Cheerful Kid: Meet Sadness – 20
  • Edge of Sanity: Acquire the razor – 20
  • You Saw, You Ran, You Lived: Survive a monstrous encounter – 20
  • Through the Looking Glass: Use a mirror to cross over – 20
  • Cut the Crap: Acquire the bolt cutters – 20
  • The Childeater: Experience your first vision of Thomas – 20
  • Unforgiven: Send the Childeater away – 20
  • Among the Ashes: Find the Red House – 20
  • The hound: Experience your second vision of Thomas – 20
  • Unrepentant: Send the Hound away – 20
  • The Pact: Uncover the mystery of the burned down house – 20
  • Dark Water: Make it through the pump station – 20
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Complete the broken mirror – 20

Achievements from 30 to 100 points - The Medium: here is the complete list of objectives! 

Finally, below you will find the objectives with a score ranging from 30 to 100:

  • Thunderstruck: Defeat the creature in the flooded ruins – 30
  • Running Sim: Run 2 kilometers – 30
  • Insightful: Use Insight for at least 15 minutes – 30
  • Dual Detective: Inspect 50 objects in a single playthrough – 30
  • Phantom: Escape the creature without alerting it – 40
  • Calling Out to Me: Find all Echoes in a single playthrough – 40
  • Puzzling Out the Past: Reconstruct all Memory Shards in a single playthrough – 40
  • All That’s Left Unsaid: Find all of Frank’s postcards in a single playthrough – 40
  • An Unknown Outcome: Find all of Thomas’ notes in a single playthrough – 40
  • Devouring Darkness: Find all pages from Richard’s diary in a single playthrough – 40
  • Followed the Trail: Find all of Henry’s Echoes in a single playthrough – 40
  • Psychic Sleuth: Inspect 100 objects in a single playthrough – 50
  • Can’t Always Save Everyone: Finish the game – 100

Have fun! 

Our summary guide to The Medium's objective list ends here. We remind you that the title is available exclusively on Microsoft on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as well as on PC. Also, if you are a Game Pass subscriber you can play it for free right from launch. What do you think about it? Have you already tried Microsoft's first next-gen exclusive? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news and guides on videogame and tech! 

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