Boss and Dungeon Metin2 - Guide 3: Razador

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Bosses and Dungeons in Metin2. In this guide you will find all the information you need to be able to face the Razador

Welcome to our collection of guides aimed at Metin2 bosses and dungeons! In this type of articles, you will find everything you need to be able to face the bosses and dungeons present in Metin2 in the best possible way.

Guide 3: Razador - Boss and Dungeon Metin2

The Razador is the boss who defends the Red Dragon Fortress, a dungeon on the map Doyyumhwaji ~ Paper ~ Tierra del Fuego. He is a boss of medium difficulty, as a properly equipped character manages to overcome all the various levels of the dungeon and to eliminate the Razador alone. In order to access the dungeon you must form a group of at least 2 characters and have a minimum level of 100.

The first advice we give you, to be able to face the dungeon / boss alone and have a better income despite having only one character at level 100, is to form a group outside the dungeon with your own character of any level, ( example, a level 100 can group with characters with a minimum level of 70), then dislodge the character with a level below 100. In doing so you will have all the requirements to be able to enter, or character with level. 100 and group created.

The Dragon Fortress is a prison-style dungeon, consisting of 6 different areas, in each of which you have to perform certain actions to continue, in the seventh area we could challenge the razador. The time limit for completing this dungeon is 1 hour. To be able to access the first area once you enter, just go to the central platform of the dungeon and click on NPC, which will start the challenge by randomly opening one of the 6 areas. 

How to solve the 7 areas and defeat the Razador - Boss and Dungeon Metin2

  • 1°Area: in the first area the task will be quite easy, you have to kill all the mobs in the room. Tip: initially remove from the equipment items with blood or poison as among the mobs there are the Burning Flame Princes, monsters very difficult to kill. Once you have eliminated all the mobs block the Burning Flame Princes against the walls of the room and insert poison and blood.
  • 2°Area: in the second area you have to kill the mobs to drop the golden wheel to insert in the Isfet Stele. Of course, the dropped wheel can also be fake and you have to drop another one. Tip: drop 4/5 wheels and try them all at once.
  • 3° Area: in this area the task is identical to the 1st one, therefore use the same advice mentioned above.
  • 4 ° Area: in the 4th area it will be necessary to kill Ignitor. Tip: go and mob the Ignitor and take him out of the room (example take him to the bridge), in doing so all the mobs will remain in the room and it will be easier to block and kill him. Again put blood and poison once the Ignitor is blocked.
  • 5° Area: in this area you will have to kill the mobs to drop the Mat Stones and insert them in the various seals. If the key opens the seal, it will disappear. Otherwise you will have to try other stones in the other seals until you find the correct one. Finding the correct sequence won't be easy. Tip: drop some stones before inserting them, otherwise you risk not remembering which seals you have already tried to open.
  • 6° Area: in this last area it will be enough to destroy the Metin Purgatorio in the center of the room.       

La 7° Area it is the room where the Razador is present. Try to get the boss to the top of the map, bringing as few mobs behind you as possible. The damage needed to kill the Razador is about 10 / 12k critical, along with the poison and blood that must be entered only when the boss's life has reached half or a little below. To be able to do the necessary damage and resist the skills of the Razador you need a complete alchemy wheel, at least opaque and have the pet with berseker mounted. Also to increase Skill Resistance%, we recommend a + 8 / + 9 Titan Shield, + 8 / + 9 Ruby Earrings or + 8 + 9 Emerald Earrings to increase damage. 60/70% fire resistance required in equipment. 

What items does the Razador drop? - Boss and Dungeon Metin2

Razador can drop 8 to 10 Razador Chest at a time. Inside the trunks you can find:

-Weapons: (+ 3 / + 4)

Poisonous Sword, Sword of Grudge, Raven Steel Bow, Lion's Sword, Orchid Bell, Devil's Wing Chakram, Fan of Ecstasy, Barbed Claw

-Armature: (+3/+4)

 Armor of Black Steel, Armor of Magic, Dark Wind Suit, Black Suit, Night Shadow Armor

- Shields: (+ 0 / + 2)

 Dragon Scale Shield, Leonine Angular Shield, Tiger Shield, Hawk Shield, Shield of the Three Kings, Shield of the Titans

-Jewels: (+ 1 / + 2 / + 3)

 Crystal Bracelet, Amethyst Bracelet, Tears of Heaven Bracelet, Crystal Necklace, Amethyst Necklace, Tears of Heaven Necklace, Crystal Earrings, Amethyst Earrings, Tears of Heaven Earrings

-Belts: (+0)

 Fabric Belt, Leather Belt, Luxury Belt, Wisdom Belt, Soul Belt


Razador's Egg, Skill Book, Chest of Darkness, Ruby Carving Knife, Gold Headband, Amethyst Carving Knife, Sapphire Carving Knife, Bronze Headband, Silver Headband, Sapphire Decor, Ruby Decor, Emerald Decor, Dragon Steel Blue, Red Dragon Steel, Purple Dragon Steel, Sumptuous Epaulet, Aristocratic Epaulet, Ancient Epaulet, Red Cloth, Purple Cloth, Gold Cloth, Gold Hook, Gold Thread, Gold Buckle, Ring Element, Rings of Necklace, Jewelery Item, Agate, Mithril, Puppy Pet Book, Wild Pet Book, Brave Pet Book, Pattern, Sturdy Strings, Black Dye, Red Dye, Gray Dye, Flame Stone, Book Chest Boost, Chest with Pet Books, Soulstone +, Teleportation Ring, Passage Ticket, Book of Truth, Soul of Truth, Divine Flower, Padparadscha, Ring of Experience, Red Potion (M), Red Potion (G), Blue Potion (M ), Bag of Emotions, Yang, Espe reence.

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