Suspend Facebook account: how to do it

Suspend Facebook account: how to do it. Do you want to find out how to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account? Then find all the info you need right below.

Suspend Facebook account

From computer

If you want to suspend your Facebook account, all you have to do is connect to the social network and access it.

Once logged in:

  • click on arrow at the top right of the blue Facebook bar
  • choose the item Settings appears from the menu.
  • presses on the link Modification which is next to the item Manage accounts 
  • locate the item Deactivate your account
  • click the link below Deactivate your account

At this point, fill out the form that is proposed to you specifying the reason for the deactivation and providing any more detailed explanation.

It also indicates if you want to continue receiving information emails about your account from Facebook and if you want to continue receiving or not messages on Messenger after which

  • click on the button disable and confirm your decision by pressing the button Deactivate now.

When you then decide to retrace your steps, you can reactivate the suspended account simply by logging back into your profile.

From smartphones and tablets

  • start the facebook app
  • tap the button with the three lines horizontally which is on the right.
  • scroll down the screen that is shown to you
  • tap on the item Settings
  • select Account settings from the menu that opens
  • tap su Generali
  • choose Manage accounts
  • step on the link disable placed in correspondence with the item Account

To complete the whole procedure, type your password in the appropriate empty field that is proposed to you on the screen, step on the button Continue e confirm your willingness to deactivate the profile.

You can always and in any case reactivate your profile by simply logging in to it, just like you usually do.

Suspend the Facebook account of others

Want to find out how to suspend another person's Facebook account who bothers you or violates social network rules in other ways?

From computer

  • connect to his profile page
  • click the button with i three dots present on the cover image
  • choose the item Report from the menu that opens
  • put the check mark next to the item relating to the reason why you want to report the user to Facebook by choosing between Report content shared by [username]Report this profile o Help [username]
  • click on your button Continue

Then follow the simple on-screen procedure by selecting the proposed topics or further specifying the reason for the report and confirm your willingness to proceed with the procedure.

However, please make good use of the aforementioned function and do not report a person's profile without having a valid reason to do so!

From smartphones and tablets

  • bearing on the profile of the friend you intend to act on
  • tap sul bottone Other which is located under the profile picture
  • choosing the option Report give the menu that comes mostrato.
  • Then indicate the action you intend to take by choosing between Report content shared by [username]Report this profile o Help [username] and complete the whole procedure by following the simple instructions on the screen.
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