New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Scorbunny

In today's guide we will see how to get all the stars by taking a picture of Scorbunny in New Pokémon Snap

Jump everywhere, it's full of joy and is a perfect shot to enrich your own collection of photographs on New Pokémon Snap, is Scorbunny the very nice and unpredictable Bunny! It's been a long time now since, the then very young Satoshi Tajiri, had revolutionized the world of pop culture, Japanese and otherwise, with its mythical pocket monsters. But why just capture them and make them fight if they could also be photographed in their natural environment?

The chapter for Nintendo Switch released at the end of April, based on the mechanics of the one made for Nintendo 64, answers these questions and picks up the question in a much more colorful, immersive and engaging way. So let's see how to photograph our elusive bunny and thus collect the 4 stars to move forward in the game!

Scorbunny: how to get all 4 stars on New Pokémon Snap

Take a picture a Scorbunny in New Pokémon Snap sarà a really playful and fun undertaking precisely because of the very characteristics of this cute little monster. In fact, he runs from all doors, plays with other creatures, uses them to hide and even sleeps on top of them!

  • First Star: to get it, simply take a picture of it while it is walking or while he is running, an easy enough shot for yours Photodex, there is no denying it.
  • Second Star: going into the PFlorio Natural Arch during the night, you will find a pack of sleeping Bouffalants with our bunny running close by. Here, now is the perfect time to surprise him! Alternatively, you can always take a picture of him if you see him sleeping on a Torterra, throw a Fluffruit to wake him up and that's it.
  • Third Star: always at the beginning of Florio Natural Park at night, it can be seen above a wooden sign. It will take less than a moment and he will begin to kick in the air also unleashing flames, that is the ideal time.
  • Fourth Star: this time you will have to go to the PFlorio Natural Arch by day and, as you are finishing your "photographic outing", you may notice a Pichu hidden in the flower field to the left. Throw a Fluffruit to lure it and you'll see our rabbit appear too. Then a short time will pass and, both of them, they will run towards a Crystalblossom close for a chat and a couple of laughs, don't miss that moment!

New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Scorbunny

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