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In the new chapter of the Assassin's Creed series, Valhalla, it is possible to unlock, among the many weapons available, the legendary weapon of King Arthur, the sword Excalibur. In this iteration of the saga, set in England, Eivor will be able to find the sword donated by the Lady of the Lake, but in a very different way than usual. What you will find will in fact be a huge sword that you can whip to cause heavy damage to your enemies and thus prove your Viking superiority.

However, the sword set in the stone will not be so easy to obtain, but this time it is not just about extracting swords from the stone. You will have to start a real treasure hunt for almost all of England, in search of lost tablets in crypts and underground caves. Find the necessary boards, you will have to face three dangerous bossfights against the Zealots. Only then can you truly say that you deserve the throne of England, and the achievement Caladfwlch. I will accompany you, your personal Merlin, with the mythical magic of "guide"That I have decided to give you.

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The tablets of the "Treasures of Britain" - The initiation

The first task that you will be entrusted with in this little adventure within the new Assassin's Creed will be to find some particular tablets. Calls "Treasures of Britain“, Are scattered throughout the map in dark and labyrinthine places, marked by an event with a blue icon. I'm 8 in total, and you will have to find them in 8 different places on the map of England in order to complete the first part of your search. These will be in random order, as it is up to the player which one to visit first, they do not, in fact, have a precise order.

Cave of Trials - Tablet n ° 1

East of Cent and Canterbury will be this strange cave, which will be one of the places where you can find the Treasures of Britain. You will have to use your parkour skills to reach the end of the Cave of Trials and get the tablet you need.

Grime's Graves - Tablet n ° 2

You'll find Grime's Graves east of Middletun in East Anglia. The tablet will be inside this "crypt": enter it with a leap of faith and continue in the parkour phase as in the previous aria. Get to a table at the end of the cave to hear Eivor mention the treasure. Here you will have to hit the vases to be able to make the tablet appear on the table.

Santalache mines - Tablet n ° 3

Also in this case, you just need to complete the dungeon on duty, this time the mines of Santalache, to receive the tablet of the Treasures of Britannia. The location is the Suthexe.

Old cellar - Tablet n ° 4

This time we are in Essex. For this event, you'll need to swing across a poisonous lake by swinging on a branch. You get to an old cellar, where you can interact with many wine barrels. The treasure you are looking for is in a chest in that area.

Wicca Cave - Tablet No. 5

In the snow-capped mountains of Eurvicscire, your new destination is the Wicca Cave. You will need to hit a blue ice wall near the top of the cave to reach the tablet. Once inside, go right and shoot an explosive barrel and then left to break the lock and finally get the coveted treasure.

Deoraby Spar Cavern - Tablet n ° 6

At Snotinghamscire you will need to enter the Deoraby Spar Cavern to find the sixth tablet. Nothing more to say: you will need to complete the small cave hidden in the snowy tundras to reach the treasure.

Red Lichen Cave - Tablet n ° 7

This cave, which is located east of Wincestre, in Hantumscire, will be quite simple to complete. To reach the area with the tablet, towards the end, you just need to throw your flashlight to disperse the poison and reach it.

Wocig - Tablet n ° 8

Again, you will have to go to Hantumscire. When you get to the back room with Wocig's tablet, shoot the explosive barrels from afar to create an opening. Once done, you just have to slide in to retrieve it.

Bossfights with the Zealots

For all three of these bosses you will have to have a lot of luck. All three are present in three different regions and tirelessly travel their main roads on horseback. You will have to go through all the main roads of these regions to be able to challenge them and get the 3 remaining tablets from them. Alternatively, you can wait for their arrival by stopping and waiting at an intersection.

Where to find Excalibur in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Once you have found everything you need, the next step is to find the legendary sword Excalibur. Entering a cave marked on the map above, you will come to a huge pool of water. By diving and entering an opening on the left. Once you exit, you will arrive atPendragon camp. Here, you just need to place the 11 tablets collected in order to extract the sword from the stone and become king of England. Almost. Well, the free damage is not refused.

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