How to delete or hide your phone number on Facebook

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How to delete or hide your phone number on Facebook. During the registration you entered your phone number on Facebook and now this appears in your personal information on your public profile, if you do not want this and therefore you want to remove or hide this information we will now explain how to do it.

How to delete or hide your phone number on Facebook

From facebook site

  • connect to and log in to your account
  • go to your facebook profile (click on your image of the profile)
  • select the card Information
  • go to item Contact and background information
  • at the item phones click on Modification

You can now choose to remove the phone number completely:

  • click on Remove
  • presses on once again Remove on the new page displayed
  • click the button Remove phone number
  • Se richiesta digitala la Password related to your Facebook account to confirm the operation.

The second option is to make it visible only to yourself or friends:

  • Select Only me from menu drop down next to the telephone number and press pulsating Save Changes. Or Select Friends Closer friends Family etc ... and press on Save Changes.

Da app facebook per mobile

  • Apri l' app Facebook sul tuo smartphone o tablet e premi le three linee horizontali in alto su Android, in basso su iOS.
  • tap on your image of the profile
  • presses on the card Information
  • next to the wording Contact Information tap on the item Modification

Now if you want to permanently delete your phone number from Facebook here is the procedure:

  • tap on the item Remove cell phones in the account settings
  • tap on the item Remove under the your mobile number on the next screen.
  • Then type the Password of your Facebook account and press the button Remove phone.

If, on the other hand, you want to hide it and make it visible only to yourself or to specific people, here is the procedure:

  • presses on menu that you find next to yours phone number and choose Only me from the menu that appears. The changes will be applied immediately. In addition to Only me you can choose other options such as FriendsCloser friendsFamily etc…


Done as you see delete your number from facebook or make it visible only to certain people and simple on both desktop and mobile.

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