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We have identified which are the best Apex Legends legends to use in ranked, let's find out in this guide

With the introduction of ranked with Apex Legends season 2, competitiveness has risen sharply. The mode dedicated to ranked games in the EA Games and Respawn title has made players much more attentive, starting with the choice of legends. In this guide we will try to show you what they are the best characters to use in ranked and which ones to avoid.

A quick look at all the characters

Before starting with the actual guide let's take a quick look at all the characters. Let's start by saying that the Apex Legends roster is made up of 10 legends, all very different from each other. Variety was sought for one fundamental reason: to create the best team based on your style of play. It will therefore be possible to create a purely offensive team using legends such as: Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Octane e Mirage, or even a much more defensive team. In that case, characters like Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline e Wattson. Legends like Wraith e Bangalore, on the other hand, they represent a happy medium between attack and defense. Let's find out, however, which of these 10 are the best to use in ranked.

Wattson - Apex Legends: best legends to use in ranked

Let's start immediately with the latest arrival. The dear Wattson turned out to be a pivotal legend when it comes to ranked matches. His ability to create electric barriers it makes you able to barricade yourself inside buildings or create impenetrable rings if you are in the open field. His ultimate regenerates very quickly and it consists of placing a device capable of reload shields of anyone within its range of action and of block any grenades that will be thrown at you. Needless to say, Wattson's importance during endgames.

Wraith - Apex Legends: best legends to use in ranked

Wraith is a decidedly classic character as far as Apex Legends is concerned. It has been present since the beginning and has been used a lot by various players right from the start. The community probably believes it to be the legend strongest and most useful of the whole game. Its ability to make it invisible for a few seconds in order to escape from the most dangerous situations is fundamental in defensive actions. Its speed and its portals make it, however, very useful for offensive actions alone and in groups.

Caustic - Apex Legends: best legends to use in ranked

Also Caustic is present from the beginning in the roster of Apex Legends but it it was not playable immediately. In fact, he, as well as Mirage, were the two characters to unlock. Caustic is a very slow moving but potentially lethal legend. His ability to placing traps it can be crucial inside buildings and its ultimate, capable of causing a lot of damage to opponents, will prove to be useful in making opposing teams separate. Once the various components of the opposing team have been separated, you will have to engage them in such a way as not to give them the opportunity to heal.

Lifeline - Apex Legends: best legends to use in ranked

Lifeline is a very interesting and at times even underestimated character. Newbies to Apex Legends usually choose to start with Lifeline and then move towards different legends. In reality, this character, if used well, will prove to be fundamental. Obviously you will not be able to be at the forefront of attacking actions as no skill allows you to "push" in a particularly effective way or to escape from the most complicated situations. By staying in the rear and providing support to your teammates you will be much more useful, especially by exploiting your precious healing drone. Furthermore the assistance capsules they provide you with the opportunity to have more powerful shields and weapons at your disposal.

Bangalore - Apex Legends: best legends to use in ranked

Let's close this guide with another iconic character: Bangalore. This legend, just like Wraith, is one of the most used. His smoke he is able to confuse enemies to escape from the most difficult situations or at the same time to attack them by surprise. His ultimate instead will be essential to ensure that the components of the opposing team they separate and disperse in such a way as to then deal with them individually and why not, cause them a lot of damage.

A quick recap and good hunting!

These were the best legends to use in Apex Legends ranked, let's go for a short and fast recap also highlighting the characters we don't feel like recommending for ranked matches:

  • Legends to use in ranked
  • Wattson
  • Wraith
  • Caustic
  • Lifeline
  • Bangalore
  • Legends NOT to be used in ranked
  • Bloodhound
  • The Mirage,
  • Pathfinder
  • Gibraltar
  • Octane

What do you think of this guide? Do you think that some other legend, among those present, could be useful to use in the ranked of Apex Legends? Please let us know by taking advantage of our comments section. In the meantime, here is a guide to the new hop ups and the new weapon arrived with the season 2 of EA and Respawn's Battle Royale.

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