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Let's see together, in our exhaustive guide, what is the best build to build the perfect Small Wing in NBA 2K22: what are the parameters to take into consideration? 

We have been back on the court for some time now, because NBA 2K22 has stolen our lives a bit, we must admit. Arrived last September 10 on the shelves for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Yes, we have thoroughly described it in a long-winded review that you can find by clicking here. Leaving aside some technical flaws that 2K has been carrying out for years now, the 2022 version of the title captured us both for its excellent technical and aesthetic quality, and for the amount of modes and things to do added this year. We don't want to repeat ourselves though, so we refer you to the review in case you want more details. Here, we want to introduce you to a series of ours guides on the best builds to set up to create your perfect team. 

Before starting our guide on the best build from Small Wing in NBA 2K22, we remind you that here on Holygamerz you will already find a good list of tips regarding the 2K title. Starting with the complete trophy list, we have already listed the best badges for My Player, our tips and tricks to start playing, how to get around with the skateboard and a quick guide to earning VC for free. That said, let's get started: First, who is the Little Wing in basketball? 

Who is the Little Wing?

The Small Wing, in basketball, is a typically "all-rounder" player. Definitely shorter, but not necessarily smaller than the Big Wing and the Center, this player will definitely have a better ball control and greater passing range, but he will also be among the best shooters on the team. We will divide this article into two distinct parts: the one related to creating the best possible center build in NBA 2K22 for Current-Gen (PS5, Xbox Series X | S) and for Last-Gen (PS4, Xbox One). 

Before starting the creation of your MyPlayer, you will need to create thephysical appearance of the face. There are many physical parameters to retouch, from the color of the skin to that of the eyes and, even more significantly, that of the hair. Take your time, considering that you will be spending a lot of your time in NBA 2K22 looking at your player's ugly face. Also remember that if you are not satisfied you can always change the connotations from the MyPlayer menu.

Physical Options Current-Gen

Once you have determined the aesthetic features, it's time to "build" your MyPlayer. Name and Number will have no impact on the attributes, while the choice of the dominant hand will have some repercussions on dribbling and other minor things. Location, on the other hand, will determine the basis of your build, so choose carefully. You will have to choose too Height, Weight, Arm Spread and Build, the latter exclusively linked to cosmetics. The first three parameters, on the other hand, will drastically change your maximum Attributes, so we have determined all the options for your player's Body, in this case the Small Wing, which you find right below: 

  • Height: 6'8 ”
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Opening of the arms: 7'2 ”

Attributes Conclusion and Current-Gen Throw | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

Let's go now instead to see, gradually, the Attributes necessary for the creation of a good Small Wing. Let's start with Conclusion

  • Close Up Shot: 45
  • Desk pad at the entrance: 80
  • Crushed on entry: 99
  • Crushed from a standstill: 79
  • Check in post: 68

Here below instead those concerning the Threw

  • Medium Distance Shot: 75
  • Three-Point Shooting: 81
  • Free throw: 70 

Direction and Defense / Rebounds Attributes Current-Gen | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing 

We continue with the Attributes concerning the Regia

  • Accuracy of Steps: 85
  • Ball Control: 83
  • Speed ​​with Ball: 71

Below we see the Attributes of Defense / Rebounds

  • Internal defense: 50
  • Defense on the perimeter: 80
  • Ruba: 70
  • Offensive rebound: 71
  • Defensive rebound: 70

Physical Attributes and Current-Gen Impulses | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

Finally, let's see together the Physical Attributes

  • Speed: 74
  • Acceleration: 71
  • Force: 70
  • Vertical: 80
  • Resistance: 86

As for the Rushes, the best ones to assign to your player in the Small Wing position are: 

  • Primary Impetus: Finishing Moves
  • Secondary Impetus: Perimeter Badge Drop 

Current-Gen Conclusion Badge | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

Let's go now to see what the badge to be preferred for each attribute, starting with those for the attribute Conclusion

  • Acrobat: Silver
  • Supreme elevation: Silver
  • Lob City Finalizer: Bronze
  • Posterizer: Hall of Fame 
  • Unlimited deadlift: Silver 
  • Not stolen: Bronze
  • Fearless Finalizer: Silver
  • Agile Finalizer: Hall of Fame 

Badges Shooting and Direction Current-Gen | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

We see in the following list i Badge to select for the attribute Threw

  • Blinders: Silver
  • Hot Zone Hunter: Silver 
  • Catch and pull: Bronze
  • Ace of the fadeaway: Hall of Fame 
  • circus triple: Silver
  • Sniper: Silver
  • Green car: Silver 

Let's move on to those dedicated to Regia

  • Break ankles: Silver 
  • Laser pass: Gold
  • Iperguida: Silver
  • Quick departure: Silver 
  • Excellent control: Silver
  • Downhill: Bronze 
  • Quick chain: Gold
  • Playmaker in Post: Silver 

Current-Gen Defense / Rebound Badges | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

Finally, let's see the badges to select for the Defense / Rebounds attribute: 

  • ankle: Bronze
  • Pincers: Silver 
  • Rebound Hunter: Bronze
  • Rubapalloni: Silver
  • Ready hand: Bronze
  • Cut it out: Silver 
  • Pogo stick: Bronze
  • Worm: Bronze 

Now let's move on to the Little Wing in Last-Gen: the physical options

Instead, let's see, in the next paragraphs of this guide, the best build for an effective Small Wing for those who play NBA 2K22 on last generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One). Create and customize your player's face as you wish, give him the build you want and get ready to train him to the fullest. As for the body options, Height, Weight and Arm Spread, these will be quite similar to the next-gen version. Find them below: 

  • Height: 6'6 ”
  • Weight: 207lbs
  • Opening of the arms: 86.1 "

Attributes Conclusion Last-Gen | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

The subdivision into paragraphs is practically the same, so let's start with the scores to be assigned to the various attributes, starting with Conclusion

  • Close Up Shot: 88
  • Desk pad at the entrance: 84
  • Crushed on entry: 83
  • Crushed from a standstill: 61

We continue with the Threw

  • Medium distance shot: 72
  • Three-point shot: 64
  • Free throw: 82

Direction and Defense / Rebounds Attributes | NBA 2K22: guide to the best small forward build

Below you will find those related to the Direction: 

  • Accuracy of the steps: 83
  • Ball control: 79
  • Check in post: 57

Finally, for Defense / Rebounds, follow the following list: 

  • Internal defense: 52
  • Defense on the perimeter: 73
  • Lateral speed: 72
  • Ruba: 72
  • Defensive rebound: 69

Impetus and Badge Conclusion Last-Gen | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

The Impetus to choose in this case is “Slasher”. Now let's move on to Badge to be selected for each attribute category, starting with that of the Conclusion

  • Fearless Finalizer: Gold
  • Slayer of giants: Silver
  • Unlimited deadlift: Gold
  • Posterizer: Hall of Fame 
  • Agile finalizer: Hall of Fame 

As for i badge inherent to Threw, let's see the following list together: 

  • Blinders: Bronze
  • Sniper: Bronze
  • Green car: Bronze
  • Hot Zone Hunter: Silver
  • Unlimited Placed: Silver 
  • Sharpshooter: Silver 
  • Stop & Pop: Silver 

Badges Shooting, Direction and Defense / Rebounds Last-Gen | NBA 2K22: guide to the best build from Small Wing

Let's move on to those related to the Regia

  • Break ankles: Silver 
  • Launcher: Bronze
  • Laser pass: Gold
  • Savior: Silver 
  • Perfect Control: Hall of Fame
  • Excellent control: Bronze
  • Quick Chain: Hall of Fame 
  • Quick departure: Hall of Fame
  • Safe: Gold 

Below, however, you will find the badge related to Defense / Rebounds

  • Pincers: Gold 
  • Intimidator: Silver
  • Bounce Hunter: Bronze 

Have fun!

End our long-winded guide on how to build the best Small Wing build in NBA 2K22 here. Hoping to have been useful we ask you: are you playing the 2K Sports title? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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