Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

Minecraft Earth brings the typical cubes of the series into real life, here are some tips and tricks on how to start playing

Minecraft Earth is the new augmented reality title in the series created by Mojang. This new Pokémon GO-style title allows you to interact with the real world turning it into a Minecraft map. It is possible to gather resources, raise animals and collect treasures both alone and in company with your friends. Obviously also in this case the building construction through the use of classic blocks it is central to the gameplay. Let's go and see with this guide some suggestions to start the game in the right way.

Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

How does Minecraft Earth work?

At the first start you may be a little confused, but don't worry why the game is pretty simple and the lack of a tutorial won't give you any problems. As you go around the real world, tap everything you see on the touchscreen to accumulate resources. Will find the usual blocks that you will recognize if you are familiar with the Minecraft series, as well as animals such as cows or sheep.

Both resources and animals can be used in your Buildplate. The Buildplate is the your own miniature Minecraft world, it will be yours alone so you don't have to worry about someone ruining your creations.

It is also possible to build your creations outside of your Buildplate, or to overcome daily challenges or participate in some Adventures with your friends. Also present a shop where to spend the game currency or the premium currency to expand your game possibilities or cosmetic items for the customization of your character. 

Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

Complete Daily Challenges - Minecraft Earth Tips and Tricks

Different challenges will be offered to you every day. We advise you to check them out as these challenges they will reward you for actions that you would have done anyway. Once you have completed a challenge you can go to the specific menu, located on the right at the bottom of the screen, and claim your prize. The rewards of the challenges will be there very useful to improve the structures in the Buildplate and will give you the possibility to accumulate resources without any effort. 

Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

Open the game whenever you leave the house - Minecraft Earth tips and tricks

Take advantage of the occasions when you have to leave the house for accumulate resources. When you go out remember from time to time to pick up the phone and open the game to check what's around you. The cube version of the real world might give you some surprises. In a short time and with a few taps on your touchscreen you can collect a good amount of materials.

Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

Join Adventures from time to time - Minecraft Earth tips and tricks

Sometimes you will see places highlighted on the world map. If you physically go to those places it will be possible to participate in Adventures. In these missions it will be possible explore to find rare materials, fight monsters and more. It is also possible to join the Adventures together with your friends. We advise you to take part in Adventures whenever possible. If you are looking for some materials you need, you will probably be able to find them by exploring the dungeons that will be offered to you.

Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

Share your Buildplates with friends - Minecraft Earth tips and tricks

You can use augmented reality to build your own little world of blocks thanks to Buildplates. You can access it at any time and no one will be able to ruin your creations. Also you can invite your friends into the Buildplates. By inviting a friend to your Buildplate (which we remember can be anything from a small house to a farm full of animals) he will be able to collaborate with you and help you in the construction of your creations. 

Minecraft Earth: tips and tricks to start playing

Give space to your imagination!

In Minecraft Earth, as in normal Minecraft, you will be able to build anything. Unleash your imagination in the Buildplates in order to build your ideal little world made of cubes.

We just have to wish you good fun hoping these tips have been helpful so that you are ready when the game is available in our country. We remind you that Minecraft Earth is currently available in early access in six countries on iOS and Android. Keep following us on Holygamerz for other guides or news on the gaming world!

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