Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide to all side missions

Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide to all side missions

In cyberpunk 2077, registered work CD Project Red of which you can find our review here, there are well 67 secondary assignments, and although they are not part of the main story, they somehow connect with it. These can in fact affect the game plot. In this guide we will tell you about all these Cyberpunk 2077 side missions, so you don't miss a single one.

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Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Cyberpunk 2077, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by CD Projekt Red. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide to all side missions

Beat on the Brat

We refer you to the dedicated guide.

La pistola

You must have completed The Rescue in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to the 2nd Amendment Gun Shop and speak to Wilson. The shop is located in front of the entrance to the apartment of V. During the Prologue, when you first exit the apartment you will receive a pistol as a reward.

The present

You must have completed The Rescue in Cyberpunk 2077. In the Prologue, when you reach your apartment, the task is activated. The next morning, go to the Netrunner Shop in Kabuki. After The Ride mission is over, Dex will drop you off in the surrounding area. Seller Yoko will give you a netrunner program that T-Bug left you. Grab it and equip it in the cyberdeck from the inventory menu, use Ping on the surveillance camera and hack the training access point at the bottom of the counter. Basically it is a training tutorial for quick hacks and breaches.

Burning Desire/Night Moves

You must have completed The Car Ride in Cyberpunk 2077. You will start the assignment when you approach the man running in front of the lobby of a residential building in Little China. The title of the mission changes whether you support it during or after the Prologue, since the name of the tasks activated during the Prologue are chosen by Johnny. Help him and drive him quickly from a scalpel to the north. If you take too long, the man will get out of the car and risk dying and the mission will fail. The assignment will end later when the man with the burning package calls you, usually after some other mission has been completed.

The Prophet's Song

We refer you to the dedicated guide of Cyberpunk 2077.

Losing my Religion/Sacrum Profanum

You must have completed The Car Ride in Cyberpunk 2077. Talk to the Buddhist monk near the NorthSide harbor because he needs you to save his brother, but he also asks for no bloodshed. Go to the Maelstrom hideout in the North West, the brother is locked up in a warehouse but to do so you will have to face opponents. To avoid making unnecessary victims it is advisable to enter from the back, and to do so, you will climb on the containers up to an opening placed at the top, and then drop inside. This way you will be able to face the enemies in sequence silently, up to the main entrance. Then free the brother, pick up the machine gun nearby, and go back to the monk. You can later meet this character again for an optional conversation in Japan Town. Look directly in front of the fast travel terminal in Cherry Blossom Market, at the foot of the large Buddha statue.

the work

You must have completed The Rescue in Cyberpunk 2077. This mission is very simple as it is nothing more than the conclusion of The Rescue, which began during The Prologue, but could not be completed due to the isolation of the Watson district. Go to Wakako in the Jig Jig Street room and remind her of the work completed when you rescued Sandra Dorsett.. During the conversation she will mention a personal link that you can get from Cassius Ryder, a scalpel that operates on Watson. Go find him and from his inventory take the object and a tattoo.

Big in Japan

You must have completed The Heist in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to Afterlife and talk to Dennis. You need to find a fridge located in the favelas on the Kabuki waterfront, in the hut closest to the water. Open it up, call Dennis, take the package and go straight away, without being seen by the Tyger Claws. On the runway back you will meet these opponents on which you can use a quick hack, if you want to face them, better hide the package first. Alternatively, you can walk down to the edge of the beach with your feet in the water in a southerly direction. At the end of the beach, go up the steps that take you back to the road, enter the indicated car and deposit the package in the trunk.

The beast in me

We refer you to the dedicated guide of Cyberpunk 2077.


You must have completed Playing for Time and have chosen to send Jackie's body to the family, or to tell Delamain to wait until you return after The Heist ends. If you choose to send the body to Viktor you will not be able to access this mission, but you will still receive two messages from Mama Welles, the second will arrive two days after the first, with permission to use Jackie's bike. Mama Welles will text you, call her as soon as possible, then meet her at El Coyote Cojo in Heywood. She will give you a key, go to Jackie's workshop in the nearby alley and next to the door is Misty sitting. Go inside and scan the items, take the key on the desk, open the door to Jackie's room where there are other items, including a computer that you will need to connect. There are four offerings you can take from the offrenda, namely the book on the workbench, the basketball on the floor, the leather belt on the desk and the bottle of Tequila on the table. Depending on the offer, you can only take one, for the moment you can take them all. Depending on the choice made, there will be different dialogue options.

Shoot to Thrill

You must have completed Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. Wilson will contact you for the competition at the shooting range, accept and go to his armory, which is located just after the entrance from V's apartment. which have capacious magazines and high rate of fire. You must hit as many targets, yours or not yours. The mission will still be completed but you will get the best rewards if you finish first, a custom Lexington, or second, with extra Reputation.

Happy Together

You must have completed Playing for Time and finished the holo call with Takemura in your apartment. The mission begins near V's apartment on the ground floor where you will speak to agents Petrova and Mendez knocking on the door of Barry's apartment 0613. When they leave, you knock too but you will not receive an answer. Allow three hours to pass and come back after you are far enough apart, knock again and Barry will let you in to talk. Listen to him trying to cheer him up and then bring the conversation to the two cops. In this context, Barry will end badly. However, if the dialogue you choose will show you interested in his story, things will improve. To make this happen and that an alternative path can be unlocked, you have to ask how Andrew died and if Barry thought he was his grandfather. When you find out about the niche at the North Oak columbarium, go take a look and find out who Barry's friend actually is. Go back to Perova and Mendez and reveal what you have discovered. Mendez's reaction will be different, it will completely change Barry's ending and increase your reward.


You must have completed Search and Destroy in Cyberpunk 2077. Read the message sent to you by a mysterious client, go to the No-Tell motel in Kabuki and meet Lizzy Wizzy and accept the assignment. Arrive at the Riot between 18pm and 00am, or alternatively you can advance the time. If you have the Street Life background the bouncer will let you in to join Liam, or you can intimidate or bribe the bartender, otherwise go from the bar directly into the VIP Lounge via two elevators, the one adjacent to the secondary entrance or the one in the backstage. With an adequate level of intelligence, from the garage you can hack the terminal of the door leading to the secondary entrance. When in the VIP Room, stay behind the glass door to hear the dialogue between Liam and Asa Risu, or do it remotely with the surveillance camera. After the conversation, go back downstairs and steal the surveillance data from the security pc at the back door. If you want you can also interrupt the chat between the two and convince Liam to pay your silence, but by making Liam feel threatened or your hesitation could start a fight. At this point you can call Lizzy but you have to make a decision. By choosing the phrase You were right, she betrays you etc, you will lie and the mission will end, if instead you tell the truth by choosing No, worse etc, Lizzy will call you back to continue the assignment and will return you to the No-Tell motel. You can ask her a few more questions, but you still have to decide whether to help her or not. If you refuse, you will close the mission, but if you accept the reward it will be better. In this case you have to take the item you need to get rid of to the waste chute in the motel lobby, or leave the room via the balcony and throw the object in a dumpster or among the wreckage of cars.

The Ballad of Buck Ravers

You must have completed Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. When you are near the market in the Jig Jig Street area, you will exchange ideas with Johnny about the musical skills of a street artist, then go to the noodle restaurant and talk to the cook. There is a stall nearby. Talk to the manager Karim and convince him that you are a real fan, end the mission by buying the recording of the SAMURAI concert.

Full Disclosure

You must have completed Double Life in Cyberpunk 2077. Since this assignment takes place in the same location as the Last Access contract, it is advisable to complete both assignments at the same time. You will receive a message from Sandra Dorsett, the same as The Prologue, take the coordinates of the drive and go to the building which is north of Kabuki. You can enter in three ways, that is, through the middle door with sufficient Physical, or you can get there from a metal canopy and go through an open window with sufficient technical capacity, finally through the door or the garage gate on the left. When you are inside you have to go to the room on the east side, where you will find the drive on a chest next to a jukebox and an armchair. If you came through the middle door, you have to take out the scavenger sitting on the sofa, and you don't have to get caught by the one in the armchair, as the room in question is right in front of you. If you entered through the window, just go down the stairs on the right and if you entered from the left side, put the scavenger in the garage offside and then enter through the right door. After you have recovered the drive, you can leave or complete the Last Access mission as well. After sheltering the drive, call Sandra Dorsett and she will send you the coordinates of her apartment in Little China. Before giving it the drive you can decide to read its contents, and depending on the conversation you have with her you will determine the conclusion. First option, return the drive without reading it or you read it and admit you did it but you don't care about the content, you get the agreed reward. Second option, read the drive and pretend you didn't, the reward will be less. Third option, read the drive, admit you did and congratulate her, the reward will be greater. Fourth option, read the drive, admit you did, congratulate her and talk about the demons, if you have a high Intelligence value, the reward will be better. Fifth option, read the drive, admit you did and blackmail it, Dorsett will attack you from the turret.

Send in the clowns

You must have completed Broadcast in Cyberpunk 2077. Ozob will hire you as a driver. Drive to Japan Town, park in front of the market entrance and honk your horn. Drive with Ozob to Little China, near Misty's esoteric shop. You will be attacked by Tyger Claws outside the restaurant where you stopped. Go down and help him take out the opponents. Looking at Ozob's face you will have a reference to the Easter Eggs, of which we refer you to the dedicated guide.

Coin Operated Boy

You must have completed Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. At the base of the H8 Mega Building, near the fast travel terminal, is a talking machine named Brendan, interact with it to start the mission. The assignment develops in stages, so go to Brendan between assignments. You start by looking at Brendan while a technician is working on the distributor, and here you do just that. After a while you will see Brendan behind a dumpster who will ask you to move the dumpster that obstructs his view. You need a Physical value that must be above the low threshold. Then there will be a conversation between Brendan and a girl, Theo, who complains about her boyfriend. It will be a little more time to see a thug defacing Brendan. There are three ways to get it out, that is, act brutally by selecting the timed dialogue option, or remain silent when you are taken to terms with the same dialogue option, finally, with the exclusive line of the Street Life background. Finally, the latter part of this assignment develops after Brendan's disappearance, when Theo warns you that he has been taken away. Go to the service center in Vista Del Rey to the south and talk to the clerk, or convince him with the available joke with a high level of Technical Ability. To force the door to open, you have to threaten the clerk or hack the lock, and destroy the surveillance tower on the ceiling. When Brendan finishes the update you can go back to Theo and complete the assignment.

I Fought the Law

We refer you to the dedicated guide.

Dream On

You must have completed I Fought the Law in Cyberpunk 2077 and then have 48 hours pass. Jefferson will call you and meet him in his apartment on Charter Hill, sit on the sofa and have a conversation. Finally Elizabeth will show you the penthouse. Activate the scanner and carefully examine everything you can. Follow the trail of blood which will lead you to a hidden door, and if you have a high physicist you can access the secret room. Otherwise downstairs there is a computer to examine in the security room, read the last message that will give you the access code 6709, which you will need to unlock the other pc that is in the same room between glass panels . Go to the local network tab and you will unlock the door leading to the secret room. On the wall of the secret room is a computer to examine, paying attention to the cables. Take the ladder to the roof where there is an old transceiver. Examine it and find the transmission source, which would be an antenna visible to the west in the distance, then report everything to Elizabeth. Exit the apartment and drive to the area where the surveillance van is parked near the antenna. When you approach the van, it will move away, then get back into the car and follow it to Northside, without losing sight of it otherwise the mission will be interrupted. Go to the Maaelstrom hideout in Northside and remember that the enemies are one step away from you. The objective is the access point of the van which is at the end of the hiding place. You can crouch along the right wall, climb the crates to get to the platform above. In the part of the building that overlooks the van there are two opponents and a camera, hack it and enter the window closest to your right, opening the relevant shutter first, and you will be very close to the van. Alternatively, enter the building from the left side, moving along the wall until you reach an unfenced area, enter the structure through the door on the left, or by opening the shutters and entering through the window. Remember that there is always someone on surveillance, go through the double doors and drop down to get to the van. Activate the network connection, call the Peralezes to let them know what you have discovered. Elizabeth will want to see you at the ramen restaurant at the Japan Town market and take a seat next to her. Then meet Jefferson at the City's Reconciliation Park. When you sit on the bench you will have the dialogue options. Whether you're going to tell the truth about the brainwashing he's been subjected to, or do what Elizabeth told you and add nothing more to her version of the story. Choose the answer you prefer.


You must have completed I Fought the Law in Cyberpunk 2077 and wait 24 hours. River will call you and send you a message that you have to read, you have to find out the meeting place, which will take place only in the evening from 19:00 pm, between Pacific Boulevard and Market Street. Go to the designated place and sit down to wait for the exact moment and when River's car arrives, take a seat on the passenger side. After he talks to you, get out of the car and follow him across the street. The goal is to break into the NCPD lab. If your Technical Skill is high enough you can open the door in the alley on your left looking towards the main entrance, otherwise climb the courtyard wall using the crates and tires, or, if your Physical allows it, break the gate. on the main street. From the courtyard go up the metal stairs and come to an open window. Both the door and the window give you access to the same corridor. The structure will remain empty throughout the day, so you can move freely. At the destination, follow River to the first house to talk to Joss later in the trailer outside. You have to find some clues, so you will need the scanner, also open the drawer of the bedside table whose key is in the kitchen, and above all the computer that is in Randy's room under the bed. Let River turn it on and if you have Intelligence with a high value unlock it, otherwise enter the password, which can be guessed by examining the objects around, or turn on the turntable on the shelves in front of the bathroom to get the PW Liberum Arbitrium. Sit down with River and examine the pc, read Files and Messages, check the network card and click on the left image similar to two shapes. A hidden link will open allowing you to access two sections which are Join us and Files. Click on File, then go back to the File tab of your computer and you will find that the name of the cartoon ATT_CART_VIDEO matches the one missing on the site. Examine the site and keep in mind that you can get Harris' IP address by cracking the computer, but you must have Intelligence with adequate value. T.Decorate the house and talk to Joss, agree to sleep in the trailer and go to rest. After you wake up, River will ask you to watch three braindance series, with Tony in school as a kid, with Tony as a child in his father's barn in Texas and an adult Tony in another barn in Night City. Before starting the investigation it is good to check all the clues, especially the solar panel at 00:27 which is in the next room, and the farm model number at 01:00 on the wall between the two farm gates.. After viewing the braindances you have two choices, that is, you have found no or both of the key clues and River will lead you to the right farm., or you haven't found anything and have to guess the name of the farm which is Edgewood. If you do not guess, you will first go to the wrong farm where you will be greeted very badly. When you get to Edgewood you will be dealing with unfavorable mines and turrets, but you can disable the security systems. Then enter the house on the right from the farmhouse entrance, through the shutters on the nearest wall or the main door. Go up the stairs, enter the bedroom where there is a secret door to the right of the PC, which opens with a switch under the desk. There are two computers whose local network cards can disable cameras and turrets. As for the mines, however, you can defuse them or avoid them. As the barn door is closed, you have to go up to the roof with the ladder on the left, and then drop to the roof through the window.. Quickly go to the computer in the central room to disable the braindance systems and then go and rescue the victims. Randy is the one closest to the central room. After a narrative sequence, you will talk to River about everything that happened and your choices will have a considerable impact on your relationship with River. If you want River to have a love affair with you, this only happens if V is a woman, you have to finish the mission well by going directly to the right farm. If you fail or leave the farm without helping River and causing his death, he will permanently block the next mission with River and also the possible relationship. Also, in the last conversation you had after finding Randy alive, you will have to show interest, you must not let him follow his plan of action alone with the answer No, I'm not, because even then you will stop the flirting. Instead you have to convince him that revenge won't satisfy him by telling him Don't do this, River, or by telling him that you are happy to help him with We will do it together.

Following the river

You must have completed The Hunt in Cyberpunk 2077 and wait 24 hours. Accept River's invitation when he calls you, especially if you want to involve him in a love affair. Go to Joss's house and wait for River at the checkpoint. The mission is almost all related to the main plot and does not need a guide. However, using the scanner you can let the child win by weakening the targets, and if you want you can find a way to get over the water tower fence without River's help. To begin your romantic relationship with River, you must have met the conditions in The Hunt mission, then the spark will go off during the scene at the top of the water tower. The dialogue options, of course, will all be positive and when you choose to kiss him, the next morning you will have confirmation when he asks you where you want to go, and with the answer I'm fine with you, success is guaranteed. If you give other answers you will remain friends for the duration of the plot.

sinner man

Includes There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, you must have completed Life During Wartime. When Wakako calls you, you must go outside the DewDeop Inn in Arroyo and take a seat on the bench. When Bill arrives, talk to him and take the wheel from him. There are many factors, including some dialogues, that will make you abandon the mission when work has begun, and you just have to select them to stop it instantly. Follow the NCPD tank carrying Joshua, without losing sight of her otherwise the mission will be interrupted. A truck will make the tank stop in the middle of the road, so get out of the car and approach the tank without weapons, if you do, the mission will stop. You could also kill Joshua by getting the reward from Wakako, but you will miss the next steps. So if you want to continue this adventure, approach Joshua and accept the offer, if you refuse the mission will stop. Climb into the tank and by doing so you will pass to the mission There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Any attitude you take towards Joshua will determine the outcome of the braindance he wants to record. If you will give encouraging speeches when Joshua talks about his faith, the braindance will have a good result, if instead you make inappropriate comments or mock him, the outcome will be negative. The successful outcome of braindance depends on the response options. Combined with each of these there is a hidden score that is added up. If you get four out of six points before the conclusion of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, the braindance will fail. Let's see the dialogues in question with the relative scores:

  • House of Zuleikha, "Of course ... I don't believe it anyway.", Value 1
  • House of Zuleikha, “Oh… It's a real madness.”, Value 1
  • I drive to the restaurant, “Where do we eat?”, Value 1
  • Restaurant, “Can we stop talking about faith?”, Value 1
  • Braindance study, "You have pure intentions, but this is not the right way." or “This is madness. Don't do it. ”, Value 2.

During this mission you will make regular stops, first at Zuleikha's house, then at the PieZ restaurant, lastly at briandance's studio, which is already part of the plot of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, so in reality you don't need a guide, but if you want optimal results you have to give the right answers. Also in the parking lot outside the restaurant, Rachel wants to bribe you because she's afraid you might put doubt in Joshua's head. If you have a corporate background you can negotiate a more advantageous exchange but which will involve the premature interruption of the story and the mission.

They Won’t Go When I Go

You must have completed Sinnerman and have waited 12 hours. After accepting Rachel's offer, go to Japan Town and talk to Vasquez at the security gate, finally to Rachel and Joshua in the braindance studio. Joshua will ask you to participate in the braindance registration. If you decide not to participate, the story ends, or else to refuse but attend and accept. At the end of the recording, talk to Rachel to conclude the mission, who will call you back after a few days to give you the reward that is the result of the good or bad outcome of the braindance.

Human Nature

You must have completed Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. You will receive a message telling you that your machine is waiting for you, go to the parking lot where you will find it upstairs. After you leave the parking lot you will have an accident, then you will receive a message from Delamain inviting you to the headquarters. From this moment the mission Tune Up & Epistrophy will begin.

Tune Up & Epistrophy

We refer you to the dedicated guide of Cyberpunk 2077.

Don’t Lose Your Mind

You must have completed Tune Up & Epistrophy and wait 48 hours. You'll run into a car accident at Corporate Plaza and need to call Delamain. If you don't see any incidents in 48, Delamain himself will call you, and after the chat, go to Delamain headquarters. Since the door is defective, you have to make do with getting in. The available entrances are two, entering on the right from the main entrance there is a door, but you must have adequate technical capacity, or go to the garage area and, climbing on the crates in the alley, go to the grate on the roof. The goal is to get to the control room on the opposite side of the building. Enter the building in one of the two ways described, e go to a small office where there is a computer and force it, or enter the code 1234 which is on an email in a nearby location. Unlock the gate from the local network card and enter, then follow the corridor and enter the workshop paying attention to the surveillance drones. Enter the door on the left to access a room with a lift. Climb it and then go to the ledge above the garage door and finally to the hanging platform. There is an open window next to some pipes on the southwest side of the room, go through it to get to the stairs on the opposite side. Continue on the raised walkway to get to the small room that has a grate on the floor, get out and push the car to the bottom, you will need it to climb on it and jump over the room towards the checkpoint. Use the ladder at the back to get to the walkway above. Cross the walkway to go to the garage, where you have to be careful as there are some vehicles driving chaotically. To get to the exit you have to cross the room anticlockwise, go up the stairs in the southwest corner, pass the missing panel of the metal walkway, climb the small room near the wall to the east with the help of the pipes, then always with the pipes go down to the opposite side. Go through the opening in the wall to the east to find yourself at the top of the control room and from here you can enter it. Following the path just described, when you are on the walkway in the workshop you will see a door on the left that you can force. If you have sufficient Physical value you will be able to enter the control room immediately. Having a higher Technical Ability value, you will be able to solve this mission more easily. After you pass the double door to the garage entrance, turn right to see a grate on the floor that leads into an underground area where there is a switch. If you interact with it you will cut off the power and you will be able to walk more easily to the control room. When you are in the control room, listen to the speeches of the divergent Delamain. At this point you will be able to enter the core room and you must make a decision on which Delamain's future will depend. To free the divergent Delamain you can detonate the core by shooting it but keeping a safe distance. Or you can initialize the core to restore the original Delamain, but by doing so you will never get back the Delamain you know. Ultimately, and if you have a high Intelligence level, you can hack the core to merge the Delamain. Choose the option you want and then leave the room from the secondary exit by taking the car, which from now on belongs to you, and exit the building. The Delamain fitted to the vehicle, and your conversation as well, depend on your choice and will not change.

Both sides, now

You must have finished Double Life and wait 24 hours. Go to Judy's apartment after she calls you. Interact with the intercom to open the door and go to the bathroom to talk to Judy. Take Evelyn's body to the bedroom and place it on the bed. Talk to Judy again when she hangs up, exit the room closing the door, then go to the roof terrace to finish the assignment.


You must have completed Both Sides, Now and wait 12 hours. Then you will get a message from Judy and wait another 6 hours to get far enough away from her apartment. Judy will call you and ask you to help her. If you refuse, you will interrupt the whole series of missions that involve her, and you will not be able to start a love relationship with her. If you refuse by mistake, you can call her back for a second chance. If you decide to help her, go back to the Mega Building H8 between 05:00 and 08:00, then take the elevator to get to the 12th floor., when you get to the floor, go left. Go up the stairs and walk through the hall counterclockwise, don't overlook the ladder that stands against the wall to your right towards the end. When you arrive from July who is on the balcony above the Clouds, follow her inside to meet Maiko. The conversation will unfold according to how you completed the main Automatic Love assignment, specifically how you related to Woodman. If at the end of the assignment Woodman is still alive and you have a calm conversation with Maiko, when you leave she will inform you that she is inside the building, on the maintenance floor. Otherwise the mission will end with your return to the ground floor with Judy. If Maiko lets you know that Woodman is inside the building, on your way back to the ground floor, Judy will open the topic and suggest you kill him. If you want you can try to convince her to give up killing Woodman. If you accept, enter the elevator and go up to the maintenance floor. Any conversation you have with Woodman will always end in the same worst way, so you'd better attack first. After defeating him, take the elevator out of the building and talk to Judy to finish the mission.

Talkin’ ‘bout a Revolution

You must have finished Ex-Factor and wait 6 hours to receive a message from Judy, then wait another 6 hours. After Judy calls you, you need to go to her apartment between 17pm and midnight. Take a seat on the stool in the kitchen, and at the end of the sequence you have to tell the others whether you will join them or not. If you refuse, you will interrupt the entire series of missions that involve her, and you will not be able to start a love relationship with her.. Later you will be able to change your mind, calling her and telling her that you have changed your mind. After V's dizziness, Judy will tell you to sleep on the sofa. If you accept, there will be no particular aftermath. She will also offer you a reward, and if you accept, you will get extra compensation.


You must have finished Talkin '' bout a Revolution and wait 6 hours to receive a message from Judy, then wait another 6 hours. Judy will call you and go to Mega Building H8 at 16pm to meet her and the others. Take the elevator up to the maintenance floor killing the three guards, talk to Judy and use the service elevator to go to the roof. Jump to the roof on your left and go down the ladder on the opposite side. Enter directly into the attic from the nearby shutter, this way you will avoid all the guards, or enter through the guarded door on the balcony. When you are in Hiromi's office, Maiko will not respect the agreed plan and will put you in front of choices that will have consequences.. Let's see what are the situations that will arise, the dialogues and the relative consequences:

  • Follow Maiko's plan, "Hiromi has to leave" and then "Maiko will handle everything as he is already doing" and accept the reward, peaceful solution with the Tyger Claws, Maiko becomes the new leader of the Clouds, Judy is angry with you, the mission Pyramid Song and the relationship with Judy are permanently blocked
  • Follow Maiko's plan, "Hiromi has to leave" and then "Maiko will handle everything as he is already doing" but refuse the reward, peaceful solution with the Tyger Claws, Maiko becomes the new leader of the Clouds, Judy acknowledges that it was the best choice , the Pyramid Song mission and the relationship with Judy are still available
  • Do not follow Maiko's plan and declare the independence of the dolls, or attack the Tyger Claws, hostile solution you have to kill all the Tyger Claws including Hiromi, Maiko does not become the new leader of the Clouds, and after the meeting you can decide whether to kill her or minus, Judy is happy with the choice but is upset in case you kill Maiko, the Pyramid Song mission and the relationship with Judy are still available

Pyramid Song

You must have completed Pisces in Cyberpunk 2077 without following Maiko's plan or accepting the reward and waiting 24 hours. Meet Judy at dawn, around 06:30 am, at the cabin on Lago Bend Lagoon. After diving, take the wetsuit she made and follow the instructions on the screen. If you refuse, you can always call her later and tell her you have changed your mind. At the diner, there are four items to scan on the left of the road, which are the diner sign on the ground, a picture frame, a camera you can grab to give to Judy, and a hockey stick. Then talk to Judy and tell her you are ready. The other three optional clues are across the street from the petrol station, which are an old car, a doll and an umbrella, then talk to Judy and tell her you're ready to go. Try to enter the church through an opening on the right side looking at the facade, where the water tower collapsed, hitting the wall, and then continue with the mission. To begin the love affair with Judy there are two basic conditions, namely V must have the body and voice of a woman, and then you must have refused to follow Maiko's plan in the Pisces mission, or have refused Maiko's compensation. With these requirements you must have accepted all of Judy's invitations before diving and then spending the night in the cabin with her. Refusing to sleep in the shed will block the romantic relationship. After activating the generator you have to make useful decisions to decide whether Judy will be your companion permanently. Kiss her in the bathroom as soon as the opportunity arises and if you have missed it, hug her. The next morning, join her at the dock and tell her that the night we spent together was the beginning of something incredible. By doing this, the two will initiate the relationship and potentially Judy could be by your side in the epilogue of the game, and you will be able to access his apartment with an access point to your personal supplies. If instead of kissing her you walk away, or tell her that the night was a pleasant diversion, any chance of a union will be cut off and Judy will leave Night City. If you leave, you will still gain access to the apartment. More details on love affairs can be read on our dedicated guide.


You must have completed Ghost Town in Cyberpunk 2077. To start the assignment, talk to Nix in the Netrunner's room behind the bar at Afterlife, or go to the Smuggler's Cache website to get the number of R3h0. Accept Nix's offer and call R3h0. Meet at a bar on a Charter Hill boardwalk. Nix has asked you to buy the spellbook, and you can do so by paying full price for it, or with a 50% discount with the exclusive corporate background dialogue option. You can also put R3h0 offside, then you have to hack his computer to get the coordinates of the hiding place, but you need an adequate Intelligence value. After deciding how to act, take the book from the hiding place, a briefcase in a small square not far to the west, and if you want you can decrypt the object from the Shard menu. Initially you will be made a low offer, here you can reply that you do not want to sell it at that price, and so the offer will be doubled. At this point you can triple the offer and he will accept, or you decide to keep the item.

Love Rollercoaster

You must have completed Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to the roller coaster in Pacifica and tell the man you want to repair the cart. Run a scan, find the control panel behind the railing and plug it back in, then go back to Jean. The mission ends after you or Jean take a ride on the roller coaster.


This assignment consists of four dialogue sequences, which take place at precise moments after four main assignments, namely the first after you leave the Clouds club at the end of Automatic Love, the second when you return from the chapel after talking to Alt at the end of Transmission, the third after the dialogue with Anders Hellman at the end of Life During Wartime, and finally after speaking with Hanako Arasako at the end of Search and Destroy. At this point in the story you could move on to the end of the game, but you have also unlocked a series of missions related to Johnny and his past.

Chippin’ In (include A cool metal fire)

You must have completed Tapeworm. TOGo to Afterlife and talk to Johnny who stands at the entrance to the club. After the scene with Johnny and Rogue you will find yourself in a hotel room in Northside and wait for Rogue's call. While you wait, complete other tasks. After Rogue's phone call, he meets her and Weyland at Afterlife. Go to the shipyard on the north edge of Northside to find a computer in the Maelstrom hideout. To get there, you can follow Rogue to the outskirts of the camp and you'll come across a pile of shipping containers. Walk cautiously along the left wall clockwise, you will encounter two guards up to the building with the data terminal. When you enter the building you will see another enemy as you go to the ground floor door, the data terminal is on the other side of the glass door. Or from the starting position with Rogue to the entrance to the hideout, if you have enough technical ability you can take another route, ie walk along the right wall, watch out for the guard, break the fence and enter. Continue silently to avoid being seen by another guard, continue along the wall on the right to immediately arrive at a door, and the terminal is immediately after, hidden in this small room. Read the files and reach the Ebunike just beyond the marshalling yard. Then use the metal ladder to the deck of the ship, always paying attention to the guards, to reach the opposite side and start a tough fight. To defeat Grayson you have to constantly take cover and when he collapses it will be your chance. If you save it with the phrase It's your lucky day, you will be thanked and you will get a key with which you can access a special reward, which to get it you have to drop a container hanging from the crane by pressing the button on the control panel at the top of the next ladder . Open the container where Johnny's old car is, and it's the only chance to get this Porsche. In this regard, we refer you to our guide. Use the Porsche, or if you prefer your car, to get to Johnny's grave in a junkyard in the oil fields. Depending on the dialogue options that you will face, you will establish the conditions of friendship with him, practically you have to become friends if you want to access the next secondary assignment Blistering Love, which will be used to unlock one of the possible endings, and then go to the following missions, as well as you will influence future dialogues.

Blistering love

You must have finished Chippin 'In, you must have made friends with Johnny and called Rogue. Call Rogue and go to Afterlife from 17pm to 00am and give her a lift, and if you have Johnny's car you will enrich the dialogue. Accompany her to the Silver Pixel Cloud drive in North Oak, get out of the car and enter a small building. Examine the pc and read the files to obtain the code 02, which, once inserted in the terminal, will open the door. When you are in the parking lot, go up the metal stairs and enter the room above. Activate the projector panel and return to Rogue. If you have chosen the dialogue options where you express an interest in her, you can have a very close encounter. Completing this mission will unlock a Rogue-related ending.

Holdin 'On

You must have finished Blistering Love and befriended Johnny. If you haven't made friends with Johnny, you must have finished Chippin 'In. The mission will begin when, after Blistering Love, Johnny asks you to speak. Meet him at the pond at the foot of the North Oak sign, then go to the Kerry mansion. If you use the intercom Kerry will not open you but you can jump the wall with the help of the rocks to the right of the gate. The goal is to go through the main door of the mansion, but you will have to deal with androids, and you can decide how to deal with them, but if you skim the wall on the left you will avoid four, while the fifth that goes back and forth, you can avoid it when it turns. shoulders. In the villa, by examining for example the bed or the table in the dining room, you will activate some dialogues with Johnny. To proceed, check the double door next to the guitar collection and agree to take the pills. Follow Kelly upstairs and after the narrative sequence, call Nancy to move on to the next assignment.

Second Conflict

You must have finished Holdin 'On. Go to the Totentanz north of Watson, go up the stairs and take the elevator to go to the third floor. The members of the gang will change according to the choices made in the mission The Prologue. So if you let Royce and Dum Dum survive, they'll be here too, if you killed them and saved Brick, Brick will be there, and if you killed Royce and Dum Dum and didn't save Brick, you're dealing with Patricia. Follow the guide in the club to meet the leader and then talk to Nancy. If Brick welcomes you, you will receive his gratitude and you can find a peaceful solution. If you face Patricia, she will take you to a back room for an armed confrontation. After saving Nancy, follow her to her exit by killing all the Maelstroms you encounter. Then you can move on to the next step. If you are facing Royce and Dum Dum instead, you can sneak Nancy's data out of the Totentanz. Once you have the data, you will be considered a threat, so she'll want to keep a low profile, and take a silent escape. So you have to get to the elevator on both floors and while with Brick you will get the peaceful conclusion, with Patricia you will go to the fight. After receiving the data from Nancy, go down the stairs and turn right, enter the men's room and exit the window. Go back through the metal ledge and crouch before you get to the open window, where you will see some guards. Wait for them to turn to enter, stay in cover and sneak up to surprise them. Then take the corridor on the far left, enter the door on the right that leads to a series of rooms with three sentries on guard, finally go to the elevator. If you have enough points in Technical Ability, you can take a slightly different route, which is to cross the room with three guards and silently take them out. Reach the corridor at the far left, enter the door on the left and then immediately the one in front of you. Hack the camera at the top of the stairs and go to the elevator upstairs. By extracting the data from the Totentanz, Nancy will be able to publish an important article that she will tell you about by message. Go back outside and follow Nancy and drive away in her car, go to N54 News, reach Denny's mansion in North Oak. Your goal is to find Denny and Henry. Using the intercom will not solve, instead follow the tire tracks on the dirt in front of you to witness an interesting scene when you come back. Now you have to choose between Denny and Henry as they refuse to play together. With your choice you will not only influence the dialogue, but it will determine which of the two will be at the concert.

A Like Supreme

You must have finished Second Conflict and wait 24 hours. You will get a call from Nancy and go to the Red Dirt club in Arroyo in the evening. In this mission you just have to talk to the members of the Samurai band and follow the instructions on the screen. You will have many dialogue options depending on whether you choose to play with Denny or Henry, but in no case will your choices affect the story.

rebel! rebel!

You must have finished A Like Supreme and wait 12 hours outside the Kerry mansion. Kerry will call you and you must go between 00:30 and 03:30 to Foodscape fast food in Rancho Coronado, on the corner of Gray and Mallagra. When it arrives, sit on the passenger side, then when you arrive at your destination, take the equipment that is in the trunk and throw the nails where Kerry will tell you, then hide behind the bus stop. When the van stops, the passengers will disembark, you have them lie down on the ground, take the keys and open the back of the van, then Kerry will ask you to throw a grenade. When the NCPD machines arrive, drive as hard as possible to sow them. Finally Kerry will ask you to stop at a Capitan Caliente restaurant for a coffee.

I Don’t Wanna Hear It

You must have finished Rebel! Rebel !. After Henry's phone call, go to the food stand outside the Riot and wait for him for 19pm. He will ask you to join the club, and you have some alternatives. You can buy tickets from the man near the line in front of the club. If you have a street life background you can get a discount. You can also enter through the fire door in the alley to the left of the main entrance, and to get there you have to go up to the roof opposite, lighting yourself from the upper deck, or shoot the fire escape to make it lower. This will take you to the club warehouse. You can also steal tickets from the two fans who are in the same alley. Another system is to infiltrate the garage on the right, whose two doors can be opened if you have sufficiently high values ​​in Physical, for one door, and in Intelligence, for the other, and in this way you will enter directly in the backstage where you await the Us Cracks. When you are in the club, go to the dressing room. If you used the garage door with the Physical attribute, the dressing room will be on your right. If you opened the door using Intelligence, you must use the staff elevator, and you must go through the guarded door in the bar area. At this point you have three options, that is, convince the guard to let you in, but only if you have an adequate value of Technical Ability, or by talking to Kerry distracting the roadie at the bar to steal his pass, finally recovering an employee badge in the warehouse. which stands next to the bar. As you enter the dressing room, the Us Cracks are on your right. Now you have to settle the matter diplomatically, which is by agreeing that Kerry's manager was wrong, or by getting angry and threatening them. The choice you make will have consequences for the next assignment involving Kerry. If you end in a positive way, Kerry and Us Cracks will agree and do a song together. Otherwise it won't happen, but there will still be the development of a romantic relationship with Kerry. It would be preferable to close the deal because it will serve as a gateway to a later assignment.

Off the leash

You must have finished I Don't Wanna Hear It in Cyberpunk 2077 and wait 12 hours. If Henry has a deal with Us Cracks, they'll invite you to the party and concert. Otherwise Kerry will invite you anyway but there will be no party. However, go to the address received after Kerry's phone call, the Dark Matter in Japan Town, telling the bouncer that you need to meet Kerry. Take the elevator to the lounge, then talk to Kerry and follow him onto the terrace. Regardless of the outcome between Kerry and the Us Cracks, if you have a masculine build and voice you can flirt with Kerry on the terrace, choosing the dialogue of understanding, and you will also have the opportunity to kiss him, but it is not a requirement to start a relationship with. he.

Boat drinks

You must have finished Off the Leash in Cyberpunk 2077 and wait 24 hours. After receiving Kerry's call, meet him on his yacht at Night City Harbor at 19pm. Accept the offer to take a tour of the bay. In case of refusal you will stop the possibility of a relationship with him, the rest of the sequence is tied to the plot. While on board Kerry will ask you to damage him, this choice will have no plot consequences, other than having done a lot of damage. If you are interested in a sentimental approach with him you must have specific requirements, that is to be a man with a male voice. THEAlso when Kerry asks you for help inside the yacht you have to kiss him. After the beach scene you need to select the dialogue option that makes Kerry understand your intentions. As the relationship begins, Kerry may be featured in the game's epilogue.

Fool on the Hill

You must have finished The Heist in Cyberpunk 2077. The mission begins as soon as you scan the first tarot graffiti. There are 20 to search throughout Night City, and now we give you the list of positions, detailed in our guide:

  • Il Fatto: on the wall outside the apartment of V
  • The Cart: on the wall next to Tom's Diner
  • The Sun: on the wall near the tunnel
  • The Magician: on the pillar that supports the flyover in front of Lizzie's
  • The Empress: at the bottom of the stairs leading to the Afterlife entrance
  • The Emperor: on the wall near the main entrance to Konpeki Plaza
  • The Pope: at the beginning of the underground area, very close to where you met Oda with Takemuram during Down on the Street
  • The Hermit: on the side of the church leading to the Voodoo Boys' crypt
  • The Force: on the side of the small building where you first encountered Panam
  • The Wheel of Fortune: under the sign of the Sunset hotel
  • Justice: on the cistern in front of the Electric Corporation power plant
  • The Star: at the base of the large antenna in the center of the photovoltaic plant
  • The Moon: on the outer wall on the Hanako estate
  • The Lovers: Behind the Silver Pixer Cloud Drive-In Screen
  • The Tower: in an underground passage at the base of the Arasaka Tower
  • The Hanged Man: on a water tower at the oil fields
  • Temperance: on one of the walls of the North Oak columbarium
  • La Morte: on the side of the building where the Embers restaurant is located
  • The High Priestess: on the top floor of the building where Takemura's hideout is
  • The World: on the balcony where you chat with Misty during Notturno Op. 55 n ° 1, but you can also get there by elevator in the alley between Misty's shop and Viktor's clinic

Riders on the storm

You must have finished Life During Wartime in Cyberpunk 2077 and wait 12 hours. Panam will call you, meet her at Aldecados camp in the Badlands and talk to her and the veterans, accept Mitch's offer to observe the camp with his drone. Scan the van and tire tracks, and memorize what's around you. Accept the Spiked Superjet from Mitch and then get into the van. You can also go alone to the Raffen Shiv camp, but you would lose a conversation with Panam. If you have already been to the camp before you will not find the eliminated enemies. Arrive at the camp to rescue Saul from being held in the basement of the main building. If you are strong enough and well equipped you can enter by force, among other things one of the guards at the entrance has an iconic weapon that can become yours, or sneak in since there are several paths to take by stealth. If you do not sound the alarm you will have advantages, among which the enemy reinforcements will not arrive. Let's see the alternatives to enter. You can enter from the electrical substation on your right by standing in front of the entrance. Now you will be safe from snipers, so break the gate or jump through it, eliminate the guard inside without being heard, break the next gate and enter through the open window on the right. When you are in the workshop go up the stairs and you will find a guard on the walkway. Enter the main building, turn right and crawl along the right wall making the counterclockwise loop. You will come to the stairs leading to the ground floor, and then to another ramp leading to the basement. Get rid of the three guards and free Saul, go back and go to Panam's van. Another way to enter is to do it from the green container on the left facing the entrance. Enter the area and go towards the main building avoiding to attract the enemies or, if you prefer, get them out of the way. Don't forget that there are snipers on the roof but you have enough cover to cover. Arrive at the corner and go up the stairs to the door at the top, enter the building to find yourself in front of the security room, and on the same walkway as the previous path that you have to go counterclockwise and complete the operation with the same method described Before. Finally, if you have enough technical ability, you can use a shortcut. From the main entrance go to the right of the building where the ventilation system is, open it and enter the tunnel that will lead you directly into the basement where Saul is. Free it and go back along the road you have taken, thus avoiding all the dangers. In the room where the surveillance videos are, you can locate where Saul is imprisoned. You can figure out where he too is by overhearing the conversations of the guards. Saul's Prison is accessible from the stairs on the ground floor of the main building, or from the ventilation system, but in this case you must have an adequate value of Technical Ability. In the room just before the basement there is the gutted body of a Nomad. Examine the body to activate a brief dialogue between V and Panam, Saul will also talk about it after you save him. If you manage not to get caught, Panam will retrieve you outside the Raffen Shiv camp, near the entrance to the ventilation system. If you are spotted, however, Panam could attack the complex and wait for you in front of the large gate of the main building. If the enemies get busy, you could dash to his position. If you are interested in starting a relationship with Panam, during the night at the Ingall farm you can woo her and satisfy two conditions, namely, invite her to make herself comfortable by taking off her shoes. Then continue telling her that you have a couple of ideas, but if you miss this opportunity, you won't have any relationship in the whole game.

Gun Music

You must have finished Riders on the Storm in Cyberpunk 2077. Talk to the Mayors at the entrance of the industrial site, then go to Carol and Cassidy at the scavenger meeting. In this situation there are three development options, that is, talk to them but they will attack you as soon as they realize that you are involved in The Rescue. or sense that a fight is inevitable and attack first, unleashing Carol's fury at the end of the conflict, but if you are high on Physical you can intimidate opponents by making them pay without a problem. In the first two hypotheses you have to eliminate all the enemies.

A Day in the Live

You must have finished Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to Darrell, a stall manager in Arroyo, then leave and return to find him when the secondary mission checkpoint appears on the map. Take the job and go talk to the thugs I want to steal his bike. If you have reached the second level of reputation the thugs will recognize you and run away as soon as you threaten them, otherwise they will attack you. If you choose not to help Darrell, the thugs will kill him, if you help him he will offer you a discount at his shop.


You must have finished Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. A Zen master will invite you to sit with him and you will decide whether to pay him or not. He will guide you in a braindance session, only to disappear soon after. This will happen four times, always with a different name for the job, but in the same mission group. The meditations will take place in the following places:

  • Earth meditation, Imagine, on a bench near the pagoda southwest of Corporate Plaza
  • Water Meditation, Stairway To Heaven, in front of the pagoda southeast of Japan Town
  • Fire Meditation, Poem Of The Atoms, in the middle of a roundabout in North Oak
  • Air Meditation, Meeting Along The Edge, on a lookout with a coin-operated viewer south of Rancho Coronado, on a cliff overlooking the photovoltaic power plants

At the end of the four meditations you will find a collectible on the ground that you can put in your apartment.

With a Little Help from My Friends

You must have finished Riders on the Stormin Cyberpunk 2077 and wait 12 hours. After Panam's phone call, go to Aldecaldos camp where she and her friends are arguing, then follow them until they ask you for help. If you decide to reveal Panam and Saul's plan, history will be interrupted, Panam will sever all ties with you, including the possible sentimental story, and you will unlock one of the possible endings of the game linked to the Aldecaldos. If you help Panam the options we will tell you below will remain available. By agreeing to help, your friends will ask you to travel with them or if you will meet directly at the meeting point. At the crossroads, talk to Panam and, if you like, the Aldecaldos. In this conversation Panam why you are helping her. If you are interested in a relationship with her you don't have to let her know that you are doing it for her money by telling her about her I don't do it for free, so use any other answer except this one. If you talk to Mitch he will ask you to scan the generator and then repair it. There are three ways to enter the control tower, namely, the main entrance, but you must have an adequate value of Technical ability, or the back door, but you need a good Physical attribute to reach the grate, finally from the balcony that it is above the back door, which you can reach using the electrical system facilities. At the top of the control tower you need to find a punch card. Check the chest of drawers on the warehouse floor, and then return to Panam. Then go to the next room and insert the card into the reader, talk to Panam again and then go out and go to the others. Sit at the bonfire with them, wait for the narrative sequence, and step into Panam's car in the passenger seat. While chasing the train, try to shoot the joint, because if you hit it the train will overwhelm a Militech vehicle, reducing the opposing forces in the following scene. However the train will stop soon after and you will have to deal with the men of the Militech, but you can surprise them by walking around them. When everything is back to normal, return to your car and escort the trucks to Aldecaldos Camp, where Saul will happily welcome you, then talk to Panam to finish the mission.

Queen of the highway

You must have finished With a Little Help From My Friends and wait 24 hours. Panam invites you and go to the Aldecaldos camp, talk to her, get on the Basilisk panzer and connect. The controls are simple to use, and with Panam's advice you learn quickly. When the Raffen Shiv attack the camp, go to the dispute area and kill all the opponents. TOThe term talk to Saul and follow Panam, and the rest of the assignment is tied to the story, plus you will unlock one of the game's endings. As regards the details of the relationship with Panam, we refer you to our dedicated guide.

War pigs

You must have completed Broadcast in Cyberpunk 2077 and have a corporate background. When Frank calls you, join him in Kabuki. Move the dumpster and open the case. During the chat, you may not be able to convince Frank to change his mind and he will end up attacking you, and if you want, you can start first. You can still resolve the issue without the use of weapons after choosing the dialogue options we are about to describe, chosen based on your behavior towards him in The Prologue.. Whatever choice you make, the reward will always be the same. So, as mentioned earlier, let's see the dialogues, the detail of which will be composed of your behavior during The Prologue, the first dialogue option, the second dialogue option and the effects:

  • You've explored all the dialogue options with Frank, "You're pathetic", "I just want you to open your eyes", get Frank to get a new life;
  • You haven't explored all the dialogue options with Frank, “I'm nobody to Abernathy”, “Start over”, convince Frank to make a new life;
  • You haven't explored all dialogue options with Frank, “I'm nobody to Abernathy,” “It's not my problem,” Frank makes a drastic decision.

These boots are Made for Walkin’

You must have finished Ghost Town and have a Nomad background in Cyberpunk 2077. You will receive a GPS activation message from your old Nomad car. Reach the indicated place and scan the machine, open the hood and examine the engine. The new owner of the car will arrive and you have to decide whether to reclaim your property rights or leave the car to her.

I'll Fly Away

You must have finished Riders on the Storm in Cyberpunk 2077. This task is triggered when you go to Mitch on the hill outside the Aldecaldos camp. You must complete it before starting the Queen of the Highway assignment, or there will be no other chances for the rest of the game. When you are on the graveyard hill just southwest of the camp and agree to help him. Talk to us then get into the car. When you are at the collapsed bridge, talk to him again, take the petrol can, put it on the passenger seat and set the car on fire.

Fortunate Son

You must have finished Queen of the Highway in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to Aldecaldos Camp to Bob and Emily's tent, accept the assignment and go to the hospital in Little China. The employee you met is in a van in the hospital loading bay. The NCPD agents will attack you as soon as you take the briefcase, then they will park their vehicles to form a bottleneck at the gate. Throw a grenade at him to eliminate some, then, once the battle is over, face the man deciding whether to punish him or send him away. If you save his life by having a high Intelligence attribute, you will find out about a virus installed in the system. Knowing about this revelation will allow you to relay what you know to Bob when you return to the camp, and to save the life of Scooter, who may be present in the game's finale if you follow the path of Panam. The mission will end after eight hours, at the end of the surgery, then you will receive a message from Bob inviting you to him at the camp.

Ezekiel Saw the Weel

You must have finished Playing for time. You are in Arroyo in a small diner, sit on the stool and order. Some bandits will raid to prey on customers. If you decide to take out the weapon and use it, as it would be natural to do, know that the owner of the restaurant would be so upset. Better to opt for one of the three peaceful solutions, that is, to pay the criminals to make them go away, or intimidate them if you have an adequate Physical rating, otherwise scare them because they are in Sixth Street territory, only available if you have the Street Life background. Choose one of the three for a free drink and the gratitude of the owner of the place.

kold mirage

You must have finished Ghost Town in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to the abandoned refrigerator in the dump east of the City, scan it and get the cyberdeck. Go to Nik's Afterlife in the Netrunner's room behind the bar and put the cyberdeck on the desk.. When Nik is in danger you have two methods to help him, i.e. by manipulating the electrical panel to the right of the door, the cyberdeck data will be lost but you will still get the reward, or hack the computer near the netrunner chair and finish the hacking minigame. and keep the cyberdeck data.

Space oddity

You must have finished Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. Talk to the homeless people who are near the building where the petrol station is located in Rancho Coronado. They found a military suitcase and you can get it by buying it, or demand it without offering anything in return if you have a high value on Physical, otherwise by choosing the dialogue option you have available with Street Life. After taking it, go around the structure and examine the corpse near the dumpster to get the shard that allows you to open the case., or, if you have high intelligence, you can hack it. Once this is done you can examine the ends in the computer where there are messages with useful background and a program “launch.exe” in the File tab, which shows the coordinates of an exchange point. The target is protected by a Militech interception squad that you have to eliminate, but to do so without silently you have to approach from the southeast and crouch among the pipes, then take them out one at a time clockwise, then open the space capsule.

Stadium Love

You must have finished Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to Rancho Coronado where there is a Sixth Street party on the roof of a building near the causeway. If you have already fought Sixth Street during The Masterpiece, it will end in a fight. Talk to the bosses near the sofa avoiding any provocation, tell them that you just want to have some fun and that you would like to participate in the shooting tournament. Grab the gun on the nearby table and go to the first post. If you want to win, you need to score 44 points by shooting targets on four positions, drinking drinks that make it very difficult for you to concentrate. To increase your chances of winning, manually reload your weapon with bullets near the glass. If you win this complicated challenge you will be rewarded with an iconic weapon, otherwise you can take it anyway by looting the owner.

Killing in the Name

You must have finished A Like Supreme in Cyberpunk 2077. To proceed in this assignment you must have some points on Intelligence. You will receive messages from a mysterious man named Swedenborg-Riviera, and the last message contains a link that starts the mission. On any computer, check the timetowakeup.web domain. Call the reporter investigating Swedenborg, Bes Isis aka Nancy you met in Second Conflict. If you haven't already completed the mission just mentioned, you need to complete it first. After obtaining the coordinates of Nancy's last signal, go to the indicated location in Rancho Coronado and scan the area for clues, specifically the fuse box on the right. You can also follow the sound broadcast by the device you are looking for. Go up the metal stairs where you will see a pirate router on the penultimate floor, hack it and discover a new signal source in the Badlands. Scan the new area where you will find the electrical cables. The perimeter is guarded by some Wraiths that you can avoid by taking advantage of the poor visibility. The electrical cables arrive on the roof of a nearby trailer where there is another router to be examined to discover an additional signal source. Arrive there too, that is to the Biotechnica farm, look up and scan the broken railing, then climb to the top of the building where there is another router. Now you have to go to the Pacifica amusement park, go to the seer bot and talk to Johnny and, during the conversation you can let the machine predict the future. When asked examine the router, talk to Johnny to decide what to do with Swedenborg. For this you have three options, that is to leave him alone by letting him spread his aphorisms against capitalism on the net, to Johnny's great satisfaction, or you can disconnect him from the network using the router, otherwise, if you have a high level of Intelligence, you can modify it to make him do it. even more nonsense. Once this is done, call Nancy to finish the assignment and choose whether to tell her the truth about Swedenburg or pretend you don't know anything new.. If you tell the truth, Nancy will send you more messages later. Based on what you decide to do with Swedenburg, the site checked at the start of the assignment will be updated and people will react differently.

The Highwayman

You must have finished The Car Ride in Cyberpunk 2077. Go to Josie's workshop at the foot of the Rancho Coronado Dam, open the door and scan the damaged bike. The clue you are looking for is on the desk, read the message in the laptop and look at the photo of Josie and her lover James. Go to Japan Town, just north of the bridge that leads south of Kabuki, sitting on a bench is Tyger Claws James. Mark the date written on the bench because it is important. The next stop is the subway station south of Memorial Park, near the location for the North Glen Fast Travel. Scanned the bloodstains on the ground, follow them to a nearby alley where Josie's body is behind a dumpster, along with an unsent message for James. Finally, go Northside to Josie's Secret Workshop, which is across the street, compared to the All Foods warehouse, where you recovered the Flathead during The Prologue. Since the door is locked, enter the number that was on the bench, which is 0214. Now you can find the stolen bike, which you can also keep. Go back to James who is waiting for you on the same bench in Japan Town.

Sweet Dreams

You must have concluded I Fought the Law in Cyberpunk 2077, and pursued the investigation until the moment you leave the Japan Town market, or choose to skip that whole part. Go to Stefan, the man who sells braindance recordings outside the Japan Town market. Pay a pretty high price for his VR and editor, then follow him into the next room. After using Stefan's BD device, you'll wake up in a scavenger hideout you've already met, in the same bathtub where you found Sandra Dorsett during The Prologue. Kill the scavenger repairing the wall and hide her body in the bathtub, then grab her weapon. Now go to the main room where your equipment is in a locker on the right. Since the room is guarded, you must proceed carefully so as not to be surprised. Mark all the enemies you can see and start fixing the one that stops next to the pillar. Then, always cautiously, approach the locker on your right that contains the equipment, retrieve it and get rid of the guardians. Take the elevator back to the street and go to where you met Stefan to face him. You can let him go or kick him out of Night City or kill him, the reward will always be the same.

Every Breath You Take

You must have concluded Off the Leash in Cyberpunk 2077 and secured a deal between Kerry and Us Cracks at the end of I Don't Wanna hear it. You will get a call from Blue Moon, go to the Kabuki roundabout and sit on the bench. You must identify the stalker who threatens to kill him. Despite the various false alarms, the solution of the problem will be in front of you right from the start, in fact, it is the woman with the ponytail who asks Blue Moon to take a picture together. If you mark her immediately, you will be able to better follow her movements. You have to follow her calmly while keeping a safe distance, because if she notices you she will run away from her and you will have to chase her. When she gets to the catwalk it will be a good time to catch her from behind before she shoots. Blue Moon will let you decide what to do with her, so you can either take her out or tell Blue Moon to hand her over to the NCPD. There are actions that will cause the assignment to fail, that is, if you do something that disturbs Blue Moon, she will close the mission and be killed by the stolker, and Red Menace will be furious at you. Another system is what you will fail if you walk away from the mission area. Further you can activate a unique scenario by eliminating the wrong person but telling Blue Moon that you have fixed the stolker. The assignment will be considered closed but after a few days a message will inform you that Blue Moon has been killed.

Machine gun

You must have finished Playing for Time in Cyberpunk 2077. Grab the gun next to the dead body in an alley in Vista del Rey, marked with a checkpoint. This gun, Smart, has autonomous AI called Skippy that will ask you to opt between two firing modes both with tracking, one is a ruthless killer, who directs the shots in the head, and the other is a pacifist puppy, who always aims. to the legs. This choice will affect the final result. After fixing 50 enemies, Skippy will start another conversation and automatically switch to the fire mode you didn't choose, except that if you have chosen the puppy pacifist mode from the beginning, you must tell Skippy precisely that Killing is wrong, and you will keep this mode. After two days Skippy will tell you that he has discovered the name of the previous owner, Regina Jones. You will complete the assignment when you return the gun to Regina in her apartment in Kabuki, indicated by a checkpoint. If you decide to keep the gun, the mission will not close until you go to Regina who will give you a fee. Arrive at the apartment, use the intercom and go up to the second floor with the elevator. If Skippy is set to ruthless killer mode, when you meet Regina she will keep her personality.


You must have finished Playing for Time. Talk to Zane at the Jonguji store in Downtown. The dialogue will not be important and you can leave, walk a couple of blocks, let a day pass and return after the assignment marker appears on the map. After the second dialogue with Zane, the shop will be attacked by a Cyberpsychopath. Focus on thermal damage and use quick Overheat hacking, or System Reboot if available. When the enemy's forces drop, reinforcements from Max-Tac will come to your aid. Once the fight is over, you will be prompted to sit on the sofa next to Zane to make your statement. The mission ends after the conversation, but if you walk away a few blocks, you will wait two days in the game and go back, then you will find that Jinguji shop has reopened and Zane will offer you a discount on clothes.

Raymond Chandler Evening

You must have finished Playing for Time. Go to El Coyote and feel an uproar. You can decide how to give a hand to the corporate employee bothered by the Valentinos thugs, i.e. by threatening them, if you have a high attribute on Body, or with the dialogue option of Street Life, if you have chosen this background, or by getting rid of them. , which would be the inviting conclusion if you have completed the contract Bring me the head of Gustavo Orta. After you get rid of the thugs, the man will ask you why you helped him. If you answer selflessly with Why were you in trouble, the reward will be greater. Afterwards the bartender Pepe will thank you and have you investigate his wife. If it takes more than three hours to get rid of the thugs, or if you leave the bar without helping the corporate, or if you refuse to help Pepe, the mission will end.. Go to where Pepe's wife works between 08am and 00pm, on the riverside road in Vista Del Rey. Stand on the sidewalk opposite and scan Cynthia, recognizable because she is wearing a pink jacket. Follow her when she starts walking and keep more than five meters away, otherwise the assignment will fail. She will enter a building, follow her to the upstairs apartment to talk to her. According to your choices, the ending will vary, that is, Pepe and his wife will stay together, and Cynthia will give you an extra reward on the next call if you listen to what she has to tell you, you also have to tell Pepe that his wife was meeting with a scalpel to get checked and that she is in love with Pepe. Whichever other conclusion you choose, you will have Pepe and his wife separate.

Only Pain

You must have finished Playing for Time. You are in an alley just east of Memorial Plaza, where NCPD agents beat up Nigel Hamilton, a corporate employee. If you get close you will be turned away, so you have three choices, that is, you can leave and the mission will stop and it will no longer be accessible. Or you will approach, the agents will ask you questions and the situation will deteriorate, so you have to take up arms. Alternatively, if you have a street life background, you can close in peace. With the cop issue resolved, wake up Nigel, and with a high Coldness value you can ask for money, and if you have a high Physicality you can extort a double reward.

Small man, big mouth

You must have finished Heroes in Cyberpunk 2077 and have a Street Life background. Kirk will call you, meet him at El Coyote Cojo and accept the offer. Then meet Kirk under the H4 Mega Building in Arroyo. You have to retrieve the goods from the van in a nearby garage, where there are several Valentinos standing guard. You can enter the building from the parking lot by hiding behind the crates, or by climbing over the fence to the south by going around the building clockwise. Eliminate opponents silently, grab the goods from the back of the van, and battle the Valentinos who attacked Kirk. If you let them humble you, you can avoid the fight.

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