Game of Thrones Walkthrough - Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Chapter 1

Rodrik Forrester - Ironrath

Rodrik will break into the great hall at Ironrath only to find that Ramsey Snow (soon to be Bolton) is arguing with his sister Talia. The Bolton bastard wants to marry your relative, but there are more important issues to discuss, so he'll ask you to take a walk with you.

Rodrik will have to choose whether to leave the sword behind and not carry it during the chat with Ramsey Snow. If you try to keep the weapon, the bastard will tear it from you and place it on the table. During the walk, Ramsey will ask you about Gryff and claim that he is really good at searching and finding hidden objects. The boy will also ask you why the Glenmores are with you in Ironrath. Regardless of your choices, you will find yourself in front of Arthur Glenmore bound and tortured in the forest.

Plot choice

Good Ramsey, just to be faithful to his principles, will torture poor Arthur in front of you, then he will give you a knife to make you have some fun with his victim. With the knife in your hands, you can decide to hit the Bolton bastard or throw the weapon to the ground.

If you drop the knife to the ground, Ramsey will mock you by claiming that you don't have the attributes in their place.

If you try to hit Ramsey, you'll be knocked out in no time.

Ramsey will inform you that he has decided to end the dispute between the Forrester and Whitehill family by letting you fight until one of the two families remains the sole mistress of Ironrath, then he will kill Arthur and go away.

The soldiers will untie Ramsey's poor victim and you can control the surrounding area. After examining the body cart, Duncan will approach you asking what you intend to do from now on. Elaena Glenmore will appear to look for her brother. Talk to her to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 2

Mira Forrester - King's Landing

Mira Forrester's actions during the coronation party will cost her another valuable ally. The good Lord Andros will let off steam during the event, attracting great attention to Mira, Sera will be very worried about the unseemly friendship with Mira, now she has become too dangerous. After the chat is over, two guards from the Lannister family will appear to pick up the Forrester girl and take her away for unknown reasons.

Asher Forrester - Meereen Camp

Beskha and Asher are thinking locally about the latest events that occurred before meeting Asher's uncle, Malcolm. The three will soon have to meet up with Stormborn Daenerys Targaryen to get their reward.

Depending on how you act in the events to come, the reward obtained will be of different magnitudes which however will not turn out to be an important reward anyway. Asher will get no man to plead his cause. If you decide to report the facts to Daenerys Targeryen and how and why Beskha killed her old master, the young queen will decide to offer you her gold. If, however, you decide to cover your partner and lie to Daenerys, you will receive nothing in return and will be forced to leave empty-handed. Regardless of what just happened, the queen will ask that Malcolm stay with her to serve her.

The three will come out of Daenerys Targaryen's tent and discuss the Queen's proposal. Malcolm insists on accepting his proposal and will offer to stay, so Beskha agrees to seek out Mereen's fierce fighters to plead your cause, whether or not you've told the truth inside the queen's tent.

Chapter 3

Gared Tuttle - Forest to the north

The group of the Night's Watch has been in the wilds for a long time now, the weather and darkness certainly do not help to improve the situation and soon you will be forced to make important decisions.

Cotter's physical condition is worsening and Sylvi, his sister, will not want to continue north, but is determined to go back south to join Mance Rayder's men who are approaching Castle Black. , will refuse to help poor Gared Tuttle. Your old partner, Cotter, instead of backing you up, will decide that it is better to follow your sister, blood of her blood, regardless of your wishes. After the curious curtain (meanwhile the strangers were sleeping), Gared will take a walk in the area.

If you decide to talk to Cotter, you will find out more about his family, then you can explore the camp and the surrounding area. Once ready, follow Sylvi off the pitch.

The young woman is on the hunt for a rabbit to make for dinner, she will be scared when Gared approaches her position. Together with your new companion you will go further into the dark forest in search of the animal.

Game of Thrones Walkthrough - Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers

Once Gared Tuttle has raised his bow, shoot the arrow quickly so as not to risk losing your prey, otherwise you will all be left with an empty stomach.

In case you fail to catch the succulent rabbit, Sylvi will collect some grass for dinner. While you are talking about the North Grove, your destination, you will hear in the distance Cotter calling for help like a madman, in fact, three strangers are approaching the camp (but then they weren't sleeping!).

Chapter 4

Asher Forrester - Meereen

Beskha will take Asher to the entrance hall of the arena and to his fighters. There will be countless corpses scattered all over the place and other men will be murdered in cold blood right in front of your very eyes. A man named "The Beast" is checking the entrance to the arena and will try to intimidate Asher. If you hit him with a good head, you will enter his good graces (I'm not kidding!)

Follow your comrade Beskha in the midst of the huge crowd of fighters. Sitting above all the fighters and at the pit of challenges is Amaya, an old acquaintance of Beskha from the old days of arena fighting. He will not welcome you with all the honors, as he feels a grudge against Asher's companion for abandoning the revelry of the arena. Unfortunately, the young Forrester will not be able to breach the hearts of Amaya and his fighters with words, he will in fact be forced to fight.


Follow the on-screen commands to escape unscathed from this cool quick time event and defeat Bloodsong. At the end of the fight you will have to decide whether to save or kill your opponent.

Plot choice

Bloodsong is at your mercy, above you the spectators are enjoying the show in a frenzy, they have come to see the blood and that is exactly what they want you to show.

If you spare Bloodsong, you may find your opponent in the future as an ally, but you risk passing as cowards in the eyes of Amaya and her men.

If you kill Bloodsong, you will win the respect of Amaya and her men, even if some may resent your brutality.

Once you have made your choice, you will have the opportunity to recite some inspirational phrases to the jumble of dirty and brute warriors above you, then you can leave on your own legs from the arena.

Gared Tuttle - Forest to the north

Gared and Sylvi will incredibly manage to get rid of the three strangers who had gotten too close to Cotter, however their victory will be very short. After clearing the first enemies, many more will emerge from the depths of the forest, blocking your way to the south. Gared will yell at his companions that there is now no choice and you will all be forced to move towards the Grove to the North. The three will run away from strangers who are now really close.

Chapter 5

Mira Forrester - King's Landing

Mira will be escorted by the Lannister family guards to Tyrion's personal room, where the beautiful and deadly Cersei Lannister is waiting for you. The Queen Mother is really quiet (maybe too much) and is analyzing Mira's recent actions, including the fact that she sneaked into the coronation party. You can impress Cersei by admitting that you lied to your Lady Margaery Tyrell only when necessary. The Queen Mother will recognize your cunning and will be very pleased with how you moved, so she will ask you to retrieve some really important information for her.

Cersei absolutely wants to know the identity of the champion chosen by her brother Tyrion to defend herself against the charge of regicide after the death of King Joffrey Baratheon by poisoning during the royal wedding.

If Mira is successful in obtaining this valuable information, the Queen Mother will promise her that she will fix the problem with Lord Andros (and will probably take care of the man herself, kill him!).

Asher Forrester - Meereen

Asher and his faithful companion Beskha find themselves in front of their boat and are discussing what just happened. If you have chosen to rescue Malcom and not Beskha inside the nest of the black dragon Drogo, your company will reproach your decision and will be doubtful that it is worthwhile to stay by your side any longer. Regardless of your previous actions and whatever else you have said to the girl, she will decide to follow you even to the end of the world.

Amaya and her cheerful company of fighters will make an appearance and, in case you decide to spare him, Bloodsong will be with them, a little sorry for not having an honorable death inside the arena pit, but still highly motivated to follow a great warrior like Asher Forrester is.

Malcolm will confess that his decision has been made, he will stay with Daenerys Targeryen in Meereen and help her conquer the Iron Throne.

Asher and his new partner will set sail for other shores.

Chapter 6

Mira Forrester - King's Landing

The task entrusted to her by the Queen Mother is not exactly simple, however everyone knows that the good Tyrion Lannister has a big weakness for wine, a defect that often led him to make truly disastrous decisions for his very existence.

Mira, armed with the best wine the royal cellars can offer, will join Tyrion inside his cell. The dwarf (as a true gentleman he is) will decide to share the wine with the girl and, of course, will ask her the reason for his bizarre visit.

Plot choice

Tyrion had to be a very precious ally to solve the question of Ironrath and the iron wood, he has always proved faithful and probably Mira is about to thirst for a good low blow. You will then have several opportunities to lie to the little man of the Lannister house.

If you lie to Tyrion, the same dwarf will send you away.

If you tell Tyrion the whole truth, the royal guards present at his cell door will take note of your words.

Regardless of how you decide to act, the royal guards will enter Tyrion's cell and you will have the opportunity to defend yourself.

Tyrion will warn you never, ever to trust his sister Cersei Lannister, no matter what he may have promised you, and he will also be confident in your relationship with Lady Margaery Tyrell. After this short scene, Mira will be led out of the poor dwarf's cell.

Rodrik Forrester - Ironrath

The scenes will move to the cold North (which he never forgets!). Rodrik and Elaena are discussing their future, suddenly Talia will appear bringing with her very urgent information that requires your attention.

Eleana will leave the room and your sister Talia will inform you of the news coming from the grove and of facts concerning Gryff of the Forresters and Eleana herself.

Game of Thrones Walkthrough - Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers

Talia has seen who the traitor is and Rodrik will decide to immediately go to the great hall of the castle to confront him.

The identity of the traitor depends on a choice made in the first episode, in fact you will discover that the man you discarded to be sentinel of Ironrath is actually a dirty double agent.

Plot choice

Before you can speak to the traitor, Talia will make you promise to eliminate him, however the choice will be up to you and you alone, as you are the Lord of Ironrath.

Kill the traitor. Rodrik will prepare his men for the ambush and eliminate the man guilty of betraying his family. This choice will not have repercussions within this fifth episode.

Or spare the traitor. The man terrified by the idea of ​​imminent death will inform you that Asher is in a very bad situation in Meereen. This decision will not have major repercussions within this fifth episode.

Once you have dealt with the traitor, Rodrik will prepare to meet his brother Asher.

Chapter 7

Rodrik and Asher Forrester - Westeros Coasts

The time has come for the two brothers protagonists of this story and separated by so many years of distance to reunite to resolve the situation in which the ancient and honorable Forrester family, banners of the Starks, finds themselves.

Asher and his partner Beskah, on their boat and in the company of their new fighters, have now arrived in Ironrath and will anticipate the battle when they realize that the port is completely empty.

Asher and Rodrik Forrester will meet again, but there won't be much time for pleasantries, in fact Rodrik knows that Whitehill and his men have a plan in place right now. Asher will spot a Whitehill man running to the gate to cut off the two Forrester brothers, along with their company of loyal men and bloodthirsty fighters.

Gryff will ride through the scene in a dramatic manner and accompanied by several men and soldiers of the Whitehill.

Plot choice

The meeting of the brothers left very little time for the two to prepare in detail for the upcoming battle and you will have to decide who will remain in the rear to keep the gate of the castle open.

Leave Asher in the rear. Beskha will yell at his mate as he walks off with the others to launch into the perilous battle.

Leave Rodrik in the rear. Rodrik will immediately appoint Asher the new Lord of the Forrester house and the Sentinel chosen during the first episode will offer you a melancholy goodbye.

You will directly take the commands of the character you have decided to keep in the rear and you will have to fight the men of Whitehill until you are nailed by arrows and blades.

The chapter ends here and there will not be the usual previews of the next episode.

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