Heroes of the Storm: let's discover the new patch | Guide

The new Heroes of the Storm patch has arrived on the Public Test Realm (PTR) and will be available for testing until January 8

Once tried if you find any kind of bugs, during your gaming sessions on the PTR, you can report it on PTR bug reporting forum to share your server experience Blizzard. But now let's find out what's new in this patch which will introduce you to a new hero, Imperius. 

Heroes of the Storm: let's find out what's new in this patch | Guide

New hero: Imperius (warrior)

 Imperius is the Head of the Council of Angiris and Aspect of Valor, he led the armies of Heavenly Heaven to countless victories against the demons of the Flaming Hells.


  • Brand of Valor: Each basic ability marks enemy Heroes hit for 10 seconds. Basic Attacks consume the marks on the target, dealing 30% additional damage for each mark.

Main skills

  • Heavenly Charge (Q): Imperius lunges in the selected direction and attacks, dealing 35 damage. If it hits an enemy Hero, channels the effect, Stuns them for 1 second, and deals 70 additional damage upon completion.
  • Solarion fire (W): Unleashes a wave of fire that deals 100 damage. Enemies hit from the center take an additional 50 damage and are Slowed by 40% for 3 seconds.
  • Fiery Armor (E): Envelops Imperius in flames for 3 seconds, hitting a nearby enemy and dealing 19 damage every 0,25 seconds. Imperius restores Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt. The effect is doubled against the heroes.

Heroic skills

  • Angelic Arsenal (R): Summons a circle of flaming swords that grant 1.000 Shield for 3 seconds. If the Shield lasts until the end, reactivating the ability within 5 seconds allows you to throw 6 swords, each dealing 140 damage to the first enemy hit.
  • Wrath of Angiris (R): After 0,75 seconds, Imperius charges in the selected direction, lifting the first enemy Hero hit towards the Skies. While in the air, Imperius can change the landing spot by moving. After 2 seconds, the target crashes to the ground, taking 375 damage and being stunned for 1 second.

Nexus hero changes

Heroes of the Storm: let's discover the new patch | Guide

Abathur (Remote specialist)

  • Monstrosity (R) Health increased from 1.000 to 1.350.
  • Damage of basic attacks increased from 73 to 85.
  • Health Bonus per minion killed reduced from 5% to 2%.
  • Damage bonus per minion killed reduced from 5% to 2%.

Arthas (Melee Warrior)

  • Sindragosa (R)
    • No longer incapacitates units summoned by enemies.
    • Slows enemy summoned units by 60% for 4 seconds.

Diablo (Melee Warrior)

  • Level 1: Shield of the Soul (passive)
    • Soul Shield now dynamically updates if Diablo gains souls as long as Magic Resistance is active.

Additions to the collection

New packages: The following new packs are available for a limited time

  • Imperius Heroic Pack
  • Council of Angiris Pack

New announcer

  • Announcer: Imperius
  • Announcer: Johanna
  • Advertiser: Ilarian

New mount

  • Crystalline Saddled Battle Beast

New models

  • Imperius Avenger
  • Indomitable Imperius
  • Imperius Demoniaco
  • Demonic Imperius of the Abyss
  • Vile Demonic Imperius

New portraits, sprays and emojis

  • Several emoji and portrait packs have been added to the game.

Game bug fixes

User Interface

  • Solved a series of problems e inaccuracies in the descriptions in play.
  • Fixed a problem making map names difficult to read in the custom game hero selection screen.Heroes, skills and talents
  • Alachiara: Fixed an issue that prevented the Unstable Anomaly feat from increasing Polymorph's slow effect.
  • malthael: Fixed an issue where the effects of some of Malthael's abilities were visible through the fog of war.
  • Zul'jin: Fixed an issue where the No Mercy! reduced the damage dealt by Grisly Throw.
  • Fixed and implemented several graphical improvements in the upgrade system in and out of matches.

Heroes of the Storm: let's discover the new patch | Guide

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