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In this new guide on Control we will go to see the solution to the well-known mirror puzzle, let's find out all the details together and how to solve it

Control is a Remedy title, released just over 24 hours ago. In fact, since August 27 2019, the game is only available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, obviously with annexes PS4 Pro e Xbox One X. In this special and particular guide we will discover a series of details that will help us in the solution of the mirror puzzle.

So much waiting for this title

Control was announced during E3 2018 and met with some success from the public. The hype around this title was really very high, to make it so was also the presence and involvement of Remedy. Finnish Software House able to pull games of the caliber of Max Payne 2, Alan Wake e Quantum Break.

As per tradition, the presence of Poets of the Fall has also been confirmed in this new title, who contributed to the creation of a song for the soundtrack. In Control, the interaction with the environment becomes a fundamental and absolutely particular component, which makes this title one of a kind. However, there are also many environmental puzzles and riddles to solve, we discover in this guide the solution to the mirror puzzle.

Missions to unlock - Control: Mirror puzzle solution

In Control, secondary missions will also be very common, rather than actual missions it's about goals. Obviously, in order to reach them, you need to carry out certain actions within the game. One of the most interesting goals to achieve is within an area that can only be accessed with one Level 6 card.

In this area you will be faced with an enigma, namely: find the right combination of open and closed doors. They are positioned on two raised floors and in the center of the two floors there will be a mirror, in turn blocked by another door which will open when you find the combination of the side doors. To understand which is actually the correct combination, just look at the security cameras.

Here's the combination - Control: mirror puzzle solution

As mentioned above, it will be essential to use security cameras to understand the right combination of open and closed doors. These are safety doors that you can modify by using some panels. You will have to watch the footage of the surveillance cameras. Once seen, the solution that will be suggested will be:

  • postage to right of the mirror: CLOSED-CLOSED-OPEN
  • postage to left of the mirror: OPEN-OPEN-CLOSED

Once the puzzle is solved you will find yourself in a room in which there will be a mirror, able to catapult you into a sort of parallel universe in which you will have to face a new boss.

Have fun!

This was our guide in regards the solution of the mirror puzzle in Control. We remind you that on our Holygamerz pages you can find new guides on Control and on many other games, such as the brand new Oninaki, as well as staying up to date on all the news and all the news coming directly from the videogame world and beyond.

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