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Persona 5 Strikers really has a lot of content to be a spinoff, so we thought we'd write you several articles about it. In this guide we will see what unique items the various shops around the game world offer. In the game they are referred to as Occasions.

If you are curious and want to know much more about the game, refer to ours Persona 5 Strikers guide.

  • What are the Occasions?
  • Shibuya
  • Sendai
  • Sapporo
  • Okinawa
  • Osaka

What are the Occasions?

Among the various things that we will be able to find in the various cities that we will shoot during the game, one of the most important are certainly the shops. In fact, they will allow us to access a very useful inventory of purchasable items to facilitate our adventure.

A special type of objects present are the Occasions, particular typical products of a locality.

Before starting to see in detail the items that can be purchased in the various shops, it is good to specify that there will be many in the various cities and it is therefore necessary to find them first.


Big Bang Burger Shibuya

Triple Seven Shibuya

Shibuya distributor


Big Bang Burger Sendai

Sharent Emporium

Very occasional emporium

Sekigan Butcher

Sendai distributor


Zunda Mochiya Aobayama Park


Big Bang Burger Sapporo

AKAGIRE pharmacy

Very sugary

Ecuadorian Yakidori

Eggs, sea urchins and crabs

Ramen Number 1 Sapporo

Curry house go go

Lamb-chan butcher shop

Sapporo distributor


Bento Fukuhara

Come, see and go

The Okinawan Experience

Haisai HAOMA

Okinawa distributor


Triple Seven Osaka

Crab Empire

Ausgezeichnet coffee

Bikkuri boy

All-around souvenir

Dotonbori Pharmacy

Ramen 11/10


Tac-Chan gourmet fugu

Isakaya Oiri

Lucky lucky

TOP kushikatsu

Great Empire Foods

Grumpy skewers



Cosmo Cream


Osaka distributor

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