Hitman 3 - Complete Guide to Chongqing Challenges

Hitman 3 - Complete Guide to Chongqing Challenges

Here is the complete guide to help you complete each of the 84 challenges foreseen in Hitman 3 (here the review of the game), in the location of Chongqing. Reach the mastery level 20 a Chongqing will unlock a trophy on the PlayStation consoles, while also providing you with several new tools, which can be used in any other setting during the adventure. IO Interactive. It is necessary to complete about the85% of the challenges proposals to reach mastery level 20, so you don't necessarily have to complete them all. Challenges are only available during online play.

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Hitman 3, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by IO Interactive. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Assassination (15)

  • Hit deep - Dress up as a homeless man and strangle Hush
  • There is an air of stress - Updating
  • Deprivation - You will need to find the fuse in the therapy room, it's two floors down. Kill Hush when she sits down to activate the chair, or bring her body close to it
  • Mnemonic - During Pulse Check, take out Hush's assistant when he is distracted, as he is in charge of slowing down the process. That way the others will go faster and Hush will die in the process
  • Exit with a bang - During the classic Silent Assassin (more on this below) shoot the gas container instead
  • Shock to the system - Take out Imogen Royce and take the body to the Break Room, second floor, shoot first the water tank and then the contraption to electrocute her
  • A nice refresh - Following Royce kill the guards and disguise yourself with their clothes, when possible throw her down
  • Double black - At the end of the mission With Eyes Open, kill Royce and Hush with a single shot once they are posted as snipers
  • Cooked to perfection - Finishing the Principle of Uncertainty mission Royce will take you to a room where you can shoot 3 employees. Hit Alicia Reynolds (top right), immediately Jeremy Bolt (security guard bottom left). Alicia will then deactivate the security, when Royce enters the core shoot Sharoon Reed immediately
  • For the hair - Equip the syringe (requires mastery 5), kill the bodyguard following Hush when he goes to the PC and flip a coin to distract him, hide the body and inject Hush with the syringe. Drown him in the bathroom
  • Multifaceted assassin - Complete The Pianist, Someone Will Get Hurt, by the Hair, Direct Strike and Odorless, Colorless
  • Odorless, incolore - During Uncertainty Principle Royce will take you to his office, freeze the glass and inject her with a lethal dose
  • Direct hit - Hit a target in the head with any weapon
  • The Pianist - Kill a target with a cable by taking it from behind
  • Someone will get hurt - It will unlock automatically during Cooked to perfection

Exploration (18)

  • Shortcut: Facility elevator shaft - Here is our guide containing all the shortcuts
  • Off with the train - Escape the train station, the base departure location
  • La ronda - Disguise yourself as a road guard
  • At the starting block - They are in the Hush facility, they have blue outfits and guns
  • Shortcut: inner courtyard - Here is our guide containing all the shortcuts
  • Underground surprise - Enter the arcade from the street, there are two guards in the courtyard, go around them and reach the keypad on the wall to enter 2552
  • Make a career - You will get it during Wholeness Principle
  • Get in the saddle - Escape with the scooter, you will find it at the exit of the first floor, near the Inelectrics Store
  • Very special door - Hack the core after killing the persecutors and exit the door in the ICA
  • The outcast - Dress up as a homeless man
  • Last answer - You will need to find 3 flyers in the recruiting station
  • Apartment-Refuge - Exit the shelter, it is the closest during the With your eyes open mission, on the floor where you will post as snipers
  • Shortcut: block scale - Here is our guide containing all the shortcuts
  • Ravioli cook - Dress up as a ravioli cook
  • In the rabbit hole - Exit the manhole, opening it with a crowbar, you will find it in the place of the homeless
  • Hack the planet - Obtain the 3 tiers of dongles, the first is on the security tier 1 floor, the second at the employee control and the third has Royce
  • Explore Chongqing - Here is our guide to all hidden areas
  • Chameleon - Obtain a total of 11 disguises
  1. Mr Pritchard - Automatic from the Uncertainty Principle mission
  2. Street Guard - On the street, outside the ICA container
  3. Block Guard - Located in the facility
  4. Homeless - Behind the arcade, on the street
  5. Cook - At the restaurant and on the street
  6. Researcher - On the upper floors
  7. Test Subject - On the fifth floor
  8. Engineer - Inside the ICA, he is dressed in red
  9. Safety - Inside the ICA, he has a green hat
  10. Guard - Inside the ICA, he has black clothes and a red hat
  11. Analyst - He has a black suit and a yellow tie

Chongqing Quests (16) in Hitman 3

  • Human error - Finite Principle of uncertainty
  • Relieve suffering - Follow the Cotto assassination to perfection
  • She needs a nap - Grab the cowboy bust in the stairwell between the first and second floors and knock out the scientist on the fourth or fifth floors
  • There is a hair in my soup - Make a soup at the restaurant and add the emetic potion
  • History of the mission - With open eyes - Complete the mission With Eyes Open
  • It is done for fun - Get the toy tank from the arcade and take out a scientist on the fourth floor
  • You've Got Mail - Retrieve the package at the entrance of the laboratory passing through the container, go down to level-2, go through the first door on the right after the search and enter the only door that is in front of the staircase, at this point throw in the head the package to the only person inside the room. - Thanks to Lorenzo Sassone for the contribution
  • Farewell to the past - You will acquire it by completing the first objective, deleting the files
  • singing… - Updating
  • History of the mission - Pulse control - Complete the Impulse Control mission
  • Big sister - It will be completed during the mission With eyes open, shooting the drones
  • …under the rain - Updating
  • Contact - Deactivate the antenna on the fourth floor by breaking in with a pick or crowbar,
  • History of the mission - Principle of uncertainty - Complete the Principle of Uncertainty mission
  • Another lap, another race - Go to the test lab and tamper with the four devices, subduing the scientists
  • Revenge - Get the hammer on the third floor and use it to take out 3 guards

(2) Chongqing targets in Hitman 3

  • Eliminate Hush
  • Eliminate Imogen Royce

The Classics (5 + 10) of Chongqing in Hitman 3

  • Precision assassin - Follow the next steps
  • Silent killer, Only dress - Follow the next steps
  • The classics - Complete Silent Assassin, Dress Only, and Precision Assassin
  1. Get ready starting from the side of the river, equipping a coin and the uniform of Agent 47, the rest is irrelevant
  2. Go to Laundromat on the first floor, enter the code 0118 and go up to the balcony, pass the guards in silence, strangle the guard on the roof and take his sniper rifle, hide the body
  3. Scan the drones
  4. Shoot 5 drones with the rifle
  5. When the guards arrive, hang up and don't be seen, go back up when they leave
  6. Shoot the 2 drones
  7. Kill Hush and Royce with a single sniper shot
  8. Escape through the roof door, tossing the coin to distract the guards

Escalation Track 1 (6)


Escalation Track 2 (11)


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