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In this guide we will show you how to best use the new weapon and the new hop ups that have become part of Apex Legends with season 2

The season 2 of Apex Legends has brought some big news, in addition to those concerning the map and the introduction of the tenth legend we have some new hop ups and a new weapon. Let's find out how to best use all of this in our guide.

A quick look at season 2

Before starting with the real one guide relating to the new weapon and the new Apex Legends hop ups let's take a quick look at this new season. Areas of the map have been changed and we have had the two huge leviathans raid the map. Wattson is the new and tenth playable legend, a character focused on static. Wattson is capable of creating electrical barriers and positioning a device capable of recharging our armor. Finally they were introduced ranked matches in such a way as to further increase the competitiveness of the title. Having said that, let's proceed with the guide to the new weapon and the brand new hop ups.

L-STAR - Apex Legends: guide to the new weapon and the new hop ups

L-STAR is the name of the new weapon introduced by EA and Respawn in Apex Legends. It is a legendary weapon and in fact it will be possible to find it only inside the assistance capsules that the game (or Lifeline) will make available. The weapon in question looks like a SMG with energy ammunition. The conditions for a very strong weapon are all there. However, you will have to pay attention to the number of shots available, they will in fact be limited, so use L-STAR only when you are totally sure you are not wasting ammo. In addition, the weapon tends to overheat, for this reason we advise you to alternate its use. Last little tip: this weapon is much more effective without aiming!

New hop ups - Apex Legends: guide to the new weapon and new hop ups

The new hop up they were designed and built for one reason only: to give dignity to weapons that were a little mistreated during the course of season 1 of Apex Legends. Let's find out these new gadgets and which weapons they can combine with:

  • Perforascudi: Alternator e RE 45
  • Hammerpoint: P2020 e Mozambique

As regards the Perforascudi compatible with Alternator and RE 45 we talk about a hop up that makes the aforementioned weapons real blenders without mercy. The damage to the armor with the use of this hop up increases considerably and thanks to it you will be able to wipe out the shield of the enemies in a flash, after which we advise you to immediately switch to the other weapon that you carry with you to do much damage to the health of your opponents. The maximum would be combine the two hop ups and then use a P2020 or a Mozambique complete with Hammerpoint after destroying the opponent's armor. In fact, the Hammerpoint increases the damage you are going to inflict on enemies without armor.

Good hunting!

In this guide about the new hop ups and the new weapon of Apex Legends we showed you how to make the most of and take advantage of the innovations introduced with season 2 of the game. If you enjoyed this content, check out our guide on ranked and how to level up fast.

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