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    Minecraft Dungeons: Our Guide to Unlocking All Secret Levels!

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    While playing Minecraft Dungeons you will certainly have noticed the presence of some secret levels. In the following lines you will discover step by step how to unlock them all

    Many of you will already have noticed. In the maps of 9 missions of the main story of the game there are some points that will turn out to be entrance doors for mysterious new locations which is worth exploring. In this guide we explain how to unlock all 5 secret levels of Minecraft Dungeons so read on if you are interested in discovering the most hidden part of the latest title Mojang.

    Before we delve into that, however, it is good to keep in mind that Minecraft Dungeons it is based on a procedural principle. Which means that levels, paths, loot and mobs are generated randomly every time you play a level. The images that follow, therefore, may differ from what you will find in front of you playing in first person. Don't worry though: the access points for the secret levels are always the same.

    Minecraft Dungeons: the cubicest of adventures

    The latest effort by Mojang Studios saw the light on May 26 last Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch e PS4 May 26, 2020. In the title, inspired by the dungeons crawler and set in the now famous universe of Minecraft, up to four players can join in exploring the various dungeons. And the latter are the very essence of the game. The player, who plays the Hero of Minecraft, must face numerous and ever-increasing difficulty.

    In this way, the protagonist has the (precious) possibility of accumulating more and more advanced resources. The camp at Costa Calamaro serves as a central hub game and from here the various adventures begin. Final goal: defeat the fearsome Arch-Illager and save the villagers. As mentioned earlier the main adventure of Minecraft Dungeons it is divided into 9 different missions and from these you will have access to the secret levels that we are about to list.

    Creepy Crypt - Minecraft Dungeons: how to unlock secret levels 

    To access this area you must first reach Creeper Forest. Before going to the caravan, explore the map. You will notice a secret path on the left side of the map. This path leads to a circular area. You will find the wall of a temple. On the wall they are present red bricks almost impossible to ignore. Once you have found the entrance just press the button on the ground at the wall with the red bricks.

    At this point an entrance should materialize in the immediate vicinity. Continue through the dungeon to get the map and unlock the related new mission. For procedural reasons explained above, we do not have the possibility to indicate the exact point. The important thing is to look for every possible path that leads to a circular area.

    Damp Cavern - Minecraft Dungeons: how to unlock secret levels 

    It is an area rather difficult to find since it has a low chance of spawning. What you have to do first is reach the Wet swamp. To facilitate the process of finding the secret level we have noticed that this level will only be generated when they are present two secrets to discover in the Moist Swamp. To find out how many secrets you can find in an area, open your game map in full screen and read the text at the bottom left of the screen. When 2 appears, you will have a chance to find the hidden crypt.

    We also noticed that the access point for the Wetland is generated, in most cases, on the left side of the map, in the second or third portion of the level. The access point is located at the end of some stone stairs.

    Arch-Refuge - Minecraft Dungeons: how to unlock secret levels

    The first thing to do is go to the Pastures of Pumpkin. To access the hidden level you will first need to get a map stored in the hold of a small pirate ship. As the levels are randomly generated, as you know by now, in most cases the ship will not be available and so you will have to go back to the Calamaro Coast camp and start the level again and continue exploring. Once you have found the fateful ship, enter the hold, defeat all the enemies and you will have earned it map.

    We spent more than 3 hours waiting for the coveted ship to spawn so if you happen not to find it after several minutes don't give up and keep restarting the level undeterred. In most cases, however, the ship is present in the first half of the level.

    Stairway - Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock Secret Levels

    Among the various secret levels this is probably the simplest to unlock, since the access point has a relatively spawn rate common and can always be found in the same area.

    Go to the Highblock Sale. To find the access, make your way through the main hall until you come across a large one set of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs, you will find a small presenting area two shields hanging on a wall. Interact with the blue shield and see how the empty wall turns into a door. Go inside and pick up the new one map of the new location.

    Moo? - Minecraft Dungeons: how to unlock secret levels

    Arm yourself with patience: you will have to first complete the game on basic difficulty. From the camp, head east and use the platforms to jump to the next area. You will notice then a portal which will be temporarily inactive. Moving south you will find yourself in the area to the right of drawbridge, the latter must be lowered. From here you can enter the church. Continue to the end and you will find a button with a series of bright runes on the top. I am 9, one for each main story mission.

    At the entrance to this room, to the left of the arch, you can interact with the painting by a dog: will show you where you can find the runes in each level. Fortunately, the runes will always appear in the same places. Now go back to the camp to insert all nine runes into theAltar. Collect the map to unlock the secret level. No doubt the hardest of the game.


    Now you finally know how to get access to Secret levels of Minecraft Dungeons. It is certainly a feat challenging not just because it will first be necessary complete the game but also because, as we explained earlier, the title is based on the principle of procedurality and each access point has its own unique spawn rate. Therefore don't give up, wield your best weapon (in this case the patience) and throw yourself headlong into this adventure!

    We thank you for reading this endless papyrus, we hope it was helpful and even if it were not so, tell us about it in the comments. Here you will find a useful guide to start the game. Stay tuned with us at Holygamerz for all the updates and curiosities from the world of gaming and beyond.

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