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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

First year

The poisoning

Good Manny, tired of not having more interesting customers, will receive a message. Go to the mailbox and read the letter inside. Chief Don Copal will inform you that all DOD agents have been poisoned. Before leaving the office, go to the small table on the left side of the room and collect the deck of cards. You won't need this item now, but you will save some time later. Leave the office.

Continue down the hall and past the secretary Eva, you can talk to her if you wish, but currently not necessary. Go left to find yourself in front of the elevator, the one at the end of the hall will lead you to the entrance and the smaller one to the garage. Go down to the garage to get into your car.

Once on the lower level, a black car will overtake you at great speed. Go to the northwest corner of the garage to find a small office. Knock on the door to meet Glottis the mechanic. You will be made aware that your rival, Domino Hurley, has given your driver the day off, which is very nice, as you will need a new one.

Glottis will give you a work order to be signed by your boss who, unfortunately, is out of town. Leave the garage by taking the same elevator you used previously, go up the one that leads to the lobby and leave the building. Once outside, go right and ignore the festival, then go down the alley on the left. You will notice a rope at the end of the path, use it to go up and enter the open window.

Now that you are in Don's office, go to the computer on the right and change its autoresponder to "Eva could you sign?" I'm busy! ". Once this is done, join Eva and have the work order signed. You will start a little cut scene, Eva will sign the order and Glottis will modify your car. You will reach the world of the living, a really strange place, so you will overtake your rival along the way.

After the cut scene, you will find yourself inside a restaurant. All you have to do is take out your scythe and open the body bag on the floor. You will start another cutscene, after which you will be back in your office packing your new client into a coffin. Don will break into the room and threaten your position within the DOD. Manny will decide that if he wants a better client, he'll have to find one himself.

Find a better customer

Once out of the packing room, walk down the hall towards the tube room; if you haven't noticed, it's the room to the right of the exit. As you walk through the area, a large pink demon will come out of the room and complain that people are throwing empty beer bottles down the message tube.

Once the demon is done with his complaints, leave the palace and go to the festival on the right. Approach the curtain line and talk to the clown who turns out to be really cheeky, this means the dialogue options are going to be hilarious. Get an empty balloon delivered.

Put the first balloon aside and have a second delivered to you by selecting the dialogue options "My child wants another animal balloon" and "Do you have other dead worms behind them?". Return to the office and go to the packing room. Fill one of the balloons with the foam from the packs from the red nozzle and the other balloon from the blue one. Once the balloons are filled, head back to your office and ship them inside the message tube. The balloons will explode, splitting the implant. Go to the room where the pink demon came out to find him working on the plant itself. Before entering the room to talk to the demon, make sure you bolt the car door so you can access the car in the future.

The pink demon will be incredibly angry and say "Who could have done such a terrible thing". Keep talking to the creature until it catches fire, run to the wall and pick up the fire extinguisher. The demon will inform you that sprinkling the fire extinguisher on the foam from the packaging would cause an explosion. Leave the room and be followed by your friend in pink who will close the car door.

Go to Eva's desk and position yourself in front of it so that the elevator is behind you. Take out the deck of cards and use the hole punch to punch holes in each card. Go to the tube room and enter the machine. Extract the cards with the hole and throw them in the red tube, you will start the cut scene, after which you will meet your new client, Mercedes Colomar. Glottis will take you to the world of the living inside his super modified car.

Mercedes Colomar

Mercedes performs community services and was a very nice person, so she deserves the best travel package.

Once the chat is over, go to Don's office which is next to Eva's desk. Don will come out of his office and order you to enter. Your boss will scold you during the following cutscene, then ask Eva to let Mercedes in. The girl will tell you that she was chosen to go through the eighth world, as she thinks she has done something wrong in life. Don will be even angrier and inform you that the girl should have had a ticket for number nine.

Carrier pigeons

Once Don is done with his rant, he will lock you inside Glottis' shed in the garage. To exit, shake the door handle to bring up a mysterious dark figure who will free you.

Salvador "Sal" Limones, the leader of the rebel organization "The Alliance of Lost Souls" will take you to his headquarters. Sal will tell you that the organization needs to retrieve some information related to the corruption that lurks within the DOD. It will also reveal to you that the upper floors of DOD are stealing money from the souls they are supposed to serve, which is why some of Manny's customers don't get the best travel packages.

Once the chat with Sal is over, go back to the clown at the festival and ask him for a cat-shaped balloon. Collect the loaf of bread from the tent next to the clown's and return to the alley to climb the rope. Don's office will be closed, go along the ledge to find another window, open it and enter Domino's office. Inside you will find the guard mouth and the glowing coral. To get the mouth, hit the pouch a few times. Go to Domino's table and open the drawer to find the coral as well, then leave the room.

Go back to the rope and pull it from the short side, then place it on the ledge. Take out the freshly picked coral and tie it to the end of the string itself. Manny will throw the whole thing towards the ladder to reach the roof. Once at the top of the building, you will notice a bunch of pigeons and a nest near the ventilation system. Approaching the birds you will come across a sort of bowl-shaped fan on the floor, approach it and place the cat-shaped balloon on it, then place the bread on the fan.

If you have done everything in the correct order, the pigeons will start eating the bread, pop the balloon and fly away. Collect the eggs and leave the roof. Before reaching the headquarters of the rebel organization, go to the garage. The door will be open, go to Glottis' shed and place the self-modeling fluid in the guard's mouth, use it all to take a cast of your own teeth.

Go to the rebel base and give the guard's mouth to Eve and the eggs to Sal. The leader will lead you out of the city through a secret tunnel, he will explain that to find Mercedes you will have to travel a lot more.

The heart of Glottis

Once in the Petrified Forest, you will notice Glottis sobbing on the ground. Your friend has been fired and since his only job was to be a mechanic, he no longer knows what to do with his life, he will extract his heart and pull it towards the forest itself. Unfortunately, a monstrous Spider Bat will grab the precious organ and Glottis will pass out.

Go into the forest to find the heart attached to a web, approach and reach the pile of bones to get one to throw at the web. Pull out your scythe and use it on the bone to pull it and drop the heart.

Go back to Glottis, collect the heart and put it back in its place to start a cutscene. Domino and Don are arguing with a shady figure dressed in a Fez, so Domino will go down to the garage to pick you up.

The tree farm

Now that Glottis has his heart again, jump into the car and head to the northeast passage. On the way you will notice a tree tightened by a car and you will have to solve a small puzzle to extract some parts and upgrade your car.

The aim of the puzzle is to shake the tree. You will need to use the wheelbarrow to bump the cables connecting the tree to the machine. Each cable corresponds to one of the gears on the shaft. Hitting a cable with the wheelbarrow will stop the corresponding gear from moving. To shake the shaft you will have to make the gears on the right side move shortly after those on the left. The secret is to make sure the plant sways from side to side. Turn off the machine and let Glottis climb up the tree, then turn it back on.

If you have done everything in the right order, you will start a cutscene during which the tree will fall and Glottis will modify the car.

The labyrinth of the petrified forest

Now that you are back on the path inside the Petrified Forest, jump out of the Bone Wagon and pick up the directional sign. Make your way to the northwest path and enter the circle of trees. Each plant has its own gallery, ignore them and place the directional sign to see where it points. Pick up the sign and take the direction just indicated. Remember to place the sign on the ground periodically to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

At some point, when you place the sign, it will point down and a secret passage will open up from the ground. Go down the newly discovered passage, collect the key and return to Glottis.

The demonic beavers

Enter the Bone Wagon with Glottis and take the rocky path further north. You will reach a gate, where Glottis will warn you of the presence of the Mephistopheles Demonic Beavers. However, go through the gate to find yourself in front of a bridge made of bones with beavers on it. The dangerous creatures will chase Manny and drive him away from the bridge. Return to the bridge to see a green marker, approach it to collect three bones, then drop down the path to the left.

Reach the water and throw a bone, you will attract the attention of a beaver, sprinkle the contents of the fire extinguisher on him to fix it once and for all. You will have to follow this same process three more times and then clear the bridge from the annoying presence of unfriendly creatures. If you do something wrong, collect more bones.

Once the bridge is clear, go back to Glottis. On the left edge of the gate you will find a lock, unlock it and cross the bridge.

Celsus's Wife

Go up two flights of stairs to the cafeteria. Inside you will meet a familiar face, Celso Flore who is cleaning the floor. Talk to your friend and ask him about Mèche. Celsus will give you a photo of his wife, exit the canteen and go down the stairs, then approach the fog. Reach the far edge of the screen to drop Manny off the dock.

You will be saved by a sailor named Velasco who will tell you to be more careful and will talk to Glottis about the Bone Wagon. Show the photo of Celsus' wife to Velasco to find out that the woman fled with another man several weeks earlier. Answer the sailor by selecting the dialogue option "How do you know she sailed from here? I don't believe you!", You will receive the ship's log. Once the chat is over, go back to Celsus and show him the log to make him leave.

Second year

The wait for Mecca

It's been a year now since Manny first arrived in Rubacava. Now he owns his own little place, Cafe Calavera and is still looking for Mercedes or rather Meche. After seeing the short cutscene, go through the door on the balcony and immediately turn left and enter your office. Once in the room, pick up the note on the small desk in the background. The message comes from Salvador, he will inform you that the pigeon eggs have hatched and the little birds have started training. Leave the club and go down the stairs to start a cutscene.

Manny will see a mysterious figure that looks like Meche with the body of a huge bird, he will run to the binoculars on the bridge to see where the strange creature is flying. You will see the real Meche being dragged into a boat by Domino. Manny will try to get on the boat, but Meche will throw a bottle into the water. As usual Velasco will save you from the water.

The sailor will inform you that the ship that has just sailed and on which your target is located, is on its way to Puerto Zapato and the only ship making that route is the Limbo, the ship of Velasco himself.

Once the scene is over, remember to talk to the sailor again. Selecting the dialogue option "Let me do this directly ..." Velasco will tell you that to join the Limbo crew you must have the Maritime Union Card, take care of Narnja and get the tools for Glottis.

The maritime union

After the chat with Velasco, go back inside the Cafe Calavera passing north through the stone intersection, pass the Blue Casket and enter the elevator on the left. Go up the stairs and follow the red sign to the club. Once there, go down the bar and casino to the right of the entrance.

Glottis, once a mechanic, is now a pianist. You can talk to your friend, but for now, that's not essential. Go to the bar and pick up the gold-colored bottle, the Marillo dell'Oro liquor. Go down the other flight of stairs to reach the casino and talk to the man in the green suit named Charlie. After the chat, the man will give you the VIP card for the High Rollers Lounge.

Show the newly obtained card to Glottis who will escort you to a garage. In the background you will find a lever that will allow you to access the bridge for the track itself. Go up the first flight of stairs and don't take the one on the left. Walk straight into the room with the huge cat statue. Enter the door on the right to find a huge basket and an equally large box of cat food. Approach the food and pick up the can opener. Go back to the previous room and go up the stairs. In the next room, enter the door on the left to reach the High Rollers Lounge.

Gottlis will be drinking. Head inside the kitchen and pick up the tool in the lower left corner of the screen. Wait for the waiter to enter the closet and barricade the door with your scythe. Glottis will show up and drink all the wine from the barrel. Climb the ladder and open the empty barrel with the can opener to hide inside. You will be transported directly into the warehouse.

Get on the forklift and place it on the right side of the elevator. Press the button to start the lift and quickly get back into the forklift itself. Go forward so that it sits in the middle of the hole in the lower right. You will reach a secret floor. Get off the forklift and use the button on the left to raise the gate.

Go inside the area to find Charlie's suitcase. Try to go out to collide with Charlie himself who will point a gun at you, but will give you the Maritime Union card.

Take care of Naranja

Head to the Blue Casket and go to the back of the club. Manny will talk to Lola, the woman is trying to catch Olivia Ofrenda in the act that she is hitting on her boyfriend, the owner of the cat track, Maximino and his lawyer Nick Virago. The woman takes a photo of the two kissing, then walks off followed by Nick.

Go through the door on the left to enter the kitchen and use the turkey brush to collect the liquid from the sink. Reach Tooto which is on the south side of the stone intersection and continue south. Naranja is getting tattooed, go to the fridge and open the door. When Naranja and Toto are distracted, use the brush on the bottle to get Naranja drunk for good. When he is in bed, pick up his tag.

Reach the cat track, where you will find Carla in front of the security post. Drink some Marillo dell'Oro liquor and go through the metal detector. Listen to Carla's sad story and tell her you want the Metal Detector, the girl will throw it outside. Go down the stairs to the main entrance and go right. Go through the door at the cat statue and cross the bridge until you are a few steps from the edge, use your face on the litter box to locate the location of the metal detector.

Go back upstairs and go through the security post with Carla. Cross the bridge and at the end of it go left under the statue, then enter the metal door at the bottom of the stone building. You will meet Coroner Membrillo, wait for the man not to look, then throw the metal tag on the corpse on the left. Give the metal detector to the coroner, then the man will inform Velasco that Naranja is dead.

The tools for Glottis

Go down to the Blue Casket. Talk to the boys sitting at the bottom right table and show them Salvador's message. Ask them to borrow their red book. Exit outside and reach the rock intersection, then go left. Approach the worker bees who are complaining about the conditions of their work, give them the red book and one of them will be arrested. Since you need their tools, you will need to get a lawyer to release him.

Find a lawyer

Join Nick Virago at the High Roller Lounge and talk to him. Tell him that you really need a lawyer, the man will tell you that he only works for Max. Talk to the lawyer a second time and threaten him to report everything that is going on between him and Olivia and that you could tell Max everything. One time that Nick is gone, go talk to Max who will leave his cigarette holder behind, pick it up and go to Carla at the security post, give her the cigarette holder you just picked up and tell her that you have it under her table.

The woman will mistake the item for an explosive and throw it into the detonator allowing you to collect the key. Go past the worker bees and reach the lighthouse, unlock the door with the key to find Lola. Once the girl is gone, pick up the card and leave the area.

Go back to the Cavalera Cafe and give the card to Lupe to receive Lola's jacket, examine it for a piece of paper and, before leaving the area, Lupe will tell Manny that she has a message, but that she can't find it now. Leave the room and join Toto to show him the piece of paper. Go to the cat track and print a ticket for the second week, Tuesday, race number six. Bring the ticket to the photo finish table, show it to the clerk. Go back to Nick and show him the photo.

Leave Rubacava

To leave Rubacava without too many problems, you will have to close your casino. Go to Manny's office and use the roulette tool on the green table. When the red light turns on, press the button. The police will kick you out with Glottis and together you can set sail.

Third year

Lift the anchor

Start by reaching the next room on the ship by going down the stairs. After seeing your crew "blossom", you will find yourself stuck in a room with Glottis and must find a way to escape. First use the button on the right, then the levers to move the ship to the left, press the button on the right again twice. Look out the porthole and use your scythe on the two anchors. Press the left button and levers again to go back. The ship will have a bad end and you will sink into the depths of the sea.

Wait for the man with the lantern to approach you, talk to him and when he leaves, take the lantern, then turn to Glottis. Once you get to the pearl, go along the slope to find a strange rock with tentacles, go around it to get rid of Chepito.

Give me your gun

Enter the building on the right and go to the main office to find Meche and Domino. You will wake up with two "Angelitos", talk to them about the bulbs in the palace and your hands which are too big to use the tools. Approach Meche and move his ashes to the right when he is about to shake the cigarette, so that he takes off his sock and throws it in the trash can.

Talk to the girl by selecting the first dialogue option and she will ask you to give her the gun so that she can trust you. Exit and go left to find Chepito. Give him the small tool to get the jackhammer, then also give him Meche's stocking to receive the gun. Return to the woman with the gun to start a cutscene.

Cranes and Chains

Before you can save Meche, you'll need to secure an easy escape route from the island. Run outside and go right to climb the conveyor belt to the surface. Enter the crane and head to the opposite side where there are machinery to leave the crane on the beach. Climb onto the claw of the machine and use the jackhammer on it. Go back inside the cockpit and lower the chain inside the machinery, then raise it and lift everything.

Move the crane to the opposite side and then lower the chain. Go underwater again and pull the lever near the conveyor belt so that the movement of this goes down and the chain covers it entirely. Go down the chain to find Glottis still alive, talk to your friend and go upstairs.

Pull the conveyor belt lever twice so that the chain wraps around the boat, return to the crane and raise it to bring the ship (and Glottis) back to the surface.

Save Meche

Return to the office, where Meche is located. Use the jackhammer on the side to reveal the lock.

Turn the wheel so that a small gap forms on the right. Use your scythe on the space created and open the door. Close the back door and use your scythe again on the yellow part at the top of the door. The secret door will open and Meche will be able to escape unharmed. Drag the ax to the other room, use the scythe on the drain system above and turn the knob to the right.

Once the room is submerged, turn the knob again and pay attention to which tile the water flows through, beat the same tile with the ax and escape. Domino will arrive, you can attack him, but you won't be able to beat him, so hit the octopus eye to get rid of him once and for all.

Fourth year

Save Glottis

Before doing anything else, save your game. Now go back through the gallery to talk to Chepito. Go down the stairs and talk to the little mechanics about Glottis, also talk to him to make him do a strange project on the wall. Go outside and go down the huge stairs, open the coffin to meet Martinez, the same person you packed in your first year.

Once you have the cup of coffee, go back to the guard in the ninth world to get a threatening letter from Hector, go down to the mechanical garage and go through the broken room. Pick up a rag from the drawer on the right, then place the coffee cup on the table. Place the rag on the barrel outside, then insert it into the toaster.

The Domino trap

Once in Rubacava, you will not be able to reach the Bone Wagon, as Domino has blocked the garage. Go down the dock and talk to the one-eyed sailor who turns out to be Velasco, once the man is gone, pick up the ship in a bottle. Go to the Blue Casket and talk to Olivia when you knock on the door. Go to the kitchen and fill the bottled ship with some jelly from the barrel.

Go south to Toto the tattoo artist, get the liquid nitrogen in the medicine cabinet and head to the Bone Wagon. Give Glottis the ship in a bottle full of jelly, your friend will want to taste the liquid inside. Glottis will come back to you feeling unwell, talk to him about food until he fixes the trap. Use the nitrogen on the trap itself to fix the bomb.

Get the disguise

Once you regain Manny's commands, pick up the arm from the soldier on the floor, then talk to Meche. Leave the building and pass the Bone Wagon. Go up the two flights of stairs until you are in the backstage of the casino. Collect the coffee pot, then climb the ladder next to the actor on the left. Drop the coffee on the actor's head, then go down and go to the dressing room.

Go up the stairs again and place the soldier's arm in the machine, pick up the machine and go down the stairs again. Go through the door marked "Casino", head left and approach the slot machines. Talk to the rebel alliance agent in the raincoat a couple of times. Go to Meche and talk to her. Fix the paper on Charlie, then talk to the agent again so that he will force the machine to pay you. Go to the bathroom and complete your disguise.

A deadly florist

Go to the rebel headquarters and check the pigeon on the pole. Deliver the threatening letter to the bird and show him the agent's photo. The florist will get scared and run away into the sewers. Use the remote control to raise the Bone Car and use the chopper over the chemical plants in the soil.

Now you can find the florist by using the food processor and creating a passage through the dangerous flora. Go through the tunnel to be blocked by a deadly alligator. Raise the car and exit onto the upper platform, run to the opposite side and begin to descend a little. The alligator will notice you and you will have to get back on the platform, lower the machine on the tail of the animal to block it. Use your scythe on the ribbon ball above the door to make the man believe that Hector's henchman is gone, go back to him and have the gun delivered.

The final show

Go back to the casino and talk to Brennis (the first year pink demon), he will ask you for a random number and you will have to answer with the exact number that will appear on the board behind you. Get on the elevator and talk to Celsus and his wife pretending to be Hector's agent. The two will refuse to buy anything from you, so talk to them about your problems and tell them you just got back from the worst vacation of your life to get them to buy the fake tickets.

After the cutscene is over, make your way to the top of the building and climb to the edge near the giant sign support. Use the chopper in the crack, then put the chemical formula inside to collapse the whole thing. Climb the nearby ladder and enjoy the cutscene.

Run to the Greenhouse to confront Hector. The man with a slow-acting chemical bullet. As soon as you get back to Manny's controls, use the liquid nitrogen on him. Go down to the car and listen to the instructions of Salvador's head. Open the briefcase and the ticket will float out, pick it up and head to the Greenhouse.

Take out the ticket and walk around, wait for the sheet of paper to find Salvador's body for you. Collect the key and go down to the car to collect the chemical gun from the trunk. Don't go back to Hector, but go to the water tower at the bottom of the hill to fire a shot with the chemical gun on the liquid. Go back to the top of the hill, open the Greenhouse and you are done with the game!

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