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    Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

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    Minecraft Dungeon has been available on the market for a few days, and so today we want to offer you some tricks and tips to start playing on the right foot

    The new chapter of one of the most high-sounding names in the history of video games was released last May 26, giving a refresh to the brand. Minecraft Dungeons it is not very different from the rest of the isometric hack n slash games, but with the block outfits of Minecraft (in fact). The game has proven capable both of bringing non-genre players closer to the Diablo-like genre, and of appealing to veterans of the game, although it takes some time to learn all the mechanics. For this reason, today we want to offer you some tricks and freezes to get you started in Minecraft Dungeons.

    Diablo, but squarer

    As anticipated, Minecraft Dungeons is an isometric hack n slash Diablo-like set in the checkered world of Minecraft. Mojang, one of the flagship teams of Microsoft Studios, together with Double Eleven has decided to dare. Deviating from the guidelines of the original game, they attempted the experiment in question while still maintaining what made Minecraft a gold mine. The final result shows that the brand is now so strong and recognized that it deserves so much, even considering the low price of the game. To help you get started in Minecraft Dungeons, we have selected some useful ones tips and tricks that could make your life easier.

    Replay Each Level - Minecraft Dungeons: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

    Let's start with one of the most important of our tips and tricks for Minecraft Dungeons: replay each level to get better rewards. The game's worlds and levels are a balanced mix of predefined environments and randomly generated rewards. While the general layout of the levels remains almost unchanged (or very similar), the enemies inside them, the loot and the position of the chests change every time the game is repeated. So, replaying the levels and destroying stronger and stronger enemies allows you to get better and better rewards.

    Each level has different degrees of difficulty to choose from, and the strength of the enemies and their number increase proportionally with the difficulty. The level of potential equipment that could come out is consequently linked to the difficulty, and it is possible to view the range of drops in the main selection screen.

    Take Recommended Level Seriously - Minecraft Dungeons: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

    Since the rewards are proportionate to the difficulty of the dungeon, you may be tempted to set a higher difficulty for better rewards. Undoubtedly, better equipment allows you to have a bigger advantage in subsequent dungeons, but we advise you to take into account the level recommended by the game. In general, select a difficulty that is too high for your level non vale la candela. We recommend that you select an affordable difficulty for your level, since some battles may turn out more frustrating than they actually deserve.

    Instead, you should play at the maximum level for your possibilities without going beyond the recommended level, or at an equivalent level. You will still earn good rewards and emeralds.


    Low difficulty first, better equipment later - Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

    Just as the difficulty of a mission determines the quality of the drops, the level itself determines what the drops will actually be. This means that it is always better to have a plan, since the more levels available, the greater the amount of rewards available. We advise you to set the difficulty to a minimum to easily overcome dungeons, to get the first rewards faster. After that, it will be possible for you check rewards and drops in the mission selection menu.

    However, it is not convenient for you to tackle dungeons one after another at too low a difficulty, as you will never be prepared enough to face the more difficult dungeons that you will find yourself as you advance in the game. Instead, it suits you replay the levels increasingly difficult to get better gear and progress step by step in the game without too many problems.

    Don't spare the emeralds - Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

    In addition to obtaining loots such as weapons and equipment, it will be possible to find some "Emeralds" in each level. It will be possible to spend the emeralds in the only two vendors available in the village:

    • Un Blacksmith, which will arrive at the village once you have completed the “Creeper Woods” level for the first time
    • Un Merchant, which will appear after completing the “Pumpkin Patch” for the first time

    These two vendors will give you random equipment (the blacksmith will give you weapons and the artifact walker) in exchange for emeralds. Equipment includes armor, bows and other weapons, while artifacts grant players temporary boosts for battling dungeons. There is nothing else in the game to spend emeralds on, so our advice is to spend it when you can. Try to get new gear every time you have some savings. It's not always possible to get better gear than you already own, but it is often possible, so don't hesitate to try your luck.

    Dismantle unused equipment to get Emeralds - Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

    Weapons, equipment, and artifacts have some stats to take into account, but the most important of all is definitely the level. The higher the equipment level, the best turns out. Equipment obtained in the past is not salable, but can be dismantled from our inventory. Through this mechanic it is possible get emeralds dismantling what we don't need, and then spending it on other equipment.

    Dismantle equipment to get spell points - Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

    Whenever you level up in Minecraft Dungeon, you will get gods "Spell Points". Later, you can spend these points in your inventory to unlock upgrades (also randoma) for your equipment. Our advice is to do not accumulate these points waiting for better gear, because there is no need. Once we have dismantled the enchanted equipment, that is the equipment on which we had spent spell points, we will get a certain amount of points back. This means that, if necessary, you can change gear quickly and enchant what you need.

    Equipment with multiple spell slots - Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

    Low-level gear only has one equipment slot available for upgrading. In any case, you can spend up to six points spell to enhance the equipped spell and increase its effects. As you progress through the game, however, you can find better and better gear and therefore with more spell slots. You can see this feature in the inventory menu at the bottom right, where there will be slots available or locked based on equipment level.

    Ranged Weapons Against Ranged Enemies - Minecraft Dungeons: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

    In Minecraft Dungeons, against all odds, there are no classes. This means that you will have to use whatever resources are at your disposal to take out the hordes of enemies. As in all Diablo-like it is possible to choose a series of weapons (melee or ranged) every time you enter a dungeon. Obviously, in every dungeon you will face a random mix of enemies, equipped with melee or ranged weapons.

    To successfully overcome the fights that await you, you will have to use both types of weapons, alternating them continuously during the dungeon. Use melee weapons for enemies who attack closely, and save arrows for skeletons, archers and the like.

    Always consult the map - Minecraft Dungeons: tips and tricks to get started

    In addition to destroying hordes of enemies and rescuing trapped villagers, Minecraft Dungeon relies heavily on exploration. Each level is complex and has numerous dead ends, intertwining paths and branches to explore. Exploring every corner of the map means finding hidden chests and consequently obtaining a large amount of loot. By pressing the key “down” on the D-Pad, you can consult the map. In some situations it might distract from other things, but it proves crucial to explore 100% each dungeon.

    At the bottom left of the screen you can see how many chests are hidden in the level, and how many we have found so far. The number of chests also includes the hidden ones, but does not take into account those that you will find immediately before the battles.

    Ready to enter the darkest dungeon?

    Ok friends, these were our tips and tricks for getting Minecraft Dungeons off to a good start. We hope you have been helpful with this guide and we hope you enjoy the game as much as we do. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay connected on Holygamerz for further news, updates and much more on the world of video games. Bye!

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