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    Immortals: Fenyx Rising: here is the complete list of trophies!

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    After the triumphant release of Immortals: Fenyx Rising, the complete list of trophies is finally available and in this guide we want to list it from top to bottom

    We are working on the review of Immortals: Fenyx Rising for you, but this does not exempt us from bringing you more content on the title over the next few days. The prerequisites for the end of the trio of Ubisoft video games are all there. After an excellent Assassin's Creed Valhalla and a much more than enjoyable Watch Dogs Legion, in fact, the triad of the French company seems to want to close well even with a title that, although it seems very inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many other video games of different genres, has a very strong identity of its own. A derivative video game, as reviewers like to call it today, but one that has more heart than head and promises great things to fans of the genre. Or rather, of genres. However, you will find out what we think in our review, so stay tuned with us!

    Before starting! 

    The trophy list of Immortals: Fenyx Rising consists of 51 total trophies, of which 38 are bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and of course the inevitable platinum trophy. The complete list to get 100% doesn't seem to be that complex, in this case, just maybe a bit long and repetitive. Warning: the list may contain spoilers, so we advise against reading it for anyone who does not want to know absolutely anything about Immortals: Fenyx Rising before having played it for themselves. That said, let's get started! 

    The first part of the Bronze Trophies - Immortals: Fenyx Rising: here is the complete list of trophies! 

    Below is the first part of the Immortals Bronze Trophies: Fenyx Rising: 

    • The generous tree: Meet Aphrodite; 
    • Big chicken: Meet Ares; 
    • Iron giant: Meet Hephaestus; 
    • Insolent little girl: Meet Athena; 
    • God of war: Complete the missions of Ares; 
    • Goddess of wisdom: Complete the missions of Athena; 
    • Messenger of the gods: Complete the missions of Hermes; 
    • goddess of love: Complete Aphrodite's missions; 
    • God of the forge: Complete the missions of Hephaestus; 
    • Fight between brothers: Defeat Ligirone; 
    • Monsters and trunks: Smash 100 large trees; 
    • Bird's eye perspective: Discover the whole map; 
    • On the top: Reach the highest point on the island; 
    • The floor is lava: Glides for a total of 1000 meters in one go; 
    • Biscottino: Tame an epic mount; 
    • Among the stars: Complete a Mythic Constellation Challenge; 
    • Bullet Mastery: Defeat a flying enemy by throwing an object; 
    • C-c-combo: Reach the last combo level; 
    • Your own medicine: Defeat an enemy with his own bullet.

    The second part of the Bronze Trophies - Immortals: Fenyx Rising: here is the complete list of trophies! 

    Below the second part of the bronze trophies: 

    • Is it a bird!: Perform a 25 hit combo while in the air; 
    • Look, no hands!: Defeat 10 enemies using the Tartarus Crypt traps; 
    • Ghost Buster: Defeat a ghost; 
    • Don't hit the messenger: Meet Emres; 
    • Collection of fragments: Destroy 10 groups of fragments; 
    • Night treasure: Open a night chest; 
    • Great style: Equip a matching helmet and armor; 
    • From the ashes: Find Phosphorus; 
    • Not too close to the sun: Equip new wings; 
    • Minus one: Complete an Assignment on the Heroic Assignments Board in the Hall of the Gods; 
    • Problems, always problems: Create your first potion; 
    • Potions professional: Fully upgrade the potions tree; 
    • Strengthening: Fully upgrade the tree of divine powers; 
    • Let's see what you can do: Fully upgrade the skill tree; 
    • Weapons Master: Fully upgrade a weapon to the highest rank; 
    • Join the creed!: Perform 10 stealth attacks; 
    • On fire: Complete the Phosphorus missions; 
    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: Change your appearance in the Hall of the Gods; 
    • photobomb: Take a photo. 

    The Silver Trophies - Immortals: Fenyx Rising: here is the complete list of trophies! 

    Below are the 10 silver trophies of Immortals: Fenyx Rising:

    • Fenyx whispered to the horses: Tame all mounts; 
    • All projects health: Maximize your health; 
    • Ornithology: Obtain all aspects of the phoenix; 
    • Collector of wings: Get all wings; 
    • Who's in charge?: Defeat the mythological boss monsters; 
    • New neighbor of Hades: Complete 25 Tartar Crypts; 
    • At the service of the gods: Complete the secondary missions of the gods; 
    • More than twelve labors: Complete all 36 tasks on the Hermes Heroic Assignments board; 
    • Maximum charge: Maximizes stamina; 
    • Last hero left: Get heroic status.

    Gold Trophies and Platinum Trophies - Immortals: Fenyx Rising: here is the complete list of trophies! 

    Below the 2 gold trophies: 

    • Mission complete: Defeat Typhoon; 
    • Armed and dangerous: Upgrade everything in Hephaestus's Forge. 

    Finally, below, the title of the Immortals platinum trophy: Fenyx Rising! 

    • The end: Collect all trophies. 

    Have fun! 

    End the complete list of Immortals: Fenyx Rising trophies here. Have you bought the Ubisoft title? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! 

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