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Do you want to play Among Us, but are not sure how the game works? Rest assured, here is the complete guide to know everything about the game!

While Among Us has been available since 2018, in recent months it has garnered a enorme succeso which brought the game to everyone's lips. Success came thanks to the massive use of streamers and not during their live shows, but also thanks to the potential of the title that emerge especially when played in company. You may have heard of it lately and would like to try it out, but you are not sure how the game works. Do not worry, here is everything you need to know to start playing Among Us right away. We remind you that the game is available both on PC and in mobile version on iOS and Android.

An impostor is circulating among us

It is basically a party game. All players are inside a broken-down spaceship and will have to accomplish certain goals (called tasks) to win the game. To oppose you, however, there are some impostors who are hiding in the crew. Sessions in which you will have to move around the spaceship completing the tasks will alternate with sessions in which you will be able to communicate and vote the main suspect to be mercilessly expelled from the spaceship.

It is a videogame version of Lupus In Fabula, with some additions that increase the possibilities given to the players. It is also possible to play without a group and search for matches through matchmaking. In this case we advise you to select the “Other” option from the drop-down menu of the game search. At the moment there is no specific filter for our language, but in this way you will have many possibilities to play with other Spaniards. Obviously though Among Us gives its best in company, our advice is to play with a group of friends to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Performing tasks - How to play Among Us, the complete guide

We continue our guide on how to play Among Us by describing the specific tasks. These come randomly assigned to each player at the start of the game. There are three types: Short, Long e Common. The first takes place in a short time, it involves solving very simple mini-games to increase the green bar that indicates victory for the players. Those of the second type are usually more complex and need to cross more rooms to complete them. The last ones instead they are common for all players and can be completed as a team.

The number of tasks is decided by the host at the start of the game in the settings. Performing them will require you to move around the map and will increase the risk of being alone. At that moment you will be extremely vulnerable and could be the prey of the impostor who lurks in the ship. So try to do them as quickly as possiblerest assured though, it's all about homework very simple and it will take little to get to know them. At that point you will be able to complete them without even thinking about it in a few seconds.

Manage the map - How to play Among Us, the complete guide

The management of movements within the map can make the difference between a victory and a defeat. We advise you to always open the map with the button at the top right. In this way you will have the vision of the entire spaceship, in addition there will be large exclamation points that indicate the places to reach to complete the tasks. If you want you can always keep the map open as it is semi-transparent and it won't stop you from moving easily.

Always keep your eyes peeled though, you might see suspicious scenes at any moment and spot a potential imposter. The important thing is to build a mental path to make as few moves as possible, in this way you will complete the tasks in a short time and put the impostors in serious difficulty. If you want to play your best it is necessary to be efficient and in Among Us everything passes from the management of the path.

The ghost life and crisis management - How to play Among Us, the complete guide

One of the most interesting things is certainly the presence of Ghosts. In this way, in fact, you can continue playing Among Us even after your death. In the guise of ghosts you will not be able to communicate in any way with your companions of course, but you will have numerous advantages. Ghosts can cross walls and be extremely faster than a normal player. Also as a ghost you can continue to carry out your tasks to help win.

A side note deserve the Crisis. This is a particular time when one of the impostors seriously compromised the state of the ship. The red arrows at the edge of the screen will show you where to go to solve the problem. When this happens the whole group must focus solely on the Crisis, as it can go from sabotaging the lights to a fatal failure which will give victory to the team of impostors.

Communicate - How to play Among Us, the complete guide

Communication is one of the most important parts of the game and at the same time the most fun. There are two ways to play Among Us: using text or voice chat. You can only talk when members get together and this is where you need to be good at convincing other players to follow you. Maybe you know who the impostor is and you want to kill him, or you are the impostor and you will have to deceive everyone else about your innocence.

The game does not have voice chat, but you can easily organize with your friends to use it through an external program. We strongly advise you to remain silent while completing tasks and strictly follow this rule. Talking only in meetings not only increases immersion, but makes the game a lot more fun. Time to communicate is strictly limited, so try to be quick and clear right away. 

The role of the impostor - How to play Among Us, the complete guide

Playing Among Us as an imposter is one of the things funniest of the whole game. In this role you will have to make fun of the other players, killing them when no one sees you or convincing them that the impostor is another unsuspecting innocent gambler. Being an impostor, however, is even more difficult and you will have to be careful when you move in order not to end up under the eye of the storm.

One of the most underrated skills is being able to enter the ducts to hide you from the crew. Only the impostor has this possibility and can prove to be really useful on many occasions. Also you will have to try to pretend to complete tasks even if you are not really doing them. Be careful though, for some tasks (such as shooting meteorites) they activate animations visible from the outside. Avoid pretending with this kind of task or you will get caught. For more tips on how to play as an imposter, we recommend our guide completely dedicated to this role.

We start playing

Our guide on how to play Among Us ends here. Now you know everything you need about the game and you can join the phenomenon that continues to this day entertain thousands of viewers in live streams around the world. You just have to download the game on PC, iOS or Android and start playing alone or with your friends. Please let us know if this guide was helpful to you. Continue to follow us on the pages of Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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