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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Chapter 1

Gared Tuttle - Black Castle

The fourth episode will begin with Britt's corpse burning on a pyre, regardless of the choices made at the end of the previous episode.

With Britt's death, Gared will be accused of murdering a brother. Even if Finn speaks for him, Frostfinger will still be forced to lock up Gare. Jon will take you aside, but he will go for Caster regardless of whether you have made the promise. Gared will be left in a small room waiting for death to come.

Chapter 2

Asher - Meereen

Asher, Beskha and Malcom will be brought before Daenerys. The blonde Targaryen heir will warn your group that she doesn't tolerate lies about her dragons. The queen appreciates Asher's fearlessness in trying to tame the dragon, but that won't affect the situation that's unfolding. When Daenerys asks you for proof of the encounter with the dragon, give her the tooth of the beast. She becomes defensive, worried about the dragon's attack and denies Asher's request to borrow some mercenaries.

To get Daenerys' help, Asher and Beskha will have to help her in the fight in Meereen. Beskha will be incredibly angry if they volunteer her for this mission.

Chapter 3

Rodrik - Ironrath

With Gryff in charge of Ironrath, Rodrik will be forced to train with Ser Royland inside Ironwood Grove. Rodrik will not get positive results initially, but Royland will teach him several tricks that could help him win the fight. Follow the directions on the screen to avoid the attacks that will be launched against you, then hit Royland behind the knee.

Once the training is over, Elaena Glenmore will show up with her brother. Regardless of whether or not she agreed to marry you, she will be forced to marry Gryff Whitehill. The girl is far from happy about this situation and will ask Rodrik to get rid of Gryff quickly. If you agree to help her, the Glenmores will offer you their elite guard.

Mira Forrester - King's Landing

Whispers will fill every corridor and street in King's Landing on Tommen Baratheon's coronation day. Mira will listen to these whispers carefully and meet with the coal boy who will confirm that Lord Whitehill is sending large sums of money to someone in King's Landing.

The only way Mira will have to investigate the two suspects, the Ironwood merchants, is to sneak into the coronation party.

Gared Tuttle - Black Castle

Gared is now on the corner. Closed inside a room awaiting his own execution. The guard checking your room will let you get some food giving you the perfect opportunity to find a way out. Check the food bag on the floor to find a rag behind it, grab it and use it with a stone in the lower right corner of the door.

Cotter will come to your aid. Use the rock and rag to get out the door and, while you are escaping, be sure to quickly hide under the cart so that the guard cannot see your feet; otherwise you will be shot dead. Once this situation is over, you will meet Finn who will ask to join you and Cotter.

Plot choice

Gared and Cotter are on the run, but Finn will find them, offering to help them escape. Cotter won't want the boy to join you on the escape north of the Wall, but the choice is up to Gared.

Take Finn with you.

Finn will join you in the escape.

Leave Finn.

You can still take Finn with you, by selecting the following dialogue option, or you can not change your mind and leave him behind decidedly disappointed.

Chapter 4

Rodrik - Ironrath

Rodrik and Elaena are preparing their attack on the Whitehills within Ironrath. When you enter, you will be able to hear that Maesters has been attacked by Gryff, the soldiers are about to storm the hall as you are about to enter it.

You'll find Gryff beating up Maesters.

Whitehill will be really surprised to see Elaena and will threaten her. Talk to Gryff, then summon Glenmore's men when ready.

Plot choice

When the Glenmore men are inside the hall, Gryff and his soldiers will find themselves surrounded and it's up to you to decide the fate of your enemy.

Show mercy to Gryff

Hit Gryff once or twice, but stop before causing him serious injuries.

Shot Gryff to death

You can kill Gryff, but Rodrik will hit his left eye and the fight will end by knocking out your enemy.

Regardless of your choices, Lady Forrester will order you to take out all the crows on the spot.

Chapter 5

Asher - Meereen

Beskha, as far as possible, will be in a worse state than before. The girl is drinking and Croft is scolding her animatedly. The two will start fighting as soon as Asher enters the room. You can decide to stop the argument or take one of the two sides, but the result will still be the same, regardless of your choice, Beskha will attack you.

If you don't respond to the attack, you will soon be disarmed. If, on the other hand, you decide to respond to the blows, Beskha will not come out very battered anyway. Regardless of your choice, the girl will admit everything that worries her from the moment you reached Meereen.

Beskha not only feels fear of the city, but has been a slave within the city in the past. After being kidnapped as a child, she was used in combat arenas for the sake of the richest. While she's talking, you can give her a drink, otherwise she'll get something herself.

Mira Forrester - King's Landing

As planned, Mira will reach the Coronation party even if not invited. Fortunately for you, you will meet Sera who will agree to let you sneak into the festivities without being seen. Lord Tarwick will approach the two girls and you will have a short conversation with him, so you are free to explore the party.

First overhear the discussion on Lord Andros, then talk to Lord Morgryn. You will find that the Whitehills work exclusively with Andros and Morgryn has been turned away from the Ironwood business. Morgryn will inform you that Lyman Lannister has taken his place in business with Andros.

Talk to Lyman, Andros will yell at you and Margaery Tyrell will show up immediately. Fortunately Sera will show herself to be a dear friend, regardless of the choices that affect her, made during the previous episodes, and will hide you from the sight of your lady. Lord Tarwick will join you and warn you of Lyman.

Plot choice

Mira needs an answer from Lord Twarwick, but the man wants something in return. To find out why Lyman is a dangerous person, you need to reveal Sera's true identity.

You lie and guarantee for Sera's family.

Tarwick will decide to marry your friend.

Reveal that Sera is actually a bastard.

Tarwick will not woo Sera.

After giving your answer to Tarwick's questions, the man will reveal that Lyman suffers from poppy milk addiction, this thing was discovered by Lord Andros. Use this valuable information to get Lyman to answer you. You will find that the Whitehills are sending large sums to Andros to hire thousands of mercenaries.

Chapter 6

Gared Tuttle - North of the Barrier

Gared, Cotter and Finn (if you have decided to take the boy with you) roam the area north of the Wall. During an argument, you will notice a savage; Cotter, hoping to gain the girl's trust, will go and talk but she won't believe him.

The three boys will immediately find themselves surrounded and you will have to face the savages, regardless of whether you decide to stay hidden or not. Cotter will be injured and the group will stay ahead.

Rodrik - Ironrath

Glenmore's men have filled Ironrath and things are finally settling down. Tali and Lady Forrester will talk to you about the events that happened with Gryff. You will receive a message from Highpoint, Lord Whitehill is willing to argue for a truce. Now that Gryff has been captured, you can free Ryon.

Plot choice

Rodrik will have to enter a territory that is notably adverse to his person, but he can take some men with him to protect him.

Bring the Glenmore soldiers with you

You will be more sure that nothing happens to your person, but Ironrath will remain helpless.

Leave the Glenmore soldiers at Ironrath

You will be more confident that your home is not treacherously attacked, but you take the risk of being poorly protected in hostile territory.

After you have decided what to do with the Glenmore soldiers, you will have to choose who to take with you to Highpoint, Dunacn or Royland; finally you will have to assign a task to Talia.

Asher Forrester - Meereen

Asher, Beskha and the rest of Daenerys' men are preparing for the attack on Meereen. You and Beskha will either be assigned under Croft's command or receive no rewards.

Silently pass the alley with Croft and Beskha and avoid the eyes of the guards. You will then have the opportunity to check out the area. After examining the blood on the ground and the person at the window, a slave will be brought out of the palace and beaten. After observing the sad scene, Beskha will come to the rescue of his past partner and run away.

Follow the girl into another alley to see her collide with her old master, your partner will beat him until he collapses to the ground.

Plot choice

This is Beskha's chance to get her revenge, but the matter goes against orders from Daenerys and Croft. Asher will decide to intervene.

Kill the former master of Beskha

You will eliminate the man to take responsibility for what happened and avenge your partner.

Stop Croft

Allow Beskha to have her just revenge, but you will go against the orders received.

Stop Beskha

You will prevent your partner from getting her revenge, but you will follow the orders that have been given to you and therefore you will not risk the alliance with Daenerys.

Once you have made your choice, the group will leave the area.

Chapter 7

Gared Tuttle - North of the Barrier

Gared, Cotter and Finn (if you have decided to take him with you), will reach a small camp. Cotter will claim that the place is now abandoned and will ask you to pour him a drink.

Go to the back tent on the right and check what's inside. As you look inside, a girl will attack you from behind trying to kill you. Talk to her and wait for Cotter to join you. Your partner will recognize the girl as her little sister and hug her.

Rodrik Forrester - Highpoint

Gwyn Whitehill will greet you and your company upon arrival at Highpoint. The girl will ask you about your intentions as she accompanies you to the dinner room, will let you know that she is keeping her promise to persuade her family for lasting peace, will stop in front of a depiction of the Whitehill family.

Plot consequence

If you have brought the men of Glenmore with you, they will follow you and your company through Highpoint. Otherwise they won't make much difference during this scene.

Once in the room, Gwyn will go away to join her father and leave you some time to discuss with your mother, consult with her and look for a possible escape route. Once you have checked the room, Gwyn will return to you with Lord Whitehill and the meeting will finally begin.

The meeting will begin with a short chat and, after a toast, you will receive a proposal. The Forresters will have to work for the Whitehills helping them create as many weapons as possible for the Boltons. You and your mother will refuse and Lord Whitehill will threaten you for Gryff. This is the perfect time to get your younger brother Ryon back.

Plot choice

Lord Whitehill will threaten you to take Ryon's life and he won't be worried that you are threatening to take Gryff's.

Accept the Whitehill proposal

You will accept the proposal of your enemies, but on the condition that you can follow the whole deal.

You accuse Lord Whitehill of bluffing

Indeed Lord Whitehill would never sacrifice Gryff's life and push for a trade with Ryon.

Pray for mercy

Lord Whitehill will spare Ryon and propose the trade with Gryff.

Attaccate Lord Whitehill

Surprise! They will all die (in perfect Game of Thrones style). Arthur will kill Lord Whitehill, but he will also be killed by the guards. The fight will continue for a long time and everyone except Ryon and a few Whitehill men will pass away. Valar Morghulis! Asher Forrester - Meereen

You will have to face a large number of guards together with Beskha and Croft, regardless of your previous choice. Carefully eliminate every opponent you encounter until you completely clear the way from top to bottom, along with the area around the watchtower and the lighthouse. Your last task will be to also take out the guard who will try to turn on the lighthouse. Climb up the structure and take it out to finish the seventh chapter.

Chapter 8

Rodrik Forrester - Ironrath

Once back in Ironrath you will find your home completely desolate and, if you have decided to take the Glenmore soldiers with you, two of them will walk by your side.

You will enter the great hall after hearing laughter inside, you will find Ramsey talking and eating with Talia. The episode will end here and you just have to enjoy the previews of the fifth episode!

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